(2014-08-21) White Rook in the Making
White Rook in the Making
Summary: Kate Bishop gets invited to join the Lords Cardinal of the Hellfire Club.
Date: 2014-08-21
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The summons is a simple one, delivered during another one of the semi-regular gatherings of the larger Hellfire Club community. A footman in the uniform of the service staff approaches and murmurs softly to Ms. Katherine Bishop that her presence is requested by the Queen of the White Court. He then turns and heads back the way he came, without once pausing or slowing to accomodate her. That might be annoying, but it might be more understandable if one realized that he is merely following the suggestions planted firmly in his mind, and that he will remember none of this after he has delivered Katherine successfully.

The path taken through the Grand Ballroom is a circuitous one, but it will eventually lead to the library, and then upwards along a spiral staircase there to an upper level balcony. Proceeding along this will then lead Katherine to a pair of unremarkably ornate dark wooden doors at the end of a short hallway. These the footman opens, admitting Katherine … and closing the doors behind her.

Inside is a sumptuous parlor, a place of comfort and yet measurable formality. It is not the office space where she first met Emma Frost. But the air of it is the same. The same, yet altered slightly. For this time Emma Frost, the White Queen, stands beside the throne-like chair in which she surely was ensconced moments before dressed in a manner at once quite a bit like Katherine's own garb this eve, and yet nothing alike. White leather girds torso and hefts her breasts, cinched in classic fashion. A scrap of white silk pretends to decency as a g-string covering her nethers, while more realistically framing them for attention. White leather mid-thigh high boots with towering four inch stilletto heels continue the 'framing' going on. Her platinum blonde mane is down, brushed out and smooth, draped over a fur-trimmed white silk cape pushed back to bare her shoulders and cascade down her back to just below her hips.

Though she wears no crown, this is most definitely the White Queen.

"Good evening, Katherine. Thank you, kindly, for coming."

Kate Bishop makes her way into the salon and looks around. She swallows nervously. Oddly enough, her argument with Sally about her membership here has emboldened her to come more often, despite the dress code. She doesn't look so much as nervous as cautious and concerned, while also a bit curious. She sees Emma in her new state of dress and says nothing, though a alightly raised brow emits her approval. She makes her way to what seems to be a decent distance from the throne. She doesn't bow, but she does take on a formal voice. "You wished to speak with me, My Queen?"

"Yes, Katherine." Emma offers, inclining her head towards the lovely brunette, a hand wrapped in an elbow-length silk opera glove motioning towards a sofa nearby as she herself takes seat upon the throne, as expected, crossing her legs elegantly at the knees. "I did wish to speak with you. I trust you are adapting well here?" If Kate were not, Emma would surely know.

"I should like to arrange a meeting, soonest, with your partner, to go over details. But we can make those arrangements later, if that is amenable. For now, I wanted to ask you a question. It may be an uncomfortable or even confusing question, but I am hoping you will give it all due thought, and answer to the best of your ability." Emma pauses, here, letting that sink in. And then she asks: "Given your druthers, Katherine, how far @emit "I respect your appreciation for … if you will … 'slow and steady wins the race'." Emma offers, and not deprecatingly. "I am, however, considering a few changes. One of those changes could, potentially, involve yourself." Emma directs that laser-like focus of hers on the brunette, as she reads her carefully. "You have high scruples. 'Right' matters to you. And I respect that. Even so, I must tell you that my own path is more akin to 'might taken and exercised for right's sake.' And I am certainly not without fault."%r

Kate Bishop nods and obeys, going to the seat. "I do believe I'm adjusting well… Even to the change in room temperature around here." Of course she alludes to the mode of dress. "I must say, I'm not trying to kiss ass here, but you look amazing. Well, of *course* you do but.." She blushes slightly, not really good at trying to give sincere compliments, especially to those who know full well of their superiority.

"Oh, the investigation. We do have some details for you, some items we've uncovered. I can set up a meeting once we're done with why I'm really here." She nods, knowing full well she could've called Kate and Sally in at any other time. "I.. never gave it much thought, really. I didn't wish to appear too ambitious. Those with an unquenchable thirst for power end ud being removed from the equation. Where as for those who are patient and slowly build up reknown and favor are far more likely to get where they want." She says. "I want to mean something. I want *this* to mean something." She swallows. "I almost broke up with Sally over this. That should be a testament to my commitment."

Emma smiles warmly, accepting the compliment graciously, as only a true Queen can. "Thank you, kindly. You look quite lovely in your own choices, this evening. And far more comfortable than I initially gave you credit. I am pleased." Katherine doesn't just rock the purple lingerie, she looks strong and confident doing so. The ultimate compliment, coming from such as Emma.

"I respect your appreciation for … if you will … 'slow and steady wins the race'." Emma offers, and not deprecatingly. "I am, however, considering a few changes. One of those changes could, potentially, involve yourself." Emma directs that laser-like focus of hers on the brunette, as she reads her carefully. "You have high scruples. 'Right' matters to you. And I respect that. Even so, I must tell you that my own path is more akin to 'might taken and exercised for right's sake.' And I am certainly not without fault."

Emma's pale blue eyes become bores, driving into the heart of Katherine, as her telepathy grabs hold, if gently, of her short term memory. Nothing she experiences from now on will write out to her long term memory, unless Emma wills it so. It is a necessary precaution.

"There is an inner council of sorts, within the Club, fashioned after the chess board. As you might guess, I myself am the White Queen. There is a Black Queen. There are positions on that council for all that you might expect of the 'back row' of the board." Emma reveals. "I am considering you, Katherine, for the position of White Queen's Rook. Those in such a position are held as the chief ally and lieutenant of their royal, serving to lead a group of agents outside the Club to the royal's whims and needs. Obviously, your agency - including your lover - would fill that role, if you in fact accepted the role as Rook." She waits, then, for reaction. Response. Elucidation.

Kate Bishop nods and listens fully, not interrupting. She takes in all the data and nods. "Firstly, I'm honored that you would have me in mind for such an important position." She lets out a breath and thinks more. "As long as I can tell my people that there's good involved, I should be able to keep them in check. I've already laid out the reasons why we do our work." She thinks. "Is there anything that you can tell me now that would give me an idea as to how I could serve you, or why you had me in mind?"

For a few moments, Emma remains silent, considering her words carefully, perhaps, in how best to respond to Kate's questions. "I believe that it should not be terribly difficult to provide your agents with proper context supporting assignments, without compromising the needs for secrecy." In point of fact, Emma isn't exactly evil incarnate, and most actions she would use Kate and her team for would be suitably positive-spin capable. "I have selected you, firstly, because you are eager. Interested in proving yourself. And interested in making your own mark. I believe that you have great potential. And as self-interested as I may be, I appreciate the opportunity to encourage and support other capable people of whom I approve." Witness her reaching out to Sally Blevins, long before the other was ready for something like the Defenders for Hire, Inc.

"Secondly, you have already proven that what you do here is important enough to you to risk even one of the other most important things in your life, rather than give it up." Emma doesn't mention how it is she knows of Kate's challenges in her relationship, but her wording would make it clear not only that she is aware, but that she is keenly aware of the depth of Kate's own mind on the subject. "That kind of conviction is vital, and to be rewarded."

The White Queen sits quietly for a few more moments, before she continues. "As you well know, I have an exceptionally high personal profile. There is nearly nowhere I go that I am not recognized. And that profile benefits me greatly. But there are times when I need things done quietly, without fanfare, and without being directly connected to me. And I believe many of the things I have in mind are the sort that would be of great interest to you and your agents, were they coming from someone of less means. I am merely taking the opportunity to secure your services to do what you would already do, and pay you handsomely for it."

Kate Bishop nods. "I can control my girls." She says simply, to the point. "Except for Sally, but lately.." She just shakes her head, letting the point drop, but Emma can see the issues going on in the relationship. "I appreciate your faith and support in me. I can only hope to prove myself worthy." She says, suddenly feeling smaller. Then Emma speaks of the problems with Sally already. So she knows. "She doesn't understand the depth of what's done here. She only sees the dress code as a form of exploitation. It's difficult to show an abuse victim that this is also a form of empowerment." As Emma speaks on of her profile, Kate nods. "I have a bit of a profile myself. Not even an iota of the size of yours, but I'm known amongst circles. That can be used to our mutual advantage, plus the other girls tend to stay fairly anonymous. We're at your employ, and I am at your service."

The White Queen offers a slow, regal nod of acknowledgement. "Good. Then I will present you before the Lords Cardinal at the first available opportunity, and the ceremony to install you as the White Queen's Rook will take place." she offers, with an edge of finality in declaration.

"There is one more point that I feel should be addressed, before that happens." Emma offers, pinioning the young brunette with her ice blue gaze as she continues. "As a woman of singular talents yourself, and involved with others, I am sure you understand that such individuals are present within our world, and that their actions can have profound consequences." Yes. Emma is being oblique, talking around things. But she'll get to the point here in a moment.

"You should be aware prior to your installation that all of the extant members of the Lords Cardinal are individuals of unique and powerful talents." Emma offers. "What those talents are, I will leave to them to make clear. You will need to keep an open mind, and be carefully aware of yourself in their presence. My own mark of trust in you will be this:"

This what? « Not even your lady paramour, Ms. Blevins, is aware that I am a telepath. »

Kate Bishop grins and nods. "I understand. I've met others with extraordinary gifts. Though mine are of my own skill and aptitude, I can only hope that I can pull my own weight. I also understand the need for discretion with such information." She stands, taking this to be her dismissal. "I await your word, as always, My Queen." She says with a bow.

« There's much she doesn't know. I cannot help that. I keep your secret to myself, as you see I am an open book. » Flashes of images come to Emma's mind, Kate, as a student in Central Park. A brutal rape gone unpunished and a coping mechanism turning into a force for good. Along with images of Kate in various clothing, costumes, and some more racy. A smirk falls onto Kate's face as she backs away from the chair with a bow.

As the images flow through her mind, Emma Frost is reminded of the other reason why she chose Katherine Bishop. As a telepath, she has met many others who have experienced some similar trauma to her own. It is rare, however, that she finds another who has been so self-sufficient in battling it, so self-contained in its revelation, and so equally changed by the experience into a new, stronger person. Kate may not have Emma's powers, but they have too much in common not to recognize that in one another, if only instinctually. Emma feels no need to reveal her own trauma, and so does nothing beyond nod. "Thank you for your time, Katherine. You may go."

White Queen's Chambers - Hellfire Club - New York
Walls panelled in dark, warm-toned wood, and a floor covered in a wall-to-wall Persian rug give this room a dark, almost masculine feel, oddly enough. Bay windows on one wall overlook the grounds of the Club, and allow natural light to shine into the room most of the day. Paintings hang on the walls, some that appear to be works by known artists.

The room is split into halves; To the right of the door, a huge four-poster bed oufitted entirely in white sits near a very large wardrobe of the same dark wood as the walls. A low dresser at the bedside is home for a lamp, and, more often then not, a half-read book. A free-standing full-length mirror stands near one wall.

Bookshelves line the walls of the other half of the room, filled with modern texts and rare books. An antique desk of carved mahogany sits near to the windows, painfully neat and organized. A large, stuffed white leather chair sits in one corner, a reading lamp behind it.

Despite the graceful surroundings, the room appears a bit sterile - A picture in a glossy magazine.

  • Obvious Exits:
    • [O] - Balcony - Hellfire Club - New

Kate Bishop
A striking young woman with long, flowing black hair and bright blue eyes. A sharp nose leads to full lips, which are nearly always in a form of a smile. Her skin is pale, but her complexion is flawless. She's a good height, at about 5'9" and she has an athletic build to her. A lean frame, with defined muscles and proportioned curves.

Her thin frame is pushed into an hourglass form by the purple corset that she wears. The corset snaps along the front, with a cascade of black lace covering the single piece. The bust is covered, but it accentuates and pushes up the pale flesh, placing it on display. She wears a matching choker on her delicate neck. Under the corset, a flash of skin is revealed before the purple lacy thong appears, barely covering her more womanly curves while revealing the firmness of her rear, yet another display. Dark purple stockings run up the thigh, held only by lacy graters, the same color as the outfit. Purple heels complete the ensemble, making her backside even that much more prominent.

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