(2014-08-27) SHIELD Liason, Take Two
SHIELD Liason, Take Two
Summary: With Black Widow of on a deep cover mission, Mirage takes over as the Justice League SHIELD Liason
Date: 2014-08-27
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Miss Marvel makes sure that the meeting room at the Perisphere continues to be up and functional (and clean) while most of the vast League operations are handled on the Watchtower. Refreshments are placed at the center of the table, while all the current info is set up on monitors at everyone's seat. She takes a seat and contemplates quietly while waiting for the others to arrive.

JARVIS announces Moon Maiden's arrival. "Did I hear correctly? Natasha is coming in with intelligence on REBIRTH?" She seems thrilled by this. The CDC lead still needs to be investigated but other than that, there's little forward momentum on finding the kids and those who have done it.

Miss Marvel shrugs as she looks up. "Possibly? I'm hoping we can combine what both of our organizations know in order to have a broader idea of what's going on." She motions to the food at the table. "Good Morning, Laurel. Help yourself."

Is it the fact that she already is acquainted with a couple of JL's members that landed her as a replacement, or the fact that Black Widow sometimes just likes messing with people? It's probably both.

JARVIS announces another visitor, supposedly the one they are expecting. But who they get is a different story. Instead of the redheaded Natasha in walks someone completely different. Agent Moonstar, SHEILD uniform crisp with everything in place and carrying an attache case. She is already looking amused, perhaps because of her security breach. "Good Afternoon." she says to those present, specifically addressing Moon Maiden since they know each other "Natasha sends her regrets.

"Thank you, I…" And anything else Laurel would say stops as she turns to greet Natasha. And, instead, she is brought face to face with Dani Moonstar.

"Agent Moonstar. It has been a little while, hasn't it?" Moon Maiden asks. "I think poor Tony and Kara will be disapointed that Natasha defeated our security systems so easily. I hope she included a file on how she did it so we can patch up the security hole?"

Miss Marvel stands as their guest arrives. "Despite the clever security breach, I do hope that we can continue on." She indicates an offered seat for Dani. "Agent Moonstar, all the current information that we have is up on the monitor. Also feel free to grab a refreshment. Early morning meetings are brutal without caffeine and sugar." She says as she returns to her seat. "Basically, we're here to find out exactly what each organization knows, yet is not sharing. Hopefully we can reach a state of cooperation and prevent further issues like this from arising."

There is a nod of agreement at Moon Maiden about how long its been, but Mirage's words are in regards to the other members "Or take it up as a challenge." she only knows of them by what is on paper (or digital file that SHIELD has) but it is enough "Wishful thinking, we both know that Natasha doesn't divulge her secrets that easily." she turns her attention to Miss Marvel "Agreed." she quickly pours a cup of coffee and adds a liberal amount of sugar as she studies the monitors "SHIELD is wanting to deal with this situation as quickly as possible. Discretion would be nice too, but they are realistic in that regards." placing the case on the table she sits in the offered chair "They have even authorized full disclosure on this one." though knowing SHIELD that would be their definition of the term and most likely not anyone else’s.

"Translation - they'll tell us almost everything." Laurel asides to Miss Marvel. Silver sparkles surround a tea cup and begin the process of brewing a cup. Hot water. A tea bag. Lemon. All by themselves. One can almost hear Mrs. Potts singing. "We're happy to share the information we have." Though not all the sources. SHIELD doesn't know some of the information came from the HFC.

Miss Marvel nods and takes the folder, opening it. She reads through the contents quickly, gathering the pertinent information. "They have more information on the invasion. Power Woman was right. This Hawkgirl that she met gave them full disclosure. Everything from the culture of the planet to a full description and explanation of their ruler." She looks to Laurel. "The planet is a mobile platform…"

Mirage sips her coffee as the provided information is read through and processed. "SHIELD has agents out looking for other facilities that are processing children. The one here can't have been the only one." she glances to the two women "We suspect there is one in the midwest and on the west coast, but as of yet have no concrete evidence." she sets her coffee down and gestures to the file "Right now the information Hawkgirl gave us is taking precedence, for obvious reasons. SWORD and SHIELD is working together, but as far as I am concerned the Justice League as every right to protect this planet as they do." she says that freely, despite the fact that she is probably recording this whole meeting for SHIELD brass to review.

Laurel considers what Mary has said. And what Mirage has said. "Mobile platform." That's no moon. That's a space station! Then Laurel smiles as she realizes just what it means. "Did you know, at this moment, I can feel the way the moon's gravity is affecting the tides? And the people in this room? That if I focus, I can feel when an asteroid passes within spitting distance of the planet? The moon is my home. I'm connected to her. To her gravitational field. An entire planet coming into our solar system will disrupt lunar gravity to some degree, even if it has technology to keep both it and the planets it approaches from breaking apart. I can program my Alchemical Engine to detect Mongo approaching!"

Miss Marvel looks to Mirage. "We're looking at many angles here. We've got people trying to find the money trail, to see how these places are being funded, along with methods used to hand-pick the children they take. We'll find them, and hopefully soon." SHe looks to Laurel and nods. "That sounds good. What's the range on something like that? Hopefully we can have members like you, myself, and Power Woman confront them before they get to be too close to the planet." She turns back to Dani. "Thank you for the information. Do you mind if we make you our official contact on this? With Natasha out on a mission, we need someone we can get in touch with immediately."

"Recognized: Power Woman, JL Zero Three." JARVIS' cool British voice intones. With a flash of light in the next room, the Kryptonian powerhouse appears, floating, and then lands on the deck and strides forward into the meeting hall. "Hey, sorry I'm …"

Kara stops, as her gaze sweeping the room takes in someone she has not met, someone she did not expect to be present. Finding a few people missing is one thing; they're all so busy, after all, and she herself was missing until two seconds ago. But someone new? Well, that pauses whatever she was going to say.

"Uhm. Hi." Power Woman offers, with a little wave. "Sorry. I'm Power Woman, obviously. You are … supposed to be here? And cleared for this intel?" she gazes to her friends and allies, waiting for someone to pick that up and run with it.

"And we are counting on that ability for early detection as much as SWORDS long range sensors. Hawkgirl's intel didn't mention that the invasion force has cloaking technology, but we can't rule it out or that SWORDS long range scans will notice it immediately." Mirage implies that SHIELD knows of Moon Maiden's ability, though she could just be making it seem that way since the information was volunteered. If SHIELD didn't know, they certainly do now.

A nod is given to Miss Marvel's input "With the conflict in the middle east and Afghanistan, Russia and Crimea, not to mention other political upheaveal other places SHIELD is spread a little thin. Any assistance and or information you can get us is appreciated." even if SHIELD won't come out and actually say that, she will." she gives a grin "I'm pretty sure that was the point of sending me. I'm already acquainted with other members of your team, so integrating myself in shouldn't be to diffilcult."

The arrival of Power Woman pulls her attention to the newcomer "Yes on both counts." she stands and offers a hand "Agent Dani Moonstar.

"Agent Moonstar and I have worked together before." Laurel explains to Power Woman. "She's a solid professional with an understanding of metahuman abilities. Black Widow sent her because she can't come personally. She's on mission for SHIELD. I'll start on calculations and figure out what sort of warning I can give. I start losing planets somewhere past Neptune. I can't sense Pluto, for instance, or other transneptunian bodies."

Miss Marvel looks up and smiles when Kara arrives. She nods silently in greeting. "Agent Moonstar's going to be our liaison with SHIELD on this. You were right. Hawkgirl knew all about it, and we have everything that she gave SWORD." She slides the folder over for Kara's perusal. She then turns to Dani and nods. "Thank you for this, and for keeping us up to date. From now on, you'll be CC'ed with any reports we get, and I hope your office can afford us the same consideration." She turns to Laurel and nods. "Sounds good. We can even start sending patrols out to the edge of the sol system as well. That's not as much of a waste as going into deep space with no information." She looks around. "is there anything else?"

Reassured, Kara Zor-L offers her gauntleted hand to Dani with a smile. "Pleased to meet you, Agent Moonstar. Moon Maiden spoke highly of you, previously. Sorry, I just wasn't expecting any new faces." That said, she moves around to her seat, snagging two custard-filled powdered donuts and a big mug of coffee before settling down at her seat, starting to auto-scroll through the information at extreme speed. "That all looks pretty good. And thank you again, for the information regarding Hawkgirl. I've met her, and she'd mentioned this. But this is a good bit more detail than I'd gotten in a chance encounter."

That said, Power Woman does have something to add. "I've spoken with Jack Flag. He was in the pod that was launched at Metropolis. The disease was neutralized, thank goodness. His team is currently operating off-world, and includes Stargirl. I've met her only once, but I know her reputation very well, and I trust her. So I've asked Jack to have his team listen in out there, and report back anything they hear about Mongo, or the refugees of Thanagar. I know we can't afford to just go haring off after them, even trying to follow back the trajectories of the meteor swarms and guestimating movements to present. And our imaging resolutions and scanner ranges are just not sufficient to track them at anything close to real-time, so we can't afford to mount a pre-emptive mission on current data. Tony and I are working on something in hopes of building better sensors. But until then, I figured their intel might be the best we could find. I'll make sure anything they give us is added to these files and CCed to you, Agent Moonstar."

"That's a lot better than what our current technology can pick up." Mirage assures Moon Maiden "How long will it take to come up with an idea?" while she may be patient, some of her superiors aren't, they will expect somesort of timeline.

"Rest assured that SHIELD fully intends to keep you informed. If we know it you will know it. I can't vouch for SWORD though. They have thier own protocols.

"No one was expecting to see me. Apparently Natasha wanted to surprise you all." she says to Karen nodding about her comments on the provided intel. "Jack Flag, that name sounds familiar." she gives a brief description "That the guy? I helped him deal with an alien bug thing in Metropolis awile back." pulling him in does cause her concern though she doesn't say way "Who else is on this team besides Jack and Stargirl?

"Having a team with a mobile space platform of their own could be useful." Laurel agrees. "Power Woman, Natasha somehow set the zeta tubes to recognize Agent Moonstar as Black Widow. You and Tony will probably want to fix whatever backdoor she used to accomplish that. One of Natasha's little jokes, probably." She stands up and begins pacing, her tea cup following her around in a field of silver sparkles. "I'll need to spend a few days. The mathematics alone are complex enough… when you combine celestial mechanics with alchemy it gets very fuzzy."

Miss Marvel nods to Kara. "That's good. Another set of eyes out there is necessary. Without Green Lantern, we're fairly space-blind outside of our own system." She turns and listens to Dani and Laurel. She doesn't know of any space team, so decides to listen and learn instead of comment. "I'll look further into this information on Mongo. I want to make a psych profile of it's people and this Emperor of theirs. Perhaps I can figure out his entrance strategy so we can prepare for it."

"I can't give you an estimate on my tinkering with Tony, but we're hoping to have some ideas hammered out to pre-fabrication within a week, two at the most. We just have to do a lot of very complex multivariate calculus beforehand; we don't want to build something more likely to destabilize Earth's gravity field and collapse the planet." Yeah … some of what Kara and Tony are working on is in the range of 'hippy dippy, timey wimey SCIENCE!'

Power Woman listens to Moon Maiden's account of the Black Widow's 'joke', and purses her lips. "OK. We'll look into that. Before you leave, Agent Moonstar, we should have a profile created for you, so that you can beam in on your own, as needed. I presume this to mean Black Widow did install the zeta beam platform we gave her?" She doesn't need to know where, just that SHIELD didn't jury-rig their own for this network.

"Whatever else I can do to help, just let me know." Kara offers her friends, and even the lady from SHIELD. This is important to all of them.

Mirage listens to the three women speak up about thier own part in this as well as the related things "I'll let brass know to expect your," meaning all of them "caluclations when you get good and ready to send them." otherwise there will be nagging. Apparently this liason stuff she is good at, or she just knows how the relationship between brass and sciencists are and she is feels sorry for the latter. "That is what I would assume. Other wise I wouldn't have been able to get here as easily. And yes, setting up a profile would be efficient. I can't be using Widow's ID all the time. That would just get confusing.

"That sounds good. Miss Marvel can set up your profile." Laurel sets her tea-cup down. "Thank you for the tea." She says to Mary. "I'm going to go start those calculations. We don't know how long it will take Mongo to get here but I want to be ready when they do. If you'll excuse me, please."

Miss Marvel nods to Laurel and stands, walking away from the table, ushering Dani over to the area as well. "JARVIS, on my authorization, set up a scan and identification for Danielle Moonstar, Agent of SHIELD." She turns to Dani. "If there's any other name you'd like used, just tell him." She smiles. This part always messes with the heads of new people, herself included when it happened to her.

"Please step to the platform, Agent Moonstar." comes a cool, polite British voice, seemingly out of nowhere. Once Dani is in place, beams of light sweep over her form from several directions, and a light tingle follows their path from soles of feet to crown of head. Then a soft chime sounds. "Please repeat after me, Agent Moonstar: " What follows is a mostly nonsense sentence, that those with good linguistic sense would quickly realize contains every sound in the English and most of the other Romance and related languages. "Thank you, Agent Moonstar. Recognized: Agent Moonstar, SHIELD, One Two."

And the profile is now set.

Kara finishes skimming through the records, and then types in her additions and keys for JARVIS to encode the recording of the meeting, and a transcript, for attachment. "Thank you for your time, Agent Moonstar. I look forward to working with you. JARVIS, provide Agent Moonstar with an encoded comm unit, before she leaves." That said, the Kryptonian powerhouse smiles to Miss Marvel, disappears the two donuts in short order, and heads for the zeta beam platform. "Duty calls." Of course, Mary would know that's more correctly 'class calls', but anyway.

Mirage nods at the departing Moon Maiden and then gets up to follow Miss Marvel to where she is going in the other section of the room "Codename: Mirage." she follows up with as the other woman gives instructions to the computer and she steps onto the platform as instucted. The tingling sensation gives her a shiver and she jokes "You could at least buy a girl dinner first." before she begins to repeat the phrases asked for. Some of this is familiar, some not so much, like the tingly body scan. "Thanks for not kicking me out when the deception was found out." again it's a bit of a joke "It was nice meeting you." she says to the departing Power Woman.

Miss Marvel smiles and nods to Dani. "It's alright. Little tests keep us from becoming complacent." She smiles and walks Dani to the Zeta Tube. "This should bring you back to where you came from. Thank you for everything, Agent Moonstar… and Good Luck."

"You handled it a lot better than SHIELD would have." Mirage comments dryly as she is escorted to the transport tube. There would have been brigs and interrogations if that had happened on the Helicarrier "We are all going to be luck in the next few months, lets spread that around a bit." she then steps onto the tube platform for her journey back to the surface.

Miss Marvel smiles and nods. "Agreed. We'll be in touch." She says as she stands back and waves.

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