(2014-08-25) A Walk In The Park
A Walk In The Park
Summary: Various people meet during a period of time at Metropolis Park
Date: 2014-08-25
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It's a cloudy afternoon here in Metropolis, still even when cloudy, Metropolis stays busy. With the smell of rain in the air, people are going to and fro, where ever their destination takes them. A few dark clouds could be seen overhead, but after a while they dissipate and growing lighter. Today though Kyani has had quite a few deliveries here in Metropolis which was a bit odd for him, some to a few pharmaceutical companies and one to a small business group. But still he was done, coming into the park, he finds a really awesome Mexican food cart. Ordering a few burritos and two sodas, Kyani is looking to enjoy his lunch. Finding a place to sit, Kyani begins eating.

Caitlin Fairchild is hobbling her way through the Park as she carries what looks to be a couple fairly heavy bags. Her left leg is in some form of a boot/cast type thing yet she seems to be making good progress with it. She takes a minute to stop and catch her breath, finding a bench to sit at.

Metropolis! City of Tomorrow. It's one of the busiest, most advanced cities on the planet- and, of course, it has a educational system to match. Case in point, guest lecturer Dr. Henry McCoy, scheduled to give an open lecture on metahuman genetics.

But- that lecture's tomorrow, and Dr. McCoy has managed to make it to Metropolis early- and so he's out and about on a simple stroll, trying (and perhaps failing) not to attract too much attention .

Then again, as he makes his way through the park, he can't help but spy- "Caitlin? Is that you?" And, gallant thing he is, he steps in, holding one massive hand out to help with those bags. "May I?"

Meanwhile, nearby, there is a commotion in the nearby harbor, as a thoroughly soaked and annoyed Deadpool climbs out of the water. He turns around and shouts. "Aquaman, F-" and he's suddenly interrupted by a passing ship's fog-horn, which blares for a few seconds as he continues to shout, and as it fades out, one could perhaps hear, "-and those fishy little nipples too!"

Kyani kills the two burritos he had, and is now just enjoying his soda. As he drinks his soda, he looks around him watching people as they move through the park. Having been thinking a lot of what a few people he's talked to said, Kyani has been slowly working on things to help him get done what he needed. But as he watches the people he notices something he's not seen and that is a big blue man helping Caitlin. Quirking a brow, he gets up and walks over to where the two are.

"Hey Cait." he says. He looks to Hank, "Hello sir." he says as he watches Hank help Caitlin with her bags. "Hey I have a table over here." he says offering them to come sit with him. Kyani begins walking over to where his sodas are. "Prop that leg up too Cait." he says. "And who are you?" he asks Hank politely. Granted it's around that time, he hears a fog-horn going off. "I hate those things."

Caitlin Fairchild blinks slowly as someone mentions her name.. and not any someone but a Big Blue Someone. "Um…" She says, a look of fright on her face. "Caitlin? Who's that?" She's trying to back away, unsure if it's someone sent to get her. Then Kyani shows up and kind of ruins any attempt of anonymity. She gets up off the bench and backs away, taking on a defensive stance. "Kyani, back off." She turns to Hank, whom she doesn't recognize, and says, "Just try to take me. Others better than you have tried." She says, gritting her teeth in challenge.. She doesn't notice the foghorn or the exclamation from the famous fourth-wall breaker.

Hank McCoy pauses, looking over at Kyani- and as Caitlin tenses up, Henry raises his hands and takes a step back. "Ah, right. Caitlin? It's me. Hank. From Xavier's. I've, ah…changed, since then. As I see you have, too." he ahems a little bit, but still tenses his legs, just in case he may need to spring out of the way. "Comes as a shock, I know. Jean had mentioned you'd been, ah…busy."

Deadpool stalks away from the harbor, and occasionally pulls bits of seaweed off his costume, muttering. "F-" <HONK!> "-Aquaman and his-"<HOOOOOONK!> "-and then his pants too." He almost walks right into Hank, but stops short with a, "Whuh!"

Kyani backs off and blinks a few times. "Ok." he says as eh moves away from Caitlin and Hank. Then as he thinks about whats just happened, she didn't' recognize her name being called, but she knew who he was. He was about to say something, but he stops. It's best not to push things. But as Hank explains or tries to explains to Caitlin about change, Kyani gives the furry guy and bewildered look. "What change?" he asks. Then cue Deadpool, turning to see him nearly walk right into Hank but stops. "That's where I am." he says.

Caitlin Fairchild blinks, listening to what Hank says, and…. begins to giggle.. which then turns into a laugh, and then a full blown chortle. She places her bags down and hobbles over to Hank, giving him a big hug. "Damn you, Blue Boy. You had me going there." She let's go and takes a step back to get a look. "Wow… Amazing." She let's out a breath, still trying to deal with the adrenaline high. She looks to Hank still. "Shampooing must be a *bitch*, right?" Then comes in Deadpool, and she sees the sword.. and the guns… She doesn't take as overt a stance as she had prior, but she still looks ready. "Are you.. lost?" She looks to Kyani. "Is there some kind of comic convention in town?"

"Metahuman Mutation." Hank says to Kyani, even as Caitlin steps in for a hug- one he returns, albeit with just one massive arm. Gingerly, too- wouldn't want to overwhelm the poor girl. It's not like she's nigh-invulnerable, or anything. "Mine happened to manifest in a somewhat, ah…beastly appearance."

And then? Dude with sword. Hank furrows his brow, and neatly steps in front of Caitlin, putting himself between the mercenary and his friend. "Can we…help you?" he asks, tone still genteel.

"Holy-"<HONK!> Deadpool replies, totally ignoring the question. "You look like a furry fangirl's wet dream."

Kyani blinks as the two seem to be ok now, and when he is then asked about a comic convention, he furrows a brow up at Caitlin, "Oh now you trying to clown me?" he asks as he looks at her and walks back to his table and takes his soda and sips at it. "No, I had a few things to handle here and was going to be heading back to New York in a little bit." he says looking a bit oddly at her.

Looking to Hank, Kyani nods his head, and seeing that the man is pretty easy about talking about hat he is, but then again his mutation is pretty evident. "Well hey nothing wrong with that. My name is Kyani, and you are?" he asks and yes dude with a sword who is also just a bad mouth. Laughing Kyani shakes his head, "Dude don't go there." he says to DP.

Caitlin Fairchild nods as she listens to Hank with a smile.. "Uh.. Same here. I.. "developed" right before graduation. I stayed at the mansion with Charles to keep things under control while I went to Princeton." She smiles. "Don't take this badly, but it becomes you, really." She turns to Kyani.. "No… I meant…" She nods her head in Deadpool's direction, wondering why she's the only one who finds it odd for a man in a mask walking around with swords and guns in plain view. Though she has to laugh at strange man's comment. "Isn't that an oxymoron though? I mean, furry fanGIRLS?" She shrugs and hobbles over to Kyani's park table and sits. "What brings you to Metropolis, Hank?"

"Furry fangirl an oxymoron? Have you never heard of Bad Dragon?" Deadpool asks in response. He pauses and muses to himself, "Wait.. Maybe I'm browsing the wrong internet."

Hank McCoy does, in fact, find the whole situation rather odd. And he's a six foot tall blue ape-creature, so he should know. He sniffs a little, picking up the scent of saltwater on the soaking-wet merc. He takes a few steps back, still keeping a wary eye on Deadpool as he moves to stand next to (and notably putting himself in front of) Caitlin and Kyani. "I've been making the lecture circuit- puts me in Metropolis for a few days. Though I wasn't nearly expecting it to be so…colorful."

Kyani looks up and then looks to the merc and he shakes his head. "Figured." he face palms himself. Kyani looks to Caitlin and her friend Hank, "You guys want something to drink?" he asks. He extends his invitation for drinks to Deadpool as well, granted as he looks around he does notice that people are starting to stare and point towards Deadpool. "Ummm….dude, do you have a trench coat or something to cover up your weapons, poeple are starting to freak."

Caitlin Fairchild waves off Kyani's offer of a drink. "No thanks." She chuckles at Deadpool and shrugs, not knowing what he's talking about. "Are you speaking at MetU, Hank? I may go.. and I'll bring a guest too." She smiles as she stands. "I've been doing some shopping for the kids." She grins. "Oh! I'm teaching at the Academy! You should really swing by and see the kids." She nods to Kyani. "I'll see you around. You know where to find me if you need to talk."

Deadpool looks around. "WHAT THE-" <HONK!> "ARE YOU STARING AT?!" He shouts. "ALSO, WHO KEEPS BLOWING THAT-" <HONK!> "-ING HORN?!"

"At the University, yes- the details are posted online." And as Caitlin moves to head off, Hank reaches into his jacket and produces a business card- it looks comically tiny, held between two of his blue fingers. "Please, keep in touch. We'll have to take some time to catch up in a, ah…quieter locale." He shoots an irate glare over at Deadpool.

Deadpool gives Hank a look that conveys his innocence(yeah, right) in the situation. "What? They're both legitimate questions, I mean, fuck!" He pauses then looks surprised. "Weird, what happened to the-" <HOOOO-> He gets cut off again, and the sound drones on. Deadpool waits with a show of impatience. <-OOOOOooooooooo……..>, and Deadpool's impatience gives over to confusion.

Kyani stops walking and heads back over to the table and sits down, but as he does Caitlin is getting up. "You gotta leave now?" he asks as he looks to the woman. He shakes his head a bit, then looks over at the others there. He doesn't speak to Hank just yet, seeing as he and Caitlin know one another and with Caitlin needing to leave now, it would be better to let them speak before saying anything. Which at this time his attention goes to Deadpool, teh man is odd, there is nothing else he can say but dude is odd. Catching Hanks comment, he would agree, "So your a professor of some kind?" which is directed to Hank. He then looks to Deadpool as he hollers out loudly. "Man they are staring at you, chill." Kyani tells him. The people begin hurrying off in different directions.

Caitlin Fairchild walks over and takes the card from Hank, giving him another hug and a kiss on the cheek. "Absolutely. You really should swing by the school sometime." She says before patting Kyani on the shoulder. "Yeah, sorry. I've got to be back in Westchester before nightfall. The tram can only go so fast and I can't fly." She winks and just looks to Deadpool. "I hope you find what it is you're looking for…" She says, trying to find the nicest thing she can leave him with.

"Just a Doctor, at the moment- though given my itinerant nature, I don't think a Professorship would suit me." Hank says to Kyani- and then he can't help but grin a little at Caitlin's hug and smooch. "Please, stay in touch- I've been catching up with Jean and Cessily- a reminder of more innocent times, hm?" He grins- and then pauses, sparing a wary glance at Deadpool…

At which point Hank neatly reaches up with one hand and hoists himself into the branches of a tree- all the better to travel arm-over-arm, Tarzan style, through the park. It is, after all, the fastest way to get away from the crazy and armed internet-gimp-man.

"And here I thought Metropolis was going to be quiet." Hank murmurs to himself, irate.

"Everyone's a critic.." Deadpool mutters. He hits a button on his belt and vanishes.

"Ah ok." he says as he looks to Hank. "Well if you have the skills for it, maybe once your able." Kyani comments. But with Cait and Hank giving their goodbyes and now Hank looking to leave and well…..*head tilts up as Hank swings like a gorilla up and away.* "Well you don't see that everyday." he says. "See you later doc." Kyani calls. Shaking his head quickly, "So…." well now Deadpool who was last to join them is the third to leave. "Well damn." Kyani says. Alone, Kyani finishes his soda and in a flash he is gone.

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