(2014-09-07) Stalker Stalked
Stalker Stalked
Summary: A stalker on/near the NYU Manhattan Campus becomes the prey of his intended prey
Date: (2014-09-07)
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NPCs: Campus Stalker
Scene Runner: Mutual
Social/Plot: Plot

WARNING: Language

Campus on a weekend evening, there was a buzz in some places, the ones with things happening. Student centers and the art gallery for the fine arts students. Though some areas of campus closer to the city itself are probably best avoided. However, its such an area Naenia Suen finds herself in this area. Simply because she arrives by ghostly limo and its best not to be seen this way. She is in her ghostly emerald greens and looking like a masked crime fighter. About to change over, a disturbance gets her attention. The presence of an evil man.

There has been a stalker around campus of late and it seems this is the evening he has come to campus. Though this is the day his luck might change. An intended victim is alerted to his presence, screams and runs. He pursues as the two make a chase down dark, unlight campus lawns between buildings abandoned for the weekend.

With a whistle, Ghost Fox summons Junjie, her jade shi and they join the chase towards where they heard the scream.

The redheaded victim sprints, because that's something she's good at. She has been taught most of her young life that the smartest, safest thing to do when confronted with danger is to run. Don't be quiet. Don't be subtle. Scream, and run. And so Mary Jane Watson is doing just that … while pushing for all the speed she can out of her legs, clinging to the long framed backpack she wears … until she can get just enough distance to pull ahead and pull herself around a corner.

That's when everything changes for our erstwhile stalker. The teen redhead shoves her hand into the secret gap in the frame of the backpack, and she intones the alien-like words in the ancient tongue. With a flash of light, the teen redhead is gone. In her place, as said stalker comes skidding around the corner, stands a taller, much more buff redhead, clad in nothing but a leather-backed bikini of scale mail, a gleaming sword in her hand.

In English, the redhead intones, "You want to hunt a beautiful woman this night? Then hunt me. Let's dance, and see who emerges with heart's blood still in their veins." The legends and myths of that ancient time didn't call her Red Sonja for nothing, and her hair hadn't a thing to do with it.

The man rounds the corner, a not so tall but stout man, that usually tries to overpower the victims he picked. Red hair might just be one of the motifs he is after. “The fuck,” he says surprised, and despite the sword, the bikini gets his attention. “Ya, sugar, whatever you wish,” says the man, who reaches into his pocket to pull out a gun. Not realizing yet he might be outclassed all the same. He comes forward as if his ugly nature and intent coupled with the weapon might intimidate this red head.

Meanwhile, through the shadowy trees that offer shade during the summer, turning crisp with the approach of autumn, bounds Ghost Fox and Junjie the royal lion. They found where the chase originated and are heading in the direction of Red Sonja and the NYU stalker, not yet realizing they’re closer than they imagine as the former has put the breaks on the chase for the latter.

"Fuck? Well, perhaps, but only if you are somehow better than any other I have ever faced in battle." Sonja offers, as she sweeps her sword in front of her, showing no fear at all of the gun. She knows what guns are, and has faced them before. But this man, as with so many others, has never faced a woman with a sword, and with Sonja's degree of confidence. For now, she toys with him, sweeping the blade around to swat the flat of it against his hip, with just enough force he'll have a purpling bruise there tomorrow morning … if he lives. "You have no idea what I wish, worm."

He chortles quietly, a touch of venom in his mirth. As if she's taking up his banter and its all going his way. He loosens his aim just a little as she dances to toy with him, he not picking up those movements of her body language. Until she snaps the sword and it slaps him. “Chirst sake lady, you don’t know when to leave well enough alone,” he tries to step back and fire the weapon.

The voices, the whip of the sword, the smack against flesh, these alert Ghost Fox where to go and she is rounding a corner not far away, perhaps behind the man, along with the jade lion. The man is only focused on Red Sonja and shooting, he doesn’t see the green ghost behind him or the lion. She pauses as the gun goes up to fire.

"Nor do you." Sonja intones, with lethal intent. She moves with grace, precision, and far more power than this moron would ever believe a woman's body could exert. The sword sweeps up from below, cleaving right through his gun, taking the barrel and cutting right through the chamber, ruining the mechanics of the weapon utterly, almost as if she knows exactly how those things work. Then the redhaired warrioress spins on her forward foot and brings her elbow around, aimed for his temple. It's a swiftly brutal KO shot, if he doesn't manage to get out of the way. Sonja has seen movement, but doesn't yet know what it is, so her action is to get one threat out of the way before needing to face another one, lesser known.

The man uses fear, intimidation and in some instance his strength. All are outclassed as his gun is split asunder, shock registers just before she spins an elbow into his temple. Lights out is an appropriate expression for the campus stalker. With half a second for his body to catch up to the reaction in his brain to go unconscious, he slumps over defeated.

That is the cue for Ghost Fox to move in, with a whistle, the lion follows her. “I do not interfere with your quarrel, it has ended, but I come to claim his soul.” A simple explanation, they come forward but give space to the woman to see her reaction as she asserts her intentions. Junjie the lion comes forward and despite being jade, sniffs at the situation to make sense of what is happening, giving a look between fallen man and the woman with the sword that fell him.

Sonja eyes the approaching figure curiously, and the jade lion. "I have no claim on this man's soul. But I have not killed him, either. As I understad it, his crimes are those the city watch of this place and time can and do handle." But Sonja also knows such crimes are often those men can never seem to prosecute properly, whatever their many reasons and failings. "I am Sonja the Red. What claim have you on this soul?" She shows no fear, so far, only curiosity.

As Junjie settles towards a sitting position, but not quite as if between ready for action and resting, Ghost Fox looks between the man and the woman. "If he were dead, I would have no use for him," as if offering up that she might sense he is still alive the same. "As a man of unquestionable evil, his soul belongs to my realm and I have come to claim it this night." She comes forward, but gives pause again. She intends to move to the man, but as Sonja the Red seems inclined to say the City Watch will handle this, she gives that consideration, "I am Ghost Fox Killer, of the Ghost Fox Women, by virtue of decree, the souls of evil men of this realm belong to us." There might be more logistics in that, not every evil man belongs to them, certain ones at least that they can claim.

Sonja is unaware of any of this, but she listens without rancor to the other woman's words. "Well, if this man belongs to your people by virtue of law, I have no say in that, so long as he is not freed to try again to find a woman to victimize has he attempted this night." The redhead moves forward, then, and takes a knee in front of the lion, looking it over in close detail. "I have seen some similar sorcery before, but rarely, and never quite with this style."

”Assuradely, he will never harm a woman again,” says Ghost Fox, trusting that the parlay is resolved enough for her to move towards the man. “He will be bound to me in this world, and his essence to the realm of Ghost Fox Women.” Somehow, being forward to a woman in a bikini with a sword seems a fair approach to the situation as Ghost Fox is present as her self and not her earthly alias. As Red Sonja moves to kneel near the lion, she moves to kneel and touch the man.

Sensing perhaps the strain of the evening is over and that he can relax, Junjie does just that. He sits like a statue for a moment, but his nose twitches like something tickled a hair and he licks it – somewhere between royal lion and bulldog. Then he whines just a little and looks up at Red Sonja as if curious if she’s teasing him or really will pet him.

Similarly, the man whines too, the dog pays it no mind, as Ghost Fox ends his life, bidding, “Arise and obey.” If Red Sonja happens to look back, a green spirit of the man will come out of the body to stand before Ghost Fox Killer.

Sonja does glance back at the other whining sound, witnessing the spirit arising even as her hand reaches out, taking a moment's care before then brushing her fingers against the stone lion, petting if allowed and welcomed. She doesn't want to lose a hand for being presumptuous, after all. "Your friend seems to appreciate this. I wonder if perhaps you don't give him quite enough attention?" the redhead offers, good-naturedly. Apparently she has a sense of humor along with a sword and a bikini.

"Go to Waverly Place and 3rd, enter the car that is there," she informs the spirit who seems to nod compliance. He turns and moves, his face locked in that expression of the whine as he gave up his soul. Turning to look at the woman clad in leather and scale bikini, she finally takes this in curiously. Her leather tabard is a little more covering coupled with the long boats and the short hood and cloak, but a slight hint of modesty creeps into her features, not knowing if she should blush but feeling human enough to do so as she realizes she was looking.

”I value my wardrobe, too much more and he’ll slobber all over you,” she says, picking up the humor and trying her hand at some in return. Junjie doesn’t mind at all, he’ll offer one said lick with his thick tongue. Its jade, it feels smooth like jade, even if soft – but there is no slobber. He shakes a little with his curly mane, as if to ward off a breeze in the night – or disagree with Ghost Fox. “He was after someone, she is well and has found safety?”

"What's a little slobber between friends." Sonja inquires, smiling and unconcerned, though there is proven to be no slobber forthcoming. She does pet at the soft jade lion's mane and head, especially behind the ears. Then she stands from her crouch, looking over the green-clad woman and nodding. "Yes. The young woman he was chasing is quite safe. That is why I am here: to make sure of that." All true, if a tad misleading in a way. She wals over, and offers her hand to Ghost Fox Killer. "Pleased to make your acquaintance. Perhaps we will see more of one another, at some point. I do seme to find myself hunting the nefarious of this world more and more often of late." And that would seem to be the other woman's path as well.

He likes it, that's for sure, and oddly his hair maintains its shape and form even after being roughed a little. The inclination of the jade to keep its form, spirit guardian and all that it is. In the end he seems to grin, smug with the attention as if gloating towards Ghost Fox for the moment, closer to Red Sonja’s heels. Ghost Fox focuses a moment, then reaches over to take the hand. So close to becoming solid, it might feel a bit tingly, her hand. Clothing, gloves, and all. “Yes, that tends to be my general intent of late as well.” The hunting of nefarious souls, “It would be good to work with a woman of your caliber.” A serious statement, given the swordwork of the other woman and the dispatching of the stalker, yet her eyes to take in the figure of her

Sonja is not shy in her frank appraisal of the other woman, and her lips twist into a wry, amused smirk. Of course, none but Sonja can hear the commentary being delivered by the teenager's mind connected with her own. "I always appreciate working with another of skill and dedication. I frequent this city, now, more often than not, when summoned. There are those here who will know how to find me." Her own grip is solid and very warm, very real, as if she somehow transcends the solid into all realms in a way, at least more than any merely mortal woman could. "And I should call you … 'Ghost Fox Killer', then?"

Not knowing of the connection to the teenager in the others minds, she only sees the wry smirk. Her eyes open slightly with a curiosity. “Ghost Fox Killer is the summation of my name and purpose as decreed at my birth, a good equivalent in this world – Sonja of the Red.” She continues forward and conversationally, “I would appreciate working with a like minded individual,” one who is after evil men she presumes, “In this world I am also Naenia Suen, a musician, she is, as they say here, in the book.” Listed, phone book, that is. “I will ask about you when next I go hunting, but you may call if you wish to seek out evil before I am inclined to hunt again.”

The mention of the name is enough to make Sonja's expression falter for a moment, as that voice in her mind yells - YELLS - for attention. "Well then, I am sure that the Ghost Fox Killer will hear from me soon." The redhead smiles, and nods. "Rest well with your quarry, until we meet again." Then Sonja gestures towards the mouth of the alleyway. "Have a good evening." She'll be needing this spot to change back, shortly. And she's going to have a headache from all of Mary Jane's yelling.

"Well met, then, and a good evening," says Ghost Fox, as if making a professional warrior acquaintaince for advenuters. With a low whistle, she and Junjie turn to leave so taht Red Sonja and MJ can get to that alley and deal with the headache.

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