(2014-09-16) Jungle Research Project
Jungle Research Project
Summary: Stargirl and Jack Flag investigate some ruins down south.
Date: (2014-09-16)
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NPCs: Two Skrull
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A few days after Power Woman agreed to supply them with the technology to link into the Justice League satellite system to act as forward reconnaissance against Ming the Merciless, Jack got in touch with Courtney, suggested they take the ship, scan a few of earth’s ancient sites to see if they might find something unusual that Lady Martuk would be after. Meeting up at their ship, Jack came in uniform, face mask and all even, though the face mask was pushed up over his head, like a goalie getting some fresh air, cooling off. He was flying south, starting with old temples in Mexico as they began this search.

While he was apt to spend the days leading up to the next space mission enjoying earth, a sense of working towards accomplishing their actual goals crept in and thus the drive to go do some real work. As they fly, he turns to her (she may be piloting if she wants the controls), “Getting everything done you want to before we go off?”

And Courtney is there, sure she hasn't been seen for a bit. Went to go visit the family for a bit in the midwest before all hell broke loose on Earth and in space. She too is in her hero gear and taking up the co-pilot seat, though isn't doing much in the way of piloting, though she is watching and learning. "Yes. The visit with the 'rents went good. Told them to just lay low for awhile but didn't get to detailed as to why. No us making then worry even more about me.

"Good, good to hear," he says, "I should go see them … I sorta got caught up and spent some time with Jean." He throws it out there, sort of a hint of guilt. More so because he said he could be interested in Courtney, and she didn't answer which he took as things were good they way they were and not to press it, but then things could of changed since he said he was interested and there is a hint of guilt about what time he had spent with Jean. Instead of going into all that, he says, "I should go to see my parents too, and my brother, been awhile." Probably since before he went to space and they thought he was a hardened federal criminal.

"Go visit my parents?" Courtney seems to purposefully misunderstand the first part of his statement, "That's a little premature, we haven't even had a second date." of course that begs the question when was there first one? Of course she could just be teasing. If she was going to continue she is cut off by the ship flying over a temple that seems to have some stuff going on around it. Some kind of archelogical dig by the readouts "Any specific type of temple we should be looking for here?" she scrolls through the info that is listed on the one they are flying over "This one is Mayan, and has had quite a bit of archelogists digging through it over the last few decades.

Blinking, that didn't go the way he thought it would, and being the chump he is sometimes, Jack is about to explain what all he meant - slightly wondering if she was teasing, but unsure. Then they're looking at the temple. "Not sure, just figured we could check out some sights, watch for suspicious activity - you know, scan the workers, see if ones a Skrull hiding out, or see if there are any big readings from the artifacts." He looks at the readout, "Looks mostly normal." But on their radar, it looks like a couple buildings over there are two lone figures and they have higher readings than the rest of the humans.

Courtney nods as she turns the scans onto the two people that are off on thier own "I've never been to Cancun. And it's only another hour flight, to the east, less if we push it. I hear the surfing thier is choice." what else would she do in a beach vacation spot. "We going to go down and check these two out? I'd be so embarassed if it were just a couple of intern collge students working off a case of hormones." the implication is quite obvious.

"Let's keep an eye on the signatures," or the bleeps on the radar, says Jack, "If it turns out interns needing a moment of quiet, we'll turn around." A pause, then a grin, "I mean, we'll go to Cancun, research or something right?" Turning in their direction, she can see he uses the pedals to help with hieght and rotation of moving the ship around. As they move closer, the signatures separate a little - or the detail is enough to suggest they aren't doing what some interns do when no one is looking and the hormones are right. Ever now and again, one seems to emit more of an energy signature too even. They're in a jungle part of the ruins not yet cut out by man it seems (or by the return of man, old ruins they haven't got to that is).

Courtney leans back in her seat watching the beeps and readouts that flash across the panels "I'm all for research. Reserching the night clubs, researching the beaches, researching the restaurants…" she could do on but doesn't "These readings are weird. It's like one of them is having freaky power surges." she is thoughtful "Maybe some kind of weapon or body armor?

"Go in, get a closer look," he asks of Courtney, just to be on the same page. "We can go into the trees here, they won't see us, try to get closer?" He moves the ship to land out of the way of the signatures, which seem to be inside one of the buildings. "Ya, hopefully nothing to crazy, weapons-wise." He says. Even as the ship settles down on the forest floor, another emission and they can feel a slight thump on the ground. Like driving a piling to support a bridge over a river. A thud that isn't quite a tremor.

Hopping up from her seat, Courtney hits the button that opens the door and bounds to the door ready for whatever happens to be on the other side. At the moment it's just jungle, thick, viney jungle "Did you happen to bring a machete?

Shaking his head, he does move towards the thick parts to start pulling with hands. It works, with his strength, but its noisy. "What, machete, no. Maybe we need to pack one on the ship in the emergencies box." Which is really just odd stuff, like a broken trophy, some skateboard wheels, a broken i-pod, some space gidgets taht don't work. They really don't have a backup for any situation sort of compartment, despite having compartments to spare.

The staff has appeared in her hand and Courtney is floating behind Jack as he powers his way through the jungle growth "And some actual emergency equipment, like a first aid kit or something." she gives a slight shake of her head "Boy scouts you are not.

"What, like we'd get hurt or something," says Jack, but that was actual sarcasm and he's even chuckling himself. He knows full well they need to hear some reason, Courtney is good at providing it. Vance can be too, but he's all too serious all the time, reason needs to come from someone down to earth. He clears a way to what looks like a temple, completely covered in the jungle, waiting for archeologists to get to uncovering it. The door looks broken open, the archeologists are gonna be made when they realize it was recent and have to worry about anything being taken from it. Giving a pause, Jack looks at Courtney, "Can you sort of sneak us there." He knows he isn't stealthy.

"Stranger things have happened." Courtney's voice is lower now that they are at the broken door of the temple. A nod is given at his question and she holds a hand out to him, so she can float them both in through the entrance, which she will pause after getting them both in so they can take in the surroundings and listen for the two that are supposed to be here.

"Thanks," Jack offers, seriously. They can see a light in a chamber up ahead … straight back and into a main chamber. This is a central temple used for that purpose, in that room are two Skrull, wearing armor, having blasters. One does have a larger weapon and they are drilling down onto the alter/box like object at the center of that room. This can be seen in the floating light globes they brought with them. The rise of the signature and occasional tremor happens when they fire it off. Its digging enough for them to get at what might be down there eventually, if the two had to guess. Probably the same thing that broke the door open easily enough.

Courtney gets shoulder to shoulder with Jack so she can whisper quitely without it carrying "We going to shoot first and ask questions later?" or no questions at all maybe. "I can toss you at one of them and follow you in with cover fire."

Moving into the two person, shoulder to shoulder huddle, Jack nods. "Ya, you can do that," agreeing to be tossed and thinking its cool at just the same time. Last time she used her abilities to toss him, he was mind zotted it would seem. "Right at the one breaking stuff in there."

Getting ready, not sure how it goes, he waits until he's chucked. Holding one hand back, he flies forward and swings a punch at the device, shattering it and tackling the Skrull. "Guardians are here biyotches!" He says, trying to get back to his feet to fight the one he tackled. That one, in turn, is pulling out a weapon to try and fire at Jack.

There are many techniques one could use to throw a person around. Courtney goes the tried and true fast-ball special technique. If it isn't broke, don't fix it. Sticking to the plan she rushes forward, laying down covering fire with her staff, doing her best to make sure the Skrulls don't get a chance to use those blasters of theirs.

With Stargirl's fast firing fingers, the second Skrull is forced into cover and unable to make shots at either of them. She pings the armor of the Skrull Jack tackled to cause him to faulter enough in shooting that Jack pushes into close quarters and punches his five vertial chins (or however many it is). He drops the gun to deal with Jack. He gives the Jack a good punch back, strengthened by his power suit, it cracks Jack's visor and pushes him back. They two enter a brawl.

The second one is moving to try and get a shot at Stargirl with his blaster, even though she has the advantage in firing first and forcing him to ground and cover.

Stargirl has the advantage of a forcefield too, which means she can stand out in the open and fire away without risking being shot full of laser holes or what have you. She advances on the location of where the second Skrull is trying to hide from her own energy blasts.

On Jack's side, he get's the one he's fightnig into something of a bear hug, lifting him up just a little. He reigns some fists down on Jack. Jack can take it for a little while, his maks cannot. Even as the mask is cracking, and he's starting to feel it, he thinks he needs to do something quickly, so he rushes forward with the Skrull to knock him into a wall, some of the ceiling comes down. They fall over and Jack gains the advantage, starting to pummel the guy.

The second skrull stands up to take a few more shots but starts to think its useless. Seeing the ceiling collapsed near his friend and Jack, he decides to stand and fire over Stargirl's location to try and collapse some more. Not that he's staying to find out, he instead makes a break for the door, hoping the ceiling and shot is enough to distract Stargirl at least.

She knows better than to let a little ceiling collapse distract her from going after the Skrull. Stargirl knows that Jack can handle that. She flies after the retreating Skrull, she could probably catch him, but that isn't her goal, she aims to follow him to see where he is going to.

The ceiling isn't so much a problem, the Skrull fighting back is. Though Jack nearly has him as Stargirl flies after the other Skrull. As for him, he bounds down the steps/tiers, not looking back so much as trying to get going. It seems they had the same idea, land a ship in the jungle, cut apath to their destination and remain virtually unseen from above while they were in the temple. His ship is even smaller than the one the Guardians currently have and its side hatch/plank is open. Not far from something like an older Star Trek shuttle.

The skrull is followed to his ship, but Stargirl has no true intent to capture him. She fires a few more energy beams, giving the alien more incentive to board his shuttle and fly off. Of course she knows what the shuttle being here means. That there is a larger ship somewhere in the solar system. One that they will have to look for and deal with soon. Once the shuttle is off she zips back to the pyramid temple to help Jack with his skrull, should he still need it.

As she comes in, Jack is finishing clearing himself off, his Skrull out for the count. Dusting because of ceiling collapses, he is moving to get out of any rubble around him and moving to see if there is anything they dug up. Nothing yet, and no sign that they knew it (the item they want) was here versus locating something down there and wanting to see what it was. "Hope this doesn't cancel cancun … I don't know if I have spare clothes." He says, his mask more destroyed but some rips in his clothes too. Durable he is, his clothes not so much.

"You okay Jack?" Stargirl lands near where all the digging was taking place as she studies him a moment "Cancun has plenty of stores we can research." she grins as she rides that little joke a bit more "What are we going to do with him though? We can't leave him here.

Nodding, Jack replies, "Ya, I'm okay, he had a good hand with that suit on, been awhile since." Since he's had a good return in a direct fight. "I vote we radio back to Vance, see if he can get a NASA or SHIELD buddy to deal with the Skrull for now, but bust up any equipment they left behind so they don't keep digging here?"


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