(2014-08-22) OMG - Space!
OMG - Space!
Summary: Jack makes good to Whitney - after discussing with team bringing her to check things out, he lets her see the space ship and space itself
Date: (2014-08-22)
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Its been awhle since they met and discussed seeing space, Jack suggesting since she was a genius with tech he'd have her even look at the ship to see if she could help, maybe even upgrade it a little. That was over two weeks ago, finally he called the number she gave him, asked her to meet him at the Diamond Dinner in the buiness district of Gotham about that thing they discussed.

For his part, he's where he said he would be, looking like he finished a flu a couple days ago and is finally getting up to spirits with wanting to go out and just do something. There he is at a table by the window with a good view of all the gothic architecture in the Diamond District out there. A large glass full of some dark soda and a philly cheese steak like sandwich with some fries on his plate, he didn't wait to order it would seem as he waited to meet with Whitney there.

Whitney didn't think he'd been serious. He was a bonafide space hero, and for all he knew, she was just some random prosthetics manufacturer. She hadn't spilled the beans about her heroing, even under the intense pressure of a possible ticket into space. Still, she was definitely surprised when he actually called her up. Glad that she hadn't had to stay out all night last night and actually got some sleep, she arrives exactly at the moment agreed upon. She's wearing a strange mixture of cargo shorts and a pleated skirt with a tight white tee-shirt with Rosie the Riveter on it, showing off a new metal arm. She reslings her big messenger bag over her shoulder then smiles upon spotting Jack. She is quickly at his table, offering her hand, "Hey! Nice to see you!"

Taking the offered hand, Jack smiles back the same, "Glad you took the call, sorry I didn't call sooner." Giving a pause as she settles in, to look at menu or do anything else she like. He's wearing shorts himself and a Sons of Liberty shirt for the day, same motif - red/white/blue ensemlbe. "Literally space stuff, but I was sort of out of it, so I didn't get to even experience it." Which could be for a long story, so he instead he gets right back to it. "Talked with Vance, he's good with it. If you want. You checking out the ship and all. If you're still interested in it." As if he had to get to that business, but he can't help but comment, "Awesome shirt by the way, I love it." Shure, she might be wearing it because of strong woman, but its close to his patriotic side and he doesn't hestitate to appreciate it all the same.

Taking the offered hand with a smile, Jack nods. "You too, glad you came and didn't think I was a nut job." Giving her time to settle a little as she sits, to either take a menu or just get cozy, he takes a quick drink of soda. "Sorry it took so long. Literally, space stuff - but I was sort of out of it, so I didn't even get to enjoy it." Which could make for some long story, but he moves into the topic at hand. "Spoke with Vance, he's good with you checking things out, if you're still willing to look it over - and free space visit all the same." Right to business, but as he reaches of his philly-cheese, he can't help but comment. "Awesome shirt, too." Sure, she might of went with it for strong woman and all, but its up in the patriotic league just the same and he can't help but appreciate it.

After shaking hands she unslings her bag and sets it in an empty seat before she takes her own, "Um…that sounds like it takes precedence over sightseeing visits to me. Hope all that space heroing turned out okay. I'm going to guess it did since Darth Vader didn't show up on the news." She stops to order a soda and fries, before she gives him a rather intense look, "Are you sreious? I mean, seriously?" She looks ready to sock him as she stares, but the talk of the shirt distracts her for a moment, "Yeah…Rosie. Got to love her. That was when America was really something. What a generation right?"

"Ya, in the end, everything's all right. Some nut named Despero and a deadly virus later, I'm back. Precedence, just didn't want to leave you hanging," grins Jack as she settles and orders. "Ya, that was a good generation, but if our generation can reinvent itself with globalization, I wouldn't count America out." He probably still thinks even better of it all the same. "And ya, I wouldn't kid you about that. Vance is good with alien tech and all, but if you put that arm together here on old earth, you could probably do something amazing." He takes a bite, chews quickly, "I mean that serious, your work is on league with some of the future crap they have floating around up there."

She's got the arm out today, showing it off. She beams at the praise, then thanks the waitress as her drink is brought over. Once the blousy red head hasslipped off to tend to a table full of what appear to be middle aged bikers, she turns to Jack, "Wow. Okay…that is pretty sweet. I'm trying not to freak out. This is seriously amaze-balls! Space! Alien tech! Holy shit, are you Santa Claus come early or something?" She reaches across the table to tug on an imaginary beard, "My folks told me you weren't real."

Laughing, Jack holds up his hands, "Ya, you got me, secret identity and all. Old Saint Nick. I've been working out lately is all, so not so much bowl full of jelly. But I got one hell of a sled, trust me, it can get all over the world in one night." Still grinning all the same. "Only thing that's open, you know is how soon you can get down there. We're parked near Metropolis. So, trip there, check it out, fly around, get you home." He scoops up some fries with one hand, still enjoying his meal all the same.

"Well, I could be there in like, a couple hours. Less maybe, but this isn't probably space ship clothing. Not that I know what that is…probably coveralls. I've got coveralls. No spacesuit though." The fries arrive and she dumps some catsup out and starts eating, leaning forward with wide eyes full of excitement, "I mean…if today's not to early. Like…now. You just let me know when it is okay to be there and I'm there."

"No need for spacesuit, unless you think that looks cool you know, some guys do it, but regular duds is good. I have a suit, but its the same thing I use when." A pause from Jack, then he looks around, "Like super hero stuff, you're cool with the space bit, but I do hero stuff down here too. Same suit though, new mask, its pretty cool. Coveralls and your arm all out like that, it would be aweomse, a regular Rosie. I'd throw in some red, white and blue, but that's me. Stargirl has the same colors, Vance is missing red in his get up though. Now is good though, eat and jet."

"Well, good thing about the spacesuit. So…coveralls. Is the ship cold? Do I need a breather? I could throw together something really quick. Do they…okay, you'd tell me if there were special requirements beyond not flashing panties all over the place." She shurts up for a moment, stuffing french fries in with nearly the same eagerness that she's asking about the spaceship.

Nearly choking with a grin even on his soda, Jack shakes his head, "No - I would complain about flashing panties, but ya, typically not a good thing cause sometimes we try to act serious up there. No, no requirements in the spaceship. I mean, if you'd like to make it a real visit, we could go see something else not just fly around the earth and stuff. Grab things you might like for a trip. Heck, up there, lots of aliens walking around with utility belts and weapons. Just don't bring like grenade launchers and stuff, that will stick out. If you want a darth vader mask just to look cool, that's your business."

Well, with a trip to a real life spaceship waiting in the wings, Whitney eats like she was prepping for an eating competition. The order of fries is big though, so she can't quite make it disappear in a wink. After she finishes she gets up, gives Jack a kiss on the cheek, "Okay! Great! I'll see you there in like, two shakes of a lamb's tail!" Boom! She's off…for like three steps before she turns and heads back, "I don't know where I'm going! I need an address."

Grinning at the kiss, there is a bit of surprise even from Jack, the good sort of surprise and he nods. Even as she's moving he's getting out his smart phone, to pull it up on his screen - so she can copy, or pass her devices if it will read contacts like that. "You can't miss it, the big warehouse that looks important, the one with the roof that looks like it could open up.

Then he'll not keep her, finishing his own plate and running back to be there when she get's there.

Two shakes of a lamb's tail later … Jack is standing near the gate, suited up with face-shield like mask on. That would make him a give away as being Jack. Its the right address and he's the only person around plus costume, its on the north side of the city, surrounded by farms it would seem. If he can see Whitney when she comes with her car, he'll open the gate to let her get in, close it behind her, guide her where to park then meet her as she get's out. Usually fair stuff, cause he wants to get her to the hanger. "Here it is," he says, finally. Its a small affair. Size wize, mellenium falcon but not quite as 'cool' looking perhaps. Or more-so, its up to date, aerodynamics, has a spot in the front for flying, a little extra room for personal space and/or cargo even. Its on legs with a ramp leading up into it.

Whitney does not arrive in a car. She arrives on the back of a sleek racing bike. She's dressed in a black bodysuit of the body enhancing variety. She wears her hair pulled back into a tidy ponytail, which looks neat even after she pulls off her helmet and sets it on the seat of the expensive speed bike. "Jack?" she asks the mask, grabbing a small black pack and slinging it onto her back. The booties she's wearing look Japanese, with rubber grippies on the bottoms and with the big toe seperate from the rest. Feet mittens! "Is this spacey enough?" she asks.

Giving pause, Jack can't help being red-blooded and male in the vicinity of body enhancing bodysuit. There is a nod, "Uh, ya," he finally comments on him being Jack. Same voice at least if that helps too. His finger points as if he's going to comment on it being spacey enough even. Stops at the boots she has on, the finger folds back in. "Foxy enough, that's for sure. Ya, its good, better then mine, except, I have a star patch." He pats one shoulder with a red glove. "We just sew on some emblem for you or something, like metal arm looking like Rosie … but all black is cool too. The question is, are you really ready for space?" Only teasing cause he knows she's geeked about it, he'll back up towards the ship as he continues to look at her, he might be smiling under that mask even.

She practically tackles him! She rushes forward to grip him by the shoulders and shake, "Of course I'm ready! Are you trying to make me crazy?" It is good natured, but she is really tweaked, "I am in good shape. No medical conditions beyond the lack of my right arm. I have no zero gee training, but I am a licensed pilot of prop, jet, and helicopter. I'm an experienced skydiver and scuba diver. I can tie a bow with my toes. I don't know of any other space recommendations. Are you hinting at me joining your crew here? Seriously? I mean, seriously?" Her knees get a bit wobbly, and the hands at his shoulder might be there to keep herself up.

That's all good qualifacations and he nods a little. What he gets from it, "You can tie a bow with your toes … that's kinda hot." A chuckle, even if seriousness in being curious about bow tying with feet. "I'm not crazy. Honestly, if you're good with the ship and technobits, I think we could use you. Just by coming here, you're sort of on the affiliated list anyways cause of everything you've seen. It means we get to cyberstalk you to make sure you're not divulging trade secrets and such." Mostly joking, he does move to much feeling her hands at his shoulders and not wanting to put her off balance. "Let me get it up there, and you can do some space flying, that's a good resume for it. I'll show you the jump controls and we'll go some place close even." To help, he offers a hand, so they can at least turn and walk to/board the ship.

"Oh my god. I think I'm going to wet myself!" she giggles with utter glee and lets go of him. She then shakes out her arms and clutches her arms across her chest, hugging herself tight as she bounces on her toes, "I can do amazing things with my toes, and tongue, but I don't think that would turn out that helpful in a spaceship. But if we are attacked by cherry aliens, I'm your girl." Her cheeks are flush and she babbles happily, "I probably shouldn't say that. Inappropriate and all. Whoops!" More laughter and she says, "Can I get on?" "Oh!" she takes his hand and tries to keep from racing for the ship. Holding onto him helps, because for some reason he doesn't seem to be sprinting willy nilly for the ship! Talk about restraint!

While grinning behind the mask, there are chuckles escaping at her joy as well as anything inappropriate. Leading the way to the blank on up into the ship, he looks her way. "No, ya, let's get on, but don't worry about inappropriate, by yourself. If anyone else shows up, they'll apprciate you being yourself and if they get offended, they'll openly tell you its too much without being dicks about it." Giving her hand a squeeze, "You'll fit in, trust me." He lets her go up first though, taking it all in.

The ramp comes up into a shared area, its about as compact as the Falcon from Star Wars, a little more shiney at least, slightly only considering they got this one from bounty hunters. An archway leads into the cockpit which is more shiney, several seats, two in front, typical space ship looking. "Go ahead, you know you want to." He says about the cockpit, taking off his mask now that they're inside. He doesn't push to get to the cockpit either, letting her take it in at her own pace, explore as she will. There are no 'individual' rooms if she does look around, one area with bunks like in a naval ship at best.

Oh, it's on like Donkey Kong once she's inside the ship. Everything fascinates her. Everything is worth an Ooooh! Or Ahhh! But then there is a cockpit and well, everything else sort of fades into the background. She is breathing heavily, as if she's run a long distance suddenly and it seems so far away, but she races to it and asks, "Can I?" even as he is saying go ahead. She slides into one of the seats and starts drinking in the controls, "Oh god. If this is the biggest practical joke ever, I think I will totally cry like a little girl." She grabs at her chest, to keep from touching /everything/. And truth be told, she might even be crying a little in her excitement.

Moving in behind her, Jack nods, "Ya, go right ahead," to her question. He'll give her a moment to see which of the two pilot chairs she wants and he'll take the other. "Honest, no joke, but let's not keep up the suspense as cute as it is." Like a girl in a candy shop, it is fun for him to watch even. "Strap in and all that even." He'll start flicking switches, it hums to life, figurative as lights go on and literal as the alien tech engine lights up. He'll look at her, as he lifts up, and it starts to hover. "Really though, you're not gonna wet yourself right, cause Vance will make me clean it up." Though he's grinning and the ship goes up - helicopter like/osprey even. The hanger passes and they rise getting a look at the Metropolis skyline looming to the south, and fields between here and there.

She straps in as quickly as possible. The harness isn't that strange afterall. But it is made harder by the fact she refuses to miss a single flip of a switch. So she can't actually look at what she's doing. But she manages it and when the ship lifts without the whir of jets, or the whup whup of props, but instead the distinctly 'not-normal' engine noises she squeals with delight. Yup. She squeals. She does a little dance in her chair, "Ohmagodohmagodohmagod!" She stops herself before she hyperventilates, and forces herself to slow down and take in all the sights, watching Jack like a hawk, "I have control of my bladder. Mostly. It's a spaceship though! I can't make any promises."

"Okay, granted," responds Jack, that she's geeked out this much and he doesn't mind. "No promises, but best faith effort is good enough for me." Then he fake moves a microphone to his mouth, "Major Tom to ground control … preparing for launch." There is no ground control, and launch isn't like the regular NASA stuff either. With a tilt of the control's, they rotate to at least look up at the clouds, then they start to accelerate. They aren't jammed into their seats but move with a high level of velocity the same. The clouds whisp by as the sky begins to darken, blue to dark blue to purple then as it seems to get really dark, the tell-tale dots of stars and galaxies show up, much like earth's regular night, but they went up to it, night didn't descend over this part of earth.

She concentrates on breathing. Talking is much too much at the moment, as it could very easily lead to babbling like a fool with her excitement. She watches though. She might be ready to hyperventilate with pure joy at any moment, knocking all her other 'best moments ever' down a slot, but she does pay attention. There's no way she's flying in this thing and not watching how it is done. When the starts show up, she is definitely crying, the happiest and doofiest smile on her face. "Oh…my…god!"

His hand comes off the control and over to her hand, "You good there Whitney." Jack doesn't want to take from the moment, but lend some support her way. There is pause given, not robbing the moment for anything else just yet. Though he'll break the silence eventually, "If you want to, go ahead - take control. I'll load up some coordinates for a jump, so we can knock out aliens too." Still giving some support, he'll divert attention between her and the controls a little, so he can start calculating and coordinating like he said. "Mars is that way," as if a direction for her to fly, though she could probably figure it out between position of sun, time of year and relatively location to earth.

Of course, she hasn't told him about her superpower. "I'm good. Real good." She caresses the controls lovingly then nods, taking control. Shemoves through some simple stuff, "This is not Neil Armstrong's spaceship. Wow. Wow. Better than sex." Looking away from the controls, "Mars? No shit?" The stupid grin is back, "Yep. Better than sex."

"What, really, better than sex — really," as if he doesn't see it that way. Though, he's grinning the same, and without the mask its noticeable. Jack continues to punch some things into the system in preparation to go further. "Then when we do go through hyperspace, is that gonna like make us married - space-married, we'll have to find space babies to adopt and such, and some of them are weird looking - like no mother could love them, probably eat their mothers for all I know." Mostly done with coordinating, he's keen to let her fly and have some fun, test the abilities of the ship if she likes.

Oh, she likes. She likes very much. She flips switches and tests out the controls and the sensitivity of the ship to her touch. Of course, it flies better for Whitney than for Jack, but that's because she cheats. Everything works just a little better for her. Soon they are on course and she's done with the testing she's going to do without permission. She giggles and lets go of the controls, rubbing her hands over her biceps. "Wow. I am being the worst company ever. I know. But, this is a dream that I never even imagined would come true. And…your offer is really nice. About joining the crew." How does she tell him to eff off? Does she want to tell him to go eff himself? Afterall, this is space! Maybe she should give up the whole semi-hero thing and become spacegirl Whitney.

Taking it all in, her enjoying the flight, Jack shakes his head. "No, you're good. Sure, I'd love some of your attention, but we can talk about how the Yankees are doing later. This is just you enjoying the flight." Catching onto some hesitation in the joining the crew part, he shrugs a little, "No need to jump into space travel with us when we need to do it, but if you could help us a little, keep the ship operating when we bring it back all bullet holed up. Maybe make modifications and stuff, cause you're a genius with this stuff." She has showed it by taking naturally to the piloting, "I honestly think we could use your help." As if, there doesn't have to be a direct jump right into romping around the universe, but an affiliation of sorts.

She climbs out of the seat and checks the gravity situation, standing up to do some exploring. "Hey, don't get me wrong. I am really liking the idea. But I do have obligations back in Gotham. I'm sort of a superhero on the side. This is totally a secret, I am guessing it isn't as big a deal up here in space, but back in Gotham, this is a big nono. You don't go around telling people this sort of thing." She gives in to her desire to touch everything and starts touchy feelying everything, feeling things with her fingertips and with her powers. "My shit seems to minor compared to this though. I am fighting to keep a few blocks clean, to keep the worst dealers and thugs off the streets. You're fighting for the universe or something."

"The galaxy," grins Jack, "Just the galaxy. In the universal picture, the Milkyway is like our few blocks - a few blocks over is Sha'ir space, on the other side are the Kree. In our area, the gang is the Skrull. Then like Nova Corps are the local cops, the federal guys would be the Lantern corps," as if that explains everything. Forget her first time in space and all that, he dumps it all out there. "And ya, you keep your job, do what you need to do. I still like to patrol on earth when I have time. Honestly, we'll check in when we fly back, see if we need anything. If you want to try more space stuff, play by ear - no obligations honest. That's a good deal, trust me, Vance was stuck in the 31st century for a spell, he's happy to be home and on earth."

Whitney rummages through all the visible controls and stations, noting where the important stuff like artificial gravity, life support systems, engine readouts and all the stuff is laid out and not just in pilot shorthand. She then stops and laughs, "Okay. Well, good. And uh…just to let you know, some people don't exactly think I follow the superhero rules to a tee, ya know? I sort of am closer to the middle I suppose, but…really, I am totally into helping people. I just break a couple of rules. Minor ones." She turns off the artificial gravity, then prompty starts giggling as her feet leave the ground. She grabs hold of a handy protrusion with her toes, "So…if that's not a deal breaker, then hell yeah I'm interested. I can see about beefing up your sensors, your automation, scouting capabilities, shit like that. Those are my strongpoints."

"I'm not gonna question what you're doing, as long as its helping people," he might draw the line at killing for the greater good, but Jack's not going into those details. "Hell, if it helps, I'm wanted by the feds - a mix up with a mercenary group I was tracking landed me some time in prison. Before I could clear that up, space adventure happened. With all the police groups in space, rest assured, we break tons of space laws." As if to help her, then "Like droids for scouting … that would be awesome." Cause they probably do that manually for the most part now, forget the other stuff, that's beyond his tech level to begin with, he doesn't worry about sensors and automated functions.

"Yeah. Droids are kind of my thing. An extrapolation of the tech I use in my arm." She nibbles on her lower lip a moment, then shrugs and goes on, "I mean, primitive compared to this, but the control programs are top notch, and I could easily work them in to control more sophisticated drones and more sophisticated engine types. Though the ship engines don't seem to be anything too crazy. Should be a snap." She then looks down at her suit, then back to him, "Normally, I wear white. Good guys and all that. And I don't kill people, so if this is that sort of thing, then I am out. Can't do it."

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