(2014-08-27) Lunchtime Phonecall
Lunchtime Phonecall
Summary: Kara calls Caitlin in the midst of a fight, just to hear her voice.
Date: 2014-08-27
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Kara calls Caitlin during lunch hour, while engaged in some heroic battle. The sounds of crunching metal and rending concrete can be heard in the background. "Hi, gorgeous. I was just thinking of you, and I decided I needed to hear your voice."

Caitlin Fairchild beams brightly. "Kar-bear!" She squeals. obviously not doing anything but decorating her room possibly. "What… are you calling me in the middle of a fight? Really?" She chuckles and shakes her head. "I really miss you too, Baby."

Power Woman giggles. Yes, she giggles. And then she pile-drives the bank robber who just dared to smirk at her. Jackass. "Did you just call me Care Bear? Really? I don't have rainbow powers pouring out of a symbol on my tummy. I swear I don't." Still, she's clearly amused and pleased. "Mmmm. So, I know you're working hard. And you'll have homework. But is it OK if I come over? I mean, I'm more mobile. Is that OK, though? Should we meet in the City, instead of at the school?" Yes. Kara is babbling nervously about visiting her girlfriend, while whalloping bank robbers. Ain't the heroic life grand?

Caitlin Fairchild grins. "I think we'll need to run some experiments to make sure your claims are accurate. A thorough physical exam should suffice." She winks and giggles herself. "Oh Baby, I'd love to. You know I'll meet you anywhere, from one end of the universe to the other." She says. "We can meet in the City. Someplace romantic. Coming here.. well… you'll have to see Linda if you do." She smiles.

"I don't mind seeing Linda. But I don't want her to feel like I'm crowding her." Kara begins, then has to pause. 'Do you mind?!' can be heard as she shouts it at someone, then the sounds of rapidfire heavy punching. "Sorry about that. Anyway, I promised her when she went there I'd keep my distance, only visit when she said it was OK. So she could have her place, and be known for herself, not me. I don't want to break that promise. But I hate making you come all the way down to see me." Whallop! "So why don't we meet in the City? Closer for you, easy enough for me. And we both have to agree it's OK to bring homework, but it waits until after dinner and some quality time. Sound fair?"

Caitlin Fairchild laughs. "Sure thing, Baby. Watch yourself out there. If you get bruised I'll have to nurse you back to health." She smiles. "I'll meet you for dinner tonight." She says, then thinks. "Is everything ok?"

"Couldn't be better. I get to meet my girl for dinner and quality time." Kara offers, the smile audible in her tone of voice. "Can't promise no bruises, though. I might like being nursed back to health. Pick you up at the train station?" she inquires, before more sounds of fighting are heard.

Caitlin Fairchild smiles. "Alright. Just making sure. I'll see you at our usual spot. I love you, Baby."

"Mmmm. I love you too. Seeya." Thrilled, Kara closes the connection, and concentrates a bit better on finishing up the battle. After all, she has to be all finished this foolishness for later!

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