(2014-09-07) Dockside Meeting
Dockside Meeting
Summary: Power Woman and Black Lightning have a chance encounter following different leads, communication is opened between the two
Date: (2014-09-07)
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NPCs: Some minor goons - the 100
Scene Runner: Mutual
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The container ship arrived exactly thirty minutes ago, sliding ponderously into the berth at the shipyards. Almost immediately thereafter, containers starting being unloaded. It's just another night on the docks fo Metropolis. But intel from Batwoman indicates not everything is as kosher as it seems, and Power Woman is on scene to check it out. Metropolis is her city, after all. Kryptonian eyes sweep each container as it is locked, loaded, and hoisted up off the ship, lowered to the docks and onto cradles or flatbeds for relocation around the container yards. Somewhere in one of those containers, perhaps more than one, lie medical samples apparently assembled by the Project: Rebirth science staff, being brought back in through Metropolis harbor to head for points West. Those samples likely include DNA from some of the kidnapped children. She's here to find that shipment, and get as much as she can to follow it, both forward to its destination and backward towards its point of origin - the new Project: Rebirth labs.

Power Woman has no way of knowing that is not the only illicit cargo being unloaded tonight. She has no way to know that arms shipments intended for the 100's goons are coming in, along with smuggled drugs intended for the streets and their dealers. That hasn't really been an area of her concentration of late. Unfortunately.

Not aware of Project: Rebirth other than some news about increase in missing metas (and nothing to put anything together), Black Lightning is only interested in one thing in Metropolis, keeping drugs and weapons from getting to the streets of the Suicide Slums. He's been tailing some of the kids to other various connections to stop the flow, but those were minor leads. A few drugs, a few guns. He needed to hit some major supplier and really stir up the hornets nest. As luck would have it, one of the kids overheard enough about a shipment coming at the docks intended for the 100, the most prominent suppliers and instigators in his part of town

It was a good lead, dock number and everything, had to know who with the Port Authority was being paid off. Not knowing the other observations and leads being pursued at the docks, Black Lightning only had to wait for his queue to arrive. The drugs and guns were on one container, the appropriate dock worker having it on the fork and driving it dockside near where a van of 100 goons was waiting for the shipment. Everything was in place.

With a flash, Black Lightning launches to the scene, both to stop the forklift and the shipment. This stirs some activity which may or may not be good for Power Woman and her destiny this evening as it draws attention from the goons in that van. As the streak comes down to land in front of the forklift, Black Lightning announces, “This will not come to my streets tonight.” Where by he reaches for the battery and drains the power. That’s not the flurry of activity that would hinder anything else, it’s the goons getting out with automatic weapons to stop Black Lightning that makes the rest of the docks sort of buzz with anticipation, such as people leaving when they see the goons.

Power Woman is watching for her particular container, when suddenly there's a flash of unexpected light across the night sky. Super-hearing picks up the declaration of the garishly-dressed figure making that impressive entrance - not that Kara can really say anything, she's at least as garishly dressed herself - as he takes action. And then comes the eruption of automatic gunfire.

Well, crud. There goes playing this quiet. "JARVIS, I'm going to have to respond. Please get as much keyhole video of these docks as possible, and let's try to track as many of these containers to their destinations as possible. Really sorry to overwork your processors tonight."

That said, the crimson-caped heroine flies from her rooftop perch into the midst of that firefight, blocking many of the shots with her own impervious Kryptonian body. "That will be /enough/! Put those down before you hurt yourselves." Yes. She really does that, before laying about with any violence. She's trying to do it the 'right way'. Such idealism.

The forklift isn’t hard to stop with a drain, not that the driver wants to stay when it seems costumes, garish, crime fighters to begin with either. He jumps and flees before bullets come his way. Black Lightning, on hearing the sound has to react immediately for his protection, thank goodness he’s pulling from a high end forklift battery. A flash again to send some bouncing off him while he had to focus on the forklift and as Power Woman makes her stately entrance to demand a cease-fire.

They weren’t going to stop on account of Black Lightning, maybe learning that he can’t stay force fielded forever from other encounters in the slums. But she’s another element, they do stop. “Right, Johnny, get the 320.” Which is a snubbed looking gun that seems almost like a small automatic weapon similar to an uzi but intended to launch grenades semi-automatic fashion.

Black Lightning has a moment to at least flash nearer to Power Woman in the few seconds that pass after she talks, the other guy responds and someone is pulling out arsenal from the back of their van. “Pre-emptive thanks are in order.” He offers before the goons get out the grenade launcher, not realizing it won’t work, especially not on Power Woman.

There are only half a dozen men, and only one with the fire power of the 320, as the man is pulling the trigger, Black Lightning is zipping to one of the men, to throw stunning bolt-induced punches, hopefully Power Woman since of right is appeased from her warning.

"I did tell you to put them down." Power Woman responds, as the goon comes out from the back of the van with the grenade launcher. Her X-Ray vision is enough to tell her what that is, and what it will do - isn't a working knowledge of engineering grand?! - and the Kryptonian powerhouse is not going to just stand by and let them start launching explosive ordinance. In a blur, the crimson-caped woman zooms forward and snatches the grenade launcher from the goon's hand, then crumples it to scrap and tosses it into the van. Then? A gentle - for her - backfist into his cheek to rock his world and turn out his lights.

"Put the weapons DOWN, before I have to hurt MORE of you!" Power Woman shouts, clearly displeased with these morons. They should know better. Five years as a world-class heroine should be enough they should know this wasn't going to work out. She doesn't like having to hurt people to make her point.

The blur of crimson that is Power Woman coupled with Black Lightning’s flash of blue light sends a pretty quick message. Her man down, Black Lightning stunning one and moving to the next. Though her words sink in, as does her reputation. They were planning at worst for Black Lighting and hoping the grenades would wear down his shielding if he did show up, but not something of this scale.

Three of the other four drop their weapons, though a younger one looks a little ignorant or over confident, but the man goon shakes his head, “Don’t be stupid Will.” The younger goon drops his weapon, but moves for the van. Even if Power Woman is moving to stop him, Black Lightning is moving to drain the batter and render the vehicle immobile. “Ain’t over Lightning,” calls one goon over his shoulder. Pointing out they’ll figure out some other way to get drugs and weapons into the Slums or make a run at him somehow.

Her ears would probably pick up sirens en route, someone else on the docks got to safety and dialed into emergency responders.

Power Woman wrecks the other weapons with intent, and uses their straps to bind the men's wrists and ankles. That done, however, she looks up and sweeps the area carefully. "Uhm. Mister Lightning, Sir? I should point out that the police are incoming." What? Some heroes don't much care for conversing with police, and she doesn't want to presume. Better she offer the information and let him react as he sees fit.

Unfortunately, as Power Woman scans the scene, she won't spot anything that will lead her to the shipment she came hunting, tonight. It'll be up to JARVIS' wizardry to pull this one out for her. She hopes.

As Power Woman moves to bind the men for the police to handle, Black Lightning only finishes with the vehicle’s battery and then moves to converse with her. About to offer a name, he gives half a grin and shakes his head. “Nah, no worries, I don’t injure anyone, I just stop the elements that propagates the crimes. Drugs and guns can’t change their ways, people can.” He hopes that explains enough that he has no issue with the authorities arriving, even if he’s not doing anything in an official context here.

Though, with an opportunity, he continues, “Again, my thanks. I don’t mind an impressive assist from someone like you, but this is something of a surprise.” Being helped be her, whom despite the news, even he would put up there with stopping super level threats or meta villains and earth level crisis.

It's true, Power Woman is all of those things. But she's also the girl next door who helps when she sees someone in trouble. It's all just part of the hero package for her. "It's a pleasure to meet you. I always enjoy meeting a fellow hero, especially one who so respects human life and the possibility for even such as these men to change their stars." Trust the heroine who came to Earth from the stars to think of it that way.

"Pleasure is mine, truth told, you got the celebrity status going for you," says him, who has none as a super hero, only in his real identity as an olympian. Then he offers, "And that pleasure belongs to Black Lightning." While the moniker black might not be as forwardly suggestive to her being alien (literally), he still goes with his normal explanation, "Like the motorcycle. Mind if I take some of your time?" As in, police and all that, he is asking simply to converse and not take up her more important time.

"I'm happy to share my time with anyone who needs help." Kara offers, with a smile. "Please, feel free to call me Kara, if you like. Would you mind if I asked just what you did to the forklift and the van? I noticed something, but I'm not sure what it meant. And I'm always interested in new science."

When the police arrive, of course, Power Woman is only too happy to speak with them, give statements, turn over the goons they apprehended, and do whatever else they require. And it seems that with her vouching for Black Lightning's efforts, he'll be accorded similar respect and honor by the officers of the law, at least tonight. Metropolis PD loves their Kryptonian heroine.

Black Flag is probably one of those thankful for the heroine just the same, despite his own agenda. Between her questions, police statements, flashing sirens and tape being put up at the scene (despite no deaths, but for other evidence, like drugs and guns shipment), he manages to respond to her inquiry.

”I don’t know if I can explain the science, as its become something of a natural reaction of mine. I can sense the flow of the current and draw it. My body seems to produce it naturally the same, but doing something, like stopping bullets, can drain it – drawing more can sustain it. I can only think of it with my limited knowledge of quantum physics, its that sudden jump to higher excited state of molecules, my body just does it with electricity.” He hopes that helps with some of her science inquiry, otherwise she might have to really examine him to understand it – with Stark’s equipment though, wouldn’t be hard to actually start to understand the particular science of his body.

"So you drew out the charge from the batteries and drained the build-up return from the alternators to prevent that from recharging the system. I see." Kara offers, when given a chance to respond to Black Lightning's explanation. "That was a really good way to approach this situation. You were able to slow them down and neutralize their efforts to geta way, without resorting to violence. I approve." Obviously. And the cops all just heard her commend this man's efforts.

"I take it, then, that you had some intel pointing to this shipment here tonight." Power Woman asks. "Good job. Sadly, I had a lead here tonight as well. I have a feeling that my lead got away while we were dealing with these men. But I'm glad we took action anyway."

Not thinking it science, but when Power Woman returns an explanation, he nods with a grin. "Exactly, ya, the forklift doesn't have an alternator running a gas engine, and the van needs to start before it can return the power." Laymen mechanics he can comprehend, it took her explaining it for him to couple his understanding with science. At best, he might have the pre-requisite undergrad science requirement to support his humanities education. "Thanks." For her showing appreciation for what he did.

"I did, I've been tracking some of the kids in Suicide Slums to see where they're getting supplies. I know the 100 was supporting there conflicts in my neighborhood, they're app to talk when the know something's up. I didn't know the shipment, I knew the van was here. I only acted when I saw the men getting out to meet with the driver." Not exact intel, but close enough to be there. "Sorry, about your lead. As glad as I am for the help. If you need anything, I'd be glad to help you as a sign of that thanks …"

Power Woman smiles. "Well, if in all of your listening, you hear anything about teens with powers being kidnapped, or about anything called 'Project Rebirth', the League would appreciate a call. It would mean a lot to us." That said, the Kryptonian heroine pulls out a small earbud of white plastic and offers it over. "If you put that in your ear and tap the center, it will power up and then transmit directly to the League's computers, reroute your call to any member by name, or take a message. And I promise, it won't track your location except when you are transmitting."

Holding the ear bud up and looking at it curiously. Aware of high tech out there and in the city itself, this is something beyond his normal high tech encounters on a regular basis. “It would actually be an honor … if the League could track my location. I have to admit I’ve found myself in some harrowing situations lately, would be good to know someone knows where to look if I don’t make it back.” His only way to deal with certain circumstances is to poke a little at it with some humor.

Grinning, he gives it a try for fitting into his ear. “Project Rebirth,” he says, not tapping the center, he’s just feeling it out, not trying to set it off. “Missing teens, ya, I can listen around for that too. Lots of missing kids, but I can’t say for sure I know to many metahumans. That would fit the bill that is.”

"Well, if you're headed into something dangerous, activate the earbud. JARVIS won't bother you, but he will be listening, and tracking your location. He'll do his best to alert those of us who are available if he hears what he believes to be you getting hurt." Power Woman offers. That's quite the assertion for what is clearly a computer, not a person. But the Kryptonian heroine believes i the tech, and she offers that faith to the other hero as carte blanche. "Well, it can't hurt to have another set of ears listening. And you may hear things in places we would not. If you do, let us know."

Her giving the earpiece and the computer, that sounds like a person to him, this much credit, Black Lightning takes it as given, at face value and fully trusting the equipment. He takes it out of his ear then to prevent accidently pumpings and slips it into super suit flap or pocket. "Would it be possible to ask the same, if you hear of anything involveing the 100 again, could you let me know. Its a little personal, I would just like to see more of them stopped." Behind bars implied, including that chance of reform, but stopped in at least continuing the supply of illegal goods and narcotics to the people of the streets that use it to their detriment

"Of course. Would it be best that we just ask JARVIS to pass along anything we find? Or is there another method you would prefer?" Power Woman asks, clearly happy to help in any way that she can.

Giving that thought some consideration, Black Lighting moves closer to Power Woman, just conversationally. She is a looker for certain, but he’s keeping professional – out of respect for who she is and that they’re both wearing uniforms the same. “Actually, Jarvis, first, but I’ve recently met with an assembly, or gathering, in NYC. We’re figuring out the logistics and all up there, but maybe Jarvis could send encrypted information to them as well.” He still thinks of JARVIS as one of the living, not artificial intelligence types.

Fade …

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