(2014-08-25) On the Nature of Spirits
On the Nature of Spirits
Summary: Gearbox comes across Ghost Fox, as they two chase the same target - the technical and spiritual worlds collide, but in harmony
Date: (2014-08-25)
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NPCs: Lei Peng and his small arm of the local Tongs in Gotham
Scene Runner: Mutual
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Even during the day, the not-so-tourist side of Chinatown could take on a sinister appearance. Beyond the regular markets, medicine shops, and stable eateries oriented to the inhabitants, there were more service oriented areas. Laundry, industrial products production, warehouses. The sort that only workers or service trucks tended to enter/leave on a regular basis. Not far from here was a milk factory, such that with regular runoff, steam vents weren't uncommon here - hot enough that even a few still blew white mist even on warm summer days.

Lei Peng also made this his place of operation, out of a fish packing plant. He would take fish from the markets taht didn't sell and repackage it for distribution throughout the region, mostly to schools that couldn't afford 'fresher' product and didn't know any better when the frozen fish came to them. It was also a cover, he was a local enforcer for one of the East Cost Tongs. Grew up in the neighborhood, did collections, was now keeping the street kids in order. They fish plant also served to launder money, a money man from higher up came a few days a week to run the books and make sure Lei Peng was keeping up with his end of things. There was also a rumor of human trafficking, but nothing to confirm this.

The later was the reason Naenia Suen was here, or more specifically the Ghost Fox. In '27 stutz limo, the car looked out of place, or at least out of time. But no one questioned it, even with the odd looking driver. It rolled into a back alley and Ghost Fox got out, a few blocks from the fish plant. Along with her was Junjie, a living jade lion (rui shi). The two took to a fire escape and made their way to building next to the plant, waiting for Lei Peng to show up, observing quietly for the moment.

Observing is what Gear specialized in. Her mobile command center was parked down on a side street, currently 'dressed' as a battered service van for 2 Fat Guys plumbing. The sides were decorated with an old cartoon of two prototypical fat plumbers that were both rather reminiscent of Mario, though one had a beard. One rotor drone was up in the air, having launched from the van five minutes ago. It was loitering high above the fish factory. Around the factory there were at least a half dozen micro cameras put in place to monitor the factory and the comings and goings. Up on a rooftop, Gear was switching out yet another camera and doing a bit of recon the old fashioned way.

The eye in the sky picked out movement on the rooftops nearby and Whitney watched Ghost Fox and her odd companion move closer to her position. She piloted the high flying drone for a better shot while signalling her van to prep the next drone for launch sequence. She was in the process of building files on supers, both good and bad, so it didn't surprise her that she didn't have anything on this new face. After contemplating just ghosting out and heading back to the van, she decided to hold her ground and watch, tugging one of her machine pistols out into the open.

Gearbox is a slim, athletic woman in her late teens or early twenties. She has fairly broad shoulders for her size but its her long legs and tiny waist that dominate her figure.

She has a heart shaped face with a sharp jawline and a dainty chin. She has something of a baby face with full cheeks that always seem to have a hit of blush to them. Her eyes are hidden behind a modified domino mask with white filters over the eyes themselves. The rest of her outfit is white leather from the look of it. She wears a tight leather helmet with a short brim. Large goggles generally can be found up around her forehead, but sometimes she actually does pull them down over her eyes. She wears a white longsleeve minidress with kneeboots and gloves. A small backpack rides on her back and on her chest she has a Gear symbol.

With enough cameras out, including the drone(s), the arrival of Lei Peng would be noticed by Whitney first. Coming in his own black limo - more a cadallic like car being used as a limo to draw less suspicion. Though the tinted windows do not help with that less suspicious intent - nor do the fellows riding front/back on zippy little motorcycles.

As if that is some cue, as they pull up and the bike guys part and dismount to look around the area, Ghost Fox decides it is time for herself to move as well. With a few words/sounds oriented at Junjie, the two beging to move. The woman, dressed in green hood, tabbard and long boots, begins to leap and bound down from the building not unlike parkour, the lion not far behind, bounding ledges on items such as fire escapes and awnings.

Because of the lion, being jade, and it making a noice during one move, the attention on the ground is alerted, and they draw weapons. A big man in the limo, opens a door to get Lei Peng out and into the building it would seem.

When Lei Peng shows up, Whitney gets her second surveillance drone into the air, the plastic vehicle launching out the top of the van, swiftly climbing up to provide aerial coverage of the area. She wants to be able to keep track of Ghost Fox as well as the newly arrived crime boss. Letting her cameras feed her what is happening, she takes the time to replace her initial reason for being on the roof. She switches out her static camera with the higher quality replacement, stashing the old one back into her pack. With that business accomplished she starts padding after Ghost Fox and that Jade animal. Is it jade? It really looks like a lion made out of jade. That is crazy!

Then the odd pair bound down from the rooftops and the clattering of the precious stone beast draws the attention of the guards and weapons are drawn. "Crap." says Gear and immediately a third drone begins pre-launch sequence, this one replacing the extended flight batteries of the other two drones with a machine pistol assembly and a more robust airframe. Still unsure of what Ghost Fox's intentions are, she hurries to get closer, hopping down from the roof as well.

Whether sheer luck or otherwise, Ghost Fox doesn't seem to be hit by bullets as she descends to the ground. Junjie not so much, but being jade seems to afford him some protection from normal bullets. While certainly men with weapons are deadly, it seems Ghost Fox is prepared for this. Through various moves, bounds, sweeps of feet, she rounds on two of them and puts them down, much the same so does the lion. Good thing would be no one has died at least, its as if they make the effort to simply incapacitate them.

Lei Peng makes it into the building and two men with automatic short nosed weapons come out to guard that entrance.

Not knowing she is watched, she addresses them, "You have no fight with me, repent your ways and live prosperous lives." As if in answer to that, one fires at Ghost Fox and any observers will note the bullets seem to pass through her. With a grin, this seems to upset the two guards, one might be ready to run, but Junjie leaps and snaps at their weapons to disarm them.

Narrating to herself as she hops down in pursuit of Ghost Fox and Jade Lion, Gear comments, "Well, non lethal force being used. I'm going to guess I am witnessing another vigilante in action. Nice moves. That lion is freaking me out." She makes sure she gets some good shots of it, cause there is no way that thing can be made out of jade. No way! Yanking her pistols out she sprints to catch up, peppering a man rushing to the scene with a weapon out. A solid burst of gel rounds puts the man down, and she pauses her sprint to snatch up his weapon, stuffing it into her backpack before racing forward.

Arriving in time to watch the bullets pass through Ghost Fox she blurts, "Okay…that's cool." Then she opens fire on the guards, spraying them with non-lethal fire. Pepper rounds and gel rounds combine to give the gunmen something to think about other than ghosts.

About to address the men more, the arrival of Gearbox gets Ghost Fox's attention. With the woman and Junjie, the outside finally has a moment of silince, no guns firing presently. Everyone else inside except the two women and the lion. Ghost Fox seems to take a moment analyzing the situation. Though, that Gearbox hit some of the guards with non-lethal fire, it seems to be she is an ally at least, the enemy of my enemy mentality. "Thanks," she says, stoiclly but not totally impersonal. "Lei Peng is mine." Whatever that means, as if Gearbox came for him specifically.

Then the large body guard comes out, a large baton like weapon in one hand and a band on his other. The band has some symbol painted on it. "He is no ones, you've no business here spirit!" More towards Ghost Fox, but he looks suspiciously at Gearbox too, not expecting two vigilantes in one day it would seem.

Ghost Fox draws a revolver like jade pistol and fires at the large personal guard, but a shimmer indicates the band is some sort of mystical shield, that deflects her bullets. He laughs a little, but doesn't proceeed yet, unsure what Gearbox will do, he takes a few steps forward from the side door of the fish factory.

The combat drone takes to the air, the beat of its rotors louder than the surveillance drones. It's flight path is much more direct as well, flying across the rooftops towards the factory. GB provides minimal guidance, letting the drone do the piloting while she speaks with Ghost Fox. "I'm GearBox. I am not here for Lei Peng." She was here for the money actually, not knowing about the human trafficing other than as a rumor.

Then the bodyguard comes out and the time for conversation seems past. After the first shots ring out, she lifts her twin machine pistols and tests the magic band's ability to deal with her decidedly non-magical rounds. Both weapons spit out bursts of gel, "Is this a magic party or can anyone play?"

"Anyone may play," responds Ghost Fox, as Gearbox opens and her weapon fires at and hits the man's 'shield'. Being more physical, the gel seems to hit and splatter more on the shield itself, it shows a decided 'outline,' that one could get around. "I am Ghost Fox," responds the woman, using her more spiritual name, as a way of greetings. Even she can see the shield taking form thanks to Gearbox using her weapons. Even as this happens, it starts to blink just a little, as if it can only take so much blunt physical force - more intended to stop Ghost Fox's weapons it would seem. Then it blinks enough for a few rounds to get in, starting to immobilize the man with Gearbox's non-leathal methods.

Ghost Fox, looks curious at it - the man, the mystical shield and then Gearbox and her weapons, "My thanks again," because she wasn't sure how long it might take to get past and if Lei Peng would try to find another exit. "Junjie, fetch Lei," she tells and the lion, having taken to panting with its tongue out while sitting casuall gets up and bounds into the factory for the moment.

Red mist forms in the air as her pepper rounds pop on that shield and release their capsaicin into the air. GearBox slowly heads towards the man, putting the pistol in her right hand away. "Get on the ground!" she tells the man as she gets closer. While she doesn't look away from the potential danger of the big man, she does follow the lion's movement with her cameras. "Is this some sort of magical thing? I didn't know this was mystical. I might have stayed away. This isn't the kind of thing I normally deal with."

"This, no particularly," responds Ghost Fox as Junjie seems to be running through the factory. The sounds of workers indicates they are not expecting what would otherwise be a guardian statute bounding through their work. "They learned that I was coming and prepared as such." To explain why the mystical stuff is going on. The man stays on the ground, now without a shield he is suspectable to both and tries to be compliant with Gearbox.

Ghost Fox continues, "Lei Peng has taken girls from his factory and sold them to men in my city." Which is actually NYC, but she doesn't seem to specify, "This evil can not be allowed to continue."

"So the rumors of human trafficing were true?" says GearBox. She makes an ugly face at that news, then jabs two fingers into the big guard and hits him with a jolt of electricity before she pulls out a heavy duty zip tie to try and get him tied up. Her combat drone moves into position overhead, the drone making a loud buzz in the background. "That is some dirty business." Meanwhile, the other drones watch the area, the first drone moving into a higher station where it can monitor traffic. Gear doesn't like to be surprised by the police.

Junjie returns with Lei Peng, seems he was banking on the guard and wasn't fully prepared. He seems to be saying something in Chinese, maybe trying to ward off spirits. Ghost Fox returns to Gearbox, "Yes, very dirty indeed." Ignoring the man for the moment. "What I do next, you do not have to watch," she states, before turning to the man Junjie has dragged out.

"Lei Peng, your time has come, you must now serve my realm," and she goes forward to simply touch him. Unlike the ghost stuff before, her hand seems to make contact with the man and he begins to moan.

Gear quickly takes the wallet, phone, and hidden pistol of the large bodyguard. Then she grabs that baton, but unlike the other items, she doesn't stash it in her bag. She eyes it curiously, distracted by the arrival of Lei Peng. She looks up from her position over the bound guard and watches what transpires. She probably would have interfered if it was something she understood. A pistol to the head or something along those lines, but instead it is simply a touch, and the results seem less than lethal, "Where does he run the girls through? He doesn't use this place does he?"

"One of the deliver trucks, to net the girls and delivery them up the coast. It looked like regular distribution, I chanced upon one deliver more than fish." It is a simple fact, she watches the man moan until his eyes roll up, then she turns to look at Gearbox, "There should be no more troubles from this one." Though she wasn't following the criminal activity here, so most likely another could take his place. The man slumps over. "What was your interest here," she ponders of Gearbox. Even as she asks casual, an odd thing happens with Lei Peng, he sort of rises, but not his body. Like a spirit of him begins to stand up where his body was.

"Drugs and drug money. Following the flow of money upstream to find the bigger fish. Taking out dealers does nothing but fill up the jails. You've got to go higher up to get anything done." responds GearBox as she looks at the fallen Lei Peng. "It's what I do, follow the paper." And the higher she goes, the more money for her a skeptic might say. She looks about to add something else, but then that 'spirit' rises up from Lei Peng's body, "Holy crap!" Okay…that one freaked her out. Bullets going through Ghost Fox could have been a superpower. The jade lion is well…it could be super tech. But that's clearly not natural science right there. "Is he dead?"

Nodding as she listens to what Gearbox does, it makes sense, she goes for the bigger fish, but for a different reason. Blinking and looking at the man, or ghost now, she responds, "His body in this realm is inanimate, his spirit now serves my realm - penance for the evil he has commited while living." As if that explains everything. She then addresses Lei Peng, "Go to the corner of market street, where you get the fish, get in the car there." The ghost turns and nods, as if obediant now. He meanders in that direction, fading through the walls to go directly there. He sort of has that moaning look on his face, as if the moment he passed from the mortal realm.

Warning lights start pinging as her systems pick up police en route. She notes the ETA then gets up to step over to Lei Peng's body, touching his neck to check for a pulse. "His body is inanimate? Dead?" Whitney looks up from the body, "Your realm? Are you saying the big man here was right? You are a spirit? A ghost?"

She doesn't pick up on the police like Gearbox can, but she may have other means to leave the area. Looking to the jade lion a moment, she ponders the question then looks back to Gearbox. "A ghost, yes, something like that. A visitor from elsewhere more likely. I believe some understand ghosts as the spirits of your dead - I have never truly lived in your world." Then a look to the lifeless body of the living Lei Peng, "I come for men like him, it is a necessity for my world to exist."

With no pulse to be felt, Whitney is sorely confused. She stands up and wipes her fingers on her skirt. "So…yeah. Dead. He's dead that is. You are from…not this world? Like, through the looking glass? That sort of thing?" She checks the scene then says, "I am from here, and don't want to be here when the police arrive, which should be in just under two minutes with current traffic. I don't know if you can be arrested or hassled…but me, I'm heading back to the rooftops before they get here. With that dead body there, this wouldn't not be a social call."

"Yes, not of this world," begins Ghost Fox, who pauses to think, recalling memories from the form she is in, "Yes, like through the looking glass." Looking up to the roof tops, she nods, "I did not mean to bring this to you. Lets go to the rooftops, I can answer your questions, perhaps you could answer some of mine?" What questions she might have is anyone's guess, but either way, its away from the police that are coming. Starting to head for something to climb up - fire escape, gutters, etc, she looks to Gearbox to see if she is amiable to continuing such a conversation.

Gear is definitely amiable to getting out of the location of a dead man. Once Ghost starts moviing, she does too. Her combat copter drops down and she hops to catch hold of its landing assembly, then swings from that to a fire escape and up she goes from there. The combat copter beats its own escape, clearing the airspace over the factory as the two surveillance drones climb until they are inconsequental specks.

Once she's on the rooftops, Whitney checks the progress of various police cars in the area on a map she always has open for that purpose, then quickly moves to yet another roof, putting some distance between herself and what is soon to be a swarm of NY's finest. Once that's done, she'll turn her attention to the the others on the rooftop, "So..spirit. Like, the spirit of christmas future and all that? You hunt criminals and then uh…take them to your world?"

The rooftops are definitely better for continued conversations. Once out of site of the street level, Junjia acts more like curious pet than anything else. Even going to check out Whitney. Sniffing and such, simple curiousity. Ghost Fox searches her memories for a response. "That, yes, like the christmas spirits, though I do not bring good will or teach men to repent. When I come they are too far gone. When I claim them, their spirit as you know it is bound to me in your world. There essence, it sustains my realm - the foundation of my world requires it." From life in general to the architecture and everything in between. She might have her own questions in return, but she allows Whitney to continue.

Whitney stands there on the roof with the jade lion sniffing at her. Her body is rigid as she remains ready to defend herself versus the impressive beast, though she's probably quite unsure how she'd go about handling a lion made out of jade. "So…your kitty here is friendly right? I'm no saint, he's not going to take a bite out of me to test to see whether I'd make some good firewood back in spirit land?"

"That is Junjie," explains Ghost Fox, then she actually smiles a little, the first time this day. "Or, here, that would be, Handsome Hero. Yes, he is friendly, he would only take a bite if I instructed him too." Then she looks back in the direction of the street, "Do you know of bigger fish? I know some in New York, cut I expect this to be a bigger operation." Which could either mean she wants to actually stop the human slave trade, or that her world needs more fire wood.

"Hello Junjie." still trying to process this whole magic thing, Whitney just decides to table that existential stuff for later and deal with the fact that a huge green liion is sniffing and being cute. She offers the back of her hand, "Handsome hero. That's a nice name. You certainly are handsome." Then she laughs at herself a bit, having broken out the babies and animals voice. Embarassed she looks up to Ghost, "Well, sure. I know lots of bigger fish I suppose. People high enough that they are more than I can handle. Ones with serious metahuman muscle, powerful lawyers and more."

Junjie doesn't mind the baby and animal voice, heck, he probably saunters up more to Gearbox as if she might pet him. Good thing he's jade versus some other stone, because he's smooth to the touch versus hewn and rough. Ghost Fox looks curious at him as if he totally betrayed her, but it could be more teasing, she lets him do what he will as an attention seeking hound versus an imperial guard/jade lion. "You could help me find them. My only other means is simply to make the little fish talk, they do not always wish to comply." And she probably just doesn't ghost any of them, the evil seems to be some requirement for her to completely claim them in a useful context. Maybe knowing something of the terms of the mortal world, she asks as well, "You are a … metahuman?"

"Yes. I am meta. Definitely not a spirit." She moves to pet Handsome Hero when he comes close. She can't help eyeing him intently, trying to see how he moves. Jade shouldn't be able to do that. "Well, I aint Batman. I'm still learning how all this works myself. I do a lot of spying and a lot of cell phone snooping." She pats her bag with her free hand, "You take a few phones you learn a lot. I generally learn a lot more that way than by pounding faces. They all want to tough it out, prove how big their balls are. That and by not talking they get to keep their balls, so there's that too."

Given to much time to ponder how it moves like that, and a big jade tongue might start liking fingers. Mouth opening and closing and all. "Then, I could bring you phones, and you could learn of other fish, in that sea?" As if considering that, maybe the human memories confirm, but she doesn't know herself, nor did Naenia Suen - on how to do that specifically. "Do you have like, a way to be contacted. I think I would appreciate if you could do that. I can help you as well." With the caveat of course, that when she finds certain big fish, the ghost things happens.

Whitney slips her free hand into her pack and extricates a plain white phone. She tosses it to Ghost Fox, not knowing if the ghostly woman can actually catch it. "Only number on that will get you to me. Just call it and leave a message and I will call you back on the same phone. I'm not sure what I think of this whole mystical vengeance thing, but…you seem to be on the right side, and I am not one to stick to all the rules." Looking back at Handsome Hero, "Huh…you are a cute guy. Scary, but really cute. I'm totally jealous of your mommy."

With some concentration she can pick up the phone, or catch it. More solid now than before even. "It is not about vengeance as a means of sustenance. These men have done nothing to the women of my world, but that they are tainted heavily, allows the relationship to be formed." More into the existential realm of things. Handsome Hero, as if knowing she's talking about him and/or Ghost Fox does the hmmph almost sneeze thing some dogs do when addressed, and it shakes its head in a semi-circular motion. Being jade though, nothing really flops around other than the movement seems natural. "If these are men you seek, I will let you know which are viable for my people and we can discuss it further." As if, she'll only go after them alone, or not deadify the ones Whitney might suggest against. Perhaps there are still enough evil men elsewhere that she can keep that part away from Whitney?

Big bodyguard's phone starts rining in Whitney's backpack. She tugs it out and checks it, then takes a moment to fiddle with it. "So…they build up bad karma from the evil shit they do, and when they've got enough, you can send them to your spirit world?" She puts the phone away, "Peng's little empire is starting to buzz like a hornet's nest that's been kicked. I'm thinking the power transition is going to be messy. I've only done a little bit of research, but I don't think Peng had groomed anyone to take over. A handful of likely candidates, and they are all probably doing headcounts to see who has the muscle to make the play for the big chair." Speculation about the impending gang war out of the way she goes back toptting the sneezing liion, "I have my list of my most wanted right now. Guys I've been working my way up to. Trying to find places and times where I might be able to go at them. Safely. I don't want to die for the cause you know?"

"Yes, I doubt they will have enough of that bad karma, those lackeys. For now at least. I will help you with your most wanted list, so that you may go after them safely." Grinning just a little at the interactions between Whitney and Junjie, she pauses. "An exchange, for any help you provide me for those that would be on my 'list'. " Not that her's is a real list, specific names, only finding the ones she would be able to claim. Looking at the phone a moment, then back to the other woman. "In this world, I am known as Ghost Fox, but this form, I am Naenia." As if to give the other woman her name.

"Oh…nice to meet you Naenia. Do you actually…live in this world at all? I mean, eat, sleep, do all that stuff? Or do you just come here to clean up the bad guys then go back home to spirit land?" She chews on her lip a bit, contemplating. While she does that, she strokes the lion's main, trying to get a feel for what jade hair feels like, "I'm Whitney. I don't normally go around telling that name to people, secret identity and all that."

Jade hair feels like jade, with smooth groves and lines where the normal curls of the rui shi/lion would be. Pushing hard enough might move a line like normal hair, just the curls don't pull up or away from the body like normal hair. "Whitney, thank you." For sharing the name. "I do, live, yes. I picked up this life and continue to live it. It has me more curious, about mortals. I play the violin for the symphony and keep up with school work. So it is normal. I could go back to my realm, but as an emissary of my people, it is required that I live here, in your orld."

Whitney leaves the lion alone for a moment, to focus on the woman. "So…okay. You do live a normal life. Huh. Have you been doing this long? Don't you worry about sharing your personal details with me? it might lead to problems for you." She's not exactly what sort of problems a spirit might get, but she's going with the 'normal person' part of the equation. "An emissary, so a diplmat too?"

"Only briefly," explains Naenia, trying to get a good grasp on that statement, "Several months in your time." That seems to be about right. "Note quite like a diplomat, there is not, politics involved. As a representive of my realm, I am granted the right to seek out individals of an evil taint and am allowed to claim their souls. They do not pass into the normal realms of death." She did indicate plurual in that instance. "As well, I strive to seek what motivates humans. We are curious." Though the we business might indicate they have been doing this for a while as an entire realm, even if she is new to this mission.

"Huh…well…fuck a duck. That is pretty odd." Whitney laughs and shakes her head, "You run into people with powers and you get to thinking you got a handle on the weird stuff in the universe. But then you meet honest to goodness spirtual shit. Wow." She pauses to guide drone one back to the truck, personally piloting the landing. She checks the battery life on number two, runs the police map, then she's back to listening to Naenia, "Okay…wow. I'm a little freaked out by the talk of souls and spirits and magic stuff to be honest. I'm a nuts and bolts hard science kind of gal. But…uh, welcome to our world. I hope you've had a good cheeseburger already. If that's kosher that is."

Thinking on that a moment, she actually chuckles a little. "Yes, sort of, I know of a good place, but I haven't personally tasted it, just the memory of those good cheeseburgers." As if she hadn't thought about flavor and taste until Whitney brought that up. "I think we are similar, I might understand some basic of your science, but it is beyond me. Maybe we can share that as well. Should you have spiritual problems, I could be your … 'gal?' and if you could help with technology." As if forgotten, Junjie head bumps Whitney lightly, knowing he's a heavy peice of stone object it seems, he's careful with the bump. "I am glad to meet you Whitney, even if happenstance has crossed our pathes."

Whitney laughs when she's bumped and starts rubbing him with her right hand. He doesn't seem brittle, so she can give him a bit firmer of a rubbing with that hand. "Okay. So…good. So, you have a name and play in the symphony. You have more talents than fighting bad guys, and…do they have violins where you come from, or are you a ghost? Like, from here originally? I'm sort of confused by that. And yeah, if you are ever needing tech help, or other help, or maybe just if you want to eat a cheeseburger with someone who appreciates them, you have my number on that phone." Well, not really her number, but it is something that she checks constantly. "I'm pretty much full time on this heroing gig. So my schedule is generally open, especially since I don't need to be on site personally for most stakeouts I run."

"Yes, we have violins and music where I come from. I didn't play an instrument there, but here, Naenia did, so I do as well." Naenia pauses for the moment considering all of this. "Whitney, perhaps we could do that, meet over a cheeseburger, we could talk more about this. As much as Junjie and you get along, perhaps in a regular setting, it will be easier? Fighting bad guys is only as an emissary. I try to figure out your human world as much as I can when not doing this. I enjoy the violin, and I am a math student. I enjoy art shows, and going to cafes. I listen to music and sometimes, I pretend I can dance. In the manner of your clubs." She probably knows more traditional dances from her world. "You could show me the best place to find cheeseburgers, here in this city. I normally am in New York …"

"Yeah?" Somehow spirits playing violins is one of the odder things she's heard today. Whitney blinks that tidbit into the back of her head and says, "Yeah. We could do that. We should do that. I work Gotham and New York. If I concentrated on Gotham too much i think the Bat would come and get me. And New York has plenty of crime for me to clean up around the edges even if Gotham is my home." A momentary pause as she notes an incoming helicopter, "We have a press helicopter heading out way. Not sure what they are hoping to see at this point. The police have cleaned everything up. I love math too. Probably not a surprise given the tech though. I like clubs and dancing as well, and my twerking probably is more pretend than real. So definitely. We should get together."

"Twerking," responds Naenia curiously, as if caught off guard, but then the memory comes to hear and she will blush at that one. Shaking her head finally, like the other wouldn't have to explain. Then a grin even, "Yes, I'll be on my way, but we will get together. Math and twerking it shall be then." Not that she could probably twerk at all - pretend or otherwise. "Thanks you Whitney and best of luck to you." Then she makes a tsk'ing noise to Junjie, as if a come, time to go. "When I call, you can trace the number?" More like she really could not a question, but a way of saying, no need to waste time exchanging numbers cause that would be way easier.

"Use that phone and I will be able to get back to you. Tracing calls is a lot of work and really hard with disposable cells. But I have the number for that phone, and it's got the number for my dropbox."

"Use that phone and I will be able to get back to you. Tracing calls is a lot of work and really hard with disposable cells. But I have the number for that phone, and it's got the number for my dropbox." The woman in the white suit grins, "So, yeah.Nomrally i give them to informants, but it works fine for giving me a ring for twerking and math." That said she gives a wave, "Alright then. It was a pleasure meeting you Naenia." Then she starts off across the rooftops. A bit of jogging and a few hops later, she disappears from view, heading to the streets to her van.

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