(2014-09-12) Day of Disasters
Day of Disasters
Summary: A few minor disasters hit New York City all at the same time, the Outsiders discover meta-villains are the culprits
Date: (2014-09-12)
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NPCs: Angle Man, Major Disaster, and Weather Wizard
Scene Runner: Black Lightning.
Social/Plot: Plot

Outsiders have been working to get everything going, the limited team members they presently have pitching in to help where the could. Resources, their own man power, anything to get their operations up and running. Slowly, their infrastructure is coming into place. One morning it happens, something comes up they can actually respond too. A minor flash flood sweeps down the river and happens to take out structural supports of one of the train tunnels. Literally it just happens that they catch it on a feed from NYC Transit camera's, the tunnel busting open and starting to flood. One train is currently trapped near the collapse and another is barreling down the line. By the time the news picks up on this, the trains will both have collided and the tunnel will be flooded.

Assuming they have something like headsets at least, if not cool Stark communicators yet, Black Lightning calls into it, "There's a disaster on the Blue Line to Brooklyn, east side of Roosevelt Island, I'm on my way." Literally, flying as lightning to the hanger and out of their location, he is en route, currently overhead, to the tunnel.

"Roger that. ETA 45 seconds." Responds Captain Atom over the comm system from his location somewhere in Jersey. Captain Atom is always /on/. He rarely sleeps (if at all), and is always in secret ID (which is his only ID) and finds himself flying about the city on a regular basis. He calls it 'on patrol'.

"Good to have you Captain," says Black Lightning into the comsys. Good thing he is always on, even if it makes him busy sometimes. "Two trains, one in the tunnel, there is a breach from the sudden minor flooding upstate, you have something to help with that? I can stop the one about to collide if I can drain power off the line … going black, 10 seconds, as I ride a wire in …" And he cuts out, going pure lighting and jumping into a power line to get into the tunnels easily enough. Him talking, and the 10 second trip takes up 15 seconds of the time for Atom's ETA. "Back," he indicates when he's flying through the tunnels instead of riding a power line.

Capt Atom pushes harder. "Affirmative, I can do that. Just point me to the right line else I'll drain the city." he states while flying faster to cut down his encounter time.

"Its the Blueline, last tunnel that goes under Roosevelt Island," he explains, "I'm about 10 seconds from the train coming out of Manhattan if you can take the Brooklyn side?" Hoping that's enough, Lightning sees the light of his train approaching through the tunnel he's in and goes up to fly by it, its descending into that tunnel under the river currently. Going silent, he starts to pull power from the train where it is drawing it off the line. The people close to the front, along with the conductor/engineer look confused. The emergency signal not yet going off about the collapse in the tunnel and the train down there.

Piercing the tunnels, Captain Atom bruises his way to the Blue Line. He finds the particular track and will grab it. The power is nothing compared to what he's been rated at and he begins to absorb the power. He relays, "I have the line, drawing power now. There will be backup generators to kick on within a few minutes after I've pulled so much power that it trips the circuit."

"When the trains are stopped, if you can get to the damaged train, I can try to short out that circuit, to buy us the time we need to stop to much damage from the flooding?" Asked to Captain Atom, checking the idea against him as the impending trains on both sides start to slow down. The system is accounting for the stopped train and the power drain. The terminals out are slowing trains and the flashboards are indicating delays down the line on the Blue Track. The system is becoming more aware of the situation. The engineers themselves are moving to hit brakes now, realizing something is going wrong.

"Already moving that direction. I'll see what I can do when I get there." relays Captain Atom in regards to the flooded area. He begins his flight down the tunnel in the direction of the danger.

"Roger that, once I short the circuit, I'll catch up with you," say Black Lightning, partially going with military slang but not the full context necessary for proper military communications - he doesn't indicate being 'done' talking by saying 'over'. He jumps on the nearest line electrically and follows it to the nearest circuit by following the current. He'll trip both sides to completely break the line to circumvent any safety measures.

When Atom gets to the disaster, he can see the mangled train and the breach in the wall. The people seem to be moving to get off, helping each other, racing against the water pouring in. Something large in the water hit the wall with enough force to break it, the wall looks dilapidated, as if it was due to collapse any year anyways, but dumb luck with the floods and the large item coasting on the bottom of the river added up to equal disaster.

Even as both men are working, someone monitoring the control room calls in, “Guys, we got another situation, some nutjob on the internet saying the city didn’t pay for his sister’s treatment while she was in prison or something, says the disasters are gonna keep coming, there is baseball sized hail over the west river, car accidents on the bridges …”

Upon his arrival, Captain Atom will reassure the civilians that he is here to help and that they should help one another and stand clear for he's about to do something. Though water isn't really his forte…

Looking at the hole, he decides that he needs to drain the heat energy from the rushing water. He will reach out his right hand, then his left and as he focuses, he will pull (at range) the thermal energy from the rushing water. He hopes this will freeze it enough to stop the continued flow into the tunnel.

Permanent stop, perhaps not, but the trick Captain Atom does to freeze the water starts to work and is doing the trick. He is able to get a big enough block of ice there to keep the flooding at bay until the people can be safe. They do get out of the way from the breach and the flooding water to avoid freezing themselves. Black Lightning has shorted the circuits, nothing left to trip emergency power, no chance of more trains colliding with this disaster. He arrives, indicated people to keep moving and stop gawking, then going up to Captain Atom, "You've got more tricks up your sleeve than Ole Schemion." Meant more as a compliment, "Don't know what we can do for the west river, but I'm going to head over to see if I can help some of the people in that hail storm. If there is some pyscho doing this, think we can trace his feeds?" Or have someone track IP addresses to see where the guy is posting from. Black Lightning takes another power line, heading to the other side of Manhattan to help there for the moment.

Captain Atom will stay and continue helping with the cleanup and do what he can to help first responders and tech crews to sure up the wall. This is going to take a lot more hands on work and could also break at any moment. So he needs to remain.

Once Black Lightning is back on the comm, Capt Atom will state, "I'll see if I can utilize my resources to track the IP."

Getting to the bridges, Black Lightning finds some power lines down and with the hail and wetness coming, he goes to grab and move those out of the way. Able to also use them to draw more power from to keep himself extra fuelled up just in case he needs to use one of his draining powers. "That's be great Captain, we might have to see about getting some API stuff in our system that can help us in that department." Automated programming, short of AI, simply because Black Lightning doesn't believe in AI yet, so some program they could control in the field to make use of their control room. This situation seems to drive that idea.

Another disaster comes out, "Fire in Central Park from freak lightning storm." Forest Fire, in the City.

"Roger that, and more members. Three events, two of us on hand." Captain Atom remarks indicating that other members would be advantageous. "It is going to take me at least another 20 minutes before I can leave this scene. I'm sure first responders are already in route. I just hope what ever is causing this doesn't decide to show up there."

"Definitely more members," agrees Black Lightning, still dealing with the hailstorm over the bridges. "Or, something more devastating that's beyond 1st responders." Moving to more lines, to tie them up on the bridge where the current won't jump to anything conducive, he comes back again to Captain Atom, “What if he’s planning to hit whatever prison his sister was at? You know any women’s prisons in the city that would be a good candidate.” Being from Metropolis himself, he doesn’t know the city yet enough to consider any actual prison locations.

"I do not. But you have a point." Captain Atom states as the rending of metal is heard over the comm as he moves the subway train back. "One moment while I ask the officer in charge."

Moments later, Captain Atom will return to the comm with the information, "She is kept in the Edgecomb Residential Treatment Facility. Officer McNally is sending officers to the location but I feel it is imperative that we also rendezvous at that location asap."

Edgecomb Residential Treatment Facility, north side of Harlem, not quite Washington Heights. "Edgecomb," responds Black Lighting, thinking about it. "10 more minutes here and I can head up that way. There's a park on the east side, I'll meet up with you on Edgecome Ave."

Finishing what he can, he heads up to the specified street and location. He'll meet with Captain Atom. Nothing seems out of the ordinary. Even if they ponder for a few moments, everything seems quite. Until they feel the ground shift a little. Like an earthquake but just briefly, like a large truck passed on a nearby road, or a shaky bridge. Someone nearby will comment, "Odd, that's the second one I felt like that."

After wrapping up what he needed to do so as to stabilize the situation and give Damage Control the means to fix the issue. Captain Atom finds himself on unsteady ground. He looks about and states to the passerby, "Get to safety citizen, call 911 and notify the authorities that there is a super threat to the Edgecomb facility."

The citizen takes Captain Atom's advice, many doing just the same. It leaves the prisoner treatment facility standing alone. Half a city block, double fenced in, some yard space and a one tower. It is literally meant for sick prisoners. As the tremors increase, the two can turn and see a a minor fault appear. Nothing major, but enough to start open the fence and heading for a wall. On that line, not expecting anyone probably, are two men. One man in a trench coat, the other in a black and green suit with lines on it.

The one in the trench coat, Major Disaster, is focusing on pushing the disaster to the building, warping chaos lines to his purpose to open the prison. The other, Angle Man, holds an angler that he turns and twists, such that they seem to float/teleport slightly forward such that they always move and land on stable ground as they move forward. While its hard to ascertain what Major Disaster is doing, its easy to tell that Angle Man is changing how they move with the angler device he is holding and twisting in his hands. They are in the middle of the yard, a basketball court splitting and the field posts holding the hoops falling over as they move towards that wall that is opening up.

News also comes in, another of the video's was 'released' (probably on a timer program) that is demanding treatment for the sister at a nearby hospital, they probably mean to get her and move her there.

Even as Major Disaster and Angle Man move forward, storm starts to gather overhead. Up there floats a third man to this party, barely seen - the Weather Wizard.

Captain Atom points, then points again, "There's our targets. Looks like one is a teleporter, the other is the primary. BL, you're fast enough to take the teleporter. I'll take the primary. We will nab the third once their escape plan is taken care of. Let's make this quick and clean, if the media isn't already here, they will be right along with cell phone videos. I really do not want to answer to the brass about civilian injuries and massive property damage."

With that remark, Captain Atom leaps into action and flies directly toward the target (Major Disaster).

Kyani is the last to arrive, mainly due to working on the computer work at the base and patrolling one of the more gang ridden areas in the city. Gotta love gangs, but still when he came back to base to check on things, he saw the youtube videos and knew he had to get to the prison ASAP. As he speeds to the prison, he pops a few Snickers along the way, figuring it's easier to carry snacks on him while he moved so to keep him somewhat fully charged.

Stopping a good distance away, he is able to see the destruction that is happening all around the prison. He didn't have any way of communicating with the others which they really need to do something about, but that’s neither here or there. Kyani kicks off running, he is able to traverse the area pretty damn fast and come up along where BL and Captain Atom is, "Whats the plan?" he asks.

"Take out the big guy, keep assistance from getting to him," says Black Lightning, repeating what Atom just said to him. They have some government assisted comsys in place so can talk at a distance it would seem. He flashes forward as Captain Atom flies right at Major Disaster, aiming at Angle Man, "Separate them so they can't help each other," he suggests. Not trying to interfere with Atom's approach, he doesn't call out they are coming in. Instead he moves near Angle Man and tries to zap him, but the man folds through space, grinning, "Too Slow, I'm already ahead of you, I know considered all the angles." And he warp/folds to punch BL, who despite quick reflexes, wasn't quite expecting that. As they heroes move in, the man overhead will whip up some hail and ice, trying to push strong winds and funnel this towars the heroes and away from Major Disaster and Angle Man.

Captain Atom flies at incredible speeds toward Major Disaster. There would be a flying tackle if it weren't for the redirection field that is between the hero and the villain. Atom hits the field and is redirected down and to the left. The next thing Capt Atom knows is that he's slamming into the ground and skidding into a concrete wall. He comments to himself, "Not a good start, Captain."

Kyani watches as Black Lightning and Captain Atom go after both their enemies, having watched and is thinking. His mind racing through a few scenarios, but when Captain Atom goes flying into a wall, Kyani speeds in, pushing very close to emitting a sonic boom as he slows himself enough to come in closer is possible and throws a punch into Major Disaster’s stomach, but before reactions could kick in, Kyani runs over to Captain Atom, "Gotta utilize that speed better." he says as he helps him up to his feet.

Kyani can feel the push of the redirection force field, but quick enough to get his hand in there. Major Disaster doesn't move much though, reacting to both men, "Gotta try better." He grins then sees Atom, "And assaulting a superior, you should know better." A joke about him being a Major, even if self proclaimed, and Captain Atom being a Captain. He tries to bring up more tremors and break the ground up, to make it difficult for the speedster that has joined the heroes.

Black Lighting catches onto the warping and folding of Angle Man, reacting now to punches. Beneath both of their abilities, they're normal men, punches are punches. Quick enough to avoid punches, he's not quite quick enough to punch where he expects Angle Man to reappear. They two start to sort of 'blink' around the field as they engage. The Weather Wizard comes closer now, heralding that ice and hail in a funnel to make a wall, cutting of BL from Angle Man, "Enough, get Disasters sister, Angle Man!" Telling the man to warp inside and get the girl.

Back on his feet, Captain Atom realizes that tackling may not yet be in the cards. He leaps into the air and will begin a parabolic arc up and over Major Disaster. In route, he will unleash a blast of hyper excited plasma that will have as much force behind it as electrical energy hoping to overload the dampening field and penetrate it with the electrical aspects.

Feeling that field that was around Major Disastor, the punch wasn't as effective as he thought it would be. He's really gotta learn how to fight with superspeed. And well, here is better then any other place, but as Captain Atom gets up, Kyani looks around watching teh battle ahead of him. When Captain figures out a way to get past teh field emitting by Major Diaster, he smiles a bit, and with Black Lightning taking on Angle Man, that left……

Looking up at the new speaker, Kyani grins and is already running, the ground behind him ripping up as he rushes forward moving to get below the Weather Wizard, Kyani begins running counter clockwise around the Weather Wizard, moving to create a large funnel to counter act what the wizard is doing as well as possibly pulling him down, "Keep away from me, but lore your guys over to me." he calls out to the others as a Sonic Boom emits from Kyani. It reverbrates through teh funnl moving up towards teh Weather Wizard, but Kyani isn't stopping and Black Lightning would remember how fast Kyani said he's hit so far which means this funnel could get bigger.

The excited state plasma does work the way he is hoping, even with some of it 'redirected' there is enough radiating from it and in excess that it can't all be stopped. And Major Disasters own ability can't work a way out of that plasma so easily. Trying to move, he'll at the least try to collapse that wall that Captain Atom hit, to see if it either helps hit the flying guy, or covers him from the plasma.

When Kyani moves to counter the Weather Wizard, his unnatural tornado takes him by surprise enough that it leaves an opening for Black Lightning who moves ahead to return fighting/blinking with Angle Man. Realizing the other is two fast and unpredictable, he starts to create a small ion storm, exciting the air around him to lure Angle Man into proximity rather than a direct attack. A stunning bolt catches him offguard and he staggers, unable to use his angler for the moment.

The Weather Wizard is hit with the revberberating (sp) sonic boom that does more to him than the tornado did, he tries to push his winds with the ice balls at Kyani, but the funnel sends it more into the column with the Weather Wizard. "Get us out of here Angle Man," he is calling, but Angle Man is presently stunned enough he can't use the angler.

Continuing his arc, Captain Atom will press the attack with the excited state plasma. His intent is to overload Disaster's shield. It's going to take a whole lot of energy - which Atom has plenty.

Kyani grins and pushes himself harder now, causing the vortex he's created to become more forceful, another sonic boom would go off as the vortex increases in size and power. He doesn't control the weather at all, but this is something he could control and really there is not a lot anyone could see of him as he runs in a circle, but it would become narrower as Kyani begins shortening the vortex, "AAAAAHHHH..!!!!" he says shortly, 'Faster, faster….' he thinks to himself as the vortex increases in size and power. Hoping to weaken Weather Wizard and taking away the air to possibly knock the guy out. He will put his trust in the others to possibly take the other two out and possibly capture them.

Staggering, Angle Man tries to get up but is hit again with more stunning lightning from the storm around Black Lightning. Almost losing his angler, he rethinks his involvement here. "Forget it boys, you're on your own," he says, "Ain't my sister." And he turns the angle and folds space to escape from the area. This leaves Major Disaster and Weather Wizard who are succumbing to the powers against them. "You fool, I shouldn't of trusted the week," he says, even as the wall he uses for shielding melts away and Catain Atom rains down more plasma on him. "I'll crush your house," he says, focusing for a moment on the ground itself, as if sending shock waves towards wherever the other man lives.

In a last ditch effort to fight Kyani, Weather Wizard sends a few lightning bolts streaming out of the sky, not fast enough to catch the speedster unless he accidently hits one. But even as a series come down, he succumbs to the lack of oxygen, falling down and dropping his staff.

"My what?" asks Captain Atom as he tries to grasp the scope of Major Disaster's power reach and knowledge of life outside the conflict. But none the less, it doesn't distract him. When he sees the collapse of the field, Captain Atom takes the initiative and cuts the plasma assault. He will then rush upon Major Disaster and assault him physically.

Kyani does have to dodge the lightning bolts, but he is already pushing his speeds a bit over a thousand miles per hour, he isn't trying to kill the man, but he needs to do what he needs to do to get the guy and seeing as Weather Wizard made the mistake of coming down close enough to talk to his team, he made to be Kyani's opponent. "Shit, lightning." he says as he does hop and jump but keeps moving. When the Weather Wizard drops to teh ground his staff falling from his hand, Kyani slows fast enough to race over and grab the staff. "Dibs." he says as he holds it in his left hand and behind his back. He moves over and punches the Weather Wizard in the face hard enough to knock him out if possible. "Weather guy downed!" he calls to the others. He didn't hear what was going on with Captain Atom or Black Lightning, he didn't want to take any chances with the Weather Wizard so he keeps near and his staff away from teh weather lord. "Temporal Rush, no. Comet!" he says then shakes hishead, "Maybe, or Nitro." he laughs as he looks down at the man below, but then thinks and quickly searches him for anything else that could probably be used against the heros, still keeping the staff away.

Captain Atom assualts Disaster who puts up a fight against the Paragon but quickly succumbs. As Kyani removes anything Weather Wizard could use against them, Black Lighnting returns and stuns the Weather Wizard to help keep him out for a while. "Those ideas on names," he asks of Kyani with a grin, moving to do the same to Major Disaster. Captain Atom helps with makeshift binding to keep the villains tied up until proper authorites can come and take them. He also moves to help patch up the prison. The guards seem thankful for the Outsiders. "I like Temporal Rush and Nitro." Comet is good two, but if he had to narrow it down. As things are getting in order, he looks towards Brooklyn, as if suggesting they can go and let the authorities handle the rest.

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