(2014-09-03) The Tracy?!
The Tracy?!
Summary: Honeymoon Tracy is investigating potential leads on the missing children's case, Jack Flag happens to stumble upon her and geeks out just a little
Date: (2014-09-03)
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NPCs: Gary, a man from the group home both were visiting
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After a trip to the Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Honeymoon Tracy has a listing of roughly fifty metahuman children who have gone missing in the last three weeks. Of the fifty names, the one that interests Honeymoon most as a starting point is that of Lewis Hall, a thirteen year old parapalegic who has displayed unusual bursts of speed. Why the case interests her is because Lewis lives in a group home for special needs children. Such an environment has much higher security than, say, 52 Meadow Lane in Smallville, Kansas. How did the Project Rebirth people get this kid out and did the increased security snag a clue or two she can use to help find the kids? Which is why she's touring the home now, at the side of one of the caretakers there.

Unrelated to Honeymoon Tracy's investigation but also present in the home is one Jack Flag. While he is wearing a blue leather jacket with star shoulder patches that is typically part of his uniform as Jack Flag, he is lacking the mask. This is simply for the case of visiting his friend, Gary. He has some assisted living needs but is otherwise high functioning with a regular career outside of the home. While relatively unknown as it is, the uniformed visit is just a way to make his friend feel good, get some attention. The two of them work with the younger kids, Gary is good with helping teens transition to adulthood, helps with finding jobs, resumes, and the like. Jack simply comes to try and help spirits.

Currently Jack is catching up with Gary, hugging, back patting, catching up, getting ready to go set up some activities and meet with the kids again.

"So, he went missing from a museum field trip." Honeymoon says as she listens to the caretaker. "I see." She purses her lips. "And this happened how long after his trip to the doctor for the seizures?" Seizures that were, in actuality, exhibitions of speed powers unable to burst out through running. "I see." She taps her lips. "I'll keep looking for him. His case is related to another I'm on."

Gary and Jack do some catch up chatting, nodding, joking, usualy sorts of things.

The caregiver gives Honeymoon the information they can, then offers, "You know, Lewis was with a small group with our friend Gary, he works with the teen kids in transitioning to adulthood. Gets them out from under our eyes so they get a sense of that liberty." By way of volunteering.

As for those two, Gary and Jack, Jack is telling some expressive story and using his hands, it could be some sort of flying story cause his hands move like they are two planes in a dogfight even.

"I'll talk to him. Thank you." Honeymoon and the caretaker say their goodbyes and then the blonde detective walks over to the pair. "Hello. My name is Honeymoon Tracy and I'm a detective with the Defenders for Hire detective agency." She draws out a business card to show the pair. "I'm investigating a case related to the kidnapping of Lewis Hall."

Jack takes the card first, but eventually hands it over to Gary. "Oh yeah," is about as much as he manages.

Gary on the other hand nods, "Ya, Lewis, I told them he wouldn't just run away." There is a slight slur at the words from Gary too, perhaps a regular sufferer of seizures as well with them taking more of a toll on the man in his adult life. "Do you have a lead," he asks, going with something one might here in a regular investigative crime show on TV these days.

Jack volunteers, "Ya, if we can do anything to help …" Gary nods agreement to that sentiment, both seem interested about this as its getting more attentino with an actual investigative type agency asking around, even if for another case, if it helps Lewis.

"Not so far." Honeymoon admits. "Just that there may be a ring of kidnappings throughout the United States. We don't know more yet but I'm going to go check the crime scene after I'm done here. I'm fairly sure your friend, Lewis, didn't run away. He was taken."

"What," reacts Gary with some surprise, then holds up a fist, "We'll get them, me and Jack here."

Blinking Jack nods, "Ya, the duo, if they show up here, better watch out. Maybe you remember what happened right before you last saw him Gary." Jack instigates a little, shifting weight to his left foot a moment to look between his friend and the investigator.

Gary thinks, "Nah, nothing weird. We looked at the exhibit on insects and the importance of bees. Then Lewis wanted some air, that's the last I saw." As if he said it a few times to the police, then pauses, "Well, he went to the restroom while we were looking, then said he needed the fresh air." Maybe that part was left out before.

"He needed fresh air." Honeymoon says as she sinks down into a nearby seat. She taps her very stylish, futuristic looking watch and a holographic display projects from it, hovering in the air. "Here's a map of the museum from their website. Can you show me where Lewis went when he went out for fresh air?"

As the watch comes out and the display comes up, Jack looks and gives a hint of a grin. Though remains quiet a moment as Gary is responding to her.

Moving closer to the display, intrigued at first then seeing what it is, Gary lifts a hand. "We were hear, in the back. He went this way, towards the exit." Interestingly enough, that would be a staff exit. Not utterly off limits to patrons, but not one of the posted exists, as if they boy know where to go without having been there before. "We waited by the giant mosquito display for like an hour, nothing, I got worried. Thought I'd lose my job and all, but had to report it, self-reporting."

Honeymoon frowns. Staff exit, yes. Why did the boy go out that way? She touches the holographic display, making notes with little diagrams. The hologram responding to her finger as if it were a touchscreen. "Does he have a personal computer? I'm guessing he had his phone on him, if he had one." Emails need to be tracked. Maybe they lured the kid out with the promise of something. Then snagged him. "I'm going to need to go to museum and check the scene, too."

"Like an phone," say Gary, meaning small smart device, "Ya, he had it with him as far as I know. I've tried the number, it doesn't answer." But he can supply a number for Honeymoon at least, and maybe someone would know his e-mail in the home.

Jack speaks up a little, "That's a pretty cool watch you got there, I've seen some of the 3d displays, but not the way you're using it." As if noting the way the hologram reacts like a personal touch screen.

"It was a graduation present from my godfather." Honeymoon says, pleased. She creates a holographic keyboard and taps in the phone number. "Standard issue for the special crimes unit where I come from. Really, this is just a smart phone with some extras." Nice, expensive, and Stark level extras but extras. She stands up. "Thank you very much for your time. I really appreciate you answering my questions."

"Ya, sure thing, anything to help Lewis," says Gary. Letting the detective go about her work.

Jack still remains slightly interested. Aside from the fact she's cute even, the watch is really getting his interest as well. "Ya, your godfather, sounds like a swell guy. I don't think I've seen many of those down … around here I mean. Not standard issue, must of been a really special unit, the one you're talking about." He does note she said past tense, whatever unit it was, and not the Defenders Agency thing she had mentioned when introducing, the one he could look at the card to figure out.

Honeymoon taps the watch and shuts down the hologram. "The wrist wizard is an amazing piece of tech, yeah. My godfather invented the two way wrist radio, back in the day." She's happy to talk about the people she loves. She's so proud of each one. "Then over time adaptions were made. From wrist radio to two way video communicaton to what's basically a computer to the holographic display."

"Whoa, what," ponders Jack for a moment, "Two-way wrist radio, that's. Like ages ago." He sort of looks up and thinks about it, as much as he knows about Earth tech and all that business. "Like 40's or something? Your godfather? Are you pulling my leg, or … and I don't want to offend, cause you're a very good looking gal and all that, but are you older than you look or am I missing something." Then again, even given the card, he probably doesn't put any two and two together. He might of missed that up-take.

Honeymoon laughs at that. A rich laugh, light and with an odd echoing trill to it. "No. I'm eighteen. My godfather is considerably older, though, yes. He developed the technology for my pop pop… my grandfather's unit back during the forties and kept advancing it so the unit always had the best technology to fight crime with. That's all."

"Ah, completely explains it," says Jack with a grin, but shaking his head. "Your godfather is like your grandfather's friend or something. That's awesome, stole your grandfathers style cool." From the thrift shop song it would seem. "Just you know, my grandfolks didn't have two-way wrist radios." A pause. "Gary, can I see that card," says Jack for the moment, curious after she explains all that. Oddly, Jack is one of those geeks that collected old bits and pieces of information, mostly it made him an old Captain fanboy, but there are other names out there perhaps.


Honeymoon chuckles. "Yes. My godfather is my grandfather's friend. My life story's just a little complicated." She hefts the small backpack she brought with her up onto her shoulder, single strap style. Like all the cool kids. "I should be going. I still have to check out the museum."

Gary hands Jack the card, he reads it and gives a pause. "Ya, … wait, what, Tracy … detective Tracy …. like … the dectective Tracy?" Offering it back, "Serious, like family name, Dick Tracy …" Not just copying the name to be cool, cause of the wrist-radio connection, sounds all legit. "Can I walk with you," then a look to Gary, he has to do what he came for, "I mean, can I call you later, for real?" Like the number on her card is a direct line to a celebrity, which to him, it sort of is.

Honeymoon laughs, her cheeks burning a little. "That's my pop pop, yes. My dad's currently at the MCU. I'm out on my own." She nods to the card. "My number is on there. Well, the office number is. You can leave a message for me there. I'll get back to you. I don't mind chatting with someone who likes my grandfather. He deserves the attention. He's a genius." Is. Apparently, old man Tracy is still alive.

"No, this is so awesome," says Jack, with the biggest grin ever on his face. "You still talk to him and all that. I'm geeking, a little. Honest, I try to pretend to be cooler than this, but like, this is one right up next to Captain awesome." He even lifts his a little to demonstrate the heirarchy, "And your doing this on your own with that watch and all, you're up there. No, no, you got work, I got kids to talk with. I'll do it then," he takes a step back, hits a planter, stepping in the wrong way, "Call you. You're like the luckiest kid on earth, I'm so jealous."

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