(2014-09-10) Bonding
Summary: BFFs, Linda and Lana bond over shopping and girl talk.
Date: 2014-09-10
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Having spent much of the summer together, Lina and Lana are as close as ever. The two are, in fact, currently in Hot Topic. The mission? HAIR! Brown hair, which both teens have, is boring and needs color. The question is, what sort of color should be had? "Chalk?" Linda asks as she lifts up a box, "Or do we get something more permanent? Do we want to go twinsies or, like, opposites? Black and white? Pink and blue? Do we want to glow in the dark?"

As always, Lana first pretended she wanted nothing to do with any of this, but Linda knows her well enough to realize it's just an act. By the time they got Hot Topic and started discussing hair coloring she had dropped most of the act "Not twinsies…what are we seven?" she spins the display of hair products "I say permanent, we aren't posers either."

"Point." Linda ponders the selection. "Just the bottom few inches, you think? Or stripes? Or the whole thing?" She reaches out and snags a box. "Bright red." She says, holding it up to Lana. "Red is for kaboom."

Lana's eyes go from the cute pierced and tattooed guy behind the counter to the box Linda is holding up "Red is good. We can do a couple of colors, maybe red and purple chunks for me and blue and orange for you?" she takes a lock of hair and looks at it "I'm thinking chunky stripes, around the face and sides." she spins the display again to look for the colors mentioned.

"Logical." Linda says. She turns and scans the counter and the cute, pierced, and tattooed guy behind it. "Gay." She says, after a moment. "Or bi at least. He's got the word Steve in a heart tattooed on his ass. Sorry, babe." She nudges Lana's hip with her own. "We'll find you some manmeat soon, though. What happened with you and Shawn?" A skater guy back in Linda's home town.

"Of course, that's pretty typical." Lana grabs a box of the blue and purple "He was probably a douche anyway." the guy behind the counter "There is always the guy we passed when we came in. The one with the Ruby Tuesday's uniform on." a shake of her head is made "I don't do long distance relationships." and that's what it would have been, had she stuck with the skater boy.

"Well, at least you rocked his world for a little while." Linda sidearms Lana with a hug. "And you can do better than a wage slave at the mall." She grabs a couple of boxes, too. "Want to paint our room black and then splatter paint it with a bunch of colors? Maybe we can give Frost a heart attack."

Lana grins "And a few other things as well." she says suggestively as she finally finds the orange, hidden behind a few boxes of pink "And there is always next break. I'm fine with him being Mr. Right-Now." with the hair color selected she begins to meander through the rest of the store "Don't knock the wage slaves. At least he is employed, better than a lot of my past loser boyfriends.

"Point." Linda admits. "And I'm not gonna shame you." Just because Linda's in a stable relationship doesn't mean Lana can't enjoy a bump and dump if she so chooses. "Come on. Let's go pay for the hair paint and then we'll go look at piercings. Maybe get you a new one."

"Besides, if I get hard up, there is always Beckett. He's always game for a trip to the broom closet." Lana has been off and on with thier classmate in the past, and while they don't always get along, it doesn't stop them from blowing off steam together once in awhile. Friends with occassional benefits. "Or a tattoo. There's that new place a few blocks down. They won't know me well enough to call out my fake id.

"You could do worse." Linda admits, "And if anyone can score anything fun at school, it is him." She hooks her arm into Lana's. "We could do a tattoo. For you." Since for Linda it is next to impossible. "Do you want one of my designs or…?"

"I have done worse… a lot worse." Lana concedes as they leave the store with linked arms "Oh sure, ask me the tough question." obviously she didn't think that far ahead "I'd prefer something orginal. If I am going to mark my body forever I don't want something that everyone else has.

"Makes sense. Nothing off the wall." Linda ponders for a moment. "If I could, I'd say we both get one. But since we can't.." Wait. Her eye widen and sparkle with inspiration and she plops her butt down on the nearest bench, grabs her sketchbook and begins working. The pencil flies over the page as she roughs it out. A circle turns into an oval turns into something a little more elongated turns into something with bumps and a strange top turns into… a grenade. And around that grenade is a circle, an energy ring that is the telltale, signature visual that surrounds Lana's hands when she's in full on blow shit up mode.

Lana gahs as she is pulled along to the bench. She is no match for the strength of the other girl. "I'm fine with off…" she stops then as she realizes that Linda meant that literally instead of figuratively. Sitting with a bit more grace she watches the skectch being born "A pineapple?" is her first confused guess but as it is detailed out she realizes what is being drawn "Oh nice. The glowing is a nice touch too. We will have to make sure the tattoist can do that justice. I would hate to have to go on that Bad Ink show to get it fixed.

"Fuck, yeah. Or some ex getting a picture of it and posting it on one of those skeevy sites." Linda mutters. She switches from pencil to ink and begins working again. "We'll need to make sure the place is good. That they can do the glow right. See a sample book."

"Don't have to worry about that. I may have low standards," they are improving though "But I don't let any of them take nudy pics of me, and I don't send any of myself either." sexting is probably off the table for her too. "And that they are clean. I don't want any infections or anything. That would really put a damper on my love life.

Linda blushes. There may have been some modern internet based romance with her girlfriend in the past. "Not to mention the rest of your life. I'd do it myself but I'm not trained on skin ink. Sculpting, you know, is my thing. Speaking of which, I do want to do a nude of you this semester. No face. Just the bust. I need some form practice."

The blush gets a snicker. If Lana can't laugh at her friends who can she laugh at? Unfair question really, she laughs at everyone. "I'm thinking here." she reaches over her opposite shoulder and indicates a spot on her back, in the shoulder blade area "You wanna scuplt my boobs?" she sticks her chest out "Don't let Beckett hear you say that, he will get all the wrong ideas and ask if he can join.

"Boy might like you more than you think. Best be careful." Linda drawls. "That's a good spot for a tat. Easy to hide if you need it, easy to tease if you want to. And yeah, I want to sculpt your whole torso. You've got a good look. Not too big, not too small, well muscled. Perfect for a bust."

"You mean Beckett?" Lana shudders at the thought "Gawd I hope not. I mean he is nice to look at and all, but I don't see the long term potential." she nods "I'll have to buy more tank tops." as if she doesn't own a gazillion already "My mom always said more than a handful is a waste." she graps her boobs as she says it.

"I like them." Linda says with a shrug. "They belong on you and that's what is important." She hands Lana the finished sketch. "Come on. We'll go show this bad boy to the tat artist and see if we can't get you properly inked up before class starts."

"Have you been peeking in while I take a shower?" Lana says in mock chagrin. Peeking wouldn't matter, they are room mates and she isn't the modest kind, even though she knows her BFF plays for the other team. "This fuckin' rocks." the sketch is taken and she gets up from the bench "I might just have to go around with just a bikini top for a few weeks just to show it off." Emma would not be amused…not that she dresses much better.

No. Ms. Frost would not be amused. "Don't try to break too many rules, okay? I realize you like being a wild child and all… and I love going along with you, but Ms. Frost honestly does give a shit about us." Linda found that out the hard way. "And with what happened this summer to Jada and Bobby and Piotr." Linda shudders.

"I only break the stupid ones." of course Lana thinks they are all stupid, but she doesn't break any that would lead to expulsion or anything "You are just now figuring that out?" having been at the school a lot longer she probably knew that already. "Yeah, that sucked. If I had a choice I would probably pack my own bags and hit the road." but she doesn't have one of those so she is stuck "Come one, the sooner we get this done the better. It's still warm enough for bikinis and I want to be sporting this by the pool tonight." it's her turn to grab her BFF and move then along…to the tattoo parlor!

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