(2014-08-31) A Walk in the Park
A Walk in the Park
Summary: Jefferson Pierce Meets Katheryn Kelly in Hudson Park
Date: (2014-08-31)
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A rainy day, grey overhead, hard to tell time of day other than there could be a sun up there. Its not night time, yet as least. Its not pouring, but something of a mist or a drizzle occasionally. Not bad enough to keep people from going out, easy to find cover and some even use umbrellas despite most people thinking there is no need for them.
This day finds Jefferson Pierce at Hudson Park, out for a walk. Wearing a simple t-shirt, suit type jacket and jeans. He seems to be taking in the air and ambiance as if simply trying to enjoy the time out in the fresh, if not wet, air.

The Hudson river is likely known for all kinds of marine life, ducks, fish, also for its boats and barges. It's probably not known for its hovercrafts, though. The first indication that a hovercraft might be making its way up the Hudson, is the sound of small whiney engines buzzing at high revs, the second is the slight spray of water exiting from her skirts… With that as its only warning, it buzzes up onto a small beach, navigating the reeds with amazing precision. It's also a model, as noted when it skids onto the path, slides sideways and appears destined to hit Mr. Pierce's shoe.

A split second decision, move quickly enough to out that he might not be all he appears, or let a model hovercraft and skier run over his shoe. Favoring the later, Jefferson is hit by the random skiing hovercraft model. "Whoa, what the?!" He calls out looking at the little thing, and then looking around curiously to see who might be controlling the device.

The hovercraft bounces into the man's shoe once, then twice, then appears to stop, the buzzing coming to an end. There's silence for a long moment, then quite suddenly rather petite, young looking redheaded girl appears seemingly out of no-where next to the craft, and therefore, right next to the man. So much for personal space!

The redhead blinks, swallows and gasps all at the same time, attempting to jump away from him, only to find herself backed up against a tree she was just earlier trying to avoid. "Ummm, hi. Sorry for hitting you! It was the tree, it… yeah." It's all quite rushed, and all with an Australian accent, she's also dressed in a school uniform, complete with school bag, pleated skirt and blouse.

His hands hands will come up, in surprise, and in part to try and not seem inappropriate with all the personal space violations, they might be near her sides. Jefferson tries to create some distance and will take the step back, "You couldn't see around the tree?" The fact that she just appeared doesn't alude him, it could be he's favoring her giving him a story she likes rather than him giving really pressing questions for the moment. As he recognizes the uniform, he remembers his hands and takes them from her/her personal space. "No worries on hitting me, just are you okay?"

Katheryn coughs, clears her throat even as her cheeks flush bright red, she gives a kind of lost grin, then slowly slides out from against the tree, pausing only to pick up the hovercraft as she does. "Uuh, yeah I'm fine thanks. I was trying to avoid the tree, it was either you, or it… so I picked you. Sorry." She drops to one knee while swinging her backpack onto the ground beside her, so she can gently slide the craft into it. "Umm…" She pauses, offering a hand up to him, "Katheryn. Katheryn Kelly… Australian."

"Good call, the tree was tougher, could of damaged the boat," he says, trying not to notice she seems to be personalizing the craft and hitting the tree or him. Jefferson doesn't miss the blushing and like most guys, seems to look more when she does that. Taking the hand he nods, "Jefferson Pierce, Metropolis." As if he needed to clarify that, "And the accent, gives it away, I met a few of your friends, they run a good race. You're on your way to school?" As if he couldn't help but notice she was in uniform.

His mention of school only seems to cause her cheeks to blush even more, "Uhh, yeah. Actually no. It depends who you ask, but not really no. It's a long story… really long." She pauses, shaking his hand with the slightest of grins, then rises back to her feet once more, swinging the backpack over her shoulder. "Probably couldn't answer if you asked… or wont, ne of the two. Obviously though, you've guessed I'm a mutant, or something, right?"

"Katheryn, I won't press you on that," grins Jefferson, "And I was thinking something, another thing I won't press you on. I teach high-school english and literature down in Metropolis, I'm trying to stay on an appropriate level." Teacher/student relations and all, which is probably odd for him to say, as if suggesting she's a looker and he shouldn't be looking, though he is. "I sort of guessed. And, seeing you're Australian and probably haven't seen my face on cereal boxes, I'm not all normal myself." Indicating the meta traits he might have too, without saying it directly.

"Oh, a teacher? A teacher who appears on cereal bo—" Katheryn stares at him for a long moment, "Oh, I see, they're not related, you're a super power, I guess? I've only been to Metropolis once, it seemed everyone was super in some way or another." The redhead raises a hand to pull back a lock of hair over her ear, offering a slight smile as she does, "Erm… all I can do is possess machines, like that toy… I was kinda practicing."

Shaking his head, "No, not related. I won a gold medal at the olympics, decathalon." By way of explaining, "Teaching keeps my focused and pays the bills now. I wouldn't say I'm a super power, that's more like Power Woman. But, meta, or mutant, ya. Just, you're one of the only people I've told the connection, you have that over my head now." Then he shakes his head, "Only just possessing machines? I think that's far more potent an ability than you are letting on Katheryn. I man, could you possess a wrecking crane, or a super computer? It has unlimited potential, that's a lot for one person to do it sounds like."

Katheryn's smile grows, she shakes her head in a mirror to his own gesture, "Don't worry, I wont tell. Not sure who I'd tell it to anyway…" She hefts her bag once more, then drops her hands to smooth out her skirt over the paleness of her thighs, "You're right, anyway, I can do that stuff, but I don't… cause I can't control a toy well enough to do big things like that safely. Practice practice practice, right?" Winking, she motions forwards, as if to offer to walk with him in his original direction of travel. Probably not realizing it's probably not a good look, a man walking with a schoolgirl!

If any should know better, it would be Jefferson, but he takes up and walks with her. "Then, hopefully it comes easier to you Katheyrn, my shoes will be thankful." A chuckle from the man even, "I must also apologize, what I do seems to come more natural to me, its about reaction. Maybe training for the olympcis first helped, a trained mind and body approach. It just works." Looking up ahead in a random direction, "Its not who you would tell, but what they might do with it, if someone know I was a teacher, my students might be in jeopardy. Have you been in control of anything else?" Machine wise, he doesn't press about school, she said yes/no and as much that she couldn't answer if he asked, he sticks to his word.

Katheryn makes a face, screwing her mouth up a little while regarding the taller man, "In control? Not really. But I've possessed several different things accidently… cars, mostly. Toys. A robot in metropolis… a supervillain, Ironman's suit… a girl." She lists it off one by one with her fingers, "Don't ask me how the last one worked, I have no idea. But it was… interesting to say the least." She pauses, grinning slightly, "So there, now you have stuff on me. That gets out, I'll probably be hunted down by, well, everyone."

"Your secret is safe with me, and most people are good, but some, they'll take things that matter to you," say Jefferson, like someone who has lost one of those things that matter to him. "Really, a villian and a girl? The robot and suit sounds, interesting, but actual people too?" Then a shrug, "If you're hunted down because of me, I'll come to your defense, they'll have to go through me, I won't have that hanging over me, if they hurt someone cause of me."

"The villain was a robot." Katheryn clarifies, "But the girl, well, she wasn't. I was stuck in her for something like three days, it was… Well, an experiance. Another long story, the possessing thing seems to work both ways, sometimes I have control, othertimes I don't, and I get stuck in things." She furrows her brows while looking out over the water, "S'why the hovercraft doesn't have a controller with it, guess I'm a bit paranoid, huh?"

"Being safe isn't being paranoid, Katheryn," he responds, directly, forgoing him as a teacher and her dressed like a school girl at least. "Look, if you want to practice more in a safe enviroment, I'm actually a damn good teacher. Not that I have experience with machines in the regard you do, but I've been in things like that." Rubbing his face hair for the moment, he offers, "I can turn into electricity and travel through power lines. Not the same, I just come out of it, but close proximity to your possessions maybe?"

Katheryn blinks once, then pauses in step so she can turn to face him, "Wow. Seriously? We should be careful around each other, if we're caught together we could probably be used to power some mega super weapon. I seem to make things way more powerful when I… get inside them. With you, endless power, I guess?" She doesn't keep walking, instead, she looks behind them, then around, as if checking for that exact danger, all while smoothing her rather short pleated skirt down.

Considering that for a moment, Jefferson turns to look across at her as they walk, the pushing down of the skirt doesn't help his eyes. He tries to get them back up where they belong though, "Well, ya, something like that. I don't know how they'd catch me though, unless it involve instantly making a cage out of glass or something non-condusive." Then he grins, probably more information than was needed on the topic. "And if you can possess things, what's to stop you from jumping from one machine to another. Is there some distance limitation - line of sight - or could you jump to a machine you have back home and are familiar with? Lets go with the idea we can't be caught, more exotic to think of that for now. We're safe."

"I think I prefer to be paranoid." Katheryn offers softly, only to smile a little even as a gust of wind touches the hem of her skirt, flicking it up for a brief moment. "It's got limitations… and I can be stuck pretty easily from what I've found. As for you… what if you're stuck on a closed circuit loop, or fed into a battery?" She asks this with a slight cant of her face, seemingly unaware of her skirts flicking about, instead her arms crossing over her chest.

He gives a pause, the skirt flipping catching his eyes. Trying to focus, he actualy takes her arm, "Maybe we should sit down a moment." Its a park, there are benches, and he can try to get back to appropriate thoughts for his profession at least. "I can come out if I like, I fly about the same, just the wire is easier and quicker to travel by, I can leave either at will." Then he admits a little, "Katheryn, I admit, you're a looker, and I don't mind looking, but I don't know if I should be." Looking that is.

Katheryn finds herself staring at him once more, though this time her whole face reddens. She coughs, looks away, all too aware that he has her arm, not that he's forcing anything upon her. "Well…" She begins, dropping her eyes, "… There's no harm in looking, right? Just… I'm over eighteen, and I have a boyfriend." She bites her lower lip, offering a shrug, "Sorry…"

Grinning, and shaking his head, "Sorry, for being a looker or having a boyfriend," says Jefferson. "Don't be, on either account. I'll take that into considertation, keeping my looks and thoughts to me then." He lets her arm go then, and definitely not trying to force anything, more suggesting a bench. "The lip biting doesn't help though. I just mean I should focus more on offering what I can as a teacher."

"Well, I'l certainly keep you in mind if I need one, it wouldn't hurt to have some supervision sometimes. But, I should really go, I guess, it's a bit cool for sitting down with this outfit on." She smiles, offering him a hand, "It was a pleasure to meet you Mr. Pierce, I hope we don't end up together in someplace we shouldn't be… and it's okay, you can look all you want. It's not illegal, right?"

"Jeffeson Pierce, compeletely in the phone book, but lots of olympian calls - you can find my e-mail on line just as easy though, I check that more," he says, taking the hand, and taking a look as she said it was okay. "Not illegal at all, and thanks then, for brightening my day … if we get stuck together, we'd probably make a good team and get out easily enough. A pleasure the same Katheryn." He'll stay in the park, and let her go where she needs to. And probably look as she leaves, unless she returns to the model hovercraft.

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