(2014-09-02) Once Upon a Chance
Once Upon a Chance
Summary: Black Lightning encounters another super hero while fighting some gang members - Marvel Girl
Date: (2014-09-02)
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NPCs: Some minor thugs
Scene Runner: Mutual
Social/Plot: Plot

There was something of a minor fight on the west side of Oldtown, close to the Suicide Slums. A few minor ganster squabbling over turf most likely. A few on either side of a street and a first responder, one police vehicle, trying to restore order, but not successfully. Thus, the event spread out enough to attract some attention.

Thus, Black Lightning made his way in, from the Suicide Slums, flying down to one side and demanding they stop fightning before someone was seriously hurt.

As the scene is unfolding, one of the kids tell him off and turn to fire on him. A static charge around him fires up, sending the bullets off him. "I said this ends."

Of course, this is only one side, the other gang still has weapons and is firing.

From behind the other gang, there's a soft ahem. The other shooters blink and turn, only to see Marvel Girl standing there. "You know boys, maybe you should all take a nice long nap." One of the gangsters looks about to say something, only to have his eyes roll back as he falls unconscious. Marvel Girl then looks at the others, "Anyone else feeling feisty?"

On her side, they look dubious until she knocks one out without seeming to do anything. They can see her and have a good idea they don't want this trouble, trying to help their friend, they shake their heads, "Nah, no trouble." But they still seem like they want to get away from the scene.

On his side, one has stopped shooting, the others continued at him. He has to keep his shield up though, until Marvel Girl's side stops firing and he feels safe. Then Black Lightning moves quickly between them, a blue flash of, well, lightning, and summons a ball of minor lightning bursts that seems drawn to their guns and stuns them, slowly in turn. A couple fall over and they start dropping their guns. "Nobody moves," he says, not wanting his side to retreat from the scene, but for the cops to pick them up.

He moves enough to look at the other side of the street, to see who is there then, as they other gang did stop firing.

Marvel Girl is in her costume, and is pretty easily recognizable, raising a hand. Suddenly, all the guns are telekinetically jerked from the gang members hands, and she looks around at the others, before she pulverizes the guns with her TK into a single spherical lump of plastic and metal. "Right answer boys. Now, we wouldn't want people to get hurt here, would we?"

The boys seem to get it, and without guns are losing courage more and more. Some put their hands up, others even get down, a few look dumbfounded. Lightning on one side, Marvel Girl confiscating and the guns and destroying them, wrong day to pick this fight between themselves it would seem. Sirens begin to sound, a few blocks away, but on the way. With the number of seconds left, it seems the intervention by those in costumes may have saved damage and possibly lives.

Black Lightning starts to hover on his side, no guns to worry about, then skirts over towards Marvel Girl. "Thank you, I don't know if I could of handle this alone," meaning both groups of boys without someone getting hurt first.

Marvel Girl smiles, "Not a problem. I was in the neighborhood, so I thought I might be able to help." She nods, "It's… Black Lightning, right? I've heard some things about you. Good ones, honest."

Half smiling, not realizing he had a bit of a name, even if he did around the Suicide Slums and starting to grow just a little. "Ya, all good, or you only paid attention to the good ones?" Still hovering just a bit, he looks at the work she did with the gun and nods, that's a good gun recall program, as told by his eyes. "I've only heard good about you too, though I'm sure you know most of that." She being the bigger name.

Marvel Girl laughs a bit, "Now that's not something I'm used to, but I'm getting there I suppose." She waits until the police arrive, just in case her testimony is needed for anything, her attention mostly on Black Lightning, "All good from what I heard, but yes, guns are a clumsy weapon. Not a big fan of them."

Not one to always stick around, it seems Black Lightning does stay to converse with Marvel Girl. "Really, not used to media attention?" A pause as he thinks a moment, "Ya, I suppose, the first time for me, it was jolting." No pun intended, cause of electricity. "You get used to it, learn to capitalize on good press potential even." Pondering a moment, "Is this like a regular patrol for you, or blind luck?"

Marvel Girl hmmms, "Well, a bit of luck. I was filling in for someone as I had a day free, and I don't often get to come to Metropolis, so." She shrugs a bit, then laughs, "Media attention… I tend to operate a bit in the background on the team."

"Rest assured, the world has seen you," or at least, he's seen enough in the media to recognize her just the same. Black Lightning smiles, "Well, I'll be sure to thank them, more lucky for me. Glad you're in the city today at least." He'll start to hover higher, as if they could fly more to be away from cops and media even, unless someone did want a report from her.

Marvel Girl says a few quick words to the cops, but then flies off, her telekinesis propelling her after Black Lightning, "Well, yes. How long have you been doing this?" She smiles over, eyes flickering around as the police take care of the gang members.

At a better distance to talk without drawing much more attention, Black Lightning grins and looks about as well. "Its only been a few months at best. A little longer. I've only been back in Metropolis for about a year, the first half as my regular self - but that draws attention and doens't help the innocents around me. The costume a few months now, still working out the kinks I guess."

Marvel Girl nods, "Yeah, finding the right identity and working everything out can be a bit difficult. But you seem to be doing okay with that." She smiles wryly, "I know we've had a bit of turnover lately on the team… I think getting metas to work together is akin to herding cats, honestly."

"My other life may have got me used to having to make some changes like this," grins Black Lightning, "That's more my public side anyways, I do this to help, so don't even think of everything else assocaited with it." Though, he's pondering it now a little, as if maybe he should consider more outward public image and appearance. "Maybe I'm more glad I don't have that issue. No metas coming to work with me, and I don't know many others. Though if its to work with you again, I can't complain. I'm not envious if its that hard though," of the herding cats, or metas that is.

Marvel Girl smiles, "Not that bad, and the extra resources from working together definitely help. It's just that we all have so many other concerns it can be difficult focusing on the team. But we can manage pretty well, and we're always looking for folks with some good skills." She smiles, "Anyway, I should probably get going, but I'm sure we'll talk later."

"Thanks for talking this much," grins Black Lightning, "If it has a chance to work more with you, it makes me curious what sort of folks you might be after." He doesn't want to talk about his own skills, but he grins, "For later, good to meet you Marvel Girl." To save her any response, he gives a wave and takes off, quick as lightning, literally, a blue streak heading for the suicide slums.

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