(2014-09-08) The New Digs
The New Digs
Summary: Black Lightning meets with Kyani to look at the new place
Date: (2014-09-08)
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Its been only a matter of days since events led to the Outsiders deciding to become a team to help New York City and face larger than life threats, to help where they can as a team of super heroes. Eventually, Black Lightning would contact Raptor with news of moving forward with operations and they plan to meet outside the Jazz Club in Brooklyn. There he arrives in a suit jacket (tan casual), black t-shirt, and matching pants, dressing almost like he might for his teaching role.

Not looking so much like his costumed self, but the resemblance might be there. He might also draw some attention from an occasional random passerby on account of his former role as an Olmpyian, but he's no were near celebrity, just recognized - his event is big, just not overly popular except to sports or Olympic nuts (er, fans). He probably indicated as much to Kyani so the man might recognize him when he gets to the street where Jefferson Pierce is waiting.

Kyani has pretty much ditched the name Raptor, granted he didn't tell Black Lightning that yet. But he would, having checked his burner phone, agreeing to meet up with him. Kyani heads down to the Jazz Club, he wasn't really into Jazz, but still it was something worth going to check out. Dressed in a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt and jacket. Walking into the club, Kyani begins looking around, he wasn't really expecting much but hey you never know.

The clube isn't that bad at all and well as he looks around seems like there is a gathering going on which he was told about. "Ok." he says more ot himself as he walks around as he recognizes the the Olympian. "Hello." he says as he walks over to where Jefferson is.

Either recognizing or guessing who the other is, Jefferson meets him half way, offering a hand over. "Hello, glad you could make it," he says, lifting his hands after greeting the other man. "So, this is it, don't know how he pulled strings, but Captain Atom and his government relations seems to have come through." Grinning and holding up a hand to a back door away from the club, looks like exit or staff door, or both. "Looks more official now, and literally, it'll be more up and running with Mid-Nite getting systesm installed and under our control."

Once recognized, Kyani walks into the back of the club. "Who is Mid-Nite?" he asks. Not having been told of another person joining, but then again he wasn't really sure of how this was all going to work. "Wow, this is pretty cool." he admits, "So this is going to be our base of operations. Do you think we will be monitored by the U.S. Military if Captain Atom is with us or will they not bother us too much?" he asks.

"Doctor Mid-Nite is," begins Jefferson, considering that himself, "Well, a crime fighter - like most of us. He's technilogically savvy, makes a good addition to the team. He was helping Captain Atom when I met those two." That's as best as he can give a summation of the other man whom he barely knows. "I'm trusting Captain Atom at face value, he said the government doesn't need to know too much about us and our operation so long as we're making the effort to protect as we set out to do. I'm willing to give him my identity to make it easier between us, but I don't think it needs to be required."

"Hmmm…" he says. "Well seems like we are figuring out what we want team wise." he says as he looks to Jefferson. As Jefferson spoke about Captain Atom, nodding his head as he listened, "Well thats good, and I guess we all will have to take him at face value, which we all are doing, but I hope we do this correctly." Putting his hands into his pockets, Kyani continues to walk, "Well by you contacting me and asking me not to be in costume, my name is Kyani." he says simply. "I'm pretty much new at all of this, I've done a few things here and there, but I guess I have a lot to continue learning." he states being honestly.

"I think we all have a lot to learn," returns the man in the jacket, "I'm Jefferson Pierce. I think the first key is agreeing to work together, but it could end up like the dorms. We'll have to set some ground rules to make sure we continue to get along. I think we all have a lot to learn, even about ourselves. I think we need to network ourselves too, with others like us, I met Power Woman, maybe we could work with her and the Justice League somehow even, a stronger community as we grow and learn ourselves?"

"Nice to meet you Jefferson." he says. Kyani turns and stops as he looks back at the man. "Well if we will be here a lot of the times, we will need rules and honestly if we are all adults we should be fine." he states. "It's nice to knwo that we all have quite a bit to learn, but also if we can gel together we should be alright, what teams don't have it's ups an downs when they first start. Rubbing the back of his head, but a smile creeps up on his lips as he mentions Power Woman. "Yes Power Woman is a really good friend, or I think we are heading down that road. She's helped me quite a bit an dif we are looking to team up with the Justice League, she would be the one to make sure we don't upset, but work through."

"If you're a good friend of hers, maybe you could help us cement a relationship with the Justice League?" By offer of the other indicating he's enjoying a growing friendship with Power Woman. Jefferson offers that out there for Kyani to take or leave as he sees fit. "Also, I asked around about Pluto, there a few people who believe in that sort of stuff over in the Village." As if he doesn't yet believe wholly in magic, desite the rise of meta humans since the curse was lifted. "Found someone who not only beleives, but knows somethings, I've asked her to help out, so might be yet more new faces around here in the coming days."

"Well I wouldn't say we are best of friends, but possibly growing to become friends, I hope anyways." he says clarify. "I'm not going to push, I will allow to grow naturally, but Power Woman seems to be a good person and strong woman. As long as we aren't trying to demand things of her or the JL then we should be fine. If we help them, maybe they will hlep us." he says simply. But as the topic of Pluto comes up, Kyani listens more intently, "I've been wondering that myself, need to look a few things up." But when Jefferson explains there are a few leads, but also sounding as if he doesn't belive, "We need to start because if we don't start, we will not be able to u nderstand." Quirking a brow, "Oh, well thats nto a problem, we treat her with respect and try to learn from her. If she is joining us, even more so to make sure that we dont' take her for granted."

Giving the other man a nod, Jefferson grins, "Helping, but ya, we should ask her if she's interested in joining. Her name is Topaz, she runs or works at a place called the Voodoo Lounge. She seems to know about Pluto, or Hades as he's sometimes called. Its a good start at least." On that note, then he moves more into their new location, "Power Woman did mention something about missing meta children and something called Project: Rebirth. I said I could keep my ear open, and that if she found out information on the 100, I would be glad to know what she knows. They're the main suppliers of drugs and weapons to the Suicide Slums." Only his personal interest, not to make that an Outsiders thing.

Kyani leans against the wall of the hall, he seems to mull things over, "I see." he says. As he continues speaking Kyani tries to think of all of Suicide Slums, he's been through there a lot of tiems and even had to fight while down there. "So will this be something we all can help with?" he asks. "Do we have anything in here that we can use to monitor or do reserach computer wise?" he asks. This is Kyani's first time in the base so he really has no clue. "I also feel with this, we all are going to need to learn quite a bit which will make for quite a bit of work for us as well.

"Not sure what all we have, only seen it once before," responds Jefferson, "If you want, we could explore and see what we have. I imagine we have monitoring and tech equipment to help research and I would hope a gym or training facilities wasn't overlooked. Having something here might be good to keep us in shape and discovering more of our potential versus having to rooftop it out in the real world. Make us ready for whatever comes. I don't know if that would help you, its still a confined space, but maybe something - speed of light treadmill or something."

"Sure lets check this place out." he laughs. "Might be good for us to knwo exactly what we have and what we will need in the future." Kyani even out of his hero garb is pretty laid back, he thinks on what Jefferson says, "Well I hpe we have those things and it's properly reinforced so that we can go all out and what not, as for me….yeah.." he ays. "That would be the tricky part, but if not I will figure things out, no worries." he chuckles.

"Ya, as for the 100," says Jefferson, "If you want to help, I'd be glad for the assistance there. It feels like a neverending struggle. But as its outside our area, I don't know if I should suggest it as a priority for the other Outsiders. I think the monitoring of metahuman villains and criminals is a good start, as well as this thing with Pluto. That machine was confiscated from the cloud, but I think if we could get some information on that, it would be some good leads for us to better protect New York here."

"Alright." he says. "Looks like I will need to really work on my computer and tech knowledge and skills then. I don't mind though." he says. Kyani continues walking with Black Lightning, "I will also see if there is anyone else willing to help us or at least train me in that area to, it would be good to have someone with those particular skills in our team." THe word team falls off his lips easily, "I can't believe this is the start of our team. I really just hope we can do well and help as many people as we can. With what you want to start off with is a good jumping point."

"Ya, with us here and working out how to make a larger system to monitor the area, I think we'll do even better than just a jumping point. It might be good to adopt open policy on tabling topics for discussion. Every voice matters, I know you said you're new to this as well, but if there's something you would like to bring up, we can look into that as well," returns Jefferson. "Just, no team uniforms or something, that would probably make us bigger targets."

"Thats fine with me." Kyani laughs. "We all should have a voice and we all should prioritize how we handle things. I wold like to see us doing a lot in the city, but when bigger things happens, we are able to assist or have a group take care of one thing while the others do something else." Quirking a brow up at Jefferson when he mentions the team uniforms, "I'm sorry, that would suck and I wouldn't even like it, so no team uniforms. The only thing I could think of team wise would be communicators and possibly stealth suits for night missions, thats it."

Noddding, Jefferson remembers. He reaches into his pocket to pull out a small white piece of plastic. Holding it up, "We definitely need that. Power Woman loaned this one, so I could help with anything I hear on those missing kids. She said her servant Jarvis could send information the Justice League gets on the 100." Smallest communicator he's even seen. "We need this. If Doc Mid-Nite is a tech wiz, maybe he could whip us something up."

Kyani looks at the small device that Jefferson shows him, "Hmmm….wow thats quite powerful if it can link you in to them." he says meaning the JL and Power Woman. "Well if he is, this should be no problem, but also I've been doing a bit of thinking as well and I was thinking of possibly setting up a meeting with Tony Stark." he asys going quiet for a moment, "I figure he's the biggest tech guy around New York, maybe he could help us with our stuff and maybe offer some logistics and help." he syas. "Maybe him not joining the team, but I don't know possbly helping us out and maybe I learn from him about the tech stuff as well. What do you think?"

"Another contact never hurts," offers Jefferson on the topic. He repockets the device after Kyani has a chance to look it over for the moment. "I'd check with Doc Mid-Nite, if you ever get to meet him, about doing stuff around here itself. Don't know if he would feel slighted if any of his setup gets changed around. Still, Tony would be a good contact, especially if you know him."

"Well first steps is what we are taking here so we will see. I already scheduled something with him, and honestly I dont know much about Doc-Midnight so I would like to meet him. But Stark Industries is leading in the technology department and Metropolis as well, so maybe we need to be up in that realm as well and have a few of us know how to use it." he says simply. "But I think right now, we all need to meet, allow for one another ot get to knwo each other." And just with that being said, "I'm Kyani Kohana, I was born and raised here in New York, I've only had my powers for about two years and still learning what I'm capable of. I know as of now I can easily hit over 3000mph, but thats not my limit, that much I know for a fact." he smiles. "I've learned a few tricks along with what I knwo of my abilities and I work as a messenger at Tommy's Delivery Service." he lays it all out there.

Considering what the other man offered, Jefferson gives that consideration. "All right, that's a start. I'm Jefferson Pierce, I currently teach English Literature in the Suicide Slums. I've been to two olympics but have been trying to settle down. I've only recently discovered that my powers are internalized, before this I used a belt developed by a friend to do the electricity thing, but my body has somehow managed to do it itself. I don't know how fast I can fly, but I can travel through power lines as fast as they can carry a current." A pause, "You've hit 3000mph, but can go faster, why not see how fast you can go, or is there a reason that makes you not want to try that?"

Quirking a brow, "Thats pretty damn impressive man." he says. "Will you keep teaching in the slums?" he asks curiously. But when asked about his speeds, "Oh I plan on it, but my body has to adjust with each new level of speed. I made I think to 3375mph, before I needed to stop. Crashing at those speed will…." he lets that trail off. "But then again my body is also able to generate a field allowing me to move that fast but not be affected by friction and such. Hell I even heal pretty damn fast, things tha would take a normal person days, take me minutes to hours. Those who are done for a month, a matter of days for me and so on. I dont plan on testing them, but still, there is more, I'm just cracking the surface."

Grinning a thanks for the other's compliment, he nods about continuing to teach. "Maybe, I found lines that are pretty direct, commute won't be a problem," about working, but there are plenty of opportunities here if he needs to be closer to this location. Jefferson consider the rest, his face agreeing that he can't imagine crashing at a high speed like that. "No, don't test that one, I couldn't imagine. Maybe if you found someone working on nanotech fibers or something, they could pad your suit so you can manage crashing at a high speed. Sounds like you'd recover either way, but with some element of saftey, you could really open up?"

"I already have help in that department." he smiles. "I've already had many crashes, but the worst is setting off sonic booms in the city. Thats frowned upon, by a lot of people. Luckily they didn't know it was me." eh laughs. Shaking hsi head, "But I think we have the start of something good Jefferson, I feel it."

"Ya, it sort of feels right, not just doing what you feel ya need to do, but the cooperation, having someone you can sort of share that with - that trust." Jefferson grins at that, even though his events were individual, there was still team effort in getting to the Olympics and competing there. "I should probably think about getting back to school, I have papers to grade, just wanted to give you the keys so to speak, let you know where we are now."

Kyani nods and takes whatever key cards and such is needed. "We better see about some type of retinal display or something like that. Maybe if things go well with Tony we can see about it." he chuckles. "Well take it easy, I'm going to hang around here, I really don't have anything else going on."

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