(2014-09-14) Lil and Lightning
Lil and Lightning
Summary: Diamond Lil meets Black Lightning, stopping some of the 100 from doing some damage.
Date: (2014-09-14)
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NPCs: Lava (An underground meta cage fighter) and some 100 thugs
Scene Runner: Mutual
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A sunday evening beneath Gotham, not the place most people would expect to end up, least not in one of the less used sections of the Subways beneath the dark streets. That is, however where Jefferson Pierce, aka Black Lightning, found himself this evening. This was a place for underground fights, specifically those metahumans not being villains or heroes but in need of money, or to let out aggression, or both. Illegal in itself without sanctions and controls, Jefferson wasn't here for the fights. He was here on suspicion of a few members of the 100 having something going on. Not even fight related, he was here under supicion they were using the fights as a cover for larger drug distrubution operations. He was here to find and follow them.

He took a place to watch and have a drink mostly out of the way, watching another table with a few unfriendly but familiar faces. That was his target, as long as they were at the fights so was he. He focused more on the fight, keeping them in his peripheral for the now.

Lillian Crawley leans against the wall inside the cage, her arms propped up. She's in her fighting gear: sports bra, shorts, boots, her hair braided tight to keep it out of her face. She wears a hoodie, head down, keep her face in shadow with the hood drawn up. The guy across from her is obviously feeling confident, a newcomer to the circuit who calls himself Lava. The crowd is relatively small and packed, the smell of mingled tobacco and cannabis smoke, sweat, blood. The yells of the crowd, bookies taking their bets quickly. The clustered knit of other fighters on the other side, watching the competition. At least this one was no kill. Everyone knew that fight to the death was where the money was at, but it was hard to recruit fighters, for both fear and moral reasons.

"And in this corner, with an undefeated record of 24-0, every single one by knockout and submission, I give you the Jewel of the Ring, "DIAAAAAAAAAAAAAMOND LIL"!

At that, Lil plays to the crowd, throwing her head back and letting the hood fall as she holds her taped fists above her head.

Jefferson Pierce watches with mixed interest, both to see who the contestants are - oddly one day they could be at odds if the circuit doesn't pay and one of them turns to crime. His targets remain at their seat, hasseling one of the girls the organizers brought in to serve. All paid under the table because it was an illicit operation.

The Announcer lets the crowd applaud whistle, cat-caw as they like. The latter kept to a minimum, they know she's a good fighter the same. When she has her moment to work the crowd before going on, "And her opponent, new comer to our glorious fights … the untested, yet explosive …. LAAA-VVVV-A!"

A large man with gray skin and no hair steps up, grinning just a little. He but stands up and focuses a little, hints of red showing through the gray skin, he lifts one foot and stomps it down, a bit of steam coming off. As if he's strong with a bit of heat. Nothing for Lil to really worry about, he still looks like a standard brick - quick to jump in and swing most likely, little tactic being able to rely on the strength coupled with some heat in his punches.

Lillian Crawley shrugs off her jacket, letting it drop. She doesn't wear the standard MMA gloves, not needing to protect her knuckles. She does tape her hands, but, honestly, just because it looks pretty cool, the criss-crossing bandages running almost up to her elbows. She rolls her neck and waits for the bell and, when it finally rings, she just turns and gestures at Lava, "Come get some, big boy," she says.

As she does, she braces her feet, tensing her thighs so that, if he does what she thinks and throws a fist, it'll hit her but not even make her move, her heels digging into the dirt underneath with a few quick twists.

Only shorts himself, probablh no need for jackets or more simply because he keeps himself warm. Being read like a book, he takes a few steps towards her and cocks a haymaker, throwing it with a sizzle in the air, cracking as it hits but not doing much, especially with her dug in. One can see how Lava is a fitting name, mundanes beware. Caught off guard, he stomps a foot to shake the ground, a slight tremor, but nothing to worry about. He only does it to see if it moves her in that immovable stance she's taken. Not quick to learn, he's probably planning on locking hands to swing over his head and back down for double force in a sledge-hammer like move. Lots of openings between his slow movements just the same.

Lillian Crawley just always likes to take the first big punch, let the crowd see that she's not some girl they shouldn't be taking seriously. The stomp makes her grin as she springs forward and in, going for a double leg take down to pull him down to the ground. Most of these bruisers just want to slug it out like a boxing match, which gives Lil a serious advantage on the ground, sweeping the big men onto his back with a thump and keeping one leg on her shoulder, starting to bend his knee the wrong way as she applies her strength to his body.

Taken to the ground, Lava tries to bring his hands down on her instead, though mostly to the same affect his first punch had, little. When she has his leg and bends his knee the other way, he reacts more naturally, putting hand behind him and trying to sit up and scrabble backwards. This doesn't help the situation of his leg bending the wrong way. Leading to his next reaction, to try and grap her under her arms to get some leverage on her, he has to scoop under to get there, and one can tell wrestling or judo isn't his strong suite as neither involves throwing meat hooks around.

Lillian Crawley grins as he gives her his arm, the smack of his fist against her face barely having an effect. She scrabbles up his body quickly, driving a forearm hard into his gut along the way to try and knock the wind out of him, and then she takes his arm, rotating hard to try and get him into a proper armbar position, pressure from her legs pushing down on her chest to try and keep him from rolling out, giving him the choice to tap or get his arm broken.

Untrained in escapes, Lava only tries to get her off of him as she moves and scrabbles to get his arm instead. Worried already when she was working at his leg, he realizes soon enough he's no match for the skill level of Lillian and that his strength isn't going to do him any good. Eventually he taps out. Unlike legal MMA, the announcer is quick to come in, and go for Lillian's hand. "Winner, by submission due to armbar …. DiAAAAAAAAAAAAmond -llllIL!" The crowd responds, the regulars cheering knowing she would win, the hopefuls that lost money to those regulars grumbling all the same.

Even as this is ending, it seems some of the 100 Jefferson were watching are starting to escort the hired wage earner for the evening, as if to get her out of the area. Some standing, her shaking her head. Whether it is what Black Lightning wanted, this is something that draws more of his attention. They're still taking their table, but if they begin to move with the girl, he's planning to follow.

Lillian Crawley helps Lava up, actually patting him on the shoulder, 'You wanna spar sometime, lemme know, you got potential," she says. He doesn't, really, not much, but, hell, she can charge him as a trainer and it's worth offering her services. She goes over and grabs her hoodie, pulling it on as she heads to the payout table to get her purse as they start gathering things up, "Whoa, whoa, whoa, don't go runnin' off yet now, eh? Pretty sure I got three grand comin' as the winner's bounty, an' Rockboy over there's owed five hundred." she says. She keeps close track of things like that, watching the odds and knowing that they made ten times that off the fight.

The payout table is slow when Lil comes to collect, but the dues are there and can be gathered up. Comments about Lava getting his dues are sort of given nonchalant, but any pressure will have his consulation prepared just the same. More than anything, its a hassle, but they mean to make good once pressed for shares and prizes.

This gives the few members of the 100 enough time to coral the girl hire for the evening and start to escort her out past the pay table. Most people turn a blind eye, knowing the girl doesn't want to go. Better stay out of it, they know its not in their best interest to get involved. Jefferson isn't one of those people, and it is in his interest. Being ignored just the same by most people who simply overlooked the unassuming man wouldn't have noticed that his mask has come out and been put over his face on the way out. They also wouldn't notice under his casual clothes is something of a flashy suit, if slightly dark. Anyone who cared enough to notice the girl, might notice he's starting to tail that group. They both go for something of a back exit - all exits seem that way underground, but that doesn't go to any nearby stations or stairs to get back up to the streets.

Lillian Crawley has her cash in hand and would normally head to the door, but the girl catches her eyes, directly. She's scared, damn scared. Lil knows that look. She used to have it on her own face, every day growing up. YOu don't know what's gonna happen exactly, but you know it ain't gonna be good and you know it ain't gonna end anytime soon. Stuffing the money in the pocket of her hoodie, she starts to follow, calling out, "Hey, don't I know you? Yeah, I think we went to high school together. What's your name? It's right on the tip of my tongue, but I ain't got a memory for shit…" she says, her legs casually charging forward at a brisk walk as she beelines for the girl.

The 100 ignore the calls, shuffling into the tunnel beyond, the girl tries to turn around, hopeful there is a chance she can get out of this. As Black Lightning is not far behind and the door shuts, the quarters become closer. One of the 100 turns around, "Look, good fight, but this fight isn't for you meta, get involved and we'll hurt the girl." Knowing full well Diamond Lil could take them, a second thug near the girl pulls a blade, flashing it nearer the girl as a sort of gesture that if Diamond get's closer they'll use it. Sort of a stand-off, there are about 6 members of the 100, not including the girl.

Discarding his jacket and more in his costumed persona, Black Lightning call in, "It is your fight Diamon Lil," and he streaks forward through the group, to send a stunning shocking punch to the knife man, removing that token so Lil knows the girl will be safe at least. Some guns start to come out.

Lillian Crawley had stopped short, although she figures they wouldn't hurt the girl too bad. Somebody wanted her and it's late enough that they didn't have much time to find a replacement. Still, no need to make the girl suffer. Just as she's considering how to disarm knife boy, the problem is taken out of her hands as Lightning makes himself known, knocking the threatening man with the knife down. With the risk to the girl's safety out of the way, Lil grins.

"Sorry, boys, 'fraid the Electric Company there's got it right," she says, grabbing one by the lapels and headbutting him, snapping the bridge of his nose into shards and flinging him aside, a fighting machine unleashed as she starts tearing into the thugs.

As Lil unleashes herself on the men and they are unsure which way to fire their weapons even, Black Lighting turns to the girl, moving her further down the corridor so that he can flash a slight shield aroundhimself to prevent bullets from coming in her direction. Any man that strays in that direction will get another charged punch to stun them, but mostly he'll keep out of the fray to afford Lil the room to maneuver.

While Lightning stunned the one guy, she seems more dangerous and they focus on her, knowing their is little good they can do for thier cause as she presses her advantage into them.

Lillian Crawley doesn't hold back with them the way she does in the ring, where she shows respect for the rules and safety of her competitors. Here she just fucks people up. She lashes out with elbows and kicks, breaking ribs, shattering kneecaps, twisting one man's arm all the way around like soft serve ice cream coming out of the nozzle. It's all over fast, doesn't take long at all, and she finds herself standing over them and looking back at Lightning, "Doubt that's the last of them. In my experience, goombas tend to respawn awful fast. Which is video game code for move your ass, hero," she says, moving to join with Lightning and the girl.

"Ya, no need to say that twice," he says, first chin thrusting down the corridor they're in away from where the fight took place. "Second passage to the left up there," he says to the girl, letting her get going so he and Lil can serve as shield should more arrive. She moves, he does, the group starts moving. "Not to say they didn't deserve it, but they must of done alot more to you than they ever did to me." His way of saying he would of kept it to stunning and not bordered into maiming. Not complaining so much as poining out a difference of approach. Taking the left he says, "A hundred meters and left again, I can feel the current getting strong up there, probably close to one of the main lines." Meaning train lines, an active tunnel still in use.

Lillian Crawley gets the drift, but shrugs, 'I've known guys like them my whole life, pal. You may've only seen 'em draggin' a girl, but she ain't the first. Kinda man treats a woman like that, ain't no reason to treat 'em all delicate like." She ignores his talk of current, just figuring the guy knows his way around. She doesn't know much about science or heroism, but she does know how to survive, "Sooner we're in a crowded place, the sooner they'll stop tryin' to follow," she says, an echoing sound as a couple of gunshots are fired, both of them hitting Lil's back. She doesn't even react.

Moving them along, giving directions as they need them, Black Lightning nods, "What they do ain't right, just some of them might treat the next one worse. What I've seen is them continue to destroy neighborhoods all over, mine included, promoted crime, brining in drugs, taking away hope." A pause from the man, "Then again, what you did may give them reason to reconsider doing what they do again." Giving in that much at least. Not slowing down with the guns coming, his own lighting flaring just a little for added protection for the girl

Lillian Crawley shrugs, "They'll live. How long they end up on crutches don't mean much t'me," she says. "Sound like yer runnin' for Mayor there, lightning man. Neighborhoods get destroyed cause rich men ain't ever gonna give shit to poor ones, so some o' the poor ones grow up and decide to take it. An' cause some people are just nasty and mean and sick down deep. S'just the poor ones don't got fancy lawyer to protect 'em, like the bosses do," she says

He indicates a doorway up ahead, reaching up to touch a line, sending a current down to make sure the door isn't locked when they get to it - not that betwen him and Lil they couln't open it, but to help with their running. "I came from those neighborhoods myself," says Black Lightning, "I can't make the rich men give as much as I can't make the poor decide to stop using and abusing." The door opens, its a main line, shouldn't be a station too far away. "They don't have lawyers, but I'll do my best. Go ahead, I'll catch up," he says, stopping to reach for a power line nearby, cutting it and attaching the current to the door as it closes, giving the men a bit of a shock if they really want to follow them this way.

Lillian Crawley helps the girl make it the rest of the way up, "Don't worry, honey, ain't nobody gonna get you now," she whispers to the girl, "Pretty sure hero boy knows places you can hide out and get taken care of. He seems like that type of fella," she says. She doesn't always trust do gooders, having had a few try to take advantage of her along the way in her time, but that just learned her how to pick out the real ones from the fake ones. Lightning may be deluded about the good he can do, but she can tell from his voice he means it.

Finishing with the door, Black Lightning moves to catch up with the women. Not privvy to their conversation, he says, "That'll keep them, we can get you to safety. You have some place we," or just himself, not to be overly assuming, "Can take you?" That serious point made, and a look favored to Lillian, "Thanks for putting your neck out there too." Not to say she wasn't more than capabe of stopping the men and getting out unscathed, its more meant as a thank you. The girl shakes her head, "I don't know where to go tonight," not feeling safe where she might normally live.

Lillian Crawley nods to Lightning's glance, not much more than that, and then considers, "You can sleep on my couch if you want, although it ain't much more'n a room, but at least it's got light and runnin' water an' a TV set. That or I'm sure Mr. Lightnin' here probably knows where the local shelters and stuff're at, if you're lookin' for more long term help. I'm guessin' Mom and Dad's ain't really an option, huh?"

While the girl is shaking her head, Black Lightning is nodding, "I know a few between Metropolis and New York. Where ever you think you'll be safest." Trusting the shelters he can't force that on someone either. "I can take the shelter," she says, but looking more to Lil who offered a couch, "But, you'll be close?" Maybe needing something of a network for safety, knowing others will be cut off going foward with this plan.

Lillian Crawley nods, "I know the one you mean, yeah, I'm just down the block from there anyways," Shelters tend to show up in the bad neighborhoods, of course. Rich women who got smacked around went to Cabo. "More'n likely, they're not gonna be on the lookout for you. I doubt you saw much of anything incriminatin', didn't hear any names. You're replaceable, which means it's easier to snatch another girlie than it is to hunt down the one they lost. Plus, if they tell the boss upstairs they lost one, it makes them look as stupid as they are."

Nodding his head as if giving into that last thought shared by Lillian, Black Lightning nods, "Ya, not hard for them to do that." Make themselves look stupid. He indicates some directions so they can get moving, get the girl to the shelter, or he will. But he directs his attention towards Diamond Lil, "And you, you're good? This is what you do, the fighting?" He did see the fight, now is as good a chance as any to follow up on that idea. Lifting a hand to his ear, he calls into an earpiece for someone on the othe other side to get a cab in gotham to help them get to the shelter. He could fly the girl alone, but for now, he's going to rely on old fashioned car for mobility.

Lillian Crawley shrugs and nods, 'S'what I know how to do. Woulda gone pro on the big time circuit, but then I got powers. People with powers don't fight in the UFC. Unfair advantage. I ain't denyin' it, but it still sucked. So I make my money fightin' where I can. 'cause I ain't carryin' a damn tray or rubbin' my ass on a damned pole for money. No offense t'the girls that do it, I'd just end up knocking out the first punk that tried to cop a feel."

Listening to her, he gives one acknowledgement to his earpiece and its handled. Black Lightning considers her response, "Ya, I imagine it is." An unfair advantage. "But the other stuff, figuring what the mob squad was after, jumping in like that. Some of us, with the powers, try to make an effort to do it more. You regularly do this, or just happened to be wrong move by those jerks at the right time for you to catch on?"

Lillian Crawley considers, "I ain't never wore a mask or nothin'. I see somebody doin' somethin' wrong - real wrong, I mean, not, like, gamblin' or smokin' a little weed or shit like that - I'm gonna step in, hell yeah. Can't say I've ever gone huntin' for it, but I usually live in places where it ain't exactly hard to find. An' yeah, maybe now an' again I walk down a dark alley late at night an' hope some punks decide I look like a victim," she smiles, "But that's just kinda fun."

"Tell you what," says Black Lightning, "You ever feel that need to wark down more dark alleys, well, I might know a few hot spots. I know one guy ain't doing much, but if I can put some fear into the minds of the 100, or other gangs for that matter, I like to think it somehow helps just a little." Half a smile on his face then, "And if the mask thing might be up your ally, there's a few of us, we go after the metavillains, if you really want to get some aggression out."

Lillian Crawley considers and grins, "Might take ya up on that. Except the mask part. I ain't got nothin' to be scared of, s'far as people knowin' who I am. Ain't nobody for me to protect but me, an' I can handle myeelf just fine," she says. "But more opportunities to kick a little ass, especially for a good cause? Hell, I'll always say yes to that. Just 'member, I gotta pay my bills, too."


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