(2014-08-18) On the Nature of Luck
On the Nature of Luck
Summary: Naenia Suen meets Mary Jane
Date: (2014-08-18)
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A night at The Janus, like any other, lots of people, lots of fashion, lots of mingling. This one in particular was some mix between fund raiser and fashion show. Not entirely charity, there was some profit mixed in all of this. Most were either invited or part of the show in some context - or hosting as part of the club and its staff. Naenia Suen is part of the latter, not club staff, but part of the show. There were a few violinists in the mix, during some parts of the show and she had a solo spot in there. Afterwards she was allowed to mingle even.

She'd chosen a black dress, with some shimmer to it, made to like nice but blend in easily with other muscicians. Violin in its case and with the other instruments, she now finds herself near one of the bars. This one underlight with azure lights giving a cast to the floor nearby as if fending off the rapid mingling of club lights just beyond the dark recess of this bar area. She has chosen not to go for anything alcoholic and is picking up the equivilant of a shirly temple from the bar and turning to give the room a look over. Though she is finding it more difficult trying not to bump anyone nearby - or at least let them bump into her. It takes some focus away from looking over the entire club as she focuses more on the immediate area.

For her part, one of the many others in attendance this evening is teen model Mary Jane Watson. She agreed to attend this event to help support the charity fund raising portion of the event. As such, the curvy young redhead is dressed in a sleek deep hunter green dress, its wrap-around elegance and simplicity perfect for her own personal style. A shimmering golden sash ties about her waist, emphasizing her curves subtly, and echoing the few small pieces of gold jewelry she wears and the golden heels she is rocking tonight. She doesn't dare grab anything from one of the passing trays of drinks or snacks, and so makes her way to one of the bars - one limned in blue, apparently - to seek out and request, "A virgin orange juice, please." Now she has to wait for her drink.

"Oops. Sorry." the redhead offers, as she is bumped by someone and sent into the lovely Chinese woman. She's not sure if she's right in recognizing her as one of the musicians tonight, but the least she can do is be polite, regardless. At least she didn't have her drink, yet, so mess made.

Watching someone else at the moment, Naenia is cut slightly off guard when she gets a slight bump. Oddly her drink doesn't spill or move much, and the sensation might be hint at an odd tingle, slightly cool. Not unlike a static shock, just lighter and quickly fading. She steps back with some focus in her eyes then shakes her head. "No," she says, completely americanized, no accent. "Don't be, I should of been more care .. ful." A pause as she looks at Mary Jane's eyes, noting their green, maybe recognizing her as the young model she is. "You are the one with the eyes …" She gives her voice to that recognition.

The teen's color rises just a hint, but she nods to Naenia. "I'm Mary Jane. Most call me MJ." The redhead extends her hand by way of personal greeting, now that she has introduced herself. "I've been complemented on many things. Not as often my eyes, but I appreciate it. Were you one of the musicians? The music was really beautiful." She's not a conneisseur of classical music, but she knows beauty when she sees it, or hears it.

Naenia's eyes close a moment in a thought as Mary Jane comments on her eyes not as often being the compliment getters. "They are mysterious, complimented perhaps by the darkness of the club, it is a shame if others don't notice." A compliment itself, but almost as if its a straight forward observation by the chinese woman. Then she nods with a hint of a smile at the corner of her mouth. "Yes, they pulled a few chairs off the symphony to accompany the show tonight. I am Naenia … which do you prefer, MJ or Mary Jane?"

"I'm comfortable with either, really." MJ answers, smiling still. She is the patient sort, willing to puzzle out little idiosyncracies of speech. "Naenia. That's a really pretty name. Much like your playing. You could be a model yourself, I'm sure." It's simple truth, really, recogizing the other's beauty. When her drink is proferred, Mary Jane reaches for it and thanks the bartender, then sips the orange juice. "Do you enjoy the symphony?" she queries curiously.

A slight pause at the return and Naenia smiles more with a nod, "Thank you, Mary Jane." She favors the fuller name presently, her eyes travel from MJ to her orange juice as she takes it into her hand. "I do, its a great way to express a feeling simply through measured mathematics." As if that was every day, she offers a hand if they'd like to step away from the bar, to keep conversing without risking more bumps. "Have you been to the symphony lately?"

The redheaded teen accepts the hand and follows Naenia away from the bar, now that she has her drink. It's probably safer that way. "Lately? No. Though my Aunt Anna and I did listen to a few of the shows in the Park earlier this summer. She has admitted she prefers big-band jazz, but she still loves a good concert, and it's a special treat." The redhead's nose wrinkles just a bit. It's kind of cute, really. "I cannot imagine thinking of something so beautiful as only mathematics. But I'm no science and math wiz, myself. I know some, but that's not my gig." Self-deprecating to the last.

Listening to the other as they move away, Naenia nods her head, grinning a little a the preference for big-band jazz. "A treat," she says curiously as if reconsidering her stance of math and music in that span of a moment. "Yes, it is … a treat. I think math can be synonymous with harmony, everything in its place and a beauty to that order and sometimes that simplicity is lost.” As if to deflect MJ’s on self-deprecation by saying everyone overthinks math, a little. “Though, I am learning that variation –or improvisation, has its own intrigue.” Her eyes look up at MJ’s green eyes again, as if the jade in them is captivating enough and something of the idea of sporadic or free will is in them. How does one get into modelling?”

"Mmm. I'd never thought of math that way, really. I suppose it could be, if you have the mind or the vision for it." Mary Jane is bright enough to imagine it is possible, but not quite enough to actually be able to accomplish that one herself. "Variation and improvisation are the heart and soul of personal artistic musical expression. What is written on the page is the composer's work, and the arranger's, and both deserve plenty of credit. But the individual performer breathes life into that writing, and in so doing, stamps his or her own soul for music on it." MJ may not be a math head, but she is clearly a music lover, and open-minded enough despite her youth that she has a love and appreciation for all forms of music.

Mary Jane has met others who are a bit captivated by her eyes, but not, she thinks, quite to this degree. She's not really bothered by it, but it is different. "Mmm? Well, I can't really say how anyone else gets into modeling. But I can say how I did. My mother thought I was especially pretty as a child, and she took me to a few open casting calls. I won more than a few of those, and built a bit of a reputation. And I've kept it up ever since." Mary Jane doesn't really think about the fact that she does so as a way to honor her mother, but it's true. "My Mom loved my modeling." The past tense is stubtle, but present.

Naenia enjoys listening MJ's view of music, or genuine appreciation for the musician in the process. She knows others are the sort to breathe their unique tales into the music as it plays while her own stance is the idea of perfection in her form, the motion she makes as she plays - then again, what her idea is for perfection doesn't agree with everyone's and that is her should perhaps that goes into the music she plays. She is nodding agreement as MJ turns to modeling and her mother.

She catches the subtle tense about her mother, perhaps uniquely tuned to that tense by her very nature. She also recalls the idea of the aunt being the one she listens to music with lately. She can deduce some of the in-between, a little at least. "It is good she introduced this to you, otherwise I might not have met you." A friendly smile from Naenia. "You are especially pretty now as well," another deflection in something MJ said it would seem, meant to be positive towards the other. "I don't think I would be interested in getting into modelling, despite what you said earlier. You seem to enjoy it and I was curious how you found that joy.” Turning an eye to the club briefly, she ponders, “You seem about school age, or have you graduated?” She is meaning college and only curious because she is a student herself and may have more questions.

The redhead's color heightens again, considering the statement quite a compliment from one she has only just met. True, though, and she acknowledges with a nod. "Thank you. I think it would be a shame to redirect the beauty of your playing into modeling instead. So I'm glad you're happy with your own path." Those deep green eyes sparkle with pleasure and amusement at the observation of her good humor. "I like people. I like meeting and getting to know new people. And I like art and fashion. So modeling is something I enjoy." Not the only thing, by far, but one of them. "I'm still in 'high school', actually. I'll graduate at the end of the school year that will start soon." She lifts her glass of orange juice. "One of the reasons there's no alcohol in this. I'm not legal for it."

A curt nod of agreement, both at MJ's thanks and that she expresses happiness at Naenia being happy herself with music. Curious eyes, leaving the club again to find MJ close at hand, taking her her interestes of meeting new people, getting to know them, her joy in art and fashion and the combination of the two in her modelling career. "Oh," he says, partially a double take, having thought the other girl older. "I just thought," he grins a little, as if she looks like she's older and being in the club. That she has a non-alcoholic drink, the other girl could of choose one by preference and she would never assume. "Have you thought about school? I go to NYU, they're having a student art exhibit to open the beginning of the year. It will be those students who have graduated with a BFA and have been accepted into the MFA program …" Though a math student at the school, her interest in music probably has her close to the fine arts buildings just the same.

"I was planning on NYU." Mary Jane admits, smiling. "Some of my friends are going with Empire State, but I'm not quite science-head enough for that. NYU has what I think I want, and a much more open, Bohemian style. A better fit all around." The redhead smiles. "I've never been to the start of the year exhibit. But I've heard it can be pretty amazing. I'll see if I can't stop by. Thank you." Clearly, she truly is one who enjoys meeting and getting to know new people.

"Good," says Naenia, perhaps doubly to both choosing NYU and hearing about the opening exhibits. “If you want to see it, you should come by.” More a smile, “I could show you around campus even if you liked?” Perhaps where she was going with talking about the art show coming up. Still a passing offer even, the other could take it or leave it just the same. “I’m trying to be more outgoing,” she continues, picking up on MJ liking meeting new people perhaps, “Something new, for me and you seem so good at it.” As if guilt by association might increase her networking opportunities, or simply her curiosity with MJ and the intrigue of her eyes can continue.

"I'd love to have a guide, Naenia. That would be awesome." Mary Jane offers, as she reaches into her small purse and pulls out her smartphone. "Give me your digits? I can call you, then, when I'm planning when to head over." Yes. She said digits. She really is a teenager. "And I'll do what I can to help you learn how to be more comfortable being outgoing." Because lots of people have to learn that sort of thing, instead of being born with the talent for it the way MJ clearly was.

"Great," responds Naenia, pulling out her own phone. Similar smart device, she's only a few years beyod teenager, digits could be shared, or even passed depending if their apps line up. "The opening is next friday, but its open weekdays until five." As if just passing that along, keeping the art exhibit an open option - and the guide offer. "You're making me glad I took the offer, to play tonight." Looking around a moment, she notices one of the designers passing not far away. "Do you get the change to meet them?" Her eyes indicate who she's talking about.

Numbers exchanged, MJ spends a few moments tapping in an appointment reminder about the art exhibit too, and then glances up to follow Naenia's gaze. "Designers? Yep. Most of them want to meet the models that show off their styles. For most of them, it's just making sure that you fit their 'vision', that you have the look to show off their ideas to their best advantage. With others, it's about just knowing who you are inside." With some of them, it's something else, but MJ doesn't mention that. It's not information that needs to be shared; she avoids those types.

Inversely, the other types may have been the reason Naenia pursued the question. Taking MJ at face value, the chinese woman pauses for the moment, then turns to look, "Interesting. There is a lot of trust taken and given. I would say its the same with a conductor, but perhaps not so … intimate." For lack of any better word that is coming to her as she considers that relationship. "Do they ever give you anything, or let you borrow some of the outfits, sort of to … show them off maybe?" More a smile, the curiousity of the designers passed for the moment and natural interest again in the other girl's world.

Mary Jane smiles. "Not all the time. But it's not uncommon at all, for them to let the models borrow, or even keep, the items that are made for them." She grins impishly, for once looking as young as she says she is. "Other than the people, that's one of my favorite things. I love having pretty things to wear." But she agrees on the subject of trust given in both directions, so she doesn't correct it at all. And it can be quite intimate, which is precisely why it becomes an interaction some use to take advantage.

"Lucky happenstance," grins Naenia for the moment. "Maybe that is what shoes through your eyes even. Do you often find yourself lucky?" She lifts the red straw from her mixed clear soda/grenadine to take a sip, maybe picking up some of the happier young spirit of the other woman. Though in a different vein. "I mean, I don't know what I think about luck, perhaps it is all music of the spheres, but to think something you're mother found interest in has drawn you here. I'll admit a little jealousy at your luck." Only meant in a teasing way, more glad to hear she gets that perk of being able to keep some of the things.

The teen redhead considers the lovely Chinese woman for a few moments, clearly actually putting some thought into her answer. "I suppose I wouldn't have said so, really. But you're right. I am pretty lucky. I should learn to appreciate that more." She accepts the teasing with pleasure. "Well, I'm sure your mother had something to do with your interest in pursuing music. That's what parents do. Good ones, anyway." MJ knows about the not good ones, too. She just tries not to dwell.

With a pause given to thought, Naenia reflects inwardly for a moment. Perhaps not unlike MJ's subtle past tense reference to her own mother, as if she needs to recall that instance. It is quick, all in all, just a slight beat before she replies. “Yes, she was encouraging. She had wanted to play as well, but her mother was an immigrant and couldn’t afford the lessons or other traditions of our culture. I think it was her way of reconnecting with the land of her parents.” As if she doesn’t quite follow that line of reasoning, that sense of past nationalism one might have. “It was an introduction and some aptitude to the instrument, it does stem from her. I like that observation.” Then one MJ just made that lead her to consider all that.

Mary Jane seems pleased that Naenia is pleased, and is only too happy to keep her company, while also - very gently - guiding the other woman around the club, so that they can make introductions to others around the function. Mary Jane doesn't interrupt a lot of people, but as Naenia has already noticed, MJ's mere presence seems to grab people's attention, and she doesn't have to work very hard for openings to say hello, shake hands, and other little bits of small talk. She always makes sure that Naenia gets introduced, either by the woman herself or MJ will do so, and she keeps making the point of her excellent music earlier. Also, as Naenia earlier noticed, most people tend to respond to MJ as if she were older, at least college age. She, at least, is not the only one.

Naenia enjoys the introductions, not noticing the effort MJ makes to introduce her so much as glad the other girl seems to know so many people. She pleasantly greets the others she meets as they make rounds, making some note to any special trait given to the others during introductions; such as other models, or other professinals, and the things they do. While pleasant in her conversation, her interest remains with the captivating young woman whom she had met while getting a drink earlier. Not before the night is over though, Naenia has to part company with the other girl. After another meeting of people, perhaps more genuine friends of the other, Naenia pardons herself. "Mary Jane, I enjoyed this evening, thank you. Please, call when you'd like to come by the campus, now is a good time before I begin more thesis work."

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