(2014-09-04) Birth of a Raptor
Birth of a Raptor
Summary: Black Lightning meets Kyani, a possible codename is discussed for Kyani - Raptor
Date: (2014-09-04)
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Another day over the Big Apple, this one finds Black Lightning in town again. He's been following leads on drug trade and who's been supplying the gangs in his neck of the woods; Suicide Slums, Metropolis. Having just stopped on deal from going down, he has left Little Italy and is sort of sight seeing it would seem. On the streets, or above them, he is flying quickly, mostly as a bolt of lightning, but stopping every block or so to look around, just above street level so not to be seen too much.

Most people wouldn't see him, or realize the streak is even lighting, probably writing it off as a flash camera or other lighting element in the big city. Though one with keen senses, hyper senes, on a meta level might see the lightning and, more appriopriately, the man flying around like that.

Kyani finall arriving back into town, it was really good to be back in New York, but then again he was only gone because of getting soemthing new he's now wearing. A suit designed to help him not go through his natural clothing, as well as giving him something to fufill his new role. Kyani is in dark grey and blue suit, boots made of the same material along with a hooded mask. Dashing through the city at speeds that no one would notice him, but not fast enough to cause a sonic boom. It's a wonder at what training can do for one who has superspeed. But upon seeing a flash of lighting in the sky, Kyani leaps to a nearby building then running straight up the side of the building. If Black Lightning is able to see him, Kyani would keep up with teh bolt of lightning, or as much as he dared, again sonic booms in a city can unleash a lot of destruction.

Not at first, but eventually he does catch sight of the other. Black Lightning smiles, not sensing a threat and perhaps interested to see someone who can go as fast as he does, if not faster even. Like giving in, a little competition between two willing participants, he'll give something of a race to the other. Not pushing the sonic boom either, more just to see. As if the man running up buildings is a curiousity and Jefferson is curious how far he might go. Should the other give in, he'll give a chase to the tallest building in the area and its top.

If they meet up there, he'll chuckle as he finally stops and puts hands to his knees, no telling how long he's been flying, but a good laugh. "Whoa, ya, I haven't raced like that since 2008."

Grinning at the lightning, seems like it's trying ot race. Well the only other person he's raced or chased was The Flash, and that was pretty fun. Kyani gives in and launches himself using his speed off the side of the building, then his feet catches and he takes off through the city. Riding the edge of teh sonic boom, but not allowing himself to push through that limit. A crackle of energy is able to be seen, but as they both near that tallest building, Kyani runs up it, so fast that the faint sounds of a sonic boom could possibly be heard, but once at the top he slows then stops.

Laughing as he looks toawrds the man, "Same here." he says. Kyani looks at the lightning man, "So who are you?" he asks. Trying to gauge the guy, he's not met other heroes, but what the hell if this is the line of work he is giong to be doing, he better get into the know and fast.

Taking in the others suit and all, he's comfortable at least giving his codename. "I go by Black Lightning," and he offers a hand, "After the motorcycle," as a quick explanation. "Fast, don't know if its your fast though, I haven't tried it, not quite willing too. Maybe if I get in a power line." Then he shrugs, "And you would be?"

Nodding his head a bit, "I like it. Nice to meet you Black Lightning." he says. Kyani laughs a little bit, "I was thinking of something else, but the motorcycle now does click for me." Stretching out and not as out of breath as the other man is, "I'm still working on that actually. I've not found a name that I like and a few otehrs that I like are already taken." he shrugs.

Laughing again, Black Lightning, "Ya, I should of thought more about that name before I ran with it, no pun." About running. Still he walks around a little, moving his legs as if he felt them, but he didn't use his legs at all, old habit perhaps. "Taken, that's not good, I should of checked the registry for trademarked names, make sure mine isn't in use. If you like, I might of had a minor in poetry in my real life." As if offering to help ponder names.

Kyani can't help but chuckle a bit, "Well your name is pretty cool, and original." he says gesturing to the dark costume with lightning on it. "It fits." he states. But seeing as Black Lightning does have a good sense of humor Kyani seems enjoy it. He too begins walking a little, but then stops as he keeps his focus on Black Lightning, raising a brow up at him. "Sure. I odn't want to go around not known. That would kinda suck ya'know." Kyani has been thinking about a name, but it's a pain in the ass with all the heros and villians around, it is a bit hard trying to be original. "What ya got?"

Chuckling and nodding, "Defeintely need something to tell the papers if they ever catch you, or you let them catch you." Black Lightning lifts a hand to his chin, "Ever think of any jet names, like WWII era planes that were fast. Or planes in genral? Banshee, Fighting Falcon, Skyray, Super Hornet, Jayhawk …" He considers that a moment, "Jayhawk might be too much."

"That would be nice, so that I'm not just that other speed freak guy." Kyani says. When Black Lightning speaks about jet fighters, Kyani shakes his head at Banshee. "I think there is someone named Banshee." he says. "I've been trying to keep with the speed motif, but then again thats limited in ways. THey tend to be the first names I guess speedsters come up with." he frowns. He shakes his head at the others, "Nah, not any of those." he says. "Warp, Slipstream…" granted he makes a face at slipstream, "Sounds wrong." he laughs. But then he thinks a bit, "Raptor, like as in the F-22 Raptor." he says. "They were pretty fast."

"Ya, Raptor, that's a great start right there. Not just the jet and animal reference either, also has that edge to it. Fast, sleek, dangerous. If they were dinosaurs that once ruled the world, even more so." He paces to look out over the building a the city finally. Not worried about heights, just to get a look at the view even. "You could tack on some adjective too that hightlights some other ability you have even. Night Raptor for stealth, you know, things like that. You can go with that and if other monikers come up while doing your thing, you know, change it. Right?"

Now the wheels are turning in his head, "Raptors were sleek, fast and very dangerous. Highly intelligent and capable of setting up ambushes." If Black Lightning watches Kyani, he actualy runs about the top of the building, but at times seem to stop and ponder a few things. "BlazRaptor, LightningRaptor, BlitzRaptor." he starts naming a few.

"Ya, or Raptor as the adjective. Raptor Jack/Jack Raptor - or seasonal, Winter Raptor." He throws out there the same. "Or high windy storms even, Derecho, Khasmin." Then a shrug, "Raptor is a good start, I'd toy around with that, Lightning Raptor is good, but that might be me being preferential though. I can't stick around now, I have to get back and prepare for some classes, but if you like, we could meet here tomorrow, talk some more. I can even dig through a thesaurus?"

Now hearing the sound of that, "Alright we can meet up tomrorow and work on this." he says as he looks to Black Lightning. "Thanks man, same time tomorrow I can do." Raptor stretches out, "I need to finish breaking this suit in, before doing too much." he tells him. "See ya."

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