(2014-09-02) A Tad Sporty
A Tad Sporty
Summary: Mirage meets up with Jack Flag, sports are discussed
Date: (2014-09-02)
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A lovely day for some yes. But for Agent Moonstar it's just another day of fighting not only red tape but of playing gofer for her superiors. She strides into the fast food, looking armed and dangerous, only her SHIELD uniform keeps the customers from freaking out…and she has something that is the dread of fast food workers and impatient customers alike…a LIST! Falling into the line for orders she crosses her arms over her chest and waits her turn to give the over worked and underpayed cashier hell.

Jack happens to be almost ready to step up, and if its bad enough Moonstar has a list, he's still undecided. He asks about both of the new burgers, and what they clerk thinks. The clerk, like most, doesn't have an opinion and probably eats at the healthy place across the street. They ask someone else. Jack chuckles as they debate. He's turning around to let the next person go first. And it happens to be one of the first people he met on his return to earth.

"Hey, its you, Cap's best friend," the thing he remembers, her and SHIELD and Captain America. "Is that a list?! Is Cap ordering something?!" Then he steps back, "You should go first."

Dani chuckles as she is addressed by the familiar looking man "Not quite. Merely passing acquaintance, and kind of my boss. The list is shaken a bit "Yes it is..and no he didn't. He's out on mission." she hands the list to the cashier and then leans over slightly, giving a subtle gesture to a grandfatherly gentleman waiting in line with two young children. "See that old man back there with the kids?" the cashier nods with some confusion "Whatever he orders for him and the kids is on me." she slides over some money, easily enough to pay for the order with a decent amount leftover "Keep it our little secret and you can keep the change." The cashier still looks a bit confused but nods "Yes miss."

Mirage then gestures to the list "Ring it up. I know it will be awhile." she hands over a corp card to pay for that. "Get the one with the onion rings." Dani says to Jack, obviously having overheard his own conversation with the cashier.

Too bad, for Jack at least, he could of found out what the Cap likes. Would of helped decide, but then she recommends one. "Sounds like its a go then, onion rings - can't loose right." He's grinning though, its all food, then he sort of chin waves/looks over Mirage in her attire. "Is that like you guys thing?" He means all of SHIELD, all those guys, her associates. "Always work attire, you don't like get a day off or something?"

With the large order paid for Dani steps away so the now decided Jack can put his order in "When were are on duty yes. Which with all the crisises going on is pretty much all the time. The bad guys don't sleep and neither do we." she takes the beverage handed over by the cashier, the only one in the large order so it must be for her specifically "Have any more alien issues lately?

A surprised chuckle, almost a hunph sound, like bad guys don't sleep quote is a good one, he might steal that on space adventure. Jack doesn't say that but it strikes his fancy at least by his initial response. "Ya, lots of on-duty time it sounds like. And, apparently, ya, more alien issues. Its like it never ends, Earth is supposed to be like vacation, but no, apparently I'm on a bajillion wanted posters or something in all the nearby sectors even, that's a lot of galaxies." Forget, he's ordering food, he's just talking about space like every day. He might get some stares, but then, there is a SHIELD agent with like a list, for half the helicarrier (or whichever location she's coming from. He steps in, orders the onion burger with side of fries and a soda, doesn't upsize or go large on the meal size though.

A nod in understanding is given as Dani clears the way for other customers to order or pick up there food. "I guess bad guy aliens don't sleep either." The grandfather seems quite delightfully surprised that his food has already been paid for, the kids even get the milkshakes that he was trying to talk them out of. The cashier is as good as his word and says nothing about who the benefactor is. "Sounds like you are more wanted out there than you are here." she would know about that. There is little SHIELD doesn't know. "Want me to arrest you? At least in federal prison the aliens won't get you." it may be a serious offer, it may not be, at times she is a hard read.

"I don't know how long it would last, and there are people that want me in there too" like Kobra, but she would probably knows that the same. Sounds like a rock and a hard place presently for Jack, from his perspective, "Or was that a come on." Joking only, he's thinking she was pretty serious. "I think its more, figure it out and deal with it, but I can't stay here if they keep coming, it puts other people in danger and, well hell, it might get your folks more involved in asking us to get off the planet for a little bit with all the trouble following us."

"I hear solitary confinement is nice this time of year." okay that one was defiantly a joke. See Dani smirked, that's a good sign. "Dealing with your own problems would be nice. You certainly don't want us or SWORD to handle it."

The cashier puts a tray down and calls Jack's order number loud enough for the whole resataurant to hear.

Dani hmmms at something he has said "We have never banished anyone off the planet before. I'd hate to have to deal with that paperwork.

"If it helps," says Jack, "I think there are a few mega prisons for the overly powerful type up there - not that I think you guys should banish anyone." Here he is, the sort of fugitive, throwing out ideas like that, he should be putting a palm to his face - or someone might do that for him if they heard him saying those things.

"Right here," he says to the overly loud cashier, picking up his tray. Turning back to Moonstar all the same, "Ya, I think that's what's good about what I do, a decidely lack of paper work. I'm not envious of that, even with your boss being who he is and all."

That information has her thinking again I'll have to remember that in case the ones we have here start to overflow. Maybe we can work out some galactic prisoner exchange program or something." she shrugs since technically that is neither SHIELDs true mission and above her paygrade "Well the good thing is that its all digital now, so no more pesky papercuts." she gestures to an empty table "Did you want to take that to a table?

"Oh, papercuts, been a few years, but thanks for the painful reminder," says Jack, making a squishy face with the memory. Though, nodding and moving, he'll go, and even do the waiting thing, for her to sit first. "I suppose you're order will be awhile," as to why she hinted at the table. "And no prisoner exchanges, but maybe there is a prison intramural vollyball league or something, we could ask. I'll just hope all of earth's prison don't get to that overflow state, I'd hate to imagine that."

"Your welcome." Dani says as she sits down at the table, setting her soda down "Yes. It's pretty big. I'm not sure how some of those guys can eat so much." she shakes her head, then laughs "Do they even have volleyball in space?" she highly doubts it but probably wouldn't be surprised. "We are seeing it in certain states, but right now the overflow is going to other places in nearby states…or early parole is offered for non-violent offenders.

Joining the laugh lightly, Jack shakes his head. "Nah, they do have some weird stuff, the danger is joining in the betting and not knowing what parts of the game they're betting on let alone the point of the game." Still head shaking a little, he might of fallen for that once, or twice even. "Early parole for non-violent, does that count if one was wrongly associated with violent offenders, even if they were non-violent?"

Dani again nods "That's beleiveable. Stranger things that I have or probably can imagine, I'm sure." she rotates her straw to kinda stir the ice around in her drink "You actually have to serve your sentance to be considered for parole, early or otherwise. You're out of luck there.

"Figures, jeese, I didn't even ask to be broken out," he says, with the whoa is me sort of mentality. But not really bemoaning so much as dumb luck and circumstance piled on top of everything. "I keep getting this feeling that its just gonna be space for me, like nothings gonna settle until I accept that. Ever just feel like someone else planned your life and your only living it through?" Okay, he doesn't want to think about his situation anymore, "How about you, just one day met a SHIELD recruiter, didn't have anything better to do?"

"You know there are advocate groups out there whose specific purpose is to help those wrongly accused." Dani points out in mind helpfully "If it bothers you so much stop whining about it and do something." forward as ever and no beating around the bushes. "Not lately I haven't." implying she may have in the past "That's not quite how it works. They recruit you, you don't recruit them. They asked me to join the Academy shortly before I graduated high school. It was the best of no offers, so what the hell.

Pausing, turning his head when she's forward, Jack finds it amusing and laughs even. "Best advice ever, right, stop whining. Not only are you some badass," he assumes, cause SHIELD, "But genius as well. They picked the right one there. You did something in high school to get their attention, despite no other offers, that's something. Its like there is a little bird in my ear, reminding me to think my choices through." The smile on his face indicates he likes that in the face reminder.

She shrugs "Hardly a genuis, just a shit load of common sense." Dani takes another draw off the straw and seems to have hit bottom of the cup "I went to a fancy prep school, very small student body, even today." which is only a few years later actually "SHIELD frequently recruits from places like that. But yeah I guess they liked what they saw. Not sure if it was my lacrosse serve, the fact that I come from a long line of military men…" another shrug "It wasn't anything I did on purpose that's for sure." a slight grin "You should always think before you decide…except when you shouldn't.

"I shouldn't … a lot," grins Jack back at her. "Good Lacrosse arm and prep school, did you go to college with that, or SHIELD bet them to you? I'm just curious who you might of played for. Arizone State didn't do to good, despite having one of the best players last year. Its one of those sports where the best player doesn't make the best team - something to be said about teamwork I mean."

"SHIELD was there first. Though at that point I was still unsure of what I wanted to do, and in SHIELD you can pretty much be anything you want, except maybe a ballerina." when he starts to go off on Lacrosse her eyes widen in surprise. It's a niche sport so its hard to find other people that follow it "I didn't play professionally. I was the co-captain of the team in high school. I was being scouted, but SHIELD made the offer first, and it has more long term potential." there's that common sense "Yeah Arizona needs to get it together. The guy obviously things that he is a one man team. Someone needs to beat his around the head with his own stick.

"You should do it, either he'll realize humility or if he's a real asshat, he'll take it beyond personal and just leave the team," says Jack, probably meaning that in a serious way, even if not really meaning Dani would go and do something like that. "I'm more envious I think of the guys and gals that play, its an impressive amount of coordination and athleticism out there. Lacrosse, then maybe hockey, are up there for me for being a personal interest in sports - some rugby even cause I always find it amazing they take more less serious injuries while football, with all the pads, leads to more real long term injuries, something to be said about too much padding I think."

"I'm sure there is a line. And I don't have that kinda time." Dani stirs the ice around in her cup. She totally would go do something like that, and probably get away with it too "All those are good. I like sports in general, though I'm not big on basketball…or golf.

Giving another small laugh, Jack shakes his head just a little, "Is Golf even a sport, that's like chess or spelling bee's on the sports chan. I think there just needs to be a leisure channel for those things. Not hating on anyone who likes it, mind you. Though, I'm not big on many other sports, I'd rather get out and do something myself than watch it on TV - hypocritical, seeing as I tend to get burgers a lot, but I do get out to work it off all the same."

"I don't think so, but there are some that would argue vehemently that it is." Dani leans back in the chair as she looks across the table at Jack "Those people with have a tendency to wear ugly plaid pants." she nods in agreement "I don't watch much sports on TV I'd rather watch in person…or yes participate. I don't have much time for either, but I do keep track of the winners and losers.

Smiling and nodding, "Keeping track is the next best thing." After watching live that is, from Jack's perspective, "That just means if you only get to one game a year or something, you know who you might want to go see because you'll have an idea which game will be good." Working at his food, he leans into the table just a little, to help get at it maybe. "Do you guys have like super computers that can really predict outcomes on games, not like book-y smart, but beyond?"

"About the only games I make it a point to go see is the Lacrosse nationals and the Superbowl." hello, it's the superbowl, the ferarri of american sporting events, who wouldn't want to go see it. "I could tell you but then I would have to kill you." Dani jokes "We do, and it's probably used for that to, strictly off the record and behind brasses back.

"Superbowl would be nice, but too cramped, like thousands of your closest friends all breathing the same air," maybe he has a very large crowd quirk. But he still hasn't lost the good mood he was in, despite that. Grinning more at the potential to be killed if she did tell him and nodding again. "I'd become more curious if I ever took betting seriously, I only see it as something to do for fun - when I have money to throw away … I'm lacking in money to throw away in these days, I'm gonna to have to stick with pretend betting and imagining the stockpiles of money I could of won or lost."

"It is crowded and honestly I don't like crowds either." Dani stifles a shudder at the thought "All those minds surrounding you, pushing in…its…" she stops there, probably saying a bit to much. She knows that he knows she is a meta of some sort, she was shooting some type of energy arrows in thier first encounter "It's worth it for those to occassions.

Catching some of where she was going, Jack nods a little, making it a curiousity in his mind. "Ya, I hate elbows too," he says, as if offering a cover for the mind pushing she might of been about to talk about. "They don't move me far, just doesn't mean I like them poking at me. Maybe I'll have to give in, give it a try. My luck though, I'd show up and some other alien would sneak down and try to make a scene about it. Actually, there's someone I might like to take, I owe them for missing another event. See, total genius, you." Like he crossed a name off his x-mas list or something.

She sees what he did there and she laughs "I'm going for a box next year. I've already got feelers out for when they go on sale." Dani says. Boxes are probably first to go besides the 50 yard seats "Well at least you would have a few thousand other people there that would love would nothing more than to help you." with the booze that is involved with watching the game, there is sure to be a few fights at least. "What can I say. I'm an idea person.

"Oh, that could be good," or inversely, very very bad, the inebriated people jumping into some space fight. Jack is still pondering away though. "Not box seat here, or 50 yard line. If I can get something looking in the direction of the field and a descent view of the big screen in the stadium, I'll settle for that. Nothing wrong with being an idea person. Hey, it got you a good gig there," and close to the Captain even. "And if you really miss Lacrsosse suddenly, maybe you could start a work team or something?"

"The aliens won't know what him 'em." that's almost a given. A large group of drunken and excited sports fans, probably a little missed that somone is getting in their way of watching the game…that would be on the jumbo-tron for sure. "If you need some hookups on getting tickets, let me know. Not that they will be on sell for quite a while. The football season doesn't start for a few days." two to be exact, if anyone was keeping track.

"Really, you'd do that, ya, I could use a hook-up for tickets. All for a good cause even, my money's good too. Chances are I could be off planet when they go on sell, so it would be good to have someone else watching." Finishing his meal, working on what's left of his drink. "I don't know if I could make up the effort that would go into you helping me like that, but I'd definietly owe you one if it came through."

Dani gives a shrug as if it were no big deal "Easy for me, I just have to give you a phone number. It's the person on the other end of the line doing the work..and of course you having to pay the guy.

"Well, I suppose if you need the inside then on alien tech that works outside of Metropolis or something, I could give you a number too." The wry smile says he could be joking, but its left in the air. "IF you need a hand with your order and getting it back to, you're vehicle, I'd be glad to help …"

"Me personally…or SHIELD." Dani may work for them but the two aren't mutually exclusive when it comes to equipment "Thanks, but the team is just across the street. I'm pretty sure they choose that location just because of the close proximity to here.

"I'd say you personally, but Captain America counts, so that would be all of SHIELD by default I guess," grins Jack. With a final suck, his soda is finished, indicated by the air through the straw. "I'm beginning to like your side a little more you know. Sort of the same reason to choose a space port - either good food, good club or good trades."

She nods in understanding "I'll keep that in mind." Dani says as one of her eyes glows red for a few seconds "It's probably a bonus when it has all three." the cashier calls out another number and sets a box on the counter full of takeout bags "That's me. Talk to you later Jack." she gets up and throws her empty cup away before hefting the box and heading out to deliver some food.

"Ya, take care, Dani," says Jack (I think he gor her first name before?). Curious about the red eye glow, but it being a bad time to ask about it as it seems she needs to get that large order. He does offer a couple fingers in a wave.

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