(2014-08-22) Birds at Breakfast
Birds At Breakfast
Summary: Shayera, Dinah, and Helena discuss forming their new team over breakfast.
Date: 2014-08-22
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It's technically still morning, although the sun has been up for a little while now. Dinah's apartment isn't large, so the kitchen is cozy for three people to have breakfast. All the same, she really doesn't mind the company. The blonde is up and dressed in shorts and a sports bra after her morning workout and the smell of coffee is filtering out into the room.

Helena Bertinelli slips in and drops into a chair at the table. "I need to run in this part of Gotham more often. The elevation changes are a great change of pace." She steeples her fingers and rests her chin on them as she leans forward, ankles hooked under her chair. "mmm.. Coffee… I need an IV drip right now I think.."

Shayera Hol is dressed in her typical outfit. Either she only has the one, or a closet full of copies. She makes her way into the kitchen from the bathroom, as she finishes brushing out her long red hair. "Something smells… appetizing." She says, making sure she uses the correct word. "Good morning ladies." She says as she takes a seat, folding her wings behind her.

Dinah Lance stands at the stove and takes out a frying pan. "So. What's for breakfast, ladies? Fried meat and eggs? Cereal? Fruit? The place is yours, of course. And I'll even do the cooking, provided nobody's too picky about burnt edges." She pauses to look over at the others for a moment. "Coffee is ready, too."

Helena Bertinelli hops up and gets herself a cup of coffee. "Shay? Coffee?" She prepares to pour another if yes. To Dinah, "Eggs and bacon or ham? I'm a protein kind of girl." She pats her flat but hardly ripped yet still toned belly, "All muscle, this body" she quips.

Shayera Hol turns to Helena. "I do believe coffee is appropriate." She then turns to Dinah with an incredulous look on her face as she folds her arms in front of her chest angrily. "Eggs? Really?"

Dinah Lance raises her brows at Shay's indignation, then she notices the wings and gives a sheepish grin. "They're -chicken- eggs, Shay. From chickens, like the bacon comes from pigs. Promise." She opens the fridge and starts taking things out. "But I've got fruit or cereal if you'd rather…"

Helena Bertinelli pours coffee and then tries not to laugh at Shay. She's sure it was a joke on the redhead's part. Because she's been here long enough to notice that humans eat eggs like they drink water and suffere from cholesterol problems. She keeps her request with Dinah and hands Shay the mug of steaming coffee. "I'll cut up some fruit." Scooting to the 'fridge she peeks in to grab the fruits to cut up for a simple breakfast salad.

Shayera Hol laughs. "It's a joke. We don't lay eggs or hatch our offspring. We're basically humanoids with wings, not birds who look like humans." She laughs, realizing that the joke was not that funny. "Sorry. I still fail at Earth humor."

Of the three of them, Dinah is in many ways the most naive. So she genuinely relaxes when Shay laughs and she shakes her head as well. Pointing with a wire wisk, she cocks her hip and replies. "No, you got me alright, Shay. And you'll get the full 'wisk' treatment later…" She twirls the stirring implement threateningly, then lowers it with a smirk. "Okay, then. While I'm burning breakfast, how about we discuss this whole 'Birds of Prey' thing?"

Helena Bertinelli laughs out loud now. "It was funny. You did fine Shay. We're all just learning to adjust." She then pours Dinah a cup of coffee. Pamper the cook. Then leans on the counter near by. "Birds of Prey. Well I like the name. Black Canary. Hawkgirl. Huntress. It's fitting. Good choice, Dinah."

Shayera Hol nods. "But what does this mean? What will we be doing, and why?" She looks between the two, taking a swig of coffee. "I still have my own personal mission. If I fail that, there will be no reason to have this.. 'Birds of Prey'."

Something sizzles in the pan and Dinah gives it her attention while she talks. The whisk click-click-clicks against a bowl as well. "I've told you all I can about our Sponsor already. There are a lot of problems in the world; people operating above the law. It's gonna be our job to take them down. Not bring them to the authorities, necessarily. Jail time won't mean anything for most of these guys. We'll be dismantling organizations, removing access to resources, and taking urban soldiers off the streets."

Helena Bertinelli watches Dinah cook. "So… we're going to be basically some sort of undercover team? Not quite spies but… International Women of Mystery?" She arches a brow, glancing toward Shay then back. "And who decides who we go after? How do we know we're going after the 'right' bad guys?"

Shayera Hol shakes her head to Helena. "We don't. We need to trust in Dinah and our… benefactor." She sighs. "I'm not a typically trusting person, due to my background.. but I think this might be important. Plus, it's the three of us. We get to work together."

Dinah Lance grins at Helena, nodding. "Our Sponsor decides, like I said. We'll get the targets, the missions, and the best intel available. Not to mention plenty of resources to pull everything off." Her gaze shifts to Shay and she nods to her as well. "Right, Shay. That's not to say we can't run a 'conscience test' on the missions, Helena. If we don't like how something looks or smells, we decide as a group whether or not to pull out."

Helena Bertinelli nods and sips her coffee. "But we -can- pull out?" She looks to Dinah. "I didn't have the sense that our… daddy warbucks was going to take anything less than full participation and cooperation. Do the jobs, get the perks. Or am I reading too much between the lines?"

Shayera Hol shrugs. "Perhaps not pull out… but as long as we can inform them of why we have reservations, it may differ from what their intel says, and then they can adjust the mission parameters." She sips her coffee again. "I, for one, do not have much of a conscience. I'm given a goal, I reach that goal. Period."

Dinah Lance nods slowly, listening while she cooks. "Okay, so let's talk a little about this. First, I'm with Shay on the jobs. Once we commit, we finish the job. Period. That's our credibility. If we find out later on that something was bogus, then I'll take it up with our Sponsor afterward. But make no mistake, girls, we're operating in a gray area here. If anybody has issues with THAT, then now's the time to speak up."

Helena Bertinelli listens. She nods to Shay's perspective then looks to Dinah. "I murder Mafia men in cold blood. And then I go home and sleep in." Her eyes are hard. "There are no reservations or objections. I just want to know where we stand. You know. If we happen to undermine the US government or some other government's agency and we bring the Intel and Special Operations world down on our door step. If we all know it now then so be it." She sips her coffee. "I can work with this."

Shayera Hol nods. "I'm trying to save the planet, not put it in more peril. Hopefully it behooves our benefactor to keep the world going as well." She snags a piece of toast and starts munching.

Dinah Lance half turns to give Helena a raised-brow look, the spatula pausing for a moment. "Nobody's perfect, Helena." she replies, by way of agreement. "And yes, we'll be taking the risks so I fully expect that there'll be perks. I'll ask for them. Our benefactor is loaded, I can tell you that much. And they've been around for a very long time. It's in their interest to keep this world spinning a while longer."

Helena Bertinelli looks to Dinah. "I am." Perfect. She seems to believe it. Or is sarcastic enough to feign it. She listens and nods. "Then what else is there to cover at this point? Do we get a secret hide out? Birds Of Prey Mobile? Decoder Rings?" She smiles. "I bet we'll lear that all in good time hmm?"

Shayera Hol shrugs. "No need for a mobile. I can probably carry the both of you." She looks to Helena. "Well… maybe if someone lays off the bacon." She smirks then turns to Dinah. "So this is a done deal? Do you need to send word to your.. sponsor?" She tries to use the proper term that Dinah uses. "I, for one, am in."

Dinah Lance chuckles softly over at the stove, cocking her hip and sticking her tongue out at Shay. "Hey! This is all muscle, sweetie!" she protests. "And if you're both in, then I'll get things set up. Not sure we'll get a secret base or anything, Helena, but some comm equipment would be nice. Maybe something like the FBI or Special Forces uses…"

Helena Bertinelli grins at the jokes and nods. "I'm in." She looks to the others. "Do we have a secret initiation? Thumb wrestling. Papercuts with lemon juice?" She grins. "And when is breakfast?!"

Shayera Hol looks up. "Having to listen to this Yankovic fellow's albums for twenty-four hours straight. He seems to have plenty of torturous ideas." She grins. "Either that or streak through Central Park."

Dinah Lance snerks at Shay, shaking her head slowly. "I guess that's one way to do it… twenty-four hours of Wierd Al. But I don't think the initiation is gonna be much trouble unless we want to bring someone else into the group. At some point." She turns towards the others, then, carrying a skillet full of sizzling breakfast. "So who's hungry?"

Helena Bertinelli laughs. "I.. think I'll base on that too." She then looks up, "Starving. I vote we stuff our bellies to ratify this team."

Shayera Hol smiles. "Works for me." She says, setting a plate.

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