(2014-09-12) The Cultists Did It, act 1
The Cultists Did It
Summary: Hellstrom and Mystique are given information by Marcia Reynolds about a Satanic cult within the city. They go to investigate.
Date: IC Date (11-5-1924)
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NPCs: Futura (Marcia Reynolds)
Scene Runner: Hellstrom
Social/Plot: Plot

A day or two has passed?. Now it's time to get down to business.

Having answered the door, Hellstrom returns into the living area with another woman. He introduces her as Marcia Reynolds, "Miss Reynolds provides information from the local paper. Not the normal stories, but from time to time people call in with unique stories. Miss Reynolds has one of those to convey presently."

Marcia is shown to a chair where she may relay the information, Hellstrom moves to a place across from her on a comfortable sofa so that he may listen intently.

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Angela Hopkins is at the door, being a familiar as well as a pleasing form to her host. Dressed in a proper gown and wrap, the redhead saunters in and flashes Miss Reynolds a warm smile. "Charmed, I'm sure." she drawls. She settles close to Daimon, loosening her wrap for comfort. Crossing one leg over the other, she waits patiently for the update.

As a side note; when Hellstrom and Angela were in a conversive mood, Hellstrom shared that he not only worked to recover unique items (of which he has yet to show her his vault), but he also works as a paranormal investigator. Marcia Reynolds is one of his many contacts within the normal world. Marcia is an average female, standing approximately 5'7", black hair, dark eyes, no particular athletic traits but slim and trim with a hint of attractiveness if she were to want to do herself up. She also wears horn rimmed glasses and while sitting, crosses her legs and folds one hand over the other.

Marcia begins to tell her tale. "Two days ago, a man called the Tribune to express he had see a ghoul of sorts." She states additional items to give Angela some background information. "Of course, we get these calls all the time. In this I've learned to screen and ask particular questions about the encounter or sighting." She then continues on the main tale. "After describing the creature and the associated speculation that there was some coven or cult that occupies a nearby vacant warehouse, I obtained additional details. I've an address and also additional information on suspected meeting times." She takes a folded piece of paper from her clutch, she will open it, glance at it and look back to Hellstrom.

Hellstrom smiles and will reach into his breast pocket and pull out his wallet. He will indicate to Angela, "Information is not cheap." From within he will pull out several bills.

Angela's crossed foot bobs slowly while Marcia talks, nodding as she listens. She smiles as the cash is offered, understanding quite well the value of information. "Field work to validate information is not cheap either." the redhead offers casually. Her conversation of payment with Hellstrom will come later. Her attire is more that of a debutante than a soldier or an agent, of course.

Exchanging the money for the information comes naturally and Hellstrom reads the lines on the page as Marcia slips the cash into her clutch. She stands. He stands.

Hellstrom notes, "Allow me to walk you out." She states to Angela, "It was a pleasure." and then will turn and walk with Hellstrom.

Upon his return, Hellstrom will state, "She is quite thorough and well worth the expense."

Angela doesn't rise when Marcia is shown out, but she inclines her head and returns the smile. When Hellstrom returns she's waiting for him. "I'm sure that she is." There's a flicker of color and then Hellstrom is talking with Marcia again instead of Angela. In flawless imitation of the other woman's voice, the shapeshifter continues their conversation. "And now you wish to validate the information, of course."

"Of course." Hellstrom states in response and then adds, "Your talents are quite marvelous. Is there anyone you cannot mimic?"

She smiles, and there's another flicker of color. The result is that Hellstrom finds himself talking with… himself. Dress and appearance are remarkably identical, and as Mystique rises even the mannerisms are his. "Is there anyone you cannot mimic?" she replies in his own voice with a charming smile. A flicker returns Angela to the room, and she adjusts the skirts of her gown.

"Truly amazing. And quite useful in subversive situations." states Hellstrom and seems openly pleased when she takes on her Angela form. His face has many expressions and he would probably not be very good in a poker match since he hides very little, nor does he try.

He motions and indicates the direction of the garage. "Shall we investigate?"

Angela chuckles softly, stepping up and slipping an arm through his to let him lead. "Most definitely." she replies, quickening her strides a bit to keep up with him. "What does the information show?"

There are several vehicles within the Hellstrom garage. Most of which are expensive roadsters. He guides Angela to the royal blue Dusenberg Model J. He will open the door for her and as he puts her in, he will state, "Lower Manhattan. Near Alphabet City, there's a series of warehouses along the harbor. That's where we'll find the cult performing some ritual likely to my father. It says they normally start at midnight on the full moon. Which is tonight. We have plenty of time for a drive and dinner before we arrive."

Angela adjusts her skirts as she slips into the seat beside him, also shifting the wrap more about her shoulders. "I'll change after dinner, then." Not that any 'change' for her requires a powder room, of course. "I've never been part of a cult ritual before. This could be interesting."

He starts the roadster and zooms into the city.

Like Gatsby, Hellstrom doesn't care for rules or laws. They're only things that are for normal people and he is well beyond normal. The city has always been his alone to take and do with what he wishes. Now he feels that he has somoene of equal footing to do the same; to share the wealth. Careening through the city, Hellstrom will take the senic route through the park.

Reaching over, Hellstrom will place his hand on Angela's inner thigh and caress. He will make mention, "Cults are often an interesting clash of crazy and manical. You'll enjoy the scene for they feel that they have true power. When in reality, they know nothing of what power is.

Angela doesn't seem to mind the wild driving in the least. If anything, she relishes the speed. "Many people live under that illusion, Daimon." she replies with a lazy smile. "It makes things interesting for those who truly have it."

The park is full of lush greens and is like a hidden forest that no one realizes there is a city surrounding it. His hand is warm and continues to caress the inner thigh.

"It's always fun to see the expression on their faces when presented with the reality of it all. When their bodies are about to be consumed by Hellfire or their souls ripped from their desicating form."

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