(2014-08-27) Official Date
Official Date
Summary: Cait and Karen meet up per their prior phonecall
Date: 2014-08-27
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As arranged on the phone, when Caitlin Fairchild's train reaches the station as agreed, Karen Starr is there to greet her. The tall blonde college student greets the even taller gorgeous redhead with a mighty hug, a little squeal, and plenty of enthusiasm. "Hi!." she offers, brightly, before enfolding her fingers with Caitlin's. "Your choice, beautiful lady. Would you like to take one of the subway trains? Or shall we get a cab? 'Cause I am /so/ eager to get you back to that hotel so we can get settled in. I was considering maybe a bath, and we can catch up on our days. Then dinner. We can order in room service, or we can go to the in-house restaurant. Then some relaxing before homework. How does that sound?" No, she doesn't say 'there will be intense sex had.' But many would imply it, to be sure.

Caitlin Fairchild is eager to see her girlfriend, and squeals a bit herself, hugging just as tight. "I… I don't care either way. I just want to talk." She says as she walks off the platform. "We can take a cab?" She asks.. "And before you ask, I'm good. This isn't one of those 'break-up' talks, so don't put on that worry face." She swallows.. "I just… I didn't think of it before. You've been so great and I love you so much and… I realized I wasn't entirely honest with you."

"Hey, we have all night to talk. It's OK." Karen begins, still holding hands with Caitlin as they make their way off the platform and towards the cab stands out front. But she looks a bit confused, as Caitlin starts in about 'break up', and not having been honest. She's just … lost. Unsure. "Uhm. OK. Can we … Can we go to the hotel, still? Is that OK? And talk there?" Something that potentially presages breakups, or involves dishonesty? She really doesn't want to do this in public. It's nerve-wracking, and a bit of a let-down from the gleeful abandon of the last few minutes. But Karen is a big girl; she can handle this. She has a small rolling bag, herself, which is unusual thus far in their relationship; Karen doesn't usually bother bringing anything beyond the clothes she's wearing and maybe a small backpack.

Caitlin Fairchild nods. "Sure.. I'm not trying to ruin your plans. Honest. I just.. I ran into someone and it brought a bunch of memories to mind. Memories that I had to keep hidden, even from myself when i was in deep cover, and I began to think about us." She smiles and snakes an arm around Karen's waist. "I'm hoping this doesn't change us." She says as they hop in the cab, holding hands during the ride.

Karen is still mystified, but she can't shake the fact that she trusts Caitlin. Obviously. They wouldn't even be /in/ a relationship unless that were true. Pensive, but choosing not to push until they get to the hotel, Karen climbs into a cab and holds Kate's hand in her lap, a tad nervously, as she gies the name of their hotel and waits. She can't really fathom what's happening, and she's trying really hard not to jump to conclusions. But it's hard. So hard. Especially with a brain that moves at Kryptonian speeds.

Caitlin Fairchild follows Karen in to the hotel and up to their room. Once inside she puts her bag down and takes a set on the bed, up near the head so she can relax and recline. "I was in a relationship before. Back at Xavier's. Another student.. a girl.. before this." She indicates herself, meaning the change. "Cessily's her name. She was in New York recently and we met up for lunch. I just felt bad. We broke up because she graduated and went to Gotham, while I was undercover for Charles." She swallows and looks up at Karen. "We broke up over something simple… and we knew everything about each other. I realized that I don't know much about you, besides that you're a Kryptonian girl with a heart bigger than the whole planet." She swallows, eyes watering. "I don't know your birthday, or your favorite color. I don't know what type of music you like or if you're into impressionism or surrealism." She smiles. "I need to know you. I don't want us to break up over something minor." Her eyes go wide.. "I mean.. I don't want to break up at all! I just mean that, I don't want something small to get in between us and ruin what we have.."

The very first thing Karen does when they get up to the hotel room is go to check the blinds and drapes, making sure they're closed. and that they'll have privacy. Then? Then she tucks her little rolling carry-on bag in the closet, slips off her sneakers and socks, and leaves them on the floor of the closet. Then she considers Caitlin on the bed, and makes an executive decision, unzipping and wriggling out of her jeans, hanging them up on a hangar. Her jersey-like t-shirt keeps things (mostly) decent, as she pads over to climb onto the bed, twisting around to face Caitlin from the foot of the bed, pressing her bare feet against Caitlin's as she props herself up on her arms behind her hips. She is trying very consciously not to take a defensive or scared posture, here. She's trying to show her trust, at the same time begging for the reassurance that she should continue to trust.

"You …" Karen begins, trying to take it all in. She shushes, and lets Caitlin get everything out, not wanting to interrupt, and not sure when or where to do so otherwise. "OK. Hang on. I'm trying to take all of this in. You were actually in a relationship, before going undercover. You two broke up, because you split up physically, and because you had to break off all contact for your undercover assignment." That much, at least, makes sense. Seems a shame to break up for that, but maybe the assignment was that important, worthy of the sacrifice and the pain. Still, it's sad.

"Now you're afraid you don't know anything about me?" Karen inquires, curious. Not upset. Genuinely curious. "Caitlin. Think about it. Seriously. Calm down, relax, and think about it. First of all, you know things about me almost no one else in the /world/ knows about me. On top of that, you know my favorite colors. I'm betting I know yours, too. You know I'm a math and science geek, I love robots and programming, and I happen to adore redheads, puppies, kitties, and bunnies." All of these are things that being in Karen's dorm room would make abundantly clear. "My legal birthday is something most of the whole world knows, or can easily look up. As for my actual birth date, there's no way to specifically determine what it is, given I was conceived and born in hyperspace." The blonde taps her toes against Caitlin's feet. "As for the rest? That's what dating is all about: getting to know all of those things about each other. It's part of what makes it such a fun adventure. At least, that's what I've always read. You've done this before, so you tell me: Isn't that how it works?"

Caitlin Fairchild nods and smiles.. "I.. I know. I'm being irrational. I just felt so guilty because she mentioned how alone she was in Gotham. She's seeing someone but it's not such a big thing.. I just feel like she's a casualty of the mission, too, you know? Like the kids at the Academy. They're doing better, but they still have that vacant look in their eyes. Their innocence is gone, and I feel that if I was just better at what I did I could've stopped it… The same with Cess." She nods again. "Yes… dating is about getting to know people. Only.. well Cess and I got to know each other through experimentation. She's made of some kind of living metal, and, well… You know how much of a science geek I was.. We were learning how she could 'feel' through the metal and…" She blushes, then shakes her head. "I just don't want to hurt anyone anymore, or be the reason behind it." She swallows.. "And I especially don't want to hurt you." She moves and positions herself up against Karen, a look of invitation for the blonde to take her into her arms if wanted.

Karen frowns a bit as Caitlin describes how Cessily is doing - or not doing - in Gotham. She too feels bad for the other woman, knowing what it can feel like to be so alone. She hates to think that her recent happiness has come at the expense of this other woman's. That's an awful, awful thing. "They need love and acceptance, unconditionally. But this was not your fault. Not the kids, and not your friend." Karen offers.

"Experimentation, hunh? Is this a fetish with you?" Karen teases, grinning. "First, a liquid-metal girl. Now a Kryptonian one, struggling to be able to enjoy pleasure without making a huge mess of everything and everyone around her?" Yes, Karen is making light of her circumstances. But it's worth it if it causes Caitlin to relax and stop worrying so much.

"You haven't hurt me, Caitlin. Surprised me a little, I'll admit. But I'm fine. Better than fine, with you here." When Caitlin climbs off the bed and walks around to climb back up beside her, Karen reaches out her arm and wraps it around the lovely redhead, holding them close against one another, shoulder to shoulder, as she leans to the side to nuzzle her girlfriend's cheek. "I want you to know that I am anxious to share these things with you, and learn more about you, too. OK? I just … for me, the exploring, the asking, the progress, is all part of the adventure. The excitement."

Caitlin Fairchild nods and smiles, leaning into the girl and the embrace. "I know. Me too. I just don't want us to end up like that. Alone again." She giggles at the accusation. "Perhaps it's the challenge? Like finding a person's limit and breaking it.. or…" She leans over and finds a bare spot on Karen's neck exposed. She blows on it softly before placing a kiss, with a bit of tongue before sitting back again. "Or finding someone's weak points." She winks. "So.. what's in the bag?" She motions to the bag in the closet.

Karen gives a little mewl of pleasure as Caitlin kisses at her neck; clearly, that felt really, really nice. "Mmm? Oh." Karen glances towards the closet, and when she turns back to Caitlin, there's just a hint of a blush along her cheeks. "Just some clothes. A few outfits. I knew you'd be all dressed up and gorgeous from work, and I didn't just want to be the college girl schlub. And I had an idea, so I packed an extra outfit, too, for later."

Caitlin Fairchild raises a brow, understanding what 'for later' meant. She swallows and nods as she gets up off of the bed and smooths her skirt and pulling her blazer back on. "Well, perhaps we should get moving for dinner, then? That way you can show me all the trouble you went through to look good for me." She grins, dimpling her cheeks and blushing slightly.

Karen slips off the bed and slides her arms around Caitlin, hugging her girlfriend. Then she leans up and kisses those lips, and smiles. "OK. I'll go get changed. I shouldn't be too long. I must admit, I have lots of neat tricks for rapid changing and styling." That said, she lets go of the redhead and heads to the closet, fetching her rolling carry-on and heading for the bathroom. "Do you need any time in here, before I get started?" These are the things that couples do. It's kind of especially neat, in Kara's mind, that /they/ now get to do them. Silly, perhaps, but the feelings are genuine.

Caitlin Fairchild kisses back and squeezes her girl tight. At the questions, she smiles. "I'm good, but thanks for being considerate." She takes out a brush from her bag and stands in front of a mirror, just brushing her hair quickly. "So did you have a place in mind? I don't have an issue with the restaurant here."

"I was just thinking of going to the restaurant here, tonight. I didn't want to spend all our time traveling. I mean, we could order in, but I thought we'd enjoy a chance at a nice, swanky sit-down dinner together." Karen offers, through the door of the bathroom as she starts getting settled in to change. As it is, it takes Karen only about five minutes to change. When she emerges, gone is the jeans and t-shirt perpetual college student. Instead, she emerges as a young lady, those undeniable curves wrapped up in a rucked-look knee-length crimson evening dress dress with a fitted bodice and a relatively modest plunge neckline, along with matching three-inch heels. And gone are the seemingly ever-present StarrGaze glasses. She definitely looks like a lady worthy of being on the arm of Caitlin, dressed in that custom-fitted Parisian suit. "How's this? More presentable, I hope?"

Caitlin Fairchild tilts her head. "Darling, you're gorgeous. All the men will be staring at you, and a good many women as well." She winks and walks over, leaning over to kiss the girl gently without running any work she may've done. She's currently wearing a mauve skirt with a matching blazer and a white top, looking like someone out of a business meeting. "So it looks like you're the model and I'm the agent." She laughs, offering her arm. "Shall we?"

"Hey. Let's be honest. You're just as much a gorgeous stunner as I may be. Between the two of us, I'm guessing almost everyone will be staring, a bit." She is careful with her makeup, but also a very light hand. Karen rests her hands lightly on her tall redheaded girlfriend's hips as they kiss, her tiny clutch purse in her left hand. "Next time, I'll make sure to pack a nice dress for you, too. So you don't have to be businessy if you don't want to be." Karen knows how it can feel, being stuck in business attire when it isn't what she wants. She tucks her hand in the crook of her lover's elbow, and heads for the door to the room. "So. An official date. This means we can have talks about official date topics. Like … favorite colors. Or music. Or movies." she teases, as they walk down the hall towards the elevators.

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