(2014-09-11) Exhibitions of Art and Truth
Exhibitions of Art and Truth
Summary: Mary Jane takes up Naenia on her invitation to the NYU art show, and brings Honeymoon along to meet her.
Date: 2014-09-11
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Not nearly as dressed up tonight as she was that night at the nightclub, Mary Jane Watson is nevertheless heading to what amounts to a rather 'uptown' sort of event, for a high school student. Naenia had invited her to the opening art show at NYU, and she'd decided to take her up on the invitation, calling to tell her so. She also managed to get excused from her day at the detective agency, and has invited Honeymoon Tracy - often her partner at the agency - to join her and see the show.

Mary Jane arrives at the nearest subway stop, coming in from her school in Midtown. It's quarter of four in the afternoon, and she promised to meet Honeymoon at the nearest street corner to the NYU art building at four. She climbs the escalator and her head is on a swivel, as any young woman's alone in the City should be. She crosses the street, and starts heading for the streetcorner, as she checks her phone now that reception has improved out of the subway tunnels.

Honeymoon Tracy's in a nice, white summer dress with a bit of lace and a lot of breezy. She's got on a nice sunhat as well, to go with the dress, and a pair of short, white pumps. She's got a nice little white clutch in her hands. Just big enough to fit her gun and her ID, a credit card and a bit of cash. She's waiting for Mary Jane when the redheaded teen turns the corner. "Hello, MJ. You look wonderful." Honeymoon smiles brightly.

Naenia was glad for the call, and on that bit of excitement to go out, be social, she arrived to the Gallery a little earlier. Living close to the campus to begin with, along with a vehicle, Naenia Suen helps her in that regard. Thus, she is inside the doors near the campus building that holds the student art gallery. Not a undergrad student, she's more dressed up than the art students themselves, yet still simple. Light fabric black dress, no accoutrements, simple slip on shoes. She's found a place near where they are serving wine, cheese, fruits and crackers, simply so she can see her new friend when she arrives and waiting to go in and look so they can all enjoy that experience together.

Since she's just getting out of school, Mary Jane is not quite so dressed up. She's dressed for school, in a cute but casual set of slacks, shirt and light jacket, which she keeps handy just so she can put it on if she gets chilled; some places go crazy with the air conditioning. And, of course, her seemingly ever-present framed backpack. Yes, it's full of some books for school. But that's not all.

MJ shows up at the corner and smiles, purposefully walking around Honeymoon, and claps her hands softly. "Very nice. As usual. You look super classy. Shall we?" she offers the blonde, before heading off together towards the entrance of the building. When they walk inside, she looks around until she spots Naenia, raising her hand to get the Chinese woman's attention, and then makes introductions. "Hi, Naenia. We're here. Naenia Suen, this is my friend, Honeymoon Tracy. Honeymoon, this is the violinist I told you about. Her name is Naenia Suen. She's very good."

"A pleasure." Honeymoon says, lifting her hand to off to Naenia. She's complimented Mary Jane as well. She also makes a note to suggest MJ look into a blueprint or map case for the sword. It might be easier to carry around than a full framed backpack. "Mary Jane's said some wonderful things about you and I'm looking forward to the art show."

Affording a grin that twists sheepish, Naenia shakes her head at the compliment, yet replies, "Thanks Mary Jane." With a half second of thought or focus, she lifts her hand up to the other, "And a pleasure as well." A slight tingle when hands meet, or from Naenia. Could be a chill, a funny twist somewhere in the shake, or odd dij‘ vu. "There is a sculpture in one of the rooms by a girl that weaves large strands into various designs, I’m looking forward to that experience. I'm more glad to share this with others." Its not her art at all, just art seems better when you can talk with someone else about it, while its being experienced. "There's a rack, if you want to put your bag on it," she offers to MJ - indicated the student coat rack with shelf for book bags.

Mary Jane clearly looks torn, though for no real or discernable reason she'd ever dein to explain, before she finally shrugs off her backpack and hefts it up, tucking it away with the other bookbags. The frame, thankfully, prevents any noticeable reveal of the shape of the item she is most trying to conceal inside. (Hence why she uses a framed backpack in the first place!) Then she rejoins the others. "I've been looking forward to this." she murmurs, as she lets Naenia lead.

As they start the tour, and before they've gone so far that she's interrupting the art examination, Mary Jane pipes up with, "Honeymoon works at the private detective agency where I work as an office administrator. And she plays the banjo." There. Now she has explained how she knows Honeymoon, and that she too has a musical interest. No, she's not trying to set the two of them up together, but she's clearly trying to help bridge the gap so both can become friends. She knows Naenia is less confident in her ability to do that with strangers, so she's assisting.

"I fiddle with the banjo." Honeymoon explains. "My little sister, Sparkle Junior, makes the guitar sing and my mom's the one in the family with the musical talent. And my grandmother." Sort of. Honeymoon has a very odd family dynamic. "Nothing quite as amazing as being a professional violinist." She hooks an arm into Mary Jane's and walks with her towards the exhibit. "I'm hoping we can catch you in concert soon, Naenia."

"Oh, yes, is there anything you don't do," returns Naenia listening to MJ. Model, student, administrator, detective agency. All meant as a warm compliment, and then smiling as music is worked into the conversation to bridge the gap. "It sounds like you're whole family has a musical talent. I'd love to have you both at the next concert. We usually get a couple of tickets for family, but my family has seen plenty of shows." And technically, not really her family. "Can I ask what you do at the agency - I'm only curious because of your interest in music."

Mary Jane's cheeks darken just a little with a blush. She is a very active young woman, with a lot of 'irons in the fire', as her Aunt Anna would say. But she accepts the compliment graciously, without feeling a need to actually protest; it's only true, after all. "That would be great, Naenia, if you're sure your family wouldn't mind us horning in." the redhead offers, as she and her blonde compatriot follow the Chinese woman towards the first exhibit. "Honeymoon is actually one of our licensed detectives. She's a very talented investigator." MJ provides, before Honeymoon has to speak up for herself. She does sound rather proud of her friend, rather than jealous as she was when they first got to know one another.

Turning to the first room, its an exhibit of large mixed-media style paintings. Mostly light paint, washes, some large clippings either from direct print or printed larger. Various political and social commentary mixed into the paintings but aimed at some humorous context; such as politicians as clowns on tightropes, or other leaders putting on good faces while doing something mischievous behind their backs. Naenia looks between them and the two other woman, noting the darkening of MJ's cheeks.

"No, not at all. I believe they are proud, to show off." That is most likely the case, even though Naenia ponders it to make sure that she is using the right context. "That is interesting, yes, music and math. They are saying learning music helps learn math, but the inverse could be just as true." More to MJ, as she looks at the little name tag/price tag/description of the current work, "Are you learning about investigative work too?"

Mary Jane is very attentive, examining each of the pieces in detail, and then happily discussing them with Naenia and Honeymoon. Interspersed with that continues their own, more personal discussion. "Yes. I am learning about investigative work. That's actually why I applied for the job. I've been working in my school's journalism program, doing writing and on-air performance, too. But I really want to master investigative reporting. I've done some, but there's a lot more to learn, and now I'm learning it." Oddly, she doesn't talk about learning such things in college; then again, with her 'real world' connections and activities, perhaps 'school' just doesn't have the vaunted power over her perceptions the way it does many of her compatriots. One doesn't learn modeling in school, either.

As they talk the pictures, Naenia might have a few sensing/probing questions as if more curious about the others' ideas on certain themes that are more openly social. Though, in the more personal discussion, she listens to MJ describing what she actually wants the most. She'd heard some of the journalism, that sounded familiar, but the investigative reporting and on-air performance seems new and more ideal in the way MJ is talking about it. "Wow that sounds amazing. I can see why working with the agency," a look to Honeymoon, if there was any doubt which agency, "Have you actually done some investigative reporting, like field work for classes?" An 'or' is implied, if there is something she missed that she'd like to share that is similar but not quite investigative reporting.

Mary Jane's responses on social and political questions and issues are, by and large, unsurpisingly educated middle class liberalism, as one might expect of the idealism of youth. However, she expresses herself well, and she is not an absolutist; she shows a sensitivity for and understanding of the other sides and viewpoints of the issues that many hotblooded teen idealists would lack.

Discussions of the more individual and personal nature continute apace, interspersed as before. "I've done some investigative reporting, broken some stories on the school website and on the school tv station. But nothing really big. My best, so far, was last year's misappropriation of funds by one of the junior class officers. She spent money from the junior class treasury to pay for the limo to drive her and her date, and two other couples, to the prom." And MJ broke the story. It's worthy of some pride, of course, but it's nothing huge. "I try to help with the agency's cases however I can. Internet searches, you know. But I'm underage, so I can't go into the field when it could be dangerous. I'm learning a lot, though."

Interestingly enough, what most teens would lack, those ideas of sensitivity and understanding, are the things Naenie picks up on the most. As if, in some small way, they start to influence her own thoughts and ideas. Indeed, more true than on the surface as Ghost Fox Killer considers this in her interest in the human condition. Coupled with something she had heard about sharing of that, ideals, being, the human condition, she seems to eat up the other opinions with her idle curiosities.

As to the idea of investigative reporting, Naenia continues her interest in this realm. "That's a lot of work," as in impressive, "That you've done Mary Jane. You do research for the agency, but what if something more came your way, a personal issue worth investigating?" A pause to let her think on that, "What if you find something in the fashion and modelling industry, would you pursue this interest yourself?" The caveat that she knows Mary Jane might say no simply because Honeymoon is at hand.

Mary Jane purses her lips momentarily, clearly considering Naenia's more incisive question. Still, she answers honestly. "If I found something on my own, I'd pursue it. If it got dangerous, I might ask for help. My coworkers are also my friends, even if they're older. But I would definitely pursue it." MJ is a true believer, cut from the cloth of the likes of Veronica Mars and Chloe Sullivan. But she's a redhead, not blonde. "You know what I mean?" She shows no fear that saying this in front of Honeymoon will garner anything but a positive reaction.

Pausing from looking at art, to instead listen and watch MJ's reaction, Naenia measures the other woman's words. She seems to change from young musician that enjoys what she does, to someone more calculating, the topic more serious for her in the moment. "And, if I were curious about someone, I could ask you, or I would have to go through the agency?" A consideration, she thinks to add on, "Something closer to your interests, in the fashion industry?"

Honeymoon has remained quiet during this time. Something she learned early in life - a good investigator listens. And when someone else is asking the questions, she doesn't even need to prod with inquiries to guide the interview subject. So, she listens as Ghost Fox moves Mary Jane toward some purpose… and Mary Jane walks straight into it.

Mary Jane considers Naenia's question for only a moment, and then nods. "Sure. I'd do that to help a friend. I mean, I should ask you to go through the agency, because that's the sort of thing they do for a client. Arguably, I'd be taking money out of their hands. But I know you're not rich." College student musicians are not rich, as a rule. "So I'd do that, for a friend." She glances at Honeymoon, but is confident in her answer; maybe she just wonders what, if anything, Honey might say to that.

Looking more towards MJ, as Honeymoon remains silent, perhaps helping Naenia move along to any curiosity she might have for Honeymoon to maybe figure out what she is after. "It is only something ," she pauses, searching for the right word, "A hunch. As for money, I suppose that depends on what the agency would charge." And her pondering if that is worth it, the symphony helps in that regard. "I would be remiss to expect or accept the generosity of a friend to cover an expense like this, as well intended as it is meant or as appreciated as the offer would be."

"This is a very interesting dance." Honeymoon says, speaking for the first time since the discussion turned towards the serious. "But she can't really make a decision unless you lay it out for her. More than a few cases are ruined from day one because the client hasn't been forthcoming. They're afraid or embarassed or convinced that the information will go public."

Mary Jane doesn't try to cut off Honeymoon, or give her the evil eye. Instead, she waits until the blonde has spoken, and just adds her own words. "I can't really tell you what the agency would charge. We tend to charge whatever we feel the client can safely afford." Yes, they've even done pro-bono work, and she knows it. "I don't know quite what you need, so even an attempt to guess at the base price for the work could be way wrong." But she won't argue. And if Naenia were to ask her, she would do it, gratis, if she were at all able.

That seems to present a dilemma for Naenia in the moment. Honeymoon and Mary Jane raise an interesting point about not being able to answer much without more general information to work from. She can't give much more without truly outing herself for what she really is. "I believe some of the models may be in danger. Nothing immediate, but I have a ? suspicion one of the designers or their associates may be involved in human trafficking and I am curious who they may be working with." Or for, not that she wanted to be so open in her curiosity, but perhaps if it amounts to some leads, it is worth being more forward even if the topic isn't so becoming of a student/musician.

"The fashion industry is used as cover for a lot of things." Honeymoon says as she tugs at her left ear thoughtfully. "Drugs, of course. Also espionage. Artifact smuggling. That sort of thing. There's a lot of border crossing, large amounts of equipment and customs officials are usually less likely to search the belongings or persons of a minor celebrity. Human trafficking gets harder but a modeling agency with good contacts in immigration could probably secure fake identities or temporary visas. Get the victims in or out of the country and then they vanish."

"Honeymoon's right. All of that sort of stuff is relatively common. It's why models have to be so careful about who they trust. But if you have information about an agency mishandling its models, I hope you'll tell me." Because even if the agency won't take the case - and she thinks they would - /MJ/ will do something about it. So help her, and her big sword-wielding alter ego. Damnit. "Please. Naenia. If you have some knowledge of something like this, please, share it. Lives depend on it."

Giving a nod, Naenia consider this from both of them. "There is an agency, Avec de Levres," she returns, it's a smaller up-and-coming agency helping smaller French companies cross into global markets centered in NYC. "I believe one of their agents is helping to get the girls. My ? contact, believes this to be true, but is unable to learn where they girls are going," because the ghost can't leave NYC or cross the water to where the girls might be going. "This is important to me, I need to know who they are working with. If the agent is stopped, that is good, but I am after the one they may be working for." Making it a touch more personal there, but both women seem open to listening so far.

Mary Jane listens, intently. The art gallery's displays are largely ignored and forgotten. She does encourage them moving out of everyone's way, as they discuss this. It's very subtle, but as they move, as they continue talking, Mary Jane's hand finds one of Honeymoon's, gripping for reassurance. But she nods as she listens, taking in the details. "OK. We're going to take this case." she offers, with a focused, no-nonsense tone. Even if the Agency won't take the case, MJ is. And she's betting Honeymoon will help back her up. Frankly, she thinks the whole agency will, but she's prepared to do it on her own if she has to. Her only challenge is how to get the sword overseas. But she'll work it out, somehow. "What's the agent's name, Naenia?"

Mary Jane Watson is about to get a new modeling agent.

Red Sonja is going to France.

Naenia as well has forgotten the art on display, focused on relaying the information she has to MJ and Honeymoon. "Money isn't an issue, I am glad to pay for appropriate services rendered by the agency," she returns to MJ, the figure she seeks is more valuable perhaps. "The agent is Tony Ungur, I am unconcerned with what happens to him." The police, jail, whatever Red Sonja might have in mine when she's let loose. "When the individual is found that he is working for, I only ask that I am informed of who it is before the authorities are called into this." She doesn't know how soon the agency needs to notify proper authorities when some illegal is discovered while investigating, it seems Naenia is only interested in learning first and beforehand of any such action.

"That … that shouldn't be a problem." Mary Jane offers, wondering perhaps /why/ Naenia would want that information before the authorities, but more than willing to make that deal. She's not sure how price is suddenly no object, but she's not going to argue, either. She's going on a case. She's going, and Kate and Sally don't get to say no, because she's bringing in the case, and she's the only one of them who can really go undercover for this one. So they HAVE to let her. Right?!

A smile comes to Naenia's lips with a hint of inward reflection and then her features warm again. It was a serious topic and when all is agree on, other than any price the agency may have, and now it is as if Naenia is once again the math student working on her doctorate and the musician playing for the city's major symphony. "Thank you Mary Jane," she says, still favoring the whole name of the other and not condensing it, "I am sorry this is close to your world, in fashion, I can't express how thankful I am that you are agreeable."

"You're welcome, Naenia. I'm happy to help. Something like this … it's reprehensible. Someone has to do something." And Mary Jane Watson, crusder for Truth and Justice, will answer that call. With help. She won't deny she's very curious to hear how it is Naenia heard about any of this or got involved, but she figures that can probably wait for her interview with the rest of the agency. For now, this will be enough.

Thanks and welcome offered, Naenia is in good spirits again, even after delving into such a serious topic in the art gallery. Not having missed how close the other two were, she becomes more conversational, "Have you two known each other long?" Or, elsewise. As if curious if the agency was happenstance and lead to the two meeting, of if they've known each other longer and this is what lead to them both being at the agency. It is not meant to provoke or dig deeper, but really to help as a launch to turn the topic away from the darker topic, for now at least. Of course, if MJ indulged her curiosity, Naenia may respond.

Apparently, Mary Jane at least is happy to let things lie as they are, and move with some more relaxed and low-key, low-pressure socializing, while moving again amongst the art displays and discussing the works they find there. "A couple of months." MJ offers. "We met when Honeymoon came to New York and applied for a job at the agency." Which answers the question; their friendship formed out of that association, rather than the other way 'round.

Grinning slightly, Naenia nods, "Something of a lucky find. You and the agency finding her, her finding you and the agency." She moves to the next image as well, but more into friendly conversation than pondering politics or religion or whichever common theme this piece is about. "Lucky connections, favor the lucky, bad connections attract the bad of intent. It just seems like no matter what, it's the fundamental need to be connected that drives anyone." A touch philosophical, and curious if MJ or Honeymoon have their own ideas on what might drive certain people.

Greenwich Village — New York
The Village is easy to get delightfully lost in. There are trees everywhere; the streets are narrow and crooked and twisty, and the buildings seem to lean in over them, sheltering the people on the sidewalks from the view of the world. The people who live here take pride in their neighborhood - it's expensive, and it's stylish and always has been, but it's expensive *because* it's stylish, and it's stylish not because of surging waves of artificial gentrification but because the residents work hard at making it that way.

The Village centers around Washington Square Park, and spreads outward from there in its own pattern - since it was a town of its own before New York swelled to include it, it's never been forced into the strict grid plan. Significant locations in Greenwich Village include NYU's primary campus, the Oscar Wilde Bookshop (the world's oldest gay and lesbian bookstore), a number of Off-Broadway theaters, and one of the most-frequented basketball courts in the city. Also local to the Village is the annual Halloween parade - which each year draws as many as fifty thousand participants, and an audience numbered in the millions.

A sign is posted at 122A Bleeker Street that reads, "Starbucks Coming Soon!".

  • Obvious Exits:
    • [00] - Subway South — New York
    • [01] - Abingdon House — Greenwich Vi
    • [02] - Asian Art Museum — Greenwich
    • [03] - Binding of Fate — Greenwich V
    • [04] - Joe's Coffee House — Greenwic
    • [05] - Manchester Apts — Greenwich V
    • [06] - St Croix Brownstone — Greenwi
    • [07] - Potter's Books — Greenwich Vi
    • [08] - Red Herring — Greenwich Villa
    • [09] - Spinner's Music — Greenwich V
    • [10] - Tarot Cafe — Greenwich Villag
    • [11] - Voodoo Lounge — Greenwich Vil
    • [13] - Back Alley — Greenwich Villag
    • [E] - East Village — New York
    • [N] - Chelsea and Garment District -
    • [S] - SoHo and Tribeca — New York
    • [W] - Hudson River Park — New York

Mary Jane Watson
This attractive young woman appears to be in her latest teens or perhaps her earliest twenties. A lovely redhead of average height with deep, jade green eyes, she has pretty noticeable curves and a trim, hourglass figure. Her features show a model-quality symmetrical beauty. Her voice is rich and strong, a soprano with strength and great diction, perfect for public speaking or possibly singing, with only the slightest New York accent. Her long, deep red mane tumbles freely over her shoulders to mid-back length, her bangs trimmed short to frame that lovely face. Her makeup is artfully minimal, perfecting and highlighting her already striking features.

She is currently wearing a white scoop-neck t-shirt, peeking out from the partially-unbuttoned V of a dark forrest green long-sleeved button- down blouse, tucked into blue denim jeans that are fitted but not painted-on tight, with a thin brown leather belt through the loops at their waist. She sometimes wears a soft brown leather jacket, and often carries a deep forest green backpack with brown suede shoulder straps and detailing. Simple gold studs dot her earlobes. Brown loafers cover her feet.

Honeymoon Tracy
A pretty eighteen year old with blonde hair and intensely blue eyes. Her hair seems deceptively short because she pulls it up into reverse pig-tails that hang towards the front instead of off the back. She prefers purple make-up, including a light purple lip gloss and eye shadow. She wears a pair of shimmering blue crescent moon earrings. Her clothing consists of a pair of jeans, a black t-shirt that reads: Moon Unit One and a green army jacket. There's a shiny chrome bracelet on her wrist.

[OOC] Honeymoon Tracy says, "Dress. http://picture-cdn.wheretoget.it/yid2o0-l-610x610-dress-white-dress-summer-dress-cocktail-dress-white-cocktail-dress-lace-lace-white-lace-dress-white-lace-dress.jpg"

[OOC] Honeymoon Tracy says, "Hat. http://scarletbesos.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/White-floppy-sun-hat.jpg"

Naenia Suen

Dark hair, cropped short in the front, hangs long from Naenia Suen. Perhaps the one trait that gives her some defining character. With light tan skin, showing cool hints of orange and plum, her features show her Asian heritage while her demeanor suggests she is rooted in American culture. There is a roundness to her cheeks, hiding the angles there and giving her a healthy appearance. Rounded nose is at the end of a shallow noise, giving it a button look on her rounded face. Lips are thin, yet plush in appearance on that face of hers.

She wears a short sleeved shirt, purple in color with two old school stripes on each sleeve like a mock jersey. NYI is clearly displayed on the front, with the number 31. She either likes NYI football or attends the school there. She is wearing light blue, jean shorts, cut off, but at a length where the pockets do not stick out. She wears short socks with white tennis-like shoes that do not draw attention to themselves.

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