(2014-09-09) Mall Patrol
Mall Patrol
Summary: The Top and Golden Glider are after an valuable item, but are stopped by Black Lightning and Bombshell
Date: (2014-09-09)
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NPCs: The Top and Golden Glider
Scene Runner: Black Lightning.
Social/Plot: Plot

-==[ Brooklyn Hazelton Mall — Brooklyn ]==-------

Name a store, and it is probably located here. Fashion, electronics, music, books.. it's all here, complete with the big names. Quite simply, nothing less would suffice for the Brooklyn people. The Mall is two levels of shopping bliss for one and all.. the storefronts lining the walls in a large square, the center of which consists of a large plaza with adequate seating for all. Another ring of stores rests above the former ones.. a wide walkway circling the second level of the Mall. Escalators nearby ferry people to and from each level, and there never seems to be a slow moment in trade. Above, the clear blue sky is visible, as the roof is practically one large pane of a substance resembling glass, but ten times stronger.

A quiet day at the mall, as quiet as it could get for being a mall. Its not super busy with a sell or in the shops, but a trade show has taken up the atriums and some of the larger halls - namely in the large plaza on both floors of the mall. Shoppers walking the outskirts and those interested in the trading stick to the trade show; a mix of jewels, antiques, and some craft items, in a mixed bag of trading/flea market feel. No guns or gun trading aloud, thank goodness.

That quickly changes, as a man in a bright stripped outfit spun out of one of the restrooms to make demands of one of the traders. This caused a stir of activity, including the security coming to stop him. The man made quick work of the security between spinning, hypnotics, TP and TK. Some of the people nearby are suffering from vertigo and disorientation from his spinning. This has caused a stir in the mall, anyone anywhere in the building is now aware of it and the distress calls have been triggered.

This is how Black Lightning heard of the distress at the mall, through monitoring of police bands and hearing reports of a disturbance at the mall, possible involving metas. He's striking through lines to the mall at this moment. The Top has finished the first responding security guards and is turning back to trader he came for, "Where is it, the Jade vase, behind your counter, in one of your boxes?" He spins and flips the case of the normal antiques in their trade show glass case.

It's a mall, and what does every mall have in large numbers, teenagers. Amongst the teenagers in this particular mall is a small group of teens, all wearing what looks to be private school uniforms from a fancy prep school just north of the city. When the trouble starts they do exactly what they were instructed to do, take cover and don't come out until its all clear. They make a quick beeline to a department store, staying safe there for the time being. All but what is probably the oldest of the group, she goes with them first, only to emerge wearing her heroine costume. Not that anyone would notice with all the commotion going on. The young woman, having only been seen fighting crime once or twice around Salem Center, is called Bombshell, for reasons that will probably be all to clear. Right now she is running, weaving her way around stalls and various crafty displays to get to where the action is going on.

The vendor/trader shakes his head, "I didn't bring it, its not here."

The Top grins and shakes his head, "Nah, you're lying, its in one of your boxes, let me check." A quick spin and he's at the plastic carrying boxes for valuables and snapping them open.

At this time, Black Lightning rides a power line into the mall and emerges from an outlet close to the trade show. Trying to figure out some of what's going on, he says, "Shows over, enough of this nonsense." Figuring the guy rifling through boxes in the yellow and green stripes is up to no good, he simply summons a stunning charge that crackles at his hand before leaping towards the Top. At this point the Glider skates down quickly from above and laces some ice trails between Black Lightning and the Top. As a non-conducer, the ice stops the lightning, before it starts to melt.

Possibly under other situations Bombshell wouldn't bother with what could be such a petty criminal and his desire for home decor, but this is the mall, the turf of her people. No one should be allowed to come in a mess with people here, vendors or other wise…unless it's her.

Being in a better position Bombshell spots the newest guy coming down from above and his icy tendrils. Something she can deal with. Raising an arm there is a flash of light and concussive blast of sound as she blows up the ice created by Glider…as well as any fragile glass things in her vicinty. Collateral damage is high when she is around.

The Glider continues to move rapidly, as if a world class figure skater on ice, but with skates that take her skating into the third dimension. As ice explodes, and there is collateral damage to various craft items and antiques alike, the Top shouts, "Lisa!" A reaction to the bombs, but when she's safe, he starts to spin. The Glider skates around, looking for the source of the bombs and if she spots Bombshell, she will head in her direction.

The Top starts spinning and instead heads for Black Lightning. Moving to fly/hover, he shoots another static charge meant to stun the top, it sort of deflects a little and he dodges just a little, "Ya chump, Telekensis helps doesn't it." He spins faster and Black Lightning looks a little disoriented.

Being a trade show there are lots of places to duck and cover as well as do the hide, move, hide move routine. Bombshell is no dummy, and she is learning with one of the best. She takes this route now, staying out of sight of Glider for a bit until she can get into a better position to sneak attack on the woman. When that chance comes she takes it, but doesn't aim her explosive powers at the Icy Woman directly, but instead at a nearby selection of large pots and vases, blowing them up so that the scrapnel will tag the woman instead.

Black Lightning and The Top enter their own dance, the former moving and shooting to try and get at the other, while the latter spins and deflects trying to get closer to Black Lightning. There seems to be no gains either way as they move around the plaza level and amongst the trade show. The only good thing, Black Lightning doesn't damage the wares.

The Gliders continues to move up, her deadly blades searching for the source of the bombs, leaving silver tendrils of ice in her wake. They'll melt quick enough, Bobby Drake she is not, they only effect is to give her a surface to skate on. She is caught by surprise when pots and vases send shrapnel in her direction and some cut her, she screams. "Noooo!" The top pauses and focuses TK to try and catch her, leavening an opening for Black Lightning, who quickly comes into the other man's personal space to really stun him. He takes a good hit and would turn, but he focuses on getting Glider to the ground. "I said enough," from Black Lightning, The Top puts hands up as he's vulnerable now that he's not spinning. The Glider is trying to get up, maybe to cause more trouble - Black Lightning isn't focused on her for the moment.

"Fuck yeah!" Bombshell calls out as her strategy works. Sure it may indicate where she is, but she isn't all that worried about it now, since her next plan is to totally incapcitate the woman. With all the booths around there are plenty of ways to do it and she chooses the most effective. Another explosion, this one to the back of the booth that Glider has fallen next time. Bombshell isn't aiming to blow the booth up, but knock it over on top of Glider, pinning her under the thing.

Already injured and normal human in that regard, Glider is hit by the booth and easily pinned, she mutters as she is knocked out, "Roscoe …." But it ends as she is left in a heap. As that is happening, Black Lightning turns to the vendor, "Do you have zip ties …" To use in place of cuffs, but even as he is asking, one of the security that hid is coming to help bind The Top. "Its not over," he says as others come to bind him, whether to Glider or the vendor is anyone's guess, he enacts his right to remain silent.

As the others come over, Black Lightning calls out, "Thanks." To the dropper of bombs - the ones that blew up the ice and the verbal ones as well. He doesn't know who helped and even if he saw her, he wouldn't recognize her.

He might not recognize her, but Bombshell certainly remembers him, not that she is going to out herself to him. She emerges from the various booths and walks to where security is trussing up the bad guys "Next time you want some fancy vase how about you try Pier 1." her banter for the day.

A scowl is the best response from the Top. He might be able to deal with security, but with Black Lightning and Bombshell here, he is rather cooperative. Black Lightning walks in her direction. "Cool tricks there, rather helpful. I don't think I would of been helpful at all if you hadn't of taken out that ice like that." He is being conversational, not quite so banter-ful. Also, sticking around for any questions for the moment. Not that he'd suggest anyone else do the same.

Helpful she might have been, but there are a few vendors around that are grumbling about the teens tactics "Rather helpful?" Bombshell throws back at him in a disbelieving tone. "I was a lot helpful." she is quick to point out, though she was just as destructive, that she doesn't point out.

Giving that a turn in his mind, Black Lightning concedes, a little at least. "All right, lots helpful." Someone mutters under their breath, "My priceless heirlooms." Though that there was a price on them, and they were selling them probably diminishes that thought a little - more like my overly priced antiques. Black Lightning isn't paying any mind to grumblings. "Sorry if this is like your area, Mall Patrol or something." Maybe a joke that she's young, its a mall, so teen crime fighters might makeup a team to protect the mall.

She waves off the apology "No worries, I was just here for the sales." and maybe to check out other teens of the opposite gender but that goes without saying. "Not my first mall take down of bad guys either. Seems a popular target for bad guys these days.

"Ya, that so," he responds, not having considered it until now. "If its a serious gig though, I'll have to watch my bounds." Black Lightning smiles, joking himself, but slightly curious how much crime happens in malls. "The explosion things are cool, can you focus them." The grumbles grumble a little because of the damage done, but no one's gonna speak up.

"Watch whatever you want man. You aren't stepping on my toes." Bombshell replies with a shrugging of shoulders. The wailing of sirens can be faintly heard outside which the young woman seems to take as a cue to quickly depart. "And I'm outtie. Good luck." she then hurries off, quickly disappearing amoung the re-emerging mall crowds.

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