(2014-09-10) Advances in Space
Advances in Space
Summary: With the potential team-up between Guardians of the Galaxy and Justice League, Jack takes Jean farther into space than she has been before, there might of been some hand holding along the way
Date: (2014-09-10)
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Another afternoon on Earth, Jack had found himself wandering about, taking it all in as he had been doing the past few months sense his return. Eventually his hand picked up the phone, and pauses, until his fingers settled on Jean. Running with it, he asked if she'd like to meet up, talk about space stuff, suggested the park. It was a good location, lots of open space and other people.

So there he was close to the street itself pacing near a bench, wearing one of the recent 'Merica shirts that are sort of funny patriotic, jeans and a hoodie because of fall. He's taking to jumping up on the bench, walking along it a little, then jumping off, like someone younger might do. As if the thought had struck him.

Jean walks in, wearing her customary green mock turtleneck, though she actually has a nice matching Greek skirt on instead, modestly going to just above her knees. Glancing around until she sees Jack, she moves over towards him with a wave, "Well, hi there."

"Hello," he returns with a grin coming to his lips. Jack jumps down again and moves closer. "Good to see you again, hope I didn't like totally interrupt some big meeting or … saving the world business." Considering her association with Justice League that is. "You look good today," he offers about her ensemble, then looking to the park as if a walk would be nice but not pushing that agenda outright.

Jean smiles, "Well, thanks, I thought I would change a bit… it's going to be too cold for skirts before much longer." She hmms, "Well, it's a bit of the new semester lull between this and midterms, which aren't for another month." She tilts her head, "Well, a walk would be nice, if you wanted." Which she probably knew he did, but she's not a mean telepath. Really.

Jack probably wouldn't deduce right away if he was being telepathed, he knows he was looking off that way just the same. "Ya, that would be, nice. Weird thing about other worlds and suns, makes you miss this one." And enjoying walks, not like he just did that much before all the space stuff. "So, homework is at a low, you get to enjoy your freedom before school really kicks in there? You go to the campus here?" She might of said something, he's expressing more interest than before perhaps.

Jean hmms, "Well, Empire State in New York, I was going to Gotham University, but with my work at the Embassy continuing past the summer, I was able to get most of my credits transferred, so I shouldn't need to take too many repeat classes." She smiles, glancing at the sky, "And I suppose that's true, though to be honest I'd love to see some other worlds besides this one."

"Oh yeah, repeat classes," he says, though Jack has no clue, he missed out on the college experience. Just the thought of taking a college class twice is too much for him, let alone taking it the first time. "Well, you're gonna go with us, right? Or you want to go up earlier. I could see who's around, we could go look for some parts or something, or just hit some space bars - the ones that don't card." He looks at her looking at the sky.

Jean laughs, "Well, I think I'm going to, it probably would be best for several reasons. You probably could use my help, if nothing else. And being able to telepathically call in the cavalry isn't exactly a bad thing either, depending on what happens."

Nodding to that, Jack can't argue, "Ya, hell, if it helps me out, I'm not gonna complain at all. I'll be the first to thank you. How far can you do that, call in the cavalry? This nut job might not even be in our galaxy yet, let alone our sector? Is it always on, like you know what I'm thinking now?" Even as he asks he looks down at her skirt, then away quickly, shielding his mind (not really).

Jean grins a little, "Well, not /that/ far, but telepathy might not be something they'd be thinking of. I mean, we haven't even had metahumans for more than a few years, so…" She glances over, "Regardless, I think it'd be better if I was along than if not."

"No, I'm good with you joining us, honest. Another person to help us from doing something stupid," says Jack; the first person would be Courtney in helping them be rationale. Vance might be up there, but Jean would be above him if she was with the group. "I was curious if you wanted to go up sooner, just to see space, get a feel of it. Or is that something you do with Justice League all the time?"

Jean hmms, "Well, we do have a moon base, but we don't actually go /into/ space, as such. Well, I haven't anyway." She glances over at Jack, and smiles, "Are you offering to take me up in the ship?"

Lifting a brow a little, not having thought to look at the moon for bases since he returned, Jack does nod with a smile. "Ya, I was actually. If you like, plenty of places to see, things to do. Well, I don't know if many alien cultures have like putt-putt and go-karts, but ya, lots up there."

Jean looks thoughtful, "Well… how long would it take? I mean, how fast does the ship go?" She grins, "Not that I'm objecting to a jaunt, but I just need to know how long it would be before we got back here." Her head tilts, as she regards Jack curiously.

Considering that idea, Jack looks up to go through it. "Like, 30 minutes or so travel to go somewhere in our galaxy, and 30 or so back here. Its pretty quick, just other galaxies its takes time - like hours each way. Really depends what you want to see up there and how long it takes to do it, you know?"

Jean blinks, "Wow, okay… if it isn't going to take that long… well, why not?" She grins, "Though, I'm not sure if I'm exactly dressed for a space trip here."

"If you don't have classes today at all, we could get changed over, meet back at the ship, zoom off." Jack considers that, then, "Or you need to hit up NYC before, I don't know where your place is at, but if we need to fly you there or something?"

Jean hmms, "Well, what should I wear? I mean, do I need my hero suit, or just… well, what works?" She twirls a little, then laughs, "If this is fine, I could just wear this I suppose."

Watching her triwl, Jack grins, "It works fine, I personally like it. Just didn't know if you wanted to do like space jump suit or look like space travel people. There isn't a standard."

Jean grins, "Well, I guess I'll just stick with this and we can see what happens." She smiles, "Any place in particular you'd recommend? I've never been really in 'space' so I'll let you lead the way."

"There's a decent port a few stars over, real quick. Good folk, more normal looking than most places. The locals are sort of human, with spikey sort of hair and like gems in their faces or something, so we mostly fit in." Jack explains, turning on the path to start walking towards the ship.

Jean follows along, "Alright, but on one condition. I want to at least co-pilot the ship." She grins, "I told Courtney that I was a pilot by nature, and I want to at least have the feel of taking a ship through space."

Making a p-shaw/thbbt sort of denying of her comment, Jack says, "If you're a pilot here, you're probably better than me up there. How fast are you, we could race?" He's getting into the idea of going to space now, probably because Jean is interested in it and he might want to see her as she encounters more of it.

Jean grins, "How fast? Well, I don't know, I've only piloted single and twin engine props, really. I am fully certified as a pilot though." She chuckles, "It's nice to just get up and away from everything, you know? Especially when you have my talents."

"We'll see what you can do, this will be awesome. You can open it up until we get to a jump point, see what you can do. The ship is just north of the city, we could hop a train up there?" He offers to really get them going in that direction.

Jean laughs, "Okay, let's do this then. I didn't drive down, so the train works just fine." She nods over at Jack, letting him lead the way towards the ship.

It seems, oddly enough, since his return from space, going slower is fine with him (travel wise - walking, trains, etc. no need for a car). Idle talk might continue, about where they are going, a bar even, if she likes, or shopping district too because of other things to do there. Just enjoying of a city out there. He might ask what she's studying at school even, how long she's been there, when she'll graduate.

They get to a warehouse on the edge of town, mostly fields around it, and he opens the gate, they go in, he opens the garage, there is the space ship. Since she mentioned moon base, he considers it sort of second nature to her, running to the boarding plank to get in and show her the inside. Its Millennium Falcon size as for space and compartments, with a cockpit in the front, four-seater - two front, two slightly back. Offering her a choice even, he says, "You can even take it up if you like?" He doesn't refer to it as a her.

Jean whistles, "Very nice…" She glances over at Jack, and grins, "I can? Well… anything in particular I should know here? Piloting wise, anyway?" She runs a hand along the hull, marveling a bit at the ship, and looking like a kid at Christmas with the excitement coursing just under the surface.

Jumping into his own seat, Jack goes with, "Ya, like, if you see a planet or star, you should turn." More grinning, he starts flipping some switches, explaining each one - life support, cabin pressure, engines, turning on various systems needed. "And control, I guess sort of normal, toy sticks and pedals. The feet do the up down and spin horizontal and vertical - the sticks do the up down and some targeting for you." He points at the specific things in question. He then picks up like a garage door opener, clicks it, to open the top of the warehouse turned hanger.

Jean listens attentively, and might subconsciously pick up some instructions from Jack's head, nodding, "Alright, I think I see here… not /too/ different." She feels the power thrumming through the ship as the engines engage, and then once the door is open… VROOOOSH off they go into the sky, with a definite lurch even with gravity dampeners. After a few moments Jean shouts, "I have /GOT/ to get me one of these!" Uh-oh. The real problem might be getting her OUT of the pilot's seat!

"Ya, exactly …" he was responding to it not that being different. Then Jack is pinned to his seat a moment as she doesn't let go. Its spaced out, faster than earth stuff, they're up and bam, surrounded by stars. Grinning, he nods, "Okay, we just need to find you a space ship. Go ahead, open it up some." He points backwards, "Sun is there, so like, mars is somewhere out there. We just need to go up and out of planetary orbits if you want to do the jump to that place." Though if she just wants to zoom around the solar system, he's good for that now, let her have that fun.

There's a bit of silence as Jean suddenly finds herself in space, piloting a spaceship. Her eyes are wide, and she looks around, then she nods, "Alright." Her voice is a bit more hushed, maybe just from the majesty /of/ space. At the directions, she laughs a little, "You don't have a navigation system other than 'thataway'?" She glances towards Jack, then opens up the ship's power a bit, setting a course towards Mars first. Then, who knows?

"Well, ya, but you were oogling space," grins Jack, "I didn't want to distract you, so we don't hit a satellite or something." Pointing down between them, he indicates a circle. "There you go, it has flat screen, sort of like video games. Green is over the field, red beneath, and then 360 around us. But you can project it a little for nearby space too. And if you want, we have coordinates and stuff for like planets in the solar system. We just need to pull it up. He points over her to a side panel, "There, you can type in there what you want, or I can do it here as your co-pilot. Short wave, it'll put it on the nav in front of us, purple." A pause as he points there, "And to jump, that's another system, I have to run it as a co-pilot for you."

Jean nods, "Well, let's take a bit of a tour… though Mars is a bit boring, really." She grins, and gestures next to her, "Co-pilot away, I'm thinking of hitting the outer four, then maybe we can see what else is out there?"

"You talking the dwarf planets, Pluto on," he says about the outer four, curious if she was meaning Pluto and the proceeding three or like Charon and other dwarves beyond Pluto. He is typing Pluto in though to help her start moving in that direction. Getting out of his seat though, to start nav for a hyper jump, "Just tell me before you hit it again, so I can brace myself."

Jean laughs, "Actually, I meant Jupiter, Saturn…" She glances over at Jack, "Wait, how many dwarf planets are there? And don't worry, I'll let you know in plenty of time. Promise." She then glances over at the vastness of space, flying easily towards the general direction of Mars with the ship.

"Gotcha, ya, Jupiter it is," says Jack, programming the jump drive and moving to look out the portal in front of them. "There's a few more bodies out there beyond what they've seen, and depending on classifications, there's some big stuff languishing in the Oort cloud, so dozens maybe." Moving to sit and program Jupiter to get past boring mars, he grins, "You've done this before? You're a natural?"

Jean smiles a little, and looks a little sheepish, "Well… I /may/ be absorbing a few things subconsciously from you. Skills, that is. It isn't something I intentionally do, but it does give me a little extra 'beginner's luck' you could say." She grins, "Hope you don't feel I'm using you, there."

"What, no, I don't mind," says Jack, "Just, I guess, avoid the file on Jean." A warm smirk with mirth in it, but a pause as he considers that, "Is that what its like, can you pick and choose, or if I start thinking about you, do you pick it up?" He tries not to think of inappropriate things, but his mind gets the better of him.

Jean chuckles, "I normally don't try to read surface thoughts, I have better control than that. Plus it gets really distracting. Though." She pauses, "Well, it's like, I can get an idea for your motivations, like the subtext. Subtext is very easy to pick up, often without meaning to." She smiles a little, "But no, I don't go prying, it's just rude, and it violates your privacy anyway." Her eyes dance, "Though, I'm glad you liked the skirt." She laughs, apparently picking /that/ up without a problem.

"Ya, I can't even lie, you make it look good," he says, with a grin, no need to hide the thoughts even. Jack considers, "And subtext, that might help, I think my innuendo is way off - hence I'm not the best at sneaking." Then he turns a little when the planets are put onto her little map on the 2d screen for reference, taking her more in. "Does that sometimes make it hard, like going out, you get things like some guy or girl is checking you out. They offer a drink, but you know exactly where they want to go and how fast they want to get there?" That seems like it wouldn't be fun to him.

Jean smiles wryly, "A lot of times it does…" She shakes her head, "I mean, really, it's why I tend to bury myself in work and school, or just get off by myself. Very few people get it." She laughs quietly, "Vance certainly didn't get it, that's for certain." With that, she pushes on towards Jupiter, taking a slow approach to fly by the Galilean moons first, "I mean, I don't mind those thoughts, they're natural, but when I'm trying to have a conversation and all I can hear is 'blah blah blah wasting time to get you into bed blah blah blah' it doesn't exactly help keep faith in humanity, right?"

"Ya, I sort of get it," he says, knowing full well he couldn't ever understand it as if from the shoes of Jean. "I mean, ya, those thoughts sneak up on you sometimes, but when I'm talking to someone, I want to know what really makes them excited. Like, maybe they love storms. Maybe they like ice skating … maybe they like Captain America." The subtext doesn't even need to be read, he's a fanboy. "Its not just, hey, bed, but like, isn't it just fun to get to know people too?"

Jean nods, "Exactly, I mean, I don't mind if people find me attractive… frankly, it's flattering. But if it's just a one-track mind, then that's a pretty big turnoff." She smiles, "I met Cap a few times, he's a nice guy, though way too busy right now to be in the League, sadly. He was always nice to be around. Nice people are, really."

"Alas," says Jack, pretending to be sad, "I'll never get to meet him. I did, though, meet Honeymoon Tracy … like, the granddaughter of Dick Tracy - honest to god. That was awesome. I think I looked stupid geeking on that." He says, not ashamed to say he likes the classic heroes. Heck, he wasn't too embarrassed to be seen with MLP playing on his smartphone, even if he tried to play it off - half the playing it off might of been in good humor. "Okay, I'm looking more geeky just talking about it. I do cool stuff too, sometimes."

Jean chuckles, "You are letting me fly your spaceship… wow, look at that." She looks out at Jupiter, and it's close enough that… yeah, it's massive. Just the sheer scale of it is amazing. So what does she do? Well, what any 21st century adult does. Namely, pull out her cellphone and take a picture. *click!* Then she shakes her head, reluctant to leave, but Saturn is calling. She smiles over at Jack, "It's okay. I don't mind geeky things." She does actually seem far more relaxed and at ease than she normally does, that's for sure.

"Wait, you know, gas planet," grins Jack, "We should be able to skim the top of the atmosphere without much damage if you really want to get in close?" Just a thought, maybe he wants to make her happy, no subtext there either. "Okay, so you're finishing college, which is cool, and you're like in the Justice League awesome. Do you even know what you're going to do after college, or is like Justice League top priority?" A grin, she might need some subtext, she might pick it up easily even, but he goes where he meant with those questions, "I mean, are you going to take time for yourself, see Europe, or more space, or just do you time?"

Jean laughs, "Honestly, I haven't thought that much about it… I mean, I like being with the Justice League. My original plan was to be a psychiatrist, but there's so much out there. I think I just want to do everything I can." She grins at Jack, "Maybe later, if you let me fly this again… I wouldn't mind taking it in closer, but right now I want to see the other planets." Then she opens up the throttle a bit… not that much, but Jupiter is left behind rather quickly.

"Sure sure, quick tour, on your left is some stars, and a few more stuff in space there," grins Jack, waving a hand at nothing in space. Well, something but he doesn't know constellations and where they are, he completely uses the computer for that stuff. "As a psychiatrist, is it sort of cheating if you can actually read their mind to figure out what they're thinking?" All jokingly of course.

Jean hmms, "Well, I don't really use my talents that way, but if it does help the patient, maybe a bit of exploration can be useful." She smiles over at Jack, "But I get the joke. It actually helps determine motivations and reasons easier. Just because you can see them doesn't mean they always make sense."

"I'd almost make up an issue I have, just to see how it works," says Jack, but he knows she'd know its made up. "Nah, actually, just to keep you talking I think. You're pretty cool, but in space, its like you're another person. Or maybe, you don't mind talking to me." A pause, and he side whispers, "I hope its that latter."

Jean laughs softly, then glances over at Jack, "Well, I don't mind talking to you, Jack." She smiles and looks over at Saturn, seeing the rings looming overhead as she then looks back to him, "It's not as much fun if there wasn't someone to share this with."

"We should fist bump then," he says with a grin. "Like, bring it in, but blow it up, out and rodeo hand." He even holds up his hand to dap/fist bump. "If you don't do a yeehaw, I won't hold it against you, but then, we're official space cowboys or something …"

Jean grins and actually does the fist bump, not even hesitating as she then wiggles her fingers in the explosion, "Well, I'm not a space cowboy, so I don't yeehaw." She winks, then glances back towards the rings, leaning back in the pilot's chair.

Grinning that she went with the gesture and all, he does a little yeehaw. Jack watches her lean back for the moment, "Honestly, I'm not a cowboy either, but space isn't so much my thing. Its cool, but I just like Earth." Probably because he understands it better. "This is fun, we'll have to get you out here more."

Jean smiles, "Yeah, I mean, this is great, but Earth is definitely a home for me. It's just a comfort." She glances over her shoulder, "Do you mind if I ask you something… you don't have to answer if you don't want to." She chuckles, "And no, I wasn't snooping beforehand, I promise."

His lips purse with mirth, and his browline looks accusatory, as Jack replies, "That just makes it more a mystery when you say it like that. Tell you what, I'll answer whatever you ask as honestly as I can." He turns more in his seat, not just head, partial torso turn as all, as much as he can while still being comfortable.

Jean glances over at Jack, "Well… what's going on with you and Courtney? I mean, it seems like there's a little, well, I can't tell if it's just teammates or something else." She smiles, "I didn't pry, as I said, but I just want to make sure of a few things." What those things are, she doesn't exactly say.

"Teammates, friends, buddies," says Jack, openly. "Have I thought about more with her …. before I met you, I did mention to her I might like to like her more. Maybe wrong approach to see, but she didn't respond to it. I'm guessing she's not interested, and I'm not gonna just jeopardize a good friendship, you know?" Half a grin, "Is that sort of the things you were curious about or?"

Jean smiles, "Maybe. Or maybe I was just seeing if /she/ was available?" Okay, now /that/ probably provokes a mental image, before Jean cough, "I'm sorry, that was mean." She does look a bit abashed, "I just didn't want to think that I was interfering with anything, to be honest. With you."

He gives a pause when she inquires about Courtney, as if he totally had a wrong read and maybe felt guilty for doing that even, mental images an all - Courtney is his friend too, but … Then when she says sorry, he grins more, shaking his head so she doesn't have to look/feel ashamed even. "You know, I'm really liking you and all, and I think we're all cool. There's no interference. I can't speak for Courtney, but I think we're cool."

Jean laughs, "Good." She smiles, and you can actually sense a bit of her thoughts, » Can't believe I'm looking to get involved with /another/ spaceman… « with a touch of wry humor. Then she blinks, and blushes rather deeply, vocalizing, "Er… ah…"

Grinning with mirth at her laugh, her humor, a touch of a chuckle in his throat even, Jack brings it down at her thought coming into his mind. Even if not the whole thought, the surface sense of it, and catching her blush. He reaches a hand over, not overly forward, but actually to put it on her hand in the chair next to his. "I'll respect the convention," of telepathy, and not capitalizing on her thoughts. Not to take advantage of it, but he continues, "Am I really a spaceman?" Meant to see if she might tease him back or something.

Jean grins, "Well, like my previous boyfriend, you only work in outer space?" She leans her head back, smiling up at Jack, turning her hand in his, lightly squeezing his fingers. "Admittedly, while I like solitude, I don't mind sharing it."


"Ya, only work here, I can't stay away from Earth," he says, like he'd fight to get back there. His fingers moving with her hand, feeling her squeeze, liking the way she holds his. "Ya, I like that, sharing the solitude. You just got like five points cooler saying that. Let's go see some more planets."

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