(2014-09-03) A New Old Friend
A New Old Friend
Summary: After his encounter with Honeymoon, Jack meets a friendly face that he keeps chancing upon - Kyani
Date: (2014-09-03)
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A good day to enjoy some stew, late summer cool air with hints of fall seems to drive some people to look for hot, thick soups or chili. Jack being one of those has made his way to the Peter McManus Cafe and has just asked for a table. He's standing an waiting for the wait staff to find and offer him one. So for the moment, he is standing near the entrance and glancing around to take in the atmosphere.

Kyani has been out of sight for a bit, but then again at the ranges he runs, unless you had special ways of catching super speedsters, then you may have seen him. But with the amount of time he's put in at his job, he's taking some vacation time to himself. Especially after having a few things done for him, it was just time for him to see what he could do. But today, while out his stomach grumbled and well knowing that if he doesn't eat, he will passout, he comes to Peter's McManus Cafe. As he walks in he notices someone in line waiting, "You've been waiting long?"

Turning to the voice, "Nah, not long, just clearing a table." Then Jack sees who it is, and smiles a little, "Hey, Kyani right, fancy meeting you here?" Even though they talked, he thanks the other man, he doesn't yet know the other is a speedster. "I was trying to get a break here, more problems with aliens it seems."

Before he can go on, the waitress arrives with a table, looking at Kyani questioningly. Jack pauses, "Want to join for a meal, my treat?"

Small world isn't it. Kyani smiles when he sees Jack, glad that the man is doing well, "Cool and nice seeing you again Jack." he says as he holds his hand out to shake. "Yup." he tells him about his name. "Well this is my first time coming here. When the waitress comes back adn Jack asks him to join him. "Alright sure." he says. At the mention of aliens, Kyani's brows do perk up a bit, and thinking it would be better to talk when there aren't too many ears around he looks to the waitress. "Well what table you got?" he asks politely.

"Same here, I asked around, supposedly they have a good butternut squash soup. Sounds fancy, but if its good, I'm in," says Jack, turning back to the waitress, "We have one over by the kitcen, a booth." She says that as she points to the open table receently cleaned off. It has utensils for one as she went to do it for Jack, but can grab another set if Kyani joins.

Seems quieter enough, and good thing, Jack is pretty open when he talks it seems. He's following, but pausing long enough to let Kyani come along the same.

Kyani follows Jack to the booth, "Ok, well I'm always up for trying something new." he laughs. And well Kyani isn't too open about a lot of things he does, unless your the one he trusts then he may speak more about things. But still as they are lead over to teh booth, he sits down and looks to the waitress, "Can I get a menu, and for a drink Mountain Dew please." he asks. He looks around the quiet cafe and smiles, "I may have to come back especially if the food is really good."

She does go to get a menu, Jack calls out, "The same." For a Mountain Dew that is. As she's gone and they're moving to take seats, Jack continues, "How've you been then, no new trouble I hope?" Not bothering to go for the one menu already at the table while she's getting another for them. It doesn't take her long to give one to Kyani, "Here y'are, I'll be back with the drinks and to get your order."

Nodding, "I've been alright." Kyani says as he looks to Jack. "Granted right now I took some leave from my job to persue a few other things as of late." he e states. "And with my job getting new messangers, it does help that I'm not there." he smiles. Leaning back in his seat, he looks to the waitress as she leaves. "Thank you." he sasys to her. "So what have you been up to Jack?" he asks.

"Aside from the usual," he begins, having talked about aliens already, "You won't believe this, but I met Honeymoon Tracy." As if everyone knows who this would be. Jack grins sheepishly, "Ya, that one, grand daughter of Dick Tracy, serious as a heart attack. I was over at the group home with my pal Gary, getting ready to have our weekly with the kids and bam, right, she just walks in asking Gary about some case or something she's on. I almost shook her hand." Then he nearly face palms, he didn't shake her hand, of all the things.

Quirking a brow at Jack, he hasn't met Honeymoon Tracy, but as Jack goes on about meeting her and how they met he chuckles a bit. "Wow, thats pretty cool. I've not met her, but I've met a few people and know a few here and there." he smiles. "So whats going on with the aliens, you mentioned?" he asks. "Keep your voice low, most people don't know what some of us do to help protect them." he states keeping his voice low. "Oh, before I forget, next time you meet Honeymoon Tracy, shake her hand." he smiles at Jack. "Never know what may happen and friendships to be made."

Not questioning the guy on who he knows ore has met, Jack nods, "Ya, on the down low. Most folks seem to ignore it, even when it happens in front of them." Says the man how's not protecting his identity it would seem, but he keeps the voice to the table all the same. "Last thing with them, Skrull's at a club, seems I'm on some multi-sector wanted poster that's in circulationg. That's Lantern Corps defined sectors," to help understand the amount of space he's talking about, cause everyone knows how they've divided up space for sure. "Ya, I'll totally shake her hand. I don't know if they had Dick Tracy cards, but I think she still talks to him, I wonder if she could get his signature."

Listening to Jack as he speaks, there were somethings he didn't know or was in the know of. He didn't like that, but now that he's trying to do more and utilizing a few things he's learned. "Who is the Lantern Corp?" he asks. "And what is the Skrull?" he asks keeping his voice low. A bit of curiosity shows on his face, he doens't know what most of Jack saying means, but still if it's something he's working on, maybe there is something else he can help with possibly. WHent he conversation comes back to Honeymoon, he smiles a bit. "Well you have to just ask her man." he tells him. "Maybe she will, but it may flatter her a bit more if you try to get to know her first before going for her dad."

"Ya, that would be rude," says Jack considering the suggestion and nodding. "Besides, if she's looking for one of the kids from the home, maybe I can offer assistance there too." Ya, that sounds like a good plan, he nods even. "Oh, the Lantern Corp are sort of like space cops, over the whole universe. Skrull are in the next Galaxy to us, they conqured all their systems and want to spread a little. They want to come here, or our galaxy. That's sort of our bag there, keepng the Milky Way safe." He can't quite compare it to earth groups, its all still new in the past four years and heros grouping to save cities or nations or world, and he's been gone for a good portion of it.

Kyani smiles, "Yeah, kinda makes you a fanboy if you did that. So get to know her first." he advises. But when Jack begins explaining things to him, Kyani sits back and looks to him, taking in the information that is being relayed. As he hears about the Lantern Corp, he quirks a brow, "Space police?" he asks. A smile creeps up on his face, "Thats pretty cool." he says to him. THen as the Skrull is mentioned, that gets his attention more so, he shakes his head, "How dangerous is the Skrull?" he asks as he looks to Jack. With Kyani not apart of any group, this makes it harder for him to be able to help unless it's already too late.

Despite the fact he would be, a fanboy, of legendary heroes it seems, Jack nods about not wanting to come off that way. Another nod about space police, but a pause at the question. "Well, maybe like - imagine nazis, right. But instead of Europe, they tried to take over a galaxy. Its smaller than ours, but ya, all the planets with life on it. And they won, no one stopped them. Then throw in stronger than most people and shape changing. That's a Skrull. Just with us, Nova Corps close by and Green Lanterns if it gets bad, its wasn't always a good idea for them. I don't know what's changed that, but they think if they take out us, they will have a better chance." A pause, then he says, "Us, - I'm with some other folks, we sort of go with Guardians of the Galaxy as our name."

He didn't mind, he's a fanboy in his own right. But still as Kyani listens, he looks very invested in the conversation that is going on with him and Jack. But then he looks a bit frustrated, he didn't like the sound of the Skrull and wha thtey are capable of doing. IT would mean that everyone here who is able to fight should be on hte look out for them. "I see." eh says as he rubs his chin a little bit. "So you all are fighting to stop the space and alien threats. Are you going to ask for help from the people here?" he asks. WHen Jack tells him of his group, he smiles. "I like that name, Guardians of the Galaxy has a nice ring to it. How many people are on your team?"

Thinking about that, Jack nods again, "Ya, something like that, stopping the alien threats. I mean, what Power Woman and her team does, that's direct threats to the planet. We'll help them if we can, but we didn't know that was going on here until we returned, so it was good to meet her. But ya, anything that sort of threatens the peace of the galaxy, and indirectly, earth - we're on it. There are a couple of us here besides me." On Earth that is, "And we have six more at large. We mostly thought space threats were on the down low for a bit, until the Skrull thing. That's not so direct, they wouldn't come to earth first, in force at least. Just, Earth is in this Galaxy, so a priority for us."

"I see." he says to Jack. When Power Woman is spoken of, he allows a small smile to creep up on his face. "Well her and her team I've heard do a great job around here." he says simply. Remembering what Power Woman told him, he does have to be careful about who knows what he is able to do. "With you all doing your best out there, just know that we do appreciate what you all do, just try to be safe while your doing it." he smiles. Kyani looks at his watch, and frowns. "Hey I need to get going, but hopefully we can catch up again." he says. He sees the waitress and waves her over, once she does, he pays for his soda and for Jacks food. "Whatever he wants, he's a good friend." he tells him. Turning ot look back to Jack, "I hope things go well when you meet up with Honeymoon Tracy again." he chuckles.

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