(2014-08-30) Day at the Museum
Day of the Museum
Summary: Jack and Courtney wander the Metropolis Museum of Science and Industry
Date: 2014-08-30
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Metropolis Museum of Science and Industry — Business East

A spectacular mutifloored building filled with scientific amazement and industrial history. Tours and free walking is available throughout and there are various exhibits that are static while others are features that move from city to city. During business hours there are always people all around. At night there are only a few guards and high tech security.

Back from getting some new information on Lady Martuk, the Guardians are taking some time on earth to collect information on where they are planning to go, see what they can find out. Vance seems to get pretty serious with the logistics versus Jack's stance of winging what they do on the fly. As that is the case, he's probably decided to go the museum. They're having an exhibit on NASA space stuff over the last 30 years, which sort of fits in with Vance having been gone for 30 years. They might even see something on his ship getting lost in space if they looked and read anything.

Jack invited Courtney along if she didn't have plans or was curious. Presently he's paying for ticket to go see the special exhibit. Off handedly, he comments, "If I see an old photo of Vance dressed like he pretends he did in the 70s, you'll have to get a quick shot of it so I can post it on FB and tag him in it." Still teasing the other about the age difference despite them not being all that far off - its the generational difference that makes it more funny perhaps.

As if Courtney had anything better to do, besides perhaps surfing and getting a mani/pedi she dropped it for checking out space stuffs. Now that she has actually been in space she finds that stuff way more interesting than she used to. Her cell is pulled from the back pocket of her board shorts and she waves it at him "Oh I'll be getting pics of things like that alright." she pockets the phone "He's getting better at least. If you could call dressing like Charlie Sheen better.

Chuckling, who knows what photos might turn up now between these two, Jack nods, "Better because Charlie Sheen doesn't where man minishorts. We'll just have to make sure he doesn't listen to some of his stuff, he'll pick up all the wrong stuff to say." A pause, then he gives an example, "Tiger blood … cause that is like 70s cool or something."

"True enough. The last thing I want to see is Vance…or any other guy in hotpants." once the tickets are paid for Courtney will begin to head into the exhibit with Jack "And think and do. Let's keep him away from anything Sheen related, just for sanities sake." she skirts around a group of kids that are chasing each other around a bench as she heads to the first set of displays "We really going to find a place for Lobo to hang out here? Isn't that asking for trouble?

Grinning as the kids run around, Jack merely moves enough to avoid contact while raising his hands - more like a quick object during their game while trying not to interrupt too much. He's in agreement, "Ya, we'll have to keep him off the internets for sure." The first sets are probably 70s era capsules and parachutes and such, pre shuttles. "I don't know, if he really wanted to come, he'd just show up anyways. But having him, ya inviting trouble. We could avoid it for now, act surprised when he's at the door?" A shrug, "Or tell someone else he might be visiting, pass the buck?"

Courtney stops to examine the decades old capsules scanning the little informational plaque as she listens to Jack "We will defiantly want to warn some people for sure. Maybe that Justice League group." she gives a bit of a shrug not sure if that is the best solution "Could you imagine doing any space exploration in something that small?" she gestures to the space capsules.

"I don't think I'd fit, and if I stretched, I'd probably puncture it and die," cause Jack isn't space worthy, he lacks that power all together. Grinning about the idea of getting into the capsule, "Maybe if I was a Chimp - I think I need a chimp, little Jack." Just by way of conversing about the capsule, he rolls with whatever pops into his mind. Then a nod, "Maybe, like tell Power Woman. I got in touch with her to give her my thanks, she asked about some space guy, Mongo or something. We could tell her, keep up like we're playing nice in the sandbox?" A brow lifts as he looks at Courtney, it sounds like a good idea, but he seeks that affirmation it would seem.

Laughing at the idea of a chimp Courtney nods in agreement "Or a monkey, we so need a monkey! Let's get a monkey." where they would actually get a monkey she has no idea, maybe she's joking "Yeah, telling Power Woman would work. She's part of that Justice team if the media outlets are accurate." she moves to the next display with as coincidence would have it is about all the animals that were sent into space.

"Deal, we'll get a monkey, I bet we could get an awesome space monkey," says Jack, now thinking about going to some space port and buying a monkey alien. "Okay, we'll give her a ring," not that Jack has her phone, it took connections to get in touch before. "Would it be bad if we totally trained it how to dance and tip its hat to get coins?" The monkey that is.

"I'm not sure about space monkey. What if it's carrying some kind of space ebola or something and bites one of us. We've already have one virus scare." yes Courtney is a little paranoid about things like that now "One problem solved." the Lobo one that is "Totally bad. Unless you get one of those music box things to play for him. Then I'm totally not hanging out with you." a bit of a contradiction there, though her tone is amused.

"At least I'll have little Jack," responds Jack, feigning upset about not being hung out with on account of organ grinder and dancing monkey. The corners of his mouth completely agree with the nature of playing along really though. "Ya, no music boxes. No little valet suits either, he … or she, can do their own dressing." Then they turn the corner and get into late 70s and further space exploration, Vance would probably be in this area. "Actually, earth monkeys probably have diseases too … probably only find them on the black market. We'll have to settle for exotic bird, and quickly, before pet stores can't sell them either."

Courtney moves along with him to check out the Vance era space stuff "Yeah, unless you want to make a midnight raid on the zoo, a monkey is probably out of the question." she scans all the 70's pics of space people and their funky wide collared shirts and big hair "A bird? We going pirating now?

And probably one comb over too, in the hair department- one of the ground control people most likely. "Isn't pirating one of those technicalities, like Captain Morgan - hero in England, pirate in Spain." As if, they are probably pirates, especially to the Skrull Empire. "They dressed better than these guys did at least," the pirates, compared to people in the 70s.

"I guess it depends really. If you take the romance and Disney out of the equation, than they were just a bunch of murderers that knew how to sail a ship." Courtney certainly has a way to ruin the whole pirates are fun thing "But despite that I love me some Captain Sparrow." she looks again at the pictures and has to nod "Yes, pirates certainly did know how to dress themselves.

"Well, there goes that idea," about pirates and being cool. Jack can't argue it, he's about at the limit of his pirate knowledge as it is. Chuckling a little, "Captain Sparrow - that's not like Whitney's little Kirk list." He doesn't really want to know actually, that's only meant as a tease and not as a please answer. He probably only has to worry about that around Whitney as forthcoming as she was the other day. "We should try that, like team uniforms or something." Whether he means borrowing from pirate outfits or not is anyone's guess. He's not sure how serious he even is about that one.

Courtney shakes her head adamantly "Noooooo." she drawls out looking from the pictures to Jack "He's one you love from a distance with hopefully a nice piece of glass between you." she probably means a TV screen. And despite his tone answers anyway "I've went my whole life without having syphilis I'm not going to start now." she's going to have to have a talk with Whitney about space STDs. "I thought we were fine rocking the red, white and blue.

Chuckling at her initial response, as she continues, she catches Jack such that he nearly chortles and catches himself with a nod. "We'll need a quarantine on the ship," barring the talk and it sticking, the way the girl was talking. "We are, but space pirate red white and blue … nah, you're right, it works, we roll with it, kinda defeats the idea even thinking about it doesn't it?" A few steps on to the next display, Jack pauses. He hasn't actually been reading the plaques and info boards. "Got me curious now, I've caught up on enough of the news and all, you're totally rocking the stars and stripes, but - how'd you just decide to do all that, like some moon guardian appeared, handed you the staff and belt, said, go do good stuff …?" Not insistent, only if she wants to answer even.

Following along Courtney laughs at what Jack suggests is her backstory "Nothing like that. Have you heard of the Star Spangled Kid and STRIPE? The hero duo from the early 20th century? Not the recent one that came out in the last few years." she pretty much only waits long enough for a nod or shake of head before continuing "My step-dad is STRIPE'S grandson." she taps the belt that she wears even now "This was his belt, he made it, and I found it in the attic, put it on and the rest is history. The staff came later, and was the reason I changed my handle for the Star Spangled Kid to Stargirl." that last bit she says softly, leaning in to decrease the chance of being overheard.

"Shut up," says Jack, incredulous, "Your step-dad just has that laying around thanks to his grandfather … damn, that's cool." He is geeked about it, "That's about as good as just saying, you know that guy, Captain America, he's totally my uncle-in-law on my mom's brother's side." Silly just to make it sound distant while close to, relative wise. "Better then mythic moon beings. It's official, you rock … well, more official now, I mean."

"Well not laying around persay…." Courtney admits in that I did something I shouldn't have kind of voice "It was in the attic, hidden in a box in another box." she gives a bit of a shrug as it's all water under the bridge now "Let's just say at 16 I was a very nosy girl with a chip on her shoulder." she chuckles "If I rock does that mean you rule?

Fakes a long face, lips closed, as if surprised that Courtney would be so nosey and find what she found, but Jack's eyes are amused all the same. "I think everyone is nosy at 16, you find awesome, I found a ham radio and got into more trouble." Looking up a second in ponderance of her question, he thinks, "Rock and rule, goes together, has a ring. I could be persuaded I guess, even while being all jealous at the same time, right?"

"A hamm radio? Is that like a fancy cb thing?" Courtney asks, that kinda thing outside her realm of knowledge "I'm sure that was the least of the trouble you were probably getting into when you were 16." she laughs then "You were causing trouble, and I was trying to stop it." she was crime fighting at a young age "Well there is a lot to be jealous of." she hair flips.

Jack nods, listens and nods again, "Ya, least of it, regardless of the intent back then, wasn't the best way to do what we did." Much like her finding the hidden box and belt, more could be said, but he holds off on story, watching her hair flipping. "If you're still stopping it, might have to find some to cause," he says with a slight twist of his grin, "Is that like practiced, the hair flip … a few easy tips and you do it so it makes it hard for a guy not to notice when you do it?"

Her eyebrows arch upward as curiosity strikes "Now you make me wonder what exactly you did." Courtney shakes her head briefly "I'm sure if we just stand here and wait long enough trouble will find us. It won't be long until that Lady Martuk lady is sending agents on the ground here to collect us…or rather Vance and you." she still isn't sure if she is part of the wanted bit yet "I come by it naturally." the hair flipping that is "It's just the gravy really.

"Only slightly modest," grins Jack, "but then, entirely true … and the more beyond the gravy makes you all the more intriguing." Then looking at the 80s stuff they're getting into and the space shuttle program, he lolly-gags his head as if indifferent to answer yes or now, deciding what to say perhaps. "I was trying to be a vigilante, there was a group called Kobra that moved into Tucson. Ran arms deals, used the border to move internationally. I wanted to infiltrate them, so, I helped them on a few runs over the border. I was actually trying to stop them, when they poisoned me and broke my back. The feds didn't see it that way, that I was trying to do good."

"Maybe." her word argues but her tone of it suggests damn straight I am intriguing "And after a few more months tooling around space and saving the planet I will be more so." Courtney listens to the backstory, wincing how it turned out "Right place at the wrong time." or however that saying goes "Well the feds aren't always the good guys. But I don't need to tell you that.

"Ya, all the wrong timing, probably a bit of wrong place," returns Jack, "Me, this, its the poison, its why Kobra broke me out of prison, they want to see what they did with me, remake the formula." By way of explaining the whole federal prison break out, then an admittance. "Easier telling someone who trusts you a little then to those feds." Moving past some of the space shuttle stories, he scratches the side of his jaw as if he had face hair there - which he doesn't "Those few more months, I'll probably know most of it, I'm more curious about the bits I don't know. Hell, I don't even know who your favorite band is yet, alone, what sort of music you groove to."

"As much as you wanted out of prison I'm pretty sure that wasn't the way you wanted it to happen." Courtney understands that much at least, and while it never really bothered her that he was a fugitive from the law, its good to know why. "Favorite band? Tough question. I like songs, lots of songs, but as far as a set group." she shrugs "I bet you like Lynyrd Skynyrd or something.

Looking up a again, at the rafters or some floating space exhibit, as if that's his goto thinking spot, Jack returns, "Ya, can't make that amend." About getting out of prison, or changing the past, but his eyes come back to Courtney, "Who doesn't like Skynyrd?" Maybe a protest to it should be a given, then again plenty of people probably don't like them, but still. "It was an unrealistic question, I don't think I have a favorite band. I've been on Jurassic 5 lately though." Looking at her, he turns a little, walks slightly backwards a few steps, "It was more a fail, I think I was going for being all slick, seeing what you're dancing too, so I could later suggest some place to go dancing."

"Three Steps is a cool song." of course that could be the only song she knows by them, they are almost two generations old. She checks out the 80's stuff and a few pictures of NASA people with thier 80's clothes and hair "I haven't listened to much of them." the mention of dancing has her smiling "Dance clubs…for that you want New York." she gestures toward the exits "Metropolis is nice and all but New York is the place for partying." dancing and clubs is something she knows a bit about "There's is Cielo in the meatpacking district, Sullivan Room is awesome but nothing starts there before 1:00 am, Output in Brooklyn is also rockin." this could also be why she is hard to get ahold of on Friday nights and Saturday mornings.

Pausing to look where she gestures, Jack looks at the non existant watch on his wrist. "1:00 AM says you, we just might make that if we catch the 5:15 out of LexStation," of which he really doesn't know times and schedules, and considering their own means of transportation time is no issue. Giving her another look, "New York is where its at, and you sound like an expert … I'm in, we kill this joint, its a little dead, head up there and see what suits your fancy." Club wise at least, he'll move towards the exit all the same.

Wait. What? Is what her expression says when suddenly Jack goes from looking at space stuff to wanting to go clubbing. "Well yeah, it comes with being a college student. We had to go some place on Friday to forget all the things we learned Monday through Thursday." she hurries to catchup with him "We'll have to stop and change. I can't go to any nightclub looking like this." she sweeps a hand down her clothing, which is more suited for a beach then nightlife.

"Change, shower, eat, text a few peeps, all that stuff in the getting ready vibe," responds Jack, to suggest part of the turn at this moment to new plans. "Let's pretend, instead of that college thing, that a fellow had to take a few years off, for some trouble and some space, you need to catch my up Courtney, it’s a big responsibility, it’s time to get me up-to-date or something."

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