(2014-09-06) Mid-Nite Joins Outsiders
Mid-Nite Joins Outsiders
Summary: Dr Mid-Nite is approached by Captain Atom and invited to join the Outsiders.
Date: IC Date (2014-09-06)
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The events of the evening unfolded and were nicely wrapped up by the heroes that arrived on the scene. Much later, Captain Atom returns to the scene and lands atop the Transco Commerce Building where Doctor Mid-Nite originally lurked. He looks about for an energy signature, something that Middy may have left behind. Capt Atom never paid attention to powers that Middy may have had and since the man isn't actually powered in the conventional sense, he'll find nothing of the sort.

"I had wondered if you would seek me out, after last night's… incident," says a voice from across the rooftop - only a handful of yards away. Mid-Nite stands up, his owl perched happily on his shoulder, and raises a hand to greet Captain Atom.

"So I decided to remain a while, just in case."

Atom turns revealing that his feet are not actually touching the rooftop but are mere millimeters above. His turn is a hover and with his arms crossed over his chest he says, "Affirmative. As it stands, Black Lightning, Raptor and myself decided that New York was in need of an operational hero team and had hopes that you would be interested in joining."

Mid-Nite lifts a hand to rub at his jaw, and then gives Charlie (the owl) a fond stroking under his beak. "Affairs have kept me in New York far more than I had anticipated…" he muses aloud. The Doctor takes a number of steps to cross the distance between himself and Captain Atom.

"I have yet to properly set up my 'base of operations' somewhere, truth be told," he confesses. "And New York looks like it could also use some better 'healthcare'… Consider me interested. What's involved?"

There's a slight scoff and chuckle before Atom responds, "Honestly, I've no idea. I've taken orders all of my adult life and worked in the capacity of a pilot and then a super powered operative for the United States Air Force. I'm presently ordered to join or establish a /super hero team/ Stateside now that I'm not needed in the deserts of the Middle East. So here I am. Perhaps I'm making it up as I go and suspect that the higher brass will let me know what to do next. I'll be requisitioning a base of operations and necessary capital to operate under the auspices of a /super hero team/. Finally, it's my intent to stop super crimes and protect the innocent. I suppose that's the best charter I can offer. For now."

Mid-Nite takes his time considering Atom's reply, and paces a little back and forth. "That is more or less what I would expect from any charter - it is not disimilar from the charter my predecessor used in the old Justice Society, back in the day. He looks up.

"You're going to need a doctor," he tells Atom, looking him square in the face. "And I'm the best there is. In order to fulfill my function I'm going to need medical files on each of the members - sooner or later. You included, Captain. As for capital, equipment, supplies… let's just say I have easy access to all of the above. If I'm free to do my job, consider me in."

He holds out a hand to the Captain.

With little emotion, Captain Atom states, "No problem." and offers his hand in return. His skin is warm and flexible. But metallic in nature. He adds as they grasp, "But you'll find it difficult to do your doctoring on me. I'm nothing but energy inside this skin."

"I like to be prepared," Mid-Nite replies as he gives Atom's hand a firm shake. He lets go. "Just in case." He reaches down to his belt and pulls out what looks like a business card. "Here. My com-frequency is coded into it - you can reach me with this, or my assistant, Nite-Lite. By the way - thank you for freeing me from that ice in there. The last thing I could want is to have to treat myself for acute frostbite." He holds out the card.

Taking the card, Capt Atom says, "That's what /heroes/ do." with a tone that suggests he's not one to call himself a hero or a super hero. Both sets of words he will approach with disdain. "I'll be in touch and we'll get this unit off the ground."

Mid-Nite smiles.

Sending Charlie a gentle, neural signal, he sends the owl up into the sky and then turns to walk to the edge of the rooftop. "A pleasure working with you, Captain," he remarks to the energy-being floating near him. "I look forward to doing so, again."

And he leaps off the roof.

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