(2014-08-26) Space Innuendo
Space Inneundo
Summary: Gearbox comes to the Guardians ship, to meet Stargirl and look under the hood - innuendo occurs
Date: (2014-08-26)
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Warehouse, north of Metropolis. Doubles as a place for the Guardians to park their current ship. Whichever one it is, considering they've had opportunity to borrow two lately. The place otherwise looks like a dump probably. Weeds on the fences, the warehouse next door half fallen over, cornfields beyond. The gate is rusty but operable.

Jack Flag is here again, he wanted to get Whitney to meet some of the team if she was going to be helping out with the ship at least, if not more depending. So he was sort of official, he wore most of his costume, only minus the mask. He was close to where they could 'park' if they used cars, probably between the old office and the big door that opens up to good old ship, which probably needs a name. A grin on his face, like its a good day or something.

It is a good day! For Stargirl at least. She's already dealt with an early morning gang of thugs and foiled a bank robbery. She's earned her income for the day…to bad she doesn't actually get paid. Answering the request from her team mate the meet at the ship she hastily obliges. Flying in and landing on her feet near to where he is waiting "Hey there Jack. What's going on?" she is in costume, full out, no halfsies for her.

"Well, this must be the place." Whitney pulled up in a white Ferrari and after a sip of Starbucks she climbed out. She was wearing a shiny black catsuit with matching tabi boots and was wearing her hair in a ponytail that was pulled through the back of a Gotham Knights ballcap. She leaned back into the car and pulled out a messenger bag, slinging it over her shoulder. With the bag in place she headed towards Jack and the woman she knew from the news, waving as she approached. "Some call for a plumber?"

"Hey, Stargirl," Jack calls out, waving to her as she lands. "Remember that girl I," he is begining when the Ferrari pulls up. As she parks, and reaches for the bag, he finishes, "The one that could fix up the ship, not just patch if ala Vance? She's here." Forget she's already seen the ship. He turns to Whitney as she calls over. "Ya, my pipes are all backed up," he says with a chuckle. Then shakes his head, maybe that wasn't what he meant to say in hindsight, would of been worse if he had a mustache probably. "This is her," to Stargirl, then to Whitney, "Glad you made it, wanted you to meet more of the team. Not much of a team on Earth, but figured we should get to know each other …"

The white ferrari pulling up drags Stargirl's attention away from Jack though she clearly hears every word he says "Yeah, you mentioned here right before you here jacknapped." she grins at her wordplay. "Hey there." she greets Whitney, before she facepalms at Jack's oh so witty (not) remark. "I can't beleive he just said that either." she says with amusement about the comment as she holds a hand out in greeting.


Whitney marches up andtakes Stargirl's offered hand in her gloved hand and gives it a firm and friendly shake. "Hello there. I'm Whitney. Whitney Pratt. It is a pleasure to meet you!" Once the shake is broken she'll offer Jack her hand for a shake as well, "Great to see you again Jack. I brought some equipment with me this time so I can go over the ship systems and see what I can learn about her, to see if there is anything I can possibly do for you. I don't want to get invited and not be able to provide a service."

Apparently she doesn't practice witty banter much with her drones.

"I can't believe I said it," says Jack, agreeing with Stargirl. "Jacknapped, I think that's gonna stick now that you threw it at the wall." Then he stagewhispers to Stargirl without really covering his mouth, just talking out of the side closest to her, "It seemed positive when we talked about it from what I remember, but its a little fuzzy, all things considered, so I asked if she could at least help out a bit, see what happens from there. Has great ideas about increasing the broadcast of sensors and little drones … maybe cute little ones with Stars and Stripes on them, and flags …" Then he drops that, before he really gets annoying. "Ya, that would be cool Whitney, lets go open the hood, see what she's got." He does shake the offered hand between all that, then turns after and leads to the garage to open it up again.

"Or just jacked for short." Stargirl snickers. Oh the slang that can be produced with such a name "With our line of work wouldn't improving our sheilding and weapon systems be a bigger priorty?" she inquires as she moves toward the ship with the other two "Not that I am eager for a big intergalactic fire fight, but I've seen the competitions ships and we are sorta outclassed those departments. "To bad it couldn't have happened sooner, Whitney." their meeting that is.

Whitney looks from one to the other during Jack's stage whisper and her reply, "Well. I could easily do the red, white, and blue drones. Not sure until I look at your systems what I could offer with them, other than aerial surveillance on earth. But once I get an idea of your propulsion, weapons, and defensive capabilities, I can see what I can do in that department." This is directed at Stargirl, "Despite what Jack might have told you, I'm not a starship engineer. They don't teach starship engineering at Gotham University. Rocket science I've got. Star Wars…not so much." She then turns to jog after Jack, "Clogged pipes? I guess it gets lonely in space. All those green women not into earthmen after Kirk was done with them?"

Pausing, blinking, then chuckling at what Whitney said, Jack shakes his head, "You answered the question for me - green women? I mean, its not like its some human girl with green paint, they get really weird." Then a pause from him. Is he defending clogged pipes or himself preferring human girls, or is he making a jack fool of himself. Then he backs up, "Oh yeah, defense and weapons … Last time Vance and I jumped to an unknown point, it was like the whole Skrull Armada was there." The garage is probably manually, the whole big chain thing outside the door, Jack pulls at it, making it clank loudly for half a second before the ship is in view again.

"I'm not expecting a miracle worker like that LaForge guy in Star Trek." Stargirl is to young to be able to reference the original series. And she is no kinda geek really. "Anything you can offer is better than what we have now." she nods at what Jack has said about alien women "And you're lucky to even be able to tell its a woman at all.

"Hmm. I don't know. I guess you've got the experience. So, there aren't gorgeous green people in space?" Whitney looks over at Stargirl for confirmation, "No green hotties? I feel betrayed. That is half the reason to go into space." Back to Jack, "I'm going to guess that better guns might not have been the answer in that situation anyhow. Running sounds good. Like, boom, dropping into hyperspace. Warping out. Oh yeah, you've got jump drive. Very cool. I can't wait to get into those engines and see how my physics classes were wrong."

"I bet if there is one green hottie, they'll want to kill us anyways, nah, no cosmic girls for me, I like the earth ones." Returns Jack on that topic, then looking at the ship, "Ya, running is always good. You should look at the engines, then we should like really do the hyperspace thing, so you can see what its really like." As if to defend Whitney, he says, "She's smarter than she makes it seems, you should see her arm. Pretty damn cool for an earth girl who's never seen alien tech, like she says."

"I'm sure there are, but I haven't met any of them yet. I was hit on by a tusk ogre troll looking alien in a bar. Still not sure if that's a good thing." Stargirl shrugs, space is weird. "After awhile you will find that Jack and Vance don't always play well with others." she grins in amusement "They are kind of wanted in an intergalatic sense of the word. "Wow, modesty, something that is in short supply here.

Whitney will chuckle at the conversation, adding for Stargirl, "I prefer Scotty. New Scotty or Old Scotty. Though LaForge was sexier than either of them." She follows along after jack, eager to get her hands on those engines. "Are there manuals? Help files? Or am I going to have to retro engineer all this?" She's not sure which sounds more exciting to be honest! The enthusiasm for either prospect is bubbling up in her voice, "Don't tell me all the aliens are like space spiders except Superman. That would be so totally disappointing. Androgynous aliens are fine by me." she says to Stargirl, "Just as long as it is sexy androgyny. But a tusk ogre troll doesn't sound very ambiguous. Big and nasty." she giggles to herself, then looks mortified, "I totally didn't giggle. Ignore that. But we are talking about aliens. For real aliens. You need to chaperone me when we meet them by the way, because I think I would totally be down for alien sex. Just cause right? I love me some Kirk. If it was good enough for him, it is good enough for me is all I'm saying. Also…smart might not be enough to figure out alien tech sexy britches." That's presumably to Jack? "But I do have an ace up my sleeve as far as that goes."

That was probably more alien sex talk from the girl who has yet to meet aliens than a casual conversation with Vance. Jack is sort of stunned a little but grinning just the same, cause for all puproses, its way better to her a girl being that open about that then listen to Vance's 'war' stories. "Did you just use the word britches?" As if that's all he took from it, though he seriously took a lot more. He is moving to the ship and knows enough to get to the panels where the main components are. "No manual, sort of learn by experience. I think most intergalactic mechanics have to play by ear, so must be some universal standards or something. This should be the engine, I can open up the compartments inside so you can get the 360." View of the engine that is. There are probably tools around to open it up even. He'll let her do what she likes from this point, "So, wait, if Kirk showed up, you'd totally jump him, or you mean androgynous aliens' only?" Mabye he was listening.

"Well I certainly wouldn't kick the new Scotty out of bed, not with an accent like that." so she likes an accent. What girl doesn't. The mention of space spiders makes her shiver with distaste "If there are space spiders, I want nothing to do with them…Ever!" there is a bit of a chuckle at Whitney's willingness to bang aliens "Good luck finding one with matching gentalia. It's not at all like Star Trek up there. And the universal translators are big, clunky machines of suckage." she does what she can to help Jack get the panels off "You could probably search the ships database for information about both sexy aliens and engine schematics.

"If James Tyberius Kirk showed up right here, right now? Oh, it would be on like Donkey Kong." The blond laughs as she looks at the exposed bits of the ship, digging into her bag she's brought along. "Oh yeah. Talk to me…" she's probably talking to the ship at that point, "Seriously. Kirk is like this great combination of boy scout and bad boy. Like, how do you even mix those two together?" She stops to remove the glove on her right hand, then she and detaches the sleeve covering her right arm. Seems she listened to Jack's suggestion. She's also wearing a new arm, shiney and chrome. One of the fingertips opens and light pours out for her exam of the engine. "So…yeah. Can see it has been heavily worked on. Looks like some modifications and improvements." Reluctantly she pulls her attention away from the engine, "Umm, yes. I used the word britches. I used it as part of "sexy britches' as in, Jack Flag, you are sexy britches. Not that your pants are that great. It has more to do with how you fill them out, though in this case it may or may not been a generic term of affection." by that point, she's got her head back into the compartment, making googly eyes at her new romance, the tech. Stargirl does get a look and a smile, "He's cute right. And wow. This is so disappointing. A universe full of non hottie aliens. Oh well…a lifetime of naughty dreams have been crushed. I guess I'm going to have to narrow my quest for love and sexytimes to humanity. Whoa is me." She amuses herself, giggling. Touching a bonafide spaceship is a well known cause of giddy joy afterall. Better than booze.

"No, don't search the database for sexy aliens, next thing we know, one of the Corps will block as at a jump point, and we'll be on another wanted list for looking at space porn," says Jack, though joking, cause Whitney could look for alien hotties all she likes from his stand point. "Space fantasies are probably fullfillable, but not like Kirk made it look - cozy beds and hotties every where you turn, more like you'd probaly have to work at it. I guess no different than earth just, like Stargirl said, conversation is easier had if you speak the same language." Looking at what Whitney is doing like he understands, which he doesn't, "Ya, the lifesupport got a little messed up, I sort of had to use the hull inside to knock someone out, we sort of fritzed the wiring I think."

Whitney nods along with Jack's comments, moving to yank open another access panel. Then another swiftly follows as she mutters to herself. She is pointedly not touching any of the stuff inside the hatches, resisting the urge to just 'know' what everything does. But eventually she gives in and lets herself start touching, to confirm her guesses. "Ew. Space porn. No. I just was hoping for a green space hottie. To make me an official space adventurer. I don't have some weird space sex fetish…well, other than maybe zero gee sex. No, that's not a fetish. Just bucket list stuff." She's prodding and probing the guts of the ship the whole time, the talking sort of sideline to her actual focus. "Yeah. I can see the patching. Damaged this circuitry over here, lucky you haven't had to use the backup on that flow line. Wouldn't have been fun." She reaches back to dig into her bag and she pulls out some Stark Glasses, and slips them on so she can record what she's looking at. "Trouble spot #1." she marks the spot for later retrieval. She then moves back to an earlier hatch and starts tracing another line. "Well, I can certainly improve some of the things I'm seeing. Assuming you have the parts. If not, then I'll need to work out how to fabricate this stuff. I'm not sure my three d printer would be high enough quality."

"Huh, zero g," ponders Jack, as if that thought never occured to him. Then again, not like human girls were around for him to even ponder that thought. More like, how to get back to earth, or how to escape being caught. "I think going into space on an adventure is the real qaulifier, green hottie would make you a space veteran." Like there's a whole system up there, if Vance was brought in, there actually probably is one. Looking around about the spare parts, "Ya, when we get a ship like this, we don't get the spares usually - actually if you need space credit in a pinch, you sell it off if they do have anything. Everything not tied down must go." Giving a look to Stargirl, then back to Whitney, "If we take you to a independent space port, think you could find what you need?"

While the two have been talking about space sex and hot aliens, neither of which Stargirl has shown any interest in, in the short time that Jack has known her. Or even relationships with earth people either for that matter, she did shoot Vance down even. Well she has been texting back and forth with someone. That conversation seems to be over now and she slips the phone back into her costume. "Yeah Vance and I had to sell of a bunch of stuff to supply Jack's rescue mission that was never made." she gestures to the ship's storage area "We can sell that stuff if we need space credits.

"Now how am I supposed to answer that question honestly Jack Flag? I told you I don't play by the rules. So you set me in a position where if I say yes I can totally fabricate the parts I've noticed that need to be replaced, I get to spend some hard work retro-engineering these parts and manufacturing them. Orrrrrr….I could say no, I totally can't fix them, and let's go to a space port to buy them. Space port." She pulls her head out of a access area and looks over at Stargirl for help, "Is it just me or does that sound like even Captain America might tell a fib right there? You look like you know him…" then she pauses and looks over at Jack, "Say…do I have to be some sort of red, white, and blue person? Cause I'm down with liberty and justice for all, but not so much as a one nation kind of thing."

Chuckling a little and shaking his head the same, Jack rubs at his neck. "What, no, its not a set up honest. You'd have a better idea what you're looking at. If you see something that works we can figure out a trade or something. I don't want you to have to fabricate from scratch or honestly say you could figure out some space system you've never seen before. I mean, what's easiest for you, we can take you up there and try to find something, or you could fabricate if you want. And I don't want to overstep and ask you too do too much either?"

"Look, I don't know how you think this works, but if you give me any options here and one of them is 'go to space port' then I'm going to choose that one. Not because I can't fix the parts. not because it is too much work. Not because anything but 'go to space port'. See what I'm getting at here? I get that to you, going to 'the space port' is like, going to the corner store. But me, I'm an Earth Girl. I am also an Earth Girl who has been a science fiction geek her whole life. So yes. I vote for "going to the space port" where there will probably be aliens and more incredible bits of technology that shouldn't work but do. I vote for that." She plucks her head out of the guts again and looks at him, "If I knew you better, there would be more cursing and general inappropriateness, but I don't want to get tossed off the ship before 'the space port'."

"What, inappropriate, you totally talked about shaking up with Kirk and hot green dudes, with accents." Or maybe part of that was Stargirl's two cents on the topic she didn't care to enter. Jack shrugs, "But part of that was me trying to get you to say, yes, space port please. Just cause that whole geeking out things is just fun to watch. Its decided then, more like, when can you go is the real question?"

Stargirl playfully gives Jack a shove "Quit confusing the poor woman." she chides "I totally get where you are coming from, Whitney. It's only been a few weeks since I joined up with the crew. I'm not anything near being a geek." quite the opposite really, former cheerleader/gymnast and such "And I was just as excited about seeing all of space as you are."

She laughs and says, "I have my toothbrush and assorted other things packed along with a change of underwear, if indeed I am wearing any. So I am ready to go. Take me to your leader and or space port." She pats her bag and starts closing hatchs, "And if Starry here is right and there are design schematics in the ship computer, I have plenty of reading material for the trip." After closing the last hatch she winks at him, "I have only touched the surface of my inappropriate behavior, and trust me, I can go NC17 on your ass, so don't tempt me." She then points at Stargirl, "See! She gets it! Space! The final frontier baby! Han Solo trying to get in my pants cause lets face it, I'm way sexier than Leia, but if he has a thing for cinnamon bun hair, I am down for that too."

Chuckling as Stargirl gives him a push, Jack nods, "Sorry, ya, I was just seeing how long she would hold out. I'm good for space trip. But if you have time to rock the cinnabon hair, we can wait. It is pretty hot." He'll move to help close the hatches just the same. "And no green space dudes in the ship, its not like we get our own rooms and lots of privacy. And honestly, if there is a Applejack toy from BK floating around, its not mine."


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