(2014-08-19) It Came From OuterSpace
It Came From OuterSpace
Summary: Heroes save Metropolis, and possibly planet, from deadly virus born of space
Date: (2014-08-19)
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NPCs: None of importance - background and static NPCs
Scene Runner: Jack Flag/Mutual
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A pleasant day over Metropolis, the jewel of a city that it is. Blue sky, random puffy clouds, maybe some birds, and that flash of light suggesting something just pierced the atmosphere at a high velocity. A white/yellow circular sphere of that impact, and then a blazing trail of hot metal as it tears through the sky down towards the busiest part of the Metropolis Business District. The sort of thing if this were a meteor it was a happenstance day to be hurtling down towards that district when there are so many people there. Or, if this were an attack, it was at least well planned.

Fact of that matter, it was planned and that might be why some folks are in the vicinity, or above it, or simply gathered. A few of the early detection devices for earth actually detected it rather late, indicating it has something capable of stealth. Though, good thing it was detected and notifications could be given. There is probably some effort by police getting to the area currently just the same to start ‘evacuating’ as best as possible. But considering it’s the Business District, they’re falling short and they’re not getting out riot gear to make it more official of an evacuation. Most people are probably staying in their buildings just to see what’s going to happen.

The object, one small escape pod like mechanism. Perhaps 20 meters long 10 meters wide and housing one Jack Flag with a few surprises.

"Well, that's true. That would increase signal efficiency within the limited medium by close to ten percent." Karen Starr opines to the redhead currently with her in her dorm room. But then a buzz sounds in her ear, and she raises a finger. "One sec. Go, JARVIS." Frowning, she listens and nods. "OK. On my way. Show me responding." Then she stands. "Caitlin, there's a non-natural meteoric object streaking towards downtown. I have to go … come with me?" she asks, even as she spins in place, replacing her attire at blurring speeds. Gone is the twenty-year-old science phenom and engineering student at Met U. Now there is only … Power Woman.

Seconds later, a blur streaks across the heavens just above 'rooftop' level in Metropolis, which is a good bit higher altitude than the same thing anywhere in almost any other city in the world. "I can see it coming. It's moving really fast, and the sensors are right. That's not natural, and there's one potentially humanoid figure inside. I can't get a clear enough read through the heat bloom for anything else. We're going in!"

That blur is not Kara Zor-L's usual white and crimson; there are other colors at play; probably green, purple, and some rust-like red as well.

Caitlin Fairchild pouts. "Seriously? Why do we always have alerts when we're having special time. Geeking out over circuitry." She stands and can't spin as fast as Kara, but she disrobes quickly, leaving her clothes on Kara's bed as she remembered to keep her outfit on underneath. The purple and green jumpsuit works better with manuevering. She runs out of the building and follows the blur as fast as she can, her own earpiece connecting her to Power Woman. "Any way we can catch it and soften the impact?"

Kyani had a delivery he had to make here in Metropolis, his boss knows of his abilities and so he is able to give him deleveries that takes Kyani out of New York. Granted he does it sparingly, so as to not bring attention to Kyani. Still Kyani never minds, but when he gets the chance to go to Metropolis, it's always a good time. He likes the technological advance city.

With his deleveries finished here in the city, Kyani figured he would get some food and relax a little bit. As he finishes up eating, he needed to get back to New York to help out with a few things when he sees cops coming into the Business District. Standing up and looking around, Kyani tries to figure out whats going on, and it's not until he looks up into the sky to see whats going on or whats coming crashing down. Moving a bit closer but not getting himself close enough to bother the cops. Whatever this thing is, it's coming down hot and fast and if it hits, the impact would be pretty bad. THinking of a few ideas, he waits to see where it may be hitting before he acts.

The Guardians had been tracking the pod like craft since it pinged on thier ships radar. They had been unable to get a signal in through to its occupant, and has been hot on its trail. Since it was headed to earth, and her home planet Stargirl was dispatched to not only to subdue Jack if he was still being mind controlled, but to keep the pod from crashing.

A small craft, appears mid-atmosphere, a lone figure dropping from it before is disappears upward. Free-falling through the sky Stargirl follows the pod on its way to the earth, streamlining herself and using her own flight abilities to build up speed so hopefully she can catch up and pass it on the way down, and therefore be able to catch and possibly slow it down before it impacts.

The pod continues falling rapidly, at such an angle it will skip off the atmosphere to preserve what is ultimately within it. From the ground, Kyani can make more of this out simply by better making out the details of all the objects moving so fast. Presently there are three figures approaching it. Power Woman and Caitlin are coming up from the sky, they can see the pod falling and as well with heightened senses make out the girl on/with the staff quickly approaching and passing the pod, perhaps turning herself to do something to the pod.

They can also see as she passes, something in the pod happens. A part of it falls off, much like a star vessel detaching a fuel pod or something on take off, it detaches, reorients, and then seems to start heading towards Stargirl - she can't see it yet. It seems to be a defense robot/droid, one arm is a large weapon and it starts to 'warm up.' A second robot seems to have departed from the other side. Obviously designed to make sure the pod is not tampered with.

"Oh, Rao. Hang on. We've got robot drones deploying. I need you to take care of one. Sorry about this. Good luck!" Power Woman offers to Caitlin … seconds before she spins rapidly, winding up, and then hurtling the big, beautiful redhead in green and purple like a female canonball right at the second deployed robot. Incoming!

Power Woman feels warning Stargirl is the right thing to do, so she takes careful aim, and pings the tail end of the All American Heroine's staff with a bit of heat vision, then waves and points towards the onrushing robot as she herself closes with the pod. She's ready to trade off and take on the robot if necessary, but her intention is to take the slowing down of the pod on herself, since she can't burn, and she has stopped things like this before. Air brake!

Caitlin Fairchild Grins as she's thrown. "Don't apologize, Babe! Fastball Special coming through!!" She yells, having way too much fun with this. She doesn't have heat vision or freeze breath, but she certainly packs a wallop. She gets her fists ready, hoping to get a good shot on the bot, hoping to knock it out of the sky. Before impact, she giggles. "Hey Kara.. Robot." She says, an inside joke with the girl on the other end of the earpiece.

Kyani is able to see a few blurs in the sky and if they are moving at high speeds he is able to make them out. But when it looks like something is detaching from the pods, Kyani looks around and is able to rationalize where the pod will impact at. He pulls up a scarf that he uses form time to time and covers the lower part of his face, then he pulls his hoodie over his head. In less then a blink of an eye Kyani blurs out of sight, and once he is where he thinks the pod is going to impact, he begins swing his arms rapidly. As his arms spin columns of wind begins to form in the shape of a funnel. Both moving rapid up towards wehre the pod is coming, he doesn't have a way to warn the others, nor does he knows who is up there, granted seeing someone throw another or the other person leaping to one of the drones does cause him a bit of pause, Kyani keeps doing what he is diong. The vortexes races upwards towards Stargirl and the pod and begins buffet them but also slow the decent down as well.

"Come on. Come on." Stargirl says to herself as she bypasses the pod and starts to get ahead of it enough to turn on it. The Star Staff moves in her hand though as it is heat with the heat vision. It's enough of an aberration to get her to look around and notice the other two girls flying to help. Power Woman is familiar, though has never met her. The other girl not so much, but they seem to be working together and Stargirl knows that they are here to help. Stargirl also knows that PW has a better chance of stopping the pod than she does. She knows her own limits and with a quick motion exchanges targets, letting the stronger woman deal with putting the brakes on.

Speaking of brakes she slows down her flight, twisting the staff around so that the business end points to the robot wanting to stop the would be rescuers. A sizzling beam of heat fires from the staff at the oncoming robot.

The pod and its weight seem like something Power Woman could readily stop, giving time to slow its speed. Yet, even as she seems to try to naturally absorb its forward momentum, it seems to have an a natural bound with getting to the earth. The nose seems loaded with some sort of gravity device where by particles of the pod are entangled with the earth and its gravity. Not quite the scale of two planets colliding as their gravities pull together, it is other worldly. Power Woman does manage to slow it and coupling with the Vortex cushions Kyani starts to establish, they do manage to stop it from doing any major damage to the street.

The blast from Stargirl mars the surface of the robot, gaining its attention. Much like the one Caitlin went after, this one starts to 'warm up' its weapon, turning to head towards Stargirl and 'fire' at her. As for that that weapon does …

Caitlin bats the robot, giving it a dent and sending it off course, it turns and fires at her but misses thanks to her knocking it slightly out of control. Much like the pod, its other worldly. That weapon fires but not much is seen except maybe by Power Woman with vision beyond the normal human spectrum. A gamma level laser well beyond earth standards is fired out and, missing Caitlin, it cuts into a building as the decent enters the upper levels of the city.

Caitlin Fairchild has no time for joking with Kara as she now focuses on the robot, rather perturbed at only denting it. She's freefalling, making her way back to it in order to tear it limb from limb. She grimaces at the building. "Yikes.. That'll leave a nasty cut. She says, as she tries to catch up with it.

Kyani grunts as he is being pushed back a bit seeing as the pod is wanting to get to the Earth in a hurry. He's never seen so much determination in a pod before. But then again this is his first, so thats saying a lot right now. Working his arms faster, Kyani tries to push harder against it and seeing now that Power Woman is now helping him slow the pods decent, it's making it a bit easier. With the fight continuing with the robots, there is neothing he can do right now about them, hopefully Stargirl and Caitilin canhold them off unti……..well he wasn't expecting laser fire in the city. Seems like ever since he's decided to get into the whole superhero thing, Kyani has been exposed to a lot and now here is more. "Come on slow down." he says as he tries to now angle his vortexes to a clearing where Power Woman would feel the winds shifting so that the pod can be moved possibly to a clearing free of spectators.

Knowing what she does about the space pod, Stargirl really doesn't have time to fight robots right now. The robot arm aiming at her is enough of a warning for her to bring a forcefield up and move out of harm's way. The impact against the forcefield is enough to drive her back since she isn't grounded on anything solid. Gripping her Staff like a bat she rockets forward toward the Robot, stopping at the last minute and hitting the metal creature upwards with the Staff like she was going for a homerun at Fenway, with all her strength. "Don't open that pod!" she yells at the top of her lungs, hoping one of these heroes has super hearing and gets the message.

Robots indeed. But Kara doesn't have time to laugh at Caitlin's adorable joke.

A quantum entanglement gravitic core? Power Woman can feel the increasing pull at the nose of the pot towards the Earth below, and she doesn't just try to slow it down … she starts pouring on the strength and flight speed that enables her to rocket past the sound barrier several times over, and to reach escape velocity. It's the same power that can move her at interplanetary speeds, when she's in a vacuum. But she's only using it to slow the pod down, as she pierces the pod with her Kryptonian vision, finds the power source of that gravitic pull, and then narrows her eyes, slicing a pencil-thin beam of heat vision through the shielding and slicing out that power core. As it is, she's still only going to be able to stop this thing when her own feet hit the street below … but that street won't crack, the conduits beneath won't be broken, and everything can go on.


"Caitlin, Stargirl is yelling not to open the pod. I'm going to go get water to cool it off, just in case. You be careful up there." Power Woman communicates with her redheaded 'missile' friend.

Power Woman and the Pod land on the street with as the gravity driven bond stops pulling.

Caitlin gets in to grapple her robot and its more difficult than she might of imagined, alien alloy and construction making the engineering pretty solid yet with her determination, she can start to peel into it to deconstruct it, slowly. Though that its more difficult could drive her aggravation and determination to get it destroyed. It fires again, but she can control it, avoid it, being so close. The robot initiates self-defenses. It heats up, like the sun. Then cools beyond normal scales, into the realm of Kelvin but not absolute zero, then electrifies its outer surface, then becomes slick. If she manages to hold on, it then initiates self-destruct mode –only indicated by the beeping countdown.

Stargirl bats hers back up and away, much like Caitlin’s punch, it dents the object and sends if off course. Its first shot bounding off her forcefield and damaging nothing. A second shot finding some buildings again as it spins out of control. When it recovers, it seems to home on the pod instead, going for it, and aiming its gun at the pod as if to open it up despite what she has said. It fires what looks like a mist then – which is a bunch of smaller robot like devices. Not nano level, they are visible and perhaps two inches in diameter and are heading for the pod, perhaps with some instruments to try to make sure it opens up.

Caitlin Fairchild grapples with the bot and has difficulty keeping up with it. The heat and cold don't bother her, but the slipperiness of it causes her to let go of it a couple times while eventually getting a better grasp. It begins to beep as Caitlin sees how close they are about to hit the ground. Her intention is to stay on top of the thing and allow it to take the impact of the fall.

With Power Woman helping, Kyani focuses his vortexes around Power Woman, so that she isn't getting buffeted about within them. He grunts with extertion, it's like running but not going anywhere and this thing was coming in pretty damn fast so a lot of his speed had to be controlled as he created the vortexs. With Power Woman pouring on the strength now, he tries to do what he can with cushioning the fall so that he aides Power Woman with teh strength and slows the pod down so it doesn't just crash into the ground causing catosprhoic damage.

Shaking herself off, Power Woman looks up to assess the fights ongoing, and sees the 'mist' of fast-approaching small robots. "Everybody down!" she shouts, loudly, warning the civilians in the area. "Kyani, get those vortices ready for a whole mess of parts. I need them cooled off in a hurry." Then she leans her hand on the pod, heedless of the tremendous heat in its shell as she narrows her eyes, focusing, unleashing a swath of heat vision in a broad cone, working to slag the tiny robots before they can reach the pod, and ready to interpose herself if necessary to make sure of it. "Now!" she shouts, when her heating them up has done its job and its' time to cool them down and send them away.

"Oh crap!" Stargirl exclaims when the robot leaves off attacking her for the moment and spews forth a bunch of littler robots. She can pretty quickly guess what they are for. Another heat beam is shot at the robot from the Staff as Power Woman blasts the cloud of mini-bots with her heat vision.

As Power Woman shouts and her cone goes up, little dots of hot metal peirce down towards the street level in a razor shower of metal. With his vortexes up, Kyani should be able to stop the majority of those from doing damage to anything else and hopefully keep them away from the pod – Power Woman can focus more closely as they begin to rain down.

Stargirl sends the robot off course again with her blasts. It doesn't stop trying to go for the pod, even as it misses. Warming up another gamma-ray laser blast for the pod to try and open it up. Stargirl might notice she can sort of steer that robot, she might be able to deflect it with blasts into the cone of Power Woman’s gaze if she wants to.

Caitlin aims hers into the ground to hopefully smash it. Not quite smashing, it does bury into the concrete with her on top just as the last high pitch beep resounds, causing more damage to the street. It blasts with nuclear force roughly between an M388 and a small gravity bomb, roughly 5 kt, but in a small area is if a tactical explosion – could take out a building or bridge but doesn’t cause mass destruction, it is aimed at hampering whoever came for the robot to keep them away from the pod it would seem.

"Keep it up, Kyani." Power Woman calls, as she leaps now on top of the pod, squaring off as she launches herself into the path of the gamma beam - which yes, she can see. It slices into her body in a way that few other weapons would, causing her to grit her teeth against a very real howl of pain as the blast sears through her chest. But she does not yield. She guards the pod with her own life, and with it - so she assumes - the lives of the people of her city. Indigo has entrusted herself, and her people, to Kara. She cannot, she will not fail.

Caitlin Fairchild doesn't know how much damage is going to be made, but she tries to avoid hurting the citizens. She goes down into the blast zone of the bot-bomb as it makes a small crater. The blast goes up and out with a cloud of dust and smoke, the smell of char everywhere. As the repair drones come to clean, there's no sign of Caitlin right away.

Kyani doesn't relent at all, pushing past his norms, he intensifies the vorticies trying to ensnare as much of the shrapnel he can, cooling them down and not allowing them to impact until they are near cold. Sweat is roiling down his face as he keeps this up, one of his talents he doesn't use much often, but still he is showing he has more to offer then he thought he had. Still as Power Woman moves to intercept the blast, Kyani grunts with exertion as he tries to put the sharpnel into the ground as best he can, as well as expanding his vortex to pull those other shrapnel back a bit or slow them to the point that htey cool but just bounce along the ground or walls without hurting anyone.

"Would you just give up already." Stargirl growls out as she follows the robot, "Stupid alien metal and its toughness." she'd probably fist shake if both hands weren't on the staff that's keeping her airborne. Not that she need both hands on it, it's just easier to aim that way. She fires again, herding the robot toward Power Woman. Her heat vision seems to be much more effective than the staff's heat rays, she's going to have to fix that "A little help here!" she calls down as she pings it again with a beam, hoping to drive it closer.

The pod remain motionless, except for Power Woman on top, taking the laser and using her body as a shield. Kyani funnels the shrapnel, not only deflecting it, but cooling it the same, so it can sort of be 'deposited' in a less harmless state and not as high velocity molten metal shot. Cailtin's bot is self-destructed, the Metropolis bots getting signals to come clean the area. With a little bit of guiding by Stargirl and combined with Power Woman, the last bot succumbs to heat and denting by Stargirl. It 'dies' and plummets down as harmless metal.

As the beam from the bot dies, Power Woman's breath gusts out and she drops to a knee atop the pod, panting, grimacing as she bites back the agony of her visibly sliced-open and burned flesh. Her Kryptonian physiology will likely manage to heal that with some direct sunlight. But that will be a bit in coming, right now. Tears in her eyes from the pain, the blonde heroine lifts her head to sweep her gaze around, looking for … "Where's Caitlin? Caitlin!" she shouts at the last, struggling and wincing as she stumbles off the pod and starts towards the crater … the crater where Caitlin ought to be. Pleas to JARVIS are answered without aid, as the nuclear blast blinded his sensors, and he has no idea where Caitlin is right now.

As the smoke clears, rubble begins to move, and Fairchild makes her way through the mess, limping. She has a black eye and bruising on most of the visible skin, blood dripping from her mouth and nose. Being so close to the blast, Caitlin can't hear a thing. She looks for Kara, shouting out her name.

Kyani does manages to do what he set out to do as well what Power WOman asked. IT was pretty hard, but still he was able to see where the shrapnel was going and catch it. Now it's down on the ground where the cleaning robots can get to them an ddo what they need to do. Panting, and feeling a bit fatigued, he quickly reaches into his pocket and in mere seconds he eats four Snickers bars, as he walks over to where Power Woman and Caitlin are. "Hey you both alright?" he asks Power Woman and Caitlin, he sees the wound on Power Woman, "Shit, your hurt. YOu need to get that looked at Power Woman." he says. He doesn't know what she is capable of so he does worry about her, then he looks to Caitlin, "What about you, you took on a nuke type blast." he says to her. "Hey are you alright?" he calls over to Stargirl who is nearby the pod.

Finally, robots are taken care of at least Stargirl can stop worrying about that, though now she really gets to the big issue at hand. Landing by the pod she ignores Power Woman for the moment, who goes looking for her friend anyway. Examaining the pod she glances at writing on her hand and hits a sequence of buttons on a control panel and the view port slides open to show the pod's interior.

Hopping on top so she can get a better view she to starts to speak loudly, but not the yelling of the other two women, "Jack?" apparently she recognizes the person inside "Jack, are you awake? Can you hear me?" she's trying to keep panic from her voice as she smacks a palm against the view port a few times, but not hard enough to do any damage. She seems much more concerned about the pod and its contents then answering questions about her own well being.

Spotting Caitlin, Power Woman walks towards her, grabbing the redhead by the shoulders and holding her close. A sweep of X-Ray vision can confirm if anything serious is damaged, but she's still worried. Worried, and edging back from the panic of not being able to find her. "Ow." she murmurs, after she realizes Caitlin can't hear her. Sure, they both look terrible. But, problem solved, at least for now.

Since she can hear, Power Woman does eventually answer Kyani. "I'll … I'll be fine." No, she's not being macho; the words 'I ain't got time to bleed' will never pass her lips. But there are more important things. Her fingers entwine with Caitlin's as she leads the redhead towards the pod and Stargirl, letting her vision sweep and scan the interior and contents of the pod, to make sure everything is dealt-with.

With robots down and pod landed, responders nearby that tried to clear the area come closer to help. But seeing as Power Woman and Caitlin are both a little beat up, they are slightly hesitant, as if waiting to see what Power Woman says to them to do.

Inside the pod's viewport, Jack Flag's eyes flutter a little. Maybe its his name being called more than the palm, considering the battle just fought over him inside that capsule. He mutters something and looks around, its unheard beyond the glass. She can probably see he looks sick, more sick than ever considering his body is regenerative. Blinking, he looks ready to try and push off the top of the pod itself. Between sickness and whatever he has been through, the pod doesn't budge, but if he wakes up more, no telling.

Caitlin Fairchild is alright. There's no internal damage, most of her skin and top layer of muscle took the brunt of the blast. She'll have a headache for a while, and won't be able to hear for a few days, but otherwise she's fine. Her left leg is broken, so she leans on Kara as they make their way over. She just nods and hobbles looking at what's going on. She can't hear the sirens or the commotion.

"You don't look it Power WOman." Kyani says, but he sees her concern over Caitlin, and so he goes quiet for the time being. Still upon seeing Caitlin, Kyani smiles and follows them over to the pod. He keeps his scarf up over his nose and mouth and hsi hoodie down casted over his head to keep people from seeing his face, the speedster watches as Stargirl tries to get the pod open. "Who is in there and this looks like an escape pod, don't as me how Iknow, but if it is. Shouldn't there be some type of release lever or something like that on the outside or possibly inside?" he asks.

Kara easily supports Caitlin to keep her from walking on the broken leg. They'll need to get that seen to. She waves to the first responders, indicating that they should continue to maintain perimeter and stay back. She doesn't want anyone any closer until they confirm the radiation can be contained, and that the pod and its contents pose no further threat. So instead, she makes her way over towards the pod, stopping nearby. "Stargirl … I assume you know the occupant? Is it safe to open? Or do we need some kind of containment?" She knows the reputation of the other heroine, and trusts her judgement since she knows the situation, obviously.

She doesn't know if Jack can hear her or not, but she takes movement as a sign "Jack, you have to stay in there. Whatever you do just stay put." Stargirl looks up as the others start to gather around. Since Kyani is the one that spoke first she focuses on him "No!" she exclaims "We can't open it…or let him open it either." she glances back through the port "You hear me. You can't open it Jack. You're sick." she hears Power Woman's question "Containment." she looks up "He's my friend and team mate." the two concepts aren't always mutually exclusive, "He was abducted, guess I know why now. We scanned the pod coming in. It showed he's been infected with a deadly virus. If he gets out, you may as well kiss earth's population goodbye." she may be exagerrating on that last bit, but she doesn't want anyone to take any chances.

Jack, for all purposes, wasn't prepared for this adventure. He's just a regular guy in a regular t-shirt, regular if not patriotic (a sons of liberty tee with crossed muskets). He looks like some guy getting ready to go to the beach. That and very sickly. He blinks and seems to hear some of what Stargirl says, or read's lips. He might not be heard, but he responds in his sick state, "This doesn't look like the train to Gotham …" He's probably been out of it most of, if not all of, the time since last Stargirl had seen him.

Caitlin Fairchild looks to Kara, mostly reading the expressions on her face and gathering what she can from the woman's lips. She looks back and forth between the people talking. She sees the concern on the Stargirl's face and the emphatic language. She shrugs and guesses, hoping onto the pod and sitting on it. Whomever wishes to open the pod is going to have to move 300 Earth lbs. off of it first.

Kyani looks around at the perimeter thats been made and he checks to make sure there wasn't anyone injured from where he stands. Turning his attention back to the three women and the pod, he moves in closer, not knowing if ther ewas a response to his question he asked moments ago or not.

Power Woman nods to Stargirl. "Containment it is." And she taps her comm unit. "JARVIS, call the SCU. Tell Detective Sergeant Maggie Sawyer that we need biohazard containment here, pronto. Then get word to the CDC and the DEO." That said, Power Woman supports Caitlin and turns, motioning directly for the highest-ranking police officer she can see. "We need containment around this pod. I've called SCU, CDC and the DEO. Until they clear the location, this stays shut down. We have possible radiation, and a definite biohazard if the pod opens. Once the containment tent shows up, let us know and we'll get it inside wherever you set it up. I would strongly suggest we keep civilians out, and keep your first responders back, until then." The people respect the uniform, the figure and position of Power Woman, and Kara knows it. She uses it, for everyone's sake, and tries not to abuse the trust placed in her. "OK, Stargirl. We keep it sealed. What do we do to help your friend? Can you keep him calm long enough to get this all rigged up? Or do we need to take him somewhere else /right now/?"

Kyani jumps a little when he is yelled it. When it's explained he undestands why the pod shouldn't be opened and also why they fought so hard from letting it impact. If opened whatever Jack has would get out. There really wasn't a lot he could do at this point, but one thing he did know was that they needed to make sure that pod isn't opened until the containment unit is called in.

Turning to Power Woman, he listens as she calls in a team to come handle the pod. WHen she is finished, he walks over to her. "Do they have the facility to take care of whatever it is that may be in that pod?" he asks. "I know those are some hardcore places and containment is what they specialise in, but…" he looks a bit unsure as he glances back to the pod, then to the rest of the group here. "I trust in what your doing, is there anything I can do to help?" he asks. "You look pretty bad, and your friend's leg is broke, should I have a medic come to at least look at your friends leg at least?" he asks Power Woman.

He looks to Caitilin, "Will that be ok?" he asks just to be sure. He is able to hold multiple conversations at one time, is it something he does on a normal basis, not really, but hell there is a lot going on. "Can your friend hear you through that glass?" he asks to Stargirl, before turning his attention back to Power Woman before she is able to reply.

In Jack's weakened state Stargirl is unable to hear much if anything of what he says. "Jack when you get better we are really going to have to talk to Vance about getting us comm devices. Now be still. Help is on the way." she would really love to be able to communicate with the ship in orbit so she can get the code to turn the comm device on. "I don't know." she is really trying not to freak out when Power Woman starts calling in the big acronym officials "But if I can't there isn't much anyone will be able to do to stop him from opening it from the inside if he really wanted to."

As the conversation continues on without him, Jack seems to relax a little. Perhaps induced by whatever is ravaging his body, and oddly continuing to heal slightly. As if, any one else might rapidly succumb to whatever he has, but his body is keeping the host alive long enough thanks to the abilities he has. Caitlin camped over him makes it hard to read lips, but perhaps there's enough to look at to keep his thoughts occupied and him stable enough to not try to escape from the pod for the moment.

"Oh, we can stop him." Power Woman assures. "I'd just rather not do it that way if we don't have to." She's quite capable of welding the hatch shut, if necessary, and reinforcing it too if Jack proves too strong.

To Kyani, Power Woman explains, "No medic you're going to find is going to be able to set her leg, Kyani. She's almost as resistant to harm as I am, and her flesh is incredibly dense. They wouldn't be able to set the leg, let alone pin it in place so that it can heal properly. Trust me. I'll get her to medical facilities geared specifically to help us. I promise." Frankly, Caitlin is incredibly important to Kara, and is first on her priority list once she knows this situation is handled. Her own injuries are less of a concern, despite what she sees in Caitlin's eyes every time the redhead looks at the burn scar across her chest.

Kara walks over to lay a hand - gently - on Stargirl, meeting the blonde's gaze for a moment to reassure her. Then she glances at Caitlin, and produces a Starkphone out of nowhere, rapidly tapping up a message and then handing it over to the other woman. 'Hey. I know it looks bad. We'll get it taken care of, I promise. I need you to help me re-work this thing so that the speaker uses low-frequency laser induction. That way it can translate what we say out here, so the guy inside can hear. I think the glasses' sensor array can work for the laser, if you can help me adjust …' More technobabble follows. In essence, her plan is to build the reverse of a laser induction microphone - used in surveillance to pick up what is going on beyond a barrier, most often glass, by reading the vibrations in the surface. In this case, to take what they say, and create vibrations in the glass of the pod window that Jack should be able to hear.

Caitlin Fairchild nods and looks to Kara and swallows her own concern for now, since there's work to be done. She nods and… finds a piece of the metal shrapnel nearby. Using her strength she forms it inti a makeshift tool. She opens up the back of the phone with it, takes out the battery and quickly works with the microelectronics inside. Once done, she angles it towards Kara and points between her eyes to the device, asking for the Kryptonian to solder the spot with her heat vision. Once that's done, she places the battery back and closes it, handing it over after about 15 minutes in all.

Kyani should've known, Caitlin survied a nuclear explosion, but then again. There are so many people with abilities, it's hard to knwo who can do what and well he's been soloing it for a while. Kyani shakes his head and looks to Power Woman, "Alright, well if she will be alright." he says still concern does show on his face, he turns and looks to Stargirl as Power Woman tells her what she wants to do with her cellphone. Some of it does make sense and the rest confuses the hell out of him, and honestly he's starting to see that he needs to really step up more as to what he can do. He stays near where Caitlin is, and places his hands in his pocket as he waits along with them for the CDC adn others get here. Taking a look around Kyani just tries to make sure there isn't anyone trying to get close enough to see whats going on. But it's at that time his phone rings and he answers it, "Can't talk, in the bathroom." he says as he hangs up the phone. He knows it's his boss, he groans a bit knowing that he has a few other things to do, but for now they weren't important. He puts his phone back in his pocket.

Stargirl doesn't look very reassured, but she does appreciate the gesture. Knowing that Power Girl could probably keep Jack from getting out certainly helps. She wouldn't understand any of the tech stuff either, good thing it wasn't aimed at her, but instead Caitlin in the convinent text message. She continues to talk to Jack through the view port and what a tale she weaves. All about alien snakes in Gotham's Sewers, being captuered by a big robot and then escaping and stealing said robot's spaceship and going to a planet called Tor 5 do pick up supplies for the rescue mission. It's like a plot to some sci-fi movie.

When the Stark driven improvised tech arrives, Jack seems keen to listen to Stargirl talk of the adventures she's had and takes it all at face value. "I miss all the good stuff," he responds in his weakened state. Seemingly, all is well for now, he won't break out of the pod, no one is opening it. It just remains for the appropriate brain to look at virus, and that is a waiting game. "I don't even know where I went, or what happened to me."

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