(2014-08-15) To Tor 5
To Tor 5
Summary: After liberating Death Head's spaceship Vance and Stargirl head to Tor 5 for supplies
Date: 2014-08-15
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Leaping into the pilot's seat, Vance immediately surveys the controls and starts clicking buttons. He points over to a monitor and says, "Check the database under 'Uth'kru'null'. Death's Head extracted the information we were looking for. I'll bet it tells us where Jack is." Vance grabs the controls and starts the sublight drive as well as autorepairs to the hull.

"Who comes up with the names of these places?" Stargirl has already buckled herself in and is looking blankly at the controls. Being an earthgirl she isn't used to being in the co-driving seat of a spaceship "How does goggle work on this thing?" she pokes at the controls "Computer, you there?" she really hasn't had many lessons in this sort of thing "Ahh, there it is." she types the name in and hits the button to put the info onto the main view screen. "Is that good or bad?" she doesn't know the galaxy like the other two either, so she has no clue where they are going.

Vance reads what she's pulled up as he comments in a joking tone, "It's www.spacegoogle.com." then reads the coordinates and types them into the nav computer. He clicks the hyperdrive and it starts to spin up. "It'll take a moment or two to calculate.", he states, "Listen, Cupcake. I'm sorry that we drug you into this neverending debacle of chaos. Normally we're… well yeah, I guess it's always been this way. But when we invited you along on our first mission, it wasn't really supposed to be so dangerous." he raises his hand as to diffuse her next comment, "I know, I know. You're a tough girl and can handle it. But just know, that I never really meant to drag you in so deeply and get your name on the SpaceMostWanted Posters."

Usually she stops listening after the name Cupcake comes out, but the sorry is enough to pull her back, "How is a breaking friends out of prison not covered in danger?" she glances away from the screen as she says it. Apparently she knew what she was getting into. "This route looks like it takes us on the outskirts of kree space. That's not good." she's learning. "And if you were really sorry you would stop calling me cupcake." she adds, looking over the back of her seat to visually see how the hull breach repair is going.

Vance smiles, "I'll try."

He then looks over the map and says as he points, "Hey, I've been there." indicating a system, "Before we get to Jack, we need to stop on Tur 5 for supplies. Otherwise we may not get out in one piece."

"Doubt it." Courtney serves back in knowing tone. "Tor 5? What kinda hole in the wall is that?" now that she knows how to access the database she looks that up and scrolls through it quickly "Be honest we may not get on in one peice with supplies."

"True." notes Vance as he alters the heading. "But it's our closest best option. We're gonna have to sell something though." he hits the Hyperdrive and they drop into hyperspace - a trip that will take several hours. "Let's check the hold for something of value."

Courtney nods at the assessment "As long as no one on Tor 5 wants to sell us." with a bounty on their heads that is always an option. Unbuckling she gets up and moves toward the back of the ship "Death's Head doesn't seem the pack rat type. Unless it's heads or something.

Joining her in the rear of the ship, Vance states, "Yeah, but he was prepared for us. So he's got to have gadgets and gizmos that can raise some money."

It's quite dark in the back of the ship so first thing is lights, which Courtney finds the controls for and turns them up "Seems DH liked to read pulp detective stories…" she mutters as she starts to go through the various storage compartments nearest her "Anything specific I should be on the look out for..gizmo and gadget wise." she makes a pleased noise as she pulls a couple of blasters out "Weaponage.

"Weapons are a good start.", says Vance as he moves to another storage locker, "But anything with lots of whistles and bells. Aliens like bright shiny things. They pay the big bucks for them." he gives pause and reflects, "Kinda like Earth girls."

The weapons are set aside to start the selling pile, "Really? You had to go there?" she rolls her eyes as she opens another compartment and sorts through the things in there "Hmmm, some kind of alien food packets…" she waves one at Vance, "Think they are safe to eat?" that's all that was in that one so she moves to the next.

WIthin the locker, Vance is pulling out more weapons, placing them onto the pile and he glances over to the food packets, "Wonder why a robot has those? They should be edible, we can test them out later."

She shrugs at the question "Maybe the ship orginally belonged to someone else he captured and turned in?" she pulls out some gadgets that she has no clue about but they have lots of buttons so puts them on the sell pile as well "I mean he's a big robot, what's he need a ship for, except to transport bounties around. Just as easy for him just to use theirs after capture than have to deal with one of his own.

"Guess that's true." agrees Vance. "But where would he keep his trophy collection? Back at some secret base?" and then the ideas begin to form, "We should totally figure out where his base is and raid it."

"One dangerous mission at a time man." Courtney holds up a hand to halt that line of thinking "Focus, Jack first, and then we can tackle that one. Though getting our names of the headhunters list would be a nice priorty as well." She empties the last storage locker on her side, adding a few more gizmos, gadgets and weapons to the pile. "Think that's enough?

After adding a few more items to the pile as she does, Vance says, "Looks good. You're right about the names off the list thing. I wonder what the deal is and why the Kree chick wants us so bad? In all of our escaping, we never really checked into it. We just high tailed it out of there."

"I figured you forgot to call her the next morning and now she was trying to get you back." Courtney suggests in a droll tone of amusement "And it's you, Jack and your friends she wants. Me she just wants by proxy.

"Yeah. But what did we do to directly piss her off? I mean yeah, I could have slept with her…but I always call the next morning." reflects Vance as he begins to toss things into a carrying hovercase.

Courtney just facepalms "You don't even know…" she throws her arms in the air "Great, flying around in space with a galactic Tony Stark sans the bank account." she moves up to the front of the ship while he packs the things, taking the food packets with her.

"What?! Hey, I'd totally call you the next morning." he states as she's walking forward and he's trying to make the whole thing sound good. He continues to pack.

When Courtney is able to see the hyperdrive indicator, they have a few minutes before reaching their destination.

"If you tried that you wouldn't have a next morning." Courtney drops into her previous seat "We're almost there. You may want to get up here and steer this thing." she brings up the com channels scanning through the chatter on them to see if there is anything about them, not that she can understand most of the alien languages.

Putting the last object into the hover chest, Vance closes the lid and moves forward. In a joking tone, Vance asks, "Hang on, you mean you and I don't have a chance to find true love amongst the stars?"

Courtney looks up at him, "You can go out and find all the true love you want, just leave me out of it." she glances at the controls and buckles up, in case the exit out of hyperspace is a bumpy one "Where on Tor 5 we going to sell this stuff. Some spacy pawn shop or gritty black market?

After a chuckle or two, Vance buckles himself in and answers, "There's a massive trade hyperport. We'll find everything we need there. With this being Kree space, we may be off the skrull radar. If there's trouble and we get separated, get back to the ship and we'll launch out of here like lightning."

"Is it one of those places where if you can't find it there, you can't find it anywhere?" Courtney could probably just like that up, but she figures she may as well use the source that she knows instead of the one she doesn't "Well let's just hope trouble doesn't find us.

"Doesn't it always." is stated with a grim tone.

They drop out of hyperspace and begin navigation to the 5th planet. Several communications are had as they approach and find a suitable landing zone. As they descend, the city is revealed to be quite massive and the hyperport rests on a large chunk to the east. The city is also futuristic in nature and several flying craft are seen coming and going in a constant rate.

Courtney lifts out of the seat as much as the constraints will allow to look at the city view as the descend "Looks a little like Metropolis." Metropolis might not look quite as futuristic but it's the most futuristic city she can compare it too. "We just hitting random places or do you have contacts here?

"I don't know anyone personally, but I know of a few shops that I sold some stuff a few years back. It's Mar'chuks and another place called Glr'rtszn's. Oh, and expect to see scores of alien species. All shapes and sizes. They're everywhere and come from distant worlds."

Vance pilots the ship onto a landing platform. The platform itself will move into a medium sized ship parking structure and another platform will move into its place to receive another ship.

"So pretty much like status quo than." she's been on at least on alien world and the prison wasn't exactly one shade of alien species. "Is there some kind of universal translator, babel fish like thing I could use so I'm not accidently insulting someone's parentage while we are down there?

"We'll have to get something in the hyperport gift shop." he states as if it's a real, and very normal thing.

Once they get powered down and parked, they will be free to move with their lootz into the hyperport and then through to the gift shop where they will trade for a translator device (hand held device, clunkly). Then they'll be able to move into the commerce district unchecked.

All around are crazy looking aliens, big aliens, small aliens, fuzzy aliens and lizard or bug aliens. Most are creepy, some are cool, others are just plain undescribable. However, most look humanoid in nature. Albeit with different colored skin and odd affections or adaptions.

Courtney as enough street smarts to not stare and look around or do any of those other stupid things that would mark her as a tourist and easy target. She follows Vance, standing out just because she is human, unlike a majority of the other people that walk by. "What supplies are we looking to procur while we are here?"

Going over a list of items, most of which involve fuel, encounter gear, and repair materials, Vance gives details and is sure to point out that she should stay close, even though she already is. There is a definite change in his demeanor when he's in these situations. He seems to be more serious and protective over her than when they're earthside or in a private environment.

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