(2014-09-13) Delivery
Summary: Kyani Kohana delivers a package to Headmistress Emma Frost
Date: 2014-09-13
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Packages are a part of life. Important packages are a part of life for important people. Which means Emma Grace Frost receives and sends a great many very, very important packages. It is so routine that it is matter of course for her, to which she applies little or no thought on a continuing basis. When she picks up the presence of a mind entering the grounds of the estate that she does not know, she concentrates on it, and discovers it is rather different than what she is used to. She has met a few fast-thinking people. She even has a Kryptonian girl in her student body. But she has not met a full-on speedster before. It's a different experience, to say the least. Nevertheless, she determines this mind belongs to a deliveryperson, and arranges matters as necessary.

Arrival at the gate requires the young man to identify himself to the cameras, before approval is given and the gate rolls out of the way to let him in. At the head of the long paved driveway, the circle leads right in front of the front porch - more of a portico, really - and closed doors. There, he would be welcomed by a member of the school staff, to determine what he has brought and for whom. Clearly this is a very exclusive, very private educational institution.

Packages are always delivered, everyday, in any weather and for Kyani, due to his certain abilities has allowed him to be abel to do more than other messengers he work with. Granted, he doesn't go out of his way to speed, he does have to make it seem like it takes him a while. But still for him, he sees it as a challenge. But today is different, mainly due to him getting a package that needed to be delivered to Xaviers. He's never been there, but today it looks as if he will get that chance.

It really doesn't take him long at all, probably matters of seconds. Not knowing that his mind is being read, but his mind races, processing large amounts of information, as well as sights, sounds and smells. His mind is very alert, being able to dodge things and reacting faster then most minds are even able to. Upon arriving at the gates, he presses the button to announce himself. When teh gate opens, he makes his way up the driveway, and to teh door. After knocking and somone comes to answer, he smiles to them. "Hello, I'm Kyani from Tommy's Couriers, I have a package for Headmistress Emma Frost." he holds out a clip board which sits on the package.

There is no need for Kyani to knock on the doors. When he comes up the long drive, there is already someone standing on the porch, waiting for him. Whomever dealt with the gate probably made sure of that. "Does your package require a personal signature?" is asked, since the staff member would apparently sign so that the courier can be on his way. But when informed that it requires a personal signature, the staff member sighs and nods. "One moment, please." He lifts a phone to his ear, though Kyani would have no way of knowing that the line is actually dead.

"Yes, Ma'am. A courier with a package addressed to you. It requires a personal signature for release." He pauses, glancing down at the phone's screen and tapping it, then lifts it again. "His ID checks ot, and confirmation with the courier company has cleared. Yes, Ma'am."

Phone put away, the staff member offers, "If you'll follow me, I'll show you to Ms. Frost's office." That said, he opens the door and leads the way inside, eventually through a courtyard, and then up to the second floor, where they'll find the closed door with the golden plaque, "Headmistress Emma Grace Frost" on the door.

It's been a rarity for someone to meet up at the door, but this was pretty nice actually. But as he stood there waiting to get some sort of confirmation from Ms. Frost. He could only look around at the grounds, he does show his I.D. and as he continues to wait, he moves his braids from his face and back along his head. He didn't like waiting too long, but then again, Kyani is very Thorough with his job, he doesn't let just anyone sign packages. Theres been too much going on to allow that, unless prior authorization was given. The fact that they checked back with Tommy's it was good they were also making sure things were going to be ok as well.

His backpack slung behind him, he nods his head when the staffer tells him to follow him. "Alright." he says. "This is really a beautiful place here." he says as he looks around as he follows the staff member. "So this is a school right?" he asks as he tries to make conversation as they walk.

"Private estate turned into a school a decade or so ago, yes." the staffer offers. Once they arrive at the proper door, the staffer knocks, and when he hears the soft call of a voice on the other side beckoning, he opens the door and admits Kyani inside the pale but sumptuously-appointed office. Behind the desk sits a woman in pristine white business attire, looking up with pale blue eyes in a face framed by perfectly coifed platinum blonde hair to take in the entrants to her domain.

"You have a package for me?" she inquires, softly, after a moment.

Hearing that it was once a private estate turned into a school Kyani nods his head. "Thats great." he says as he looks at the way they are going, his mind tracking wehre they came from to where they are now. "I'm not lying when I say I'm impressed, and it's good that it's a school as well. Kids need a education no matter where they from and who they are." Kyani stops when they come to the door, and as they wait entrance, he looks back where they came from just admiring the place. As teh door opens, he turns back around and walks in and he stops when he sees the woman at the other side fo the desk. His eyes take her in, and he does have to crack a smile, "Hello." he offers.

He looks down feeling he's probably not in the best dress as to the woman he's meeting. "Yes I do." he tells her. "I think it was mis-delivered but here it is." he says as he walks forward. He holds out an electronic reader which would allow her to sign for the package. Kyani really hopes he doesn't look too bad nor smell bad either, those thoughts race through his head as well as how beautiful Ms. Frost looks which honestly he doesn't want to say out loud mainly to not sound like any other guy he probably say this to her all the time. "Nice place you have here."

"Thank you kindly." the woman offers, accepting the reader but not signing immediately. Instead, she examines carefully the data on the reader, and then eyes the package in Kyani's hands, assuring herself that it is a package she knows was coming, knows who it is from, and that the physical profile of the package matches what she would expect. Sensing no dissembling from the courier helps, too, even if it is harder to pick it out and follow when it rushes by at such speed. Thankfully, less speed when he himself is not keyed up to running.

Emma finally signs the board and hands it back. "Thank you for tracking it down and making sure it was properly delivered in a timely fashion. You may leave the package on the desk."

Normally people are pretty eager to get their packages, but this woman, she wasn't. As he focuses and looks towards Emma for a moment, he doesn't say anything, letting the woman check the reader, then at the package. Quirking a brow at her as she analyzes, but to Kyani he was just wondering why she isn't getting it. But when she takes the offered clipboard, and signs it and hands it back. Kyani nods his head and places the package on the desk. "Your welcome…" he checks the hand writing, "Ms. Frost." he says to her. Offering her a smile as he looks to her. Well his buisness here is done for the most part, but still he stands there, "Ms. Frost, mind if I ask you a question?" he asks. He was wondering what all this shcool does or is for. He didn't care that it's a high valued place, but he did wonder if anyone could come here, or just the gifted.

Already finished, Emma has turned her attention back to what she was working on, tapping at a gleaming Starkpad intently, when the young man speaks up. She pauses, taps to lock the screen, and looks back up. "I could point out that you already asked one. But that would be crude. If you have a question, ask it. If I do not wish to answer it, that will be my prerogative." If she's annoyed at Kyani protracting this encounter, she makes no sign of it, but neither does she loosen up or warm up; she's a pretty cold-seeming person.

A slight bit of irritation comes to him when she seems to have been distracted. But when she speaks about him having already asked her a question he shakes his head slightly, "I know I did." he states knowing what she was referencing. But still he wasn't going to get rattled, but when she comes back stating she had the perogative to answer or not, was only fine with him. He wasn't expecting her to lay out her life or most things he would ask. "What all does this school teach?" he asks. Having to stop thinking of other questions he wanted to ask, that does become a problem at times, not a lot but still. He looks behind him to see if the guy who walked him in here was still here or not, but then he turns his gaze back upon Emma.

The staffer who escorted Kyani in does still remain at the door, prepared to escort him out now that his business is complete. But there's no tapping of toes or grimace of annoyance at the delay, either.

The platinum blonde considers Kyani momentarily, and then answers simply enough, "Xavier Academy is a private secondary school facility. As such, we educate students that would qualify in public school for anywhere from fourth grade up through the end of high school. The majority of our students are of high school age. Our specialty is as a preparatory academy for higher education." she answers. Every word is absolutely, scrupulously true, even though it's barely a quarter of the truth. It's also all things he could easily have found with a few moments of Google on his phone.

"Is there anything else?" Emma inquires, clearly prepared to go back to her Starkpad of work, but no longer willing to do so until she is sure she won't be interrupted again.

"Can anyone come here?" Emma inquires, clarifying, and then shakes her head, slightly. "No. We accept only specific and special candidates. The school operates by invitation only. Obviously, we charge tuition to those who can afford it. But we also provide generous stipends and financial assistance to those invited to join us who are unable to afford that tuition." Emma does not explain how it is that the school or its administration decides whom will be invited.

Taking in the information, well that does pretty much stops a few other questions he had. He offers a smile though, "I see. Well I've never seen a school like this, which is why I asked. Thank you for answeirng those questions." It's not his buisness to delve any further, he stuffs the clipboard back inot his messenger bag, and the reader after entering a few bits of information into it and transmitting the completion of the delivery. "Thanks for your time Ms. Frost. Hey if you have any more packages you need delivered or need for us to take care of for you." he reaches into his jacket pocket and hands it to her.

It's at this time his cell rings and he looks down at his iPhone and sighs a bit. His mind flicks through rapidly through information about deliveries and where he has been, he quickly texts back that all deliveries are done. "I guess I'm off once I return this." he smiles. His honey colored eyes look back to Emma, "I know this may be out of left field, but you care to get some coffee or something to eat sometime?" he asks. Figuring wiht being the headmistress of a school, it probably drains a lot of energy from her dealing with kids and teachers, might as welloffer to take her out, but it's then that he holds his head and shakes it a little, and thinking to himself he needs to eat soon. He looks up, "Sorry about that."

Emma watches and considers Kyani, merely offering a nod to acknowledge his thanks for the answers to his questions. She offers nothing more, and is prepared to get back to her digital paperwork when Kyani instead springs an invitation to coffee on her. She doesn't hesitate; indeed, it may seem a tiny bit odd that she shows no sign of surprise at the invitation prior to her response. "Thank you, but no. Since we are a residential school, my work day really doesn't end, it simply becomes less frequently immediate. I stay here, where my students and staff need me."

Then Emma glances past Kyani to the staffer who showed him in. "Could you be so kind as to show the gentleman out, please?" And to Kyani, "Thank you again for your delivery. Have a good day."

It is surprising that she doens't show any recognition of the offer for coffee or food. But he did indeed need to be going. "Your welcome and before I go." he pauses a moment. "Making sure your hear for your students and faculty is commendible. I respect that, I honestly feel that other adminstrations should show this kind of dedication to those they should be helping." he offers a smile, "I can find my way out. But take it easy, and maybe we can do that some other time." he then turns and leaves. Once out past the gate, and Kyani is gone.

Kyani Kohana
Before you stands a young male of Natvie American and African American decent. He looks to be in his early twenties. He stands at a height of 5'10". Kyani has plenty of hair which are braided intricately with beads in specific spots of the braids. He has honey colored eyes, though if looked more closely they could be mistaken for a more slightly orangeir color. Kyani is a strong jaw line, with determined features though when relaxed he still has a bit of softer facial structure. Kyani has an athletic build, but most of him is hidden behind his clothing, though when wearing short sleeved shirts, his arms show a definition of someone who keeps himself in shape.

Kyani has on a pair of black cargo like pants which sags a little about his waist. The pants come down to his shoes and are cuffed upwards and the back end is down behind his black sneakers. Around his waist he wears a black belt. He wears a short sleeved red shirt. Some of which is tucked into his pants while the rest of his shirt falls about behind him. On his feet he has on a new pair of black and white Nike Cross Trainers.

Emma Grace Frost
A vision of beauty, poise and grace now before you to feast your eyes, this stunning woman makes such a striking and commanding first impression that many can't tear their eyes away no matter how impolite it may be to stare. At just an inch or so shy of a full six feet in height - and that before adding the seldom-absent high heels - her willowy and sumptuous form is the equal to or envy of supermodels and the like, with platinum blonde hair perfectly coifed by one of today's best hairstylists and pale ice blue eyes that sparkle almost luminously. Her complexion is flawless, the healthy creamy pink unmarred by sun, strain or age. And her body's tone and shape are the kind of idealized miracles that have sent generation after generation of women in search of new and better ways to use and abuse themselves in vain to come anywhere close to the like. Her face's features are the perfected high cheek bones, small pert nose, symmetrical eyes, thinly arched and sculpted eyebrows, and full, ripe lips that are often called aristocratic, and given this lady's clear and firm control over herself and seemingly everyone else around her, that title is all too fitting.

A woman of such calculated perfection would not wear anything less than the absolute best, and this beauty is no different. Indeed she would seem to be the penultimate expression of that very truth. The outfit of the moment is quite obviously - to those with the experience to note such details - specifically designed and tailored to fit her and to enhance her best features. An unstructured white single-breasted jacket of raw silk covers a shimmering satin-finish pale blue silk chemise, and the top of her matching raw silk white pants. Her feet rest in a pair of open-toe white leather mules with two inch heels. Her ears are graced with a pair of dangling diamond earrings that easily cost a fortune each, and match the diamond chain choker about her neck set with a single pale blue lapis cameo at the nape of her throat. All in all, this woman doesn't just look like a million bucks. She looks like she alone is a million or two and she's wearing a few million more.

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