(2014-08-23) Well Met
Well Met
Summary: Jack chances upon Kyani following the pod landing in Metropolis
Date: (2014-08-23)
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A good late summer day, the sort that reminds everyone fall is just around the corner despite it being just past midsummer. A long rain has started as a warm front moved back in to push away some slightly cooler air. Its been raining, sometimes just spitting, for the past few hours and everyone is finally trying to stick to indoors.

Today Jack finds himself at the Double R, finish up his recovery from the super virus that Despero launched at earth. Today he's seated at the bar here and not having his usual (burger/fries/shake), he's actually mixing it up a little bit, they had corned beef on the menu and he's not one to pass that up. Mostly half eating, he is turning on his stool to get a look over the rest of the restaurant.

It really is a nice da out today, one of the few times that Kyani loves being outside. It's been pretty odd for Kyani as of late, he's been spending a lot of time in Metropolis, liking the city a bit more then he does New York. Stepping out of the Carters Catering services, Kyani closes his eyes and lets the breeze help cool him off. He lets out a sigh only to hear the rumbling of his belly. He groans and rubs his stomach as he looks aroundfor a place to eat.

Walking down teh street, he finds a familiar diner. He laughs, it's the same place he delivered to, but that one was in Gotham. Walking inside and placing a quick order. Kyani walks over to a booth and sits down. He isn't really paying a lot of attention to the people sitting here eating or talking ot friends. His stomach was in contorl telling him. 'FEED ME KYANI!!!! FEED ME!!!!' well not really, but heck he is hungry.

Catching the man arrive, walk to the counter to place an order and seeing him take a booth, Jack seems to have a double take. Granted the view port had an impressive lunar display when other faces aside from Stargirl where around. But that voice thing they whipped up, some familiarity there. Taking out cash to pay tab or tip, or both, he picks up his shake and heads to the man's booth. "Excuse me," he says, not to be overly rude on that approach.

"You seem familiar, have you seen me before," his face was on view for anyone who looked, not hood or mask or cover of any sort. It seems a safe approach to initiate a conversation. Either the other can go with mistaken identity if he chooses or, who knows.

Kyani looks up when Jack comes over to his table, his stomach growls again, and he winces a little bit. Though as he looks at the man, he quirks a brow in recognition. Gesturing to the empty seat across from him, Kyani looks around for a moment. "You do look familiar, but you were not yourself at the time." he asys trying to keep his voice low and making it sound like the guy was sick which in a way he was. Kyani does lean back a bit more and slides down near the window a bit, just in case there is residual sickness or whatever you wanna call it.

Luck would have it, Jack isn't passing on what he had, it would be dangerous to hit the planet. The 'cure' did its job, if not real cure, it killed off the virus. Hearing the voice this close, he feels more confident as he takes the seat. "Literally and, well literally. I don't remember anything from about two weeks prior to waking up in that thing." He keeps his voice lower and to the table in case there are ears about. "Docs say I'm all clear, so, yeah team america. I don't know what all happened, but thanks for whatever you did that day."

Hearing that Jack is alright, he nods his head. "Jack right?" he asks. Remembering Stargirl say the guys name a few times. ANd as Jack explains that he is all clear again and him thank Kyani for whatever he did. Kyani simply nods hsi head, "No problem. I just slowed you down with help from Power Woman and Stargirl I think her name was." he says keeping his voice low. Luckily the booth Kyani found didn't have anyone sitting next to, near or behind them. "Glad your doing alright."

Nodding as he listens, Jack affirms, "Ya, Stargirl, that's the one. And honestly, my first time meating Power Woman and her red-headed friend there." Though Kyani probably deduced that much, the two 'groups' not knowing each other aside from any with reputations (limited mostly to Power Woman and Stargirl). "We're trying to trace the trajectory back, see where I was launched from, then head out there see what we can find." Completely talking about flying off to space that is. "No one was hurt were they," he can read the news, but that doesn't always tell the metas side of things.

Leaning back in his seat, Kyani takes in the information given. "Ah ok. Well nothing wrong with learning about others who are able to help you." he states. Kyani yawns a little bit and covers his mouth, as Jack continues about going off into space, Kyani's brow quirks up a bit. "Well I wish you guys luck. And no, there weren't any casualties or injuries. The police were able to keep people from crowding, but then again there really wasn't anyone wanting rush in to see what was going on." he says. Kyani has been keeping his voice down.

Taking a drink from the shake he brought over, Jack nods, "I can imagine, ya. So you got the name, Jack. Its Jack Harrison." He's in street duds and all, no need to go with codenames, "Can I ask yours, or is it total secrety identity. Even then, if you have another name, I'd take it, so I know who I'm thanking is all."

A waitress comes over to teh table and she smiles at both men, "Here ya are sugah." she says to Kyani. Kyani smiles and looks to the woman, "Thanks." he tells her then she walks off. Kyani begins to eat, granted he's going slow even though teh impulse to speed eat is killing him right now. "Nice to meet ya now that your awake." he laughs. "I'm Kyani." he offers his name. He would shake hands, but food is very important to him right now. Though he is going slow, the food is dissappearing rather quickly. "So what brings you to Metropolis?" he asks.

Pondering how to brooch that questions, Jack watches the man eat for a moment, then leans elbows onto the table a moment. He doesn't know the others affiliation with Power Woman, but because she was there, he might not be holding back so much. "Honestly, we're sort of parked here for now, lacking a permanent home. Our fearless leader is working with his buddies on the logistics of getting a real place, but now, here is home. We've, uh, been in space for the last few years, trying to enjoy Earth again … sort of like, space just isn't letting go of us."

Kyani finishes still pretty fast, he smiles more to himself then to anyone else. He looks up at Jack as he explains the situation. Kyani is still treading along with Power Woman and Caitlin, granted it seems that he's getting to understand things a bit better and now it looks like he has a few new friends. Still Jack doesn't know that, rubbing his chin a little, he smiles more. "So you guys are like space adventurers?" he asks with a smile. "thats pretty cool." Kyani nods his head, "Well I'm sure you should find a place to stay while your hear, just make sure not to bring too much attention to yourselves." he states. Which reminded him, he needed to work on that very same thing.

"Something like that, more like protectors, or Guardians, but spave adventurers suits the same." No comment on how fast the other man ate, Jack doesn't notice or isn't going to point it out to Kyani, the man probably realizes as much himself. "Ya, that's the plan avoid attention, mostly we're doing good there." Leaning back, throwing an arm over the back of his bench, he continues, still quietly for just the table, "So, are you like with Power Woman and her friend, protecting the city here or something?"

"Cool." he says simply. Yeah Kyani noticed how fast he ate, but it's somethign he can't control. Well he can contorl it, but with all he's been doing today, he needed to replace those calories. He now begins to drink his soda, "I've been in places wehre Power Woman have been in, helped a her and a few of her friends. But it wasn't really until a few days ago, that her and I started to talk about what I can do." he says. Kyani smiles a little bit, "Her friend, I had just met for the second time. She was there helping with the small fight we were in. But both are really good people. And yes, I'm getting more involved with the protecting buisness now."

"Ah, awesome, if you're getting more involved, I imagine she's a good contact to keep," that is, Power Woman. Jack grins at that thought, then brushes it away slightly. "Like I said, the detials are beyond me, but catching me falling butt is good people in my book all around. I've got someone to see up Gotham way, I need to head over to Lex Station her, but glad to meet you Kyani." He finishes his shake, but doesn't put the empty cup down, not gonna leave his empty food parcel on the other man's table.

Nodding his head, "Nice to have met you too man. Power Woman is a good woman to know, she's pretty cool to." he laughs. Granted he knows that Cait is too. "AnywaysI need to get going myself. I have a few things to do here in town before I have to really head home." he says and stands up and starts to walk with Jack out of the diner.

Heading that way, Jack opens the door for him. As they step out of the diner, Jack gives the man a non-professional salute, two fingers at best and they're not even together when he does it. "Good luck with those things, sir, hopefully I'll see you around," giving some trust to the other man should he ever need help, a hope the other would be around again.

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