(2014-09-06) Lost Hellhounds Need Love Too
Lost Hellhounds Need Love Too
Summary: Hellstrom places a call to the Defenders
Date: IC Date (2014-09-06)
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Long distance to Mary Jane Watson: Hellstorm calls 1800 Hero 4 Hire

From afar, Mary Jane Watson picks up the phone. "Hello, this is the Defenders for Hire. Mary Jane speaking. How may I help you?"

Long distance to Mary Jane Watson: Hellstorm replies in a southern voice, "Help, help I say, someone has dognapped my pet hellhound and I need a deft detective to find him. He's 6' tall at the shoulder, pure black leathery hide, fangs approximately 6 inches long, and eyes of smoldering fire red. Can you help me find my poor Pipsquike?"
From afar, Mary Jane Watson replies, a bit nervously, "You — You want us to help you find a pet /Hell/hound? When did you last see the animal, Sir? And do you know of anyone who would have wanted to steal or harm your animal? If we're to take the case, I need to provide the investigators with all of the information possible."

Long distance to Mary Jane Watson: Hellstorm maintains the southern drawl, "Well I say, I saw my precious Pipsquike just last night. He was chasing down a few escaped souls. He ripped one asunder and then bounded after the second. That's when he rounded a corner and then nothing. He was gone. My poor-poor sweetness. Gone; and I fear forever. As for someone wanting to hurt him. Well wouldn't that be everyone? I mean, by right he is a ferocious Hell Hound, is he not? Of course any would love to end the life of my beloved. For it is fear he puts into everyone's hearts. Perhaps your crack investigator, Honeypot Tracy can find him? I'm sure she's the best you've got."

From afar, Mary Jane Watson responds, still a bit put-out, uncertain if she's being joshed or not. "That's Honey/moon/ Tracy, sir. And perhaps she can help you. I'm not certain. But I will make sure the investigators get all of the information you have provided, and we'll see what they think they can do for you. I'll need your contact information, of course, so that they can get in touch with you to confirm this information, begin the investigation, and confirm our fees with you."

Long distance to Mary Jane Watson: Hellstorm's voice clears to that of his own silvered tongue, "The name is Daimon Hellstrom, my dear. And might I say you have a lovely and quite familiar voice. Perhaps Honeymoon's companions are a delicious as she. She is well aware of my contact information. However, if you're so inclined to take the case on your own, I can be found at the Hellfire Club, 5th Avenue, Upper East Side. Be sure to dress for the occasion for you would be quite ravaged.". With that, the line will go silent as he has disconnected.

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