(2014-09-10) Going Forward
Going Forward
Summary: Black Lightning, Kyani and Captain Atom discuss the team a little from their new base
Date: (2014-09-10)
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-==[ Control Room - Outsiders Base — Brooklyn ]==----——

This is the 'nerve center' for the entire base, right here. The first thing you see after stepping off the elevator is the glass wall looking out over the hangar, letting you see everything going on down there. The second thing you notice are the side walls, each basicly one big computer terminal, with screens and blinking lights.

The floor here is carpetted red instead of the purple in the rest of the base, and the back wall holding the elevator is the same silvery steel material. A few small panels next ot the elevator hold fire-fighting material and the like.

Settling into their new location, Black Lightning had an interesting encounter last night. He had gone out on a tip about gang activity, returned early in the morning to the Base, not his home down in Metropolis. He's been idling in the control room, looking over the equipment they have for monitoring, flipping any camera feeds they have access to and generally playing with the tech but only in an idle fashion as if wrangling some thoughts in his mind. Presently, he is in a swivel chair, leaning back and toying in front of a computer terminal.

Well Kyani has been doing abit of the same getting used to the place, as well as moving some of his things here. Still he's been getting used to the computer systems as well as having setup his meeting with Tony Stark which he was very surprised that he was even given the time of day. With that now done, he walks into the control room, "Hey Black Lightning." he says as he looks to the man. "Whats going on?"

Swivelling a little, feet flat on the floor, he puts his knees to his elbow. Black Lightning, in his super suit, rubs his forehead a moment. "I ran into that nut job, the Punisher …" Not sure who all pays attention, but the old crazy guy has been using guns to fight gangs for a number of decades. He doesn't explain who the guy is, unless asked. "Sort of had me wondering, should we try to be more proactive. Not just knowing something's happening, or about to, but go out more to make some sort of image for ourselves … it seems pretentious though too, if we did that."

"Being proactive has its benefits.", states Captain Atom as he walks into the room. "However, we need solid intel before we move on any target. I have many contacts within the justice department who can provide such information but it will not always be as glorious as a super battle in the middle of Washington Square. Not to mention the red-tape involved. Search, seisure, sting operations, warrents, and the such are often more of a burdeon with little payoff over that of catching the villain red-handed. If we were to have a better operational network of immediate notifications that something was going on such as a robbery, heist, or assault, we could act far faster."

Kyani walks over to one of the chairs, he stretches out a bit and yawns. He takes a moment and listens to what Black Lightning says, but then he is caught by surprise when Captain Atom walks in speking about what is going on in the city. Rubbing the back of his head, and nodding a little, "Well first off, we need to figure out what our mission is." he states to both men, "Also what we are all wanting to do. Right now we are a small team, and honestly it would be nice to help clean up the city, also push the police to get their asses out there in the city more and shwoing they are wanting to help." he explains. Kyani chuckels at the speed joke, "I agree with you both about it not being easy, but I'm going to be talking with Tony Stark later today and maybe we can get him tohelp us abit with a better system to possibly do what Captain Atom suggests. Another thing is starting patrols in different areas of teh city, I can cover a lot of ground easily."

Nodding between the other two men, Black Lightning says, "Maybe a focus, I don't know if we need a specific mission. Ya, it helps, but it also leaves us a line of where we stop helping. After the Punishers last night, who slaughtered some gang members just cause a few gangs were meeting to talk about drug distrubutions or whatever, I just think we're going to be toeing that line - the red-tape, what is legal and what needs to be done. I think our primary concern is protecting lives, saving the innocent - that truth and justice thing. But can we define how much is too much?"

"The difficulty with increasing police presence is two fold. One, funding. The police have a limited cash flow. There is probably 1 officer for every 6000 citizens. If the police had deeper pockets, they could have more officers on the street. However, it would only increase to 1 per every 5000 or so even with a budget increase of 50%. Second, police are outgunned in many cases. Yes, they have military grade weapons; but can only utilize them in dire situations. Mostly when they go against super villains or terror threats. Even then, they are still tissue paper when it comes to our abilities. Which is why we exist. To take up threats that conventional resources and manpower cannot overcome. We are the nuclear answer. Now, with that in mind, beyond the pun of my own abilities. We are nuclear in that we can destroy entire city blocks or wipe out gangs with the pull of a trigger. The Punisher is overkill on many levels and he's just a man. Think if I were to do something of that sort. Our primary concern should be about protecting lives. But taking lives in the process is going to far in regards to the civilian side of things. This is war, but it's should not follow the standard rules of war." states Capt Atom.

Kyani takes this moment to just sit and listens. What Black Lightning was saying was understandable, and honestly he has been thinking about what they could do in the city, help the people and bring some sembalance of peace to the community while putting the gangs on the defensive and possibly bring those who don't want to be in a gang anymore out of it without reprecusions.

Looking over at Captain Atom, he was even more correct, the police are undergunned and thats why they exist. Rubbing the back of his head, "Well then I think thats what we will do among the other things we will be taking up." he says. "I know of Punisher and the name fits the guy, but I think out of anyone he has the most input on whats going on with the gangs of the city, he kills them, but I think he is also able to get intell as well. For us to get the intell we need to be out there as well. I can begin looking up gang activity and where it's been the strongest, as well as possibly where Punisher has been. Thats a lot, but I can try, we can do that as we continue work on Pluto, and seeing what else we can do."

"None the less. If you two would excuse me. I've got to check in at the base. I'll be around." and with that, Captain Atom exits the room the same way he came in.

"I think we agree, we're protecting lives. Its our primary concern, avoiding deadly force. We should to patrols, but maybe between Doctor Mid-Nite and Tony, we can figure out a better monitoring system. I'd also say the police have red tape in what they can do, I think we should cross that line. I've gone into plenty of businesses I wasn't welcome in the Suicide Slums to stop gangs. We can cross that red tape that stops the police, to better help them. We just have to know we trust each other and we aren't killing anyone - just careful we don't end up with someone helping us who agrees with the Punishers take on how serious of a war on crime he's fighting. We're saving lives." Black Lightning sits still during that, hands still to knees, taking what the others say serious as much as in what he offeers back to them.

Kyani smiles a bit at the sound of them all agreeing. "We don't take a life unless it's the absolute last thing. I don't agree with Punisher and we should do all that we can to hurt them, butnot kill them, becuase we have to protect ourselves as well as the populace as well." Kyani tells them.

Kyani smiles a bit at the sound of them all agreeing. "We don't take a life unless it's the absolute last thing. I don't agree with Punisher and we should do all that we can to hurt them, butnot kill them, becuase we have to protect ourselves as well as the populace as well." Kyani tells them. As he continues to lean back in his chair, "I will talk with Tony, granted we may have to bring him into things if he's going to help us, but I just wanted to find out if thats alright with you guys?" he asks. "As for the patrols, I will leave that to either you or the Captain to decide." Looking towards them both, "I'm not going to allowe red-tape to hold us back, we can't. I know there are some things we will have to go by, but if someone is breaking into a bank, I'm not going to wait for them to come out." he explains. "Also we need to have a meeting with all our members and get to know each other and who we want to join us."

"Ya, we'll get a meeting going if we can," offers Black Lightning, with a nod. "You can talk with Tony, but he's sort of high profile isn't he? I think while having an image, we have to make sure no image supercedes the team. Ya that's what I meant about red-tape, like if something is happening on a private residence, we're not going to wait for a warrant. We're going to do what needs to be done to ensure the safety and protection of lives."

"Well we will need to meet everyone who is apart of this team. Maybe close the club up and do something with just us, as a get to know you thing, then come back here and get into things work related." he says. "Oh I alredy have a room staked out." he laughs. "Well looks like we agree on everything so far. I also think we will need a chain of command as well, so that we can keep things in order.'

"That could get touchy with the chain of command," offers Black Lightning, "But we can bring it up, see what others think. We might be better understanding everyone is free to walk, but with the Outsiders, you help the team to focus on the protecting lives focus." Then a grin, "What's this room you're thinking of?" Noticing how Kyani laughed about that.

"Well if we are a team, it would be good to have us all focused. We are all on this team to help the city and fight dangers that threaten it and the world for the most part." Kyani says as he looks to Black Lightning. "We are free to walk, but honestly I want this team to do well and I want us to understand one another and know that we are all in this together."

"We'll round table it," offers Black Lightning, "I mean, whatever structure, equal voices. Open discussion for the best outcomes. But ya, we'll see about some structure too." He nods, liking the idea of at least everyone being open, like the two of them are now. "What's this place you have in mind, a room to meet as a team?"

Kyani nods, "Oh, there are tons of space here along with actual bedrooms man." he says as he gets up and pulls up a map of the base. "Here are the sleeping areas." he states. "There is quite a few of them, so I picked one as mine." Kyani seems to like this idea. And honestly them being open and honest is what will help them get far.

"You moving some things into it," asks Black Lightning, "I haven't had time to look at everything yet, I saw the Gym though. Not sure if I should move in or not, but there are some good teaching jobs up this way too. I can't stop that, its my passion. This, the Outsiders, its like I'm bound to do it simply being who I am and knowing there are others like us that would use their gifts for ill-intent."

Kyani chuckles. "Look, what we will be doing is going to be time consuming, which is why the job I have, I'm at a point where I can come and go as I please." he states as he looks to Black Lightning. "If teaching is your passion, continue it, but if you have t move up here do it and find a teaching job closer to here. But it doesn't mean youhave to live in the base. I choose to becuase I'm still looking for my own place. Once I have that, I will still use that room Ihave here as a place to crash after a long day of heroing."

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