(2014-08-25) You Would Have Done the Same
You Would Have Done the Same
Summary: Jack Flag meets with Power Woman to give thanks, she indicates he probably would of done the same
Date: (2014-08-25)
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The pod aimed at Metropolis had been about a week ago, removed from the site it was probably noticed that SHIELD showed up with some of the other outfits. A harrowing few days of activity and virtually nothing. Then it came through the channels, the man in the pod was wanting to meet with Power Woman. A destination was chosen and said man went to that rooftop to meet with the woman.

Unlike casual while in the pod, he was decked out at least in his heroing attire. Something of Captain America clone, except rather than the skin tights, his is more material at least. Short sleeved jacket, stars on the shoulders, pants more closer to jeans the super hero outfit, red boots, gloves and red mask. Not cloth, this one more like a goalie mask at least. There he waits, watching out over the horizon, not sure where Power Woman might come from, Jack simply paces and watches. Kicking at some of the rooftop 'rocks', pondering picking up one just to toss out of curiousity but realizing he doesn't know where that might land and while slim chances, no reason to risk potentially hitting someone. So, he just lightly kicks them across the roof top, letting them skitter across the other rocks.

When Power Woman received a communication across the League comm network from SHIELD, she responded promptly. Sure, she could meet someone to discuss last week's viral pod incident. Within minutes, Karen Starr freed herself from her other obligations. But the only warning Jack Flag gets of her approach is the gust of wind accompanied by her appearance, cape flapping, hovering a foot off the rooftop behind him.

Yeah, she's that fast. It helps avoid those who would try to track her.

"You're … the guy from inside the pod. Stargirl's friend. She said your name was Jack, yes?" Kara Zor-L offers, smiling. "I take this to mean she and her allies were able to find a cure for you?"

Turning with a hint of a startle, he overstates the obvious, "Geeze, that was fast. Thank goodness you're not a ghost, that would be creepy." But he nods at her greeting, and warms to her smile. "Yes, Jack - Jack Flag." Who has little noteriety except maybe in Arizona at best, around Tuscan and the southern border there. He offes a warm hand over, simply to be friendly. "Or Jack Harrison, if you like." Not hiding that, if anyone cared to figure it out, Power Woman (and/or Justice League and associates) could easily figure all that out just the same. "Sort of a cure, they figured out the virus and the best way to kill it without killing me. I don't think what would work on the rest of the population though. I tend to heal a little better then most." By way of explaining as best he can, the science behind him.

"I really wanted to say thanks and apologize, I think you or your friends might of been hurt. I don't think you or your friend were the targets. I'm sorry it happened."

Kara just gestures to Jack's attire. "If you wear that, and follow the example of the man I think you do, Jack, then you know all too well that there's no apology necessary. We just did what we had to do, to help you, and save as many innocent civilians as we could." Kara accepts the hand, giving a gentle squeeze of her own. Whether she is aware of his callsign, or his rep, she gives no sign. But the League does keep track of such things, so they probably have a file. And with her Kryptonian memory … chances are better than fifty-fifty, at least. "I'm glad that your friends were able to help you. And that we prevented anyone else from getting sick." There's no sign of Kara's injury to be seen. "For the record, my friend and I are fine. Her leg will be fully healed by the end of the week. She's already fully mobile."

Looking down at his uniform, Jack grins then chuckles a little. He lifts his mask to make for better conversation. She's already seen his face, nothing to hide. "Ya, something like that, what I intended to do at first at least. Got crazy, turned around, but same thing, protect the innocent, uphold justice." Not merely per the letter of the law, but the intent perhaps. "And ya, I'd do the same, don't know if I'd do much for the likes of you, but ya, I'd put my body on the line. I'm glad she's doing better and is mobile." Said like a man who still feels sorry for what he caused, even if he didn't really.

"I don't know if anything else will happen, but that 'attack', I figure you should know. We don't expect another like that here on earth, it was aimed at us, but you should know, being the most capable of preparing for it."

Power Woman nods to Jack. "I appreciate the update. We already have some interstellar concerns, and I'd prefer not to add any more, if I can avoid it." she admits. "As I understand it, you, Stargirl and the others operate off-planet, more often than not? If you catch any intel about a rogue planet called Mongo, we'd appreciate anything you can tell us."

Listening to Power Woman, Jack nods at that. "Mongo, eh, we could ask around. Just curious, is that in the Milky Way do you know, or elsewhere. I mean we can ask around, just outside our galaxy, we'd have to push it up the chain." Heck, for all he knows, Mongo is something Justice has heard of, but with Justice, there's no telling what his frame of reference is - the present, the past from the 70s, or Justice's past from the 31st Century. "Nova Corps, or higher, Green Lantern - I mean, we might step outside to protect the Galaxy or Earth if we can, but that's more trouble than its worth." As if all that would make sense, but its Power Woman, so it very well may make sense to her.

Power Woman nods. "Honestly, we know only that they are coming this way. I have telemetry to back-trace several attacks they've launched towards us - mostly meteor showers - but nothing yet to pin down the actual planet and their flight path." she answers honestly. "Start with your contacts, local, see what they've heard, what they know. If you find nothing, then consider sending it up the food chain to whatever other resources you have access to." They have a Green Lantern in the League, but he has been off-world since before they narrowed down this threat. "Whatever you can find would be useful."

"Certainly," grins Jack for the moment, "Anything to help." As if for him, it would be an honor. Directly for Power Woman and even indirectly for Captain America even, its right up his league it would seem. "If you like, we can keep in touch. If we're up there and can potentially help stop some of those attacks, let us know." Then again, any direction outward in a sphere from earth leaves a lot of space to cover and unlike some travellers in space, they're limited to known jump sites and space lanes. "This is awesome," he says, letting out some of that excitement. Forget 'patrolling' the galaxy, this is like helping Earth and, more directly, America.

The floating blonde woman smiles wryly. "Well, awesome is as awesome does, Jack. Thanks for the info. Let us know if you find anything out there. And good luck." She extends her hand again, giving Jack another shake, and then as he lets go … *blurr* … she's just gone, with nothing but a ripple of air to show which direction she went.

Darned disappearing heroes!

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