(2014-09-12) Plans Finalized
Plans Finalized
Summary: Power Woman and Marvel Girl meet with Jack Flag to finalize plans for the Guardians to act as recon for Justice League
Date: (2014-09-12)
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Things of late had been coming together, good and bad. Between Jean, Jack and Power Woman, a meeting was arranged. Following the idea discussed with Jean most likely about Guardians helping Recon with the idea of some nutter named Ming wanting to conquer earth, steal resources, and enslave the population. Which included America, so Jack was more than 100 percent into the idea. Having met Power Woman on the rooftops before, the location seemed ideal and out of the way, allowing Jack Flag to show up in uniform - his red/white/blues and a red face helmet. His hair isn't dyed though, regular curly brown'ish, succumbing to the winds.

His face would show he's in good spirits, though the mask covers that. He was excited enough to arrive early and pace around on the rooftop. This lead to boredom so he picked up an occasionally piece of rooftop rock covering and tossed it at random nearby buildings - not at windows and not to injure anyone.

Jack won't have to wait very long, before the cape-fluttering form of Power Woman arrives, floating down onto the rooftop to greet him, with Marvel Girl surely not far away at atll. She could outfly Jean, of course, but they're meant to be here together, so why do something so silly and selfish. Right? The tall blonde lands and nods to Jack. "Hi. How are the Guardians doing?" she asks, by way of starting things off. Sure, they have important information to share; but the human condition is important, too.

Jean Grey flies in shortly after Power Woman, landing easily on the ground and giving Jack a smile, "Hey Jack." She nods towards Power Woman, letting her take the lead for the moment as she glances back and forth.

"Awesome," says Jack, his voice slightly modified by the mask, he reaches up to flip a switch, says it again, normal voice, "Great." Then he decides just to lift the mask a little, or a lot, over his hair actually. "Hello Jean, good to see you," he grins, more than he should probably. Then looks more serious again. "Ya, the Guardians are great, it turns out, there's a lot of space in our Galaxy, so lots to do. And with Skrulls trying to break out of their system, you know, all in a days work." Not really, no, not in a days work, just he pretends its casual topic. "But, it wounds like we might be able to help closer to home? How's things going for the Justice League?" He returns it, with an opening for the more improtant issues.

"The League, overall, is fine. We're still busy, obviously." Kara answers, not at all minding if Jack wants to be enthusiastic. Everyone has their own way about them. "You'll probably have been noticing that we've launched a great many very small craft in the last couple of weeks. They're remote sensor platforms, and we have seeded them all over the solar system, on, above and below the elliptic."

Then Power Woman reaches around to the small of her back and pulls out a small Starkpad, offering it to Jack. "The entire sensor net went online less than forty-eight hours ago. And when it did, this is what we found. There's a large planet - closer to Mars size, rather than Earth, but actually denser than both by a small margin - just outside the Ort Cloud. It has gravity-stealthing capabilties in place, which implies they use this to prevent so much disruption on the target planet that it would prevent getting the resources they want. And there's plenty of EM shielding as well. But we found it. We're tracking it, and anything that comes in or out from it. And we know for certain that there are billions of minds on that planet."

It's a lot to take in, but it's all laid out on the Starkpad, along with copies of the raw data, and captured long-range highly magnified video of the planet. "We're working on assembling a few stealth drones, based on similar tech profiles to our sensor platforms, intending to send them out for information. But your ship, and your team, might be able to get there first." Power Woman smiles, nodding to hear teammate, and then back to Jack. "You said you wanted to help. And Jean mentioned taking you guys for a recon flight. So, I'm asking you to do just that. And give us anything you can find about the approach, their defenses, weapons, personnel, anything. They're coming for Earth. We have to stop them, and that means we have to figure out /how/ to stop them." She smiles wryly. "The Justice League needs your help. The help of the Guardians."

Jean Grey nods, looking over at Jack, "And I would like to come along, if you don't mind. I can provide some extra help for you if you need it on the trip, since… well, frankly it's a recon trip and we don't know what to expect aside from massive militarization, and a lot more minds packed in that planet than what exist on Earth."

Jack follows along, even knowing well enough what should be around the Oort Cloud and noticing the difference as Power Woman is explaining it. "I think we're all in on this." Another smile to Jean, "I don't mind at all, just we'll try to be safe." Actually sneaking around, toning down Guardian style sneaking around space even. "Jean mentioned possibly shielding a few minds as we get close. I don't know if she can rely back to you, but maybe we can network our ship with your sensors. That way you'll get live feed, if anything goes wrong and anything we get on our sensors to help in the recon, you'll get soon." He looks up and between both, "I mean, I like to think we're bad-ass, but I'm sort of expecting we might get caught doing this. Inside job, but if we can help get something to earth to help the Justice League prepare, its worth that risk right?"

Power Woman nods. "I have a unit you should be able to attach to your systems. Feed it that map and connect it to your inertial guidance systems, and it should be able to find the closest sensor platforms and relay data back to us." Kara offers. "But, one catch: If you are captured, you MUST self-destruct the pod. We cannot allow the enemy to obtain that tech and discover our sensor platforms, or that defensive edge is lost, and they may send us false flag intel. We cannot afford that." Kara's not just brilliantly smart, she's capably and cautiously paranoid.

Jean Grey smiles faintly, "Of course, we'll make sure nothing is taken." She shakes her head, "Hopefully it won't come to that, but any advantage we can get is one we have to take, and we still have little idea of what we're dealing with."

Giving a nod to both of them, "There's no real choice then. We go, we self destruct the ship if it comes to that. I don't know what technology they have, but we might need a quick boost to jam them? No time to run off to another sector to hunt something up - think we can jury-rig something to make sure the ship blows if we need to do that?" A pause from Jack-Flag and then he continues, "How soon do you think he'll move on Earth - have you calculated guesstimates." Between all the brain power in the Justice League that is - its more a question on how soon should they be ready to launch actually.

Power Woman shakes her head. "No, Jack. Don't destroy your ship. The pod will be self-contained. Destroy it, and that's it. I don't need you guys risking your own deaths just for my paranoia." But is it paranoia when the enemy really is out to get you? "I'll make sure to install a self-destruct in the pod. You just need to activate it."

"Our guess is that the planet itself moves rather slowly. Probably a month or two, perhaps even more, before it gets here. But we know they have access to faster tech, since they've managed to send agents to Earth already. So we expect they may start additional attacks any time now." Kara answers.

Jean Grey nods, "Precisely. We need to try and figure out if there's a way to stop this before it really begins." She glances over at Jack, "And no self-destructing a ship while I'm still on it, thanks… I'd rather not resort to that." She then smiles, "Hopefully it won't be coming to that."

Jack gives a nod to Power Woman as she confirms just the pod will be destroyed, then to Jean, "No, no I couldn't let that happen." Or other stuff too, implied. "We'll keep the ship, but might wipe some of the data in our systems. If you know which Lantern is in this secter, might be good to send a message their way too." Not hopeful, but doesn't hurt to alert someone with connections about pyscho's that take over whole planets, and they seem to do it easily enough. "We'll look at getting up within the week then, hopefully before additional attacks start? Actually glad to help out." Then he looks to Jean, "That enough time for you?" His eyes more indicated to her that its leaving earth with no idea of a return, then again, he's probably the one longing for old Earth when others his age might be having more space dreams.

"I'll prep the pod tomorrow, and give it to Marvel Girl, with another pad detailing how to attach and configure it." Power Woman offers, with a nod. "After that, it's up to you guys. Take care of yourselves. We want back more than just your data."

Jean Grey grins wryly, "Oh, I'm not going to vanish that easily. Shouldn't be too much of a problem to just go in and out." She smiles, confident but not to the point of arrogance, "We'll be very careful, don't worry."

Nodding to both of them, Jack agrees, "Well aim for mission success, all bodies back on good ole earth. Our priority is the intel though, we'll be sure to get that at all costs." Then a shrugs, "And no worries, We'll make sure we get Marvel Girl back to you, I'll do everything in my power to see to that."

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