(2014-08-15) The Powers that Be
The Powers that Be
Summary: Captain Atom is mentally entranced to aid Jewelee and Punch in a robbery.
Date: IC Date (2014-08-15)
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NPCs: Jewelee & Punch
Scene Runner: Captain Atom
Social/Plot: Plot

-==[ Oldtown and Lowtown — Metropolis ]==------

One of the oldest areas in Metropolis proper, Oldtown is appropriately named and is home to mostly residential areas. Although at one time it was a thriving center for the middle class, most of the neighborhoods have declined over the many years of the area's existence.

Few tourists come here, and even some Metropolites avoid it due to the increase in gangs and accompanying crimes, as well as a proportional increase of riot police who regularly tour the area, attempting to put a stop to this disturbing trend.

As with all of New Troy (the island of Metropolis), this area is maintained by robotic drones that clean the streets, take out the trash, and TRY to keep everything looking nice. It's a constant struggle as gangs try and sabotage their production. Above, flying cars zoom through the cityscape.

[OOC] Captain Atom says, "http://www.comicvine.com/punch-and-jewelee/4060-43921/"

The nefarious duo, Punch and Jewelee are found standing in a back alleyway in the middle of the night. Surely they're up to no good. Next to them is a larger figure (Captain Atom) of silver skin/body suit with a red atomic symbol on his chest. The larger figure seems quiet and awaits instruction. Jewelee says, 'Comon Punch baby, we're gonna be rich."

Punch replies, "Easy there doll face, we've got to take this one step at a time else the JusticeClowns will be on us in mere seconds. Our lacky here needs to first draw out all the power from this place so we's don't trip the 'larms."

Jewelee turns to the larger silver man. She leans into his side and caresses his chest while toying with a necklace of several gems that hang around his throat. "Oh Cap darling, would you be a dear and do what my lover Punch just said."

Captain Atom affirms the request, "Affirmative." He takes a step forward, breaking away from Jewelee, places his hand on the nearby cable box and suddenly all the power of the building is taken into his body.

With most of her clothes either being left behind or no longer fitting, she decides to do some shopping in Metropolis, thanks to some SuperAdvice from her good friend, Kara. She has bags on her arms but doesn't seem to struggle with them as she walks down the street. Out of all the places in Central that she could eat at, Caitlin was just craving a decent burger. A good thing about having her body is that she doesn't need to watch what she eats. Once she leaves the establishment satisfied, she decides to walk back to Central to catch the tram back to New York, only she notices the drain of power as the storefronts go dim, even the traffic lights begin to act funny.

The alleyway is located behind a high end jewelry store. The store has a vault which is positioned where Jewelee and Punch with their lacky Captain Atom is poised to enter. The store is closed for the evening, and no one is presently occupying it.

Punch states, "Now, we need Cappy here to quietly cut a hole in the wall. Remember, there's millions in jewels on the other side, but it's got reinforced concrete and steel between us and it. So he's gotta be careful. Oh, and keep the light show down too."

Jewelee relays to Captain Atom, "Cap sweetie, would you do like Punch requests? Keep it on the DL cause I don't wanna spend time away from my honeycakes. Jail is so bad for my love life, and my skin."

Captain Atom nods, "Understood." And from his right hand a black beam of energy focuses to a tiny laser stream and begins cutting through the wall like a hot knife on butter.

Punch and Jewelee get excited.

Caitlin Fairchild isn't Kara, so doesn't have the type of hearing she has. She does stop in front of the jewelry store, looking into the front, noticing that all the lights are out totally, even the little security ones. "Odd…" She looks around and doesn't see a shorted wire anywhere. She looks around and decides to walk down to the side of the building, following the power lines to the back.

With the wall quickly cut into a door like shape, Captain Atom takes hold of the combined piece of steel and concrete, pulls, and places it quietly to the side of the opening. When sat down, there is a minor thud and tremble to the immediate ground.

Jewelee and Punch rush inside. Jewelee says to Captain Atom, 'Stand guard' as she passes him.

Captain Atom turns his back to the opening and crosses his arms over his chest in a stalwart pose.

Caitlin Fairchild slides down the wall slowly, watching her footfalls like she's been trained. She turns the corner and gasps, sliding herself back against the wall. She pulls out her earpiece, silently cursing herself for not wearing her costume under her clothes, even though it would've been counter-productive to trying things on. "Kara, yeah, It's Cait." She whispers. "Lock onto my signal. There's a jewelry store burglary in progress." She stops, and then rolls her eyes. "I wouldn't be bothering you if it were a simple police matter. There's some big glowing dude standing guard. This is above and beyond standard issue 9 millimeters. ok.. Get here soon." She even smirks and throws in an errant. "Miss you."

Captain Atom remains standing with his arms crossed over his chest while his companions pilfer throughout the jewelry store vault. He glances back and forth like any good military man keeping an eye out for trouble.

Caitlin Fairchild grumbles and holds her breath for a second before ducking out of cover. She walks up to the man. "Alright, Buddy. I don't know what you're doing here but I'm sure it's highly illegal. I think it's better if you just stop and put that do…" Not a door.."Fix whatever it is you damaged and walk away. Authorities are on their way."

Captain Atom looks eye level upon the approaching girl. He watches and considers her posture then states, "Negative.". He then releases his crossed arms in an attempt to use his right to backhand Fairchild into next week.

Caitlin Fairchild isn't sent into next week. The energy being may notice the target to be a bit more unyielding than he expected. She's knocked off of her feet but only about 50 feet where she lands with a cloud of dust and an *oomph!*. She gets back onto her feet and dusts herself off. "Nice." She says.. "Lucky for you, my friend has an answer for that." She says, as she looks for a sign of impending backup.

Taking steps away from the wall, Captain Atom begins walking toward Fairchild. His arms begin to glow with a bright white electrical like energy. His fists clench and arms start to raise. He comments, "Backup will not save you." He won't launch the energy blast until he is half way through the alleyway.

Earbud buzzing in the middle of class? So a First World problem. Karen Starr taps it and listens carefully, only interjecting very softly - thank you, induction microphone. But none of that subtlety does much to disguise the blush that covers her cheeks when Caitlin offers 'Miss you' and then hangs up. Miss her? Seriously? It's only been … what? A little over three days since they last saw each other, finishing up their reports aboard the Watchtower and then transporting Caitlin back down to the Embassy.

"Excuse me, Professor. I'm afraid something has come up. I'll get the notes from someone." Karen offers, gathering her things and then disappearing. The prof doesn't need to know that she records every lecture, audio and video. She just needs to be respectful … and gone.

SWOOSH! Power Woman floats down into the area while sweeping for a good look at who is where and doing what. She floats down to a point about three feet off the ground, about six feet in front of Captain Atom. She doesn't bother with 'arms over chest' … she just floats there, cape fluttering. "I'm going to warn you once: You stand down, now. You make an attack on me, this woman, or an innocent civilian, and I /will/ deal with you severely." There's no one on Earth who doesn't know that face, that body, that uniform. Most think twice before taking a swing or otherwise attacking. And she's the heroic sort that always gives them a chance to surrender. (Property damage is such a pain.)

Caitlin Fairchild runs in the direction of Atom. "Save me? You're gonna need her to save you. I'm *really* not in the mood." Thankfully she'd left her bags of clothes by the front of the store. She stops as Kara arrives, a slight smile on her face. "You're now on the radar of the Justice League. Where are your accomplices?" She asks of the ones who are inside robbing the store, since Atom was guarding.

Atom ignores Fairchild as a minor target. "Negative, Power Woman." is intoned again by Captain Atom in a response to the /request/ of Power Woman. With his arms elevated, Captain Atom releases the electromagnetic plasma toward Power Woman in a large cone like attack which will not only reach her location but that of the region behind her. It will easily vaporize a large chunk out of the building wall behind her up to 50 feet within.

Meanwhile, inside the vault of the jewelry store, Jewelee and Punch have realized that they have company. They begin to grab the last bits of their loot and bag it. They will then start looking for a quick escape (but it will have to be back the way they came - into the alleyway). However, at this very moment, they're trying to be stealthy.

Power Woman hovers there, immersed in the plasma. Unlike some people, her costume survives such shenanigans. The wall is not so lucky. "That's it. You just endangered civilians." She is done waiting, or talking. Clearly, whomever this is - she may have seen the like of him before, but she couldn't swear they are the same person, and they were never introduced - isn't going to stop. Why? Does it matter, right now? Power Woman blurs. One moment she's right where she was. The next moment, she's an inch off the ground, an inch in front of Captain Atom. And her fist is rocketing up through his jaw. To be fair, she's not coming anywher near her full strength. But she's definitely going for the multi-ton 'tends to rock the world of brick-like metahumans' range. And she has that talent for delivering it with the target largely unaware it's coming, given that move. "Go find them, and be careful." she says to Fairchild, turning her blonde head for a moment.

Caitlin Fairchild is still clothed, for now, thankyouverymuch. She just nods to Kara and does her best to slip past Atom. She spies the two as they try to sneak out of the building. "Nice try, leaving your buddy to deal with the cops. I guess there is no honor amongst thieves." She stands there and rolls up… Well.. she's wearing a t-shirt. No sleeves. "Are you gonna make this easy or are you going to put both of you in the hospital?" She asks threateningly.

Captain Atom is struck with epic strength and sent sailing backwards. He strikes a brick wall and bashes through it. Several interior walls are also shattered as he careens out of control. Finally, he comes to rest tangled within several layers of clothing in a men's retail store. Yet he is unharmed nor dazed by the strike. He rises to his feet and will begin flying back the way he came. As he does, an energy field begins to emit all around his form. His right hand begins to glow bright orange as he draws it back. His intent is to re-engage Power Woman in a full strength strike that, if landed, will send a shockwave in all directions causing significant damage to the surrounding buildings and could send Power Girl into the bay. His fight speed is that of a jet topping out just below mach 1 when he reaches her location.

Exiting the store, the devilish duo are spotted and confronted by Fairchild. Punch says, "Back inside!" and they scramble back into the vault where they can be more defensive.

Jewelee forms a hologram of herself standing in the middle of the vault with her hands on her hips and looking toward the opening.

Punch readies some of his electrically charged throwing balls and kicks on his flying shoes.

Unsure really were the physics of that went wrong, Power Woman still isn't stupid enough to cause even /more/ property damage. She watches Captain Atom charging at her, and she waits until the last possible moment … and blurs again, this time dropping under that onrushing attack, grabbing said glowing arms, and twisting into a throw. It's not nearly as graceful as aikido, but few aikido masters could do it as fast, or throw so hard, as she tosses the gleaming metallic figure way up high into the air, out of the way of the city and the citizens. "That's better." she murmurs, and then glances at Caitlin before launching herself after him.

Caitlin Fairchild blinks as the two run back inside. "What the hell?" She asks as she takes a look at Kara before running inside. She sees the hologram and runs for it, attempting to grab it.

Missing the strike, Captain Atom is grabbed and his momentum redirected causing him to be 500 feet above the city before he realizes what happened. He hovers a moment and looks below for Power Woman. He is a very clear white hot glowing being within the night sky.

Inside the jewelry store vault; As Fairchild rushes the hologram, Punch throws three of his electro balls from Fairchild's left in hopes of striking her. If they touch, they will send several thousand volts through the redhead. On the opposite side of the store, Jewelee begins preparing her other illusion. The main hologram remains steady and very intangible as Fairchild will easily grab /through/ it.

And as Captain Atom halts his hurtling progress and turns to look for Power Woman, she is right behind - beneath - him. She doesn't seem the least intimidated by the glowing energy thus far. "You know, I did want to ask about the fashion statement? You don't really strike me as the adorable jeweled choker type. Was it a gift?" Yep, all that and she's just engaging him in conversation at several hundred feet in the air. Look Ma, no collateral damage. Time to try again.

Caitlin Fairchild is knocked back, stunned slightly by the balls. "Really? Taze-balls? You really need to upgrade your schtick." She says as she reaches through the hologram. She grunts in disappointment. "Oh c'mon. Killer Cold has more game than you!" She bolts towards the direction the balls came from.

Awaiting her arrival into his personal space. Captain Atom will /brace/ as much as he can (flying) and prepare to exchange blows with the super powered Power Woman. When she gets within reach, he will do what he can to grab her with his left hand and begin punching with his right. He's nowhere near as fast as she is, but he's likely just as strong or quite close to it. It's just a matter of engagement, grab, and punch. He doesn't have answers for her questions, he's not even aware of the choker that controls his mind. He's also not particularly defending it.

The next hologram becomes apparent. Sparkling lights dance all around Fairchild's head. They're bright, potentially blinding, and quite distracting. Punch yells, "Ha, the balls are not the only tricks I have in my sack!" He then leaps over a shelf and directly engages Fairchild with two electrical batons. They strike, strike, and strike with normal physical force but also unleash electrical damage with each possible hit.

Jewelee yells, "Punch sweetie, you should keep your trap shut and not tell the girl about the family jewels."

Of course, Power Woman doesn't just put herself within arm's reach of the metal-clad figure, but she's not actively avoiding him if he chooses to engage. Up here, she's figuring it's safe to do so, since she has done so before. It's rare, though, that she confronts someone who can actually hit almost as hard as she can; most all of the time, Kara has to hold back so much in order not to hurt anyone. But if Captain Atom wants to swing away … so be it. The blows hammer home, and Kara returns the favor, landing repeated blows of incredible, normal-armor-rupturing levels of force. But she never stops thinking … or planning. Which is why, between one of his blows and another, her eyes glow, and a pencil-thin beam of incredible heat lashes out from her corneas to slice through the choker.

It just doesn't go with his outfit at all.

Caitlin Fairchild is both disoriented by the flashing lights and then dazed by the batons. She goes to her knees, on all fours, panting for breath, some froth forming at her mouth from the electricity. Hair in her face as she tries to regain strength, all she can hear is "Punch…family jewels." She grits her teeth as she regains some energy. "Alright, if that's what you want." And she sends an uppercut straight to the man's package. Thankfully she's not at full strength, but strong enough to make the mortal man see stars.

The blows are epic in nature as the two volley between one another. The turning point is when the choker is clipped from Capt Atom's throat and falls from his throat. His assault ceases and he looks dumbfounded. His words are simple, "What the heck?" when he sees Power Woman's fist coming straight for his face for what could be the first time in his wakeful experience.

There's a high pitched 'eep!' as Punch is punched in the package. He doubles over and collapses on the floor in a fetal position clasping between his legs. He struggles at breathing.

"NOOO!" is screamed as Jewelee leaps into action and like a cat is attacking Fairchild with gemstone blades that will slice through most softer metals. "Bitch! No One Touches My Man! Especially in the boy bits! They're mine to mangle if I want!"

Power Woman's fist … stops right before connecting with Captain Atom's cheek. "What the Heck is you were guarding two thieves robbing a jewelry store, and you attacked me and endangered civilians. Are you prepared to stand down, now? Or do we keep beating on each other?" She makes it very, very simple. Big thoughts and big words are clearly beyond this guy in her not so humble opinion.

Caitlin Fairchild growls ferally as her strength is regained and she watches the man hit the floor. "No. More. GAMES!" She shouts as the woman comes at her with the blades. They leave scratches but fail to go in deep. She takes both hold of both wrists, remembering not to snap them, and then kicks Jewelee in the mid-section, hoping to send her against the wall and knock her out for the count. She stumbles out from the hole in the wall and pulls out her phone, calling the authorities. While on the phone, see looks up to see how Kara is doing.

Capt. Atom has a hand raised as if to try and stop the punch but falls short as much as her punch does. He says, "Roger that, Power Woman. Let me reconnoiter the situation. I was?" then a light bulb comes on and he relays, "That /woman/ put some sort of device on me and I couldn't control my actions." He looks around and down, "Where is she?"

Meanwhile in the vault. Fairchild kicks the snot out of Jewelee who flies back, smashes into a wall and is out for the count. Punch tries to act, but he's too injured and continues to whimper. Both are ready for the paddy wagon to come and retrieve them.

"She is …" Power Woman starts, as she turns her head to look down at the world below, "… unconscious inside that building. The redhead outside with the phone to her ear is the one who called me." She looks back to the man in front of her. "You know who I am. But I'm going to need to know who you are. And find that necklace again so that it can be secured. This way, please."

With that, the Kryptonian woman plumets back down to street level, floating over to check on Caitlin. "You're going to want to change." she comments, very softly, as she floats in close. The knives made short work of Caitlin's top, and most likely only Comics Code Authority obstructions are keeping things decent around here.

Caitlin Fairchild gets off the phone and continues to watch from the ground. She then goes to her earpiece. "Everything's stablized.." She's stopped as Kara and the glowing man arrive.. At Kara's statement, she blushes. "Oh.. Sorry." She says as she runs to the front… to find that her bags have been stolen. "BUNCH OF SAVAGES IN THIS TOWN!!!" She screams as she crosses her arms in front of her protectively.

Following as requested, Capt. Atom descends toward street level and will come to hover 10 feet away and a few feet higher than Power Woman. He watches the exchange and identifies himself when the opportunity arises, "I'm Captain Atom, US Air Force. I've recently been transferred to the states for continuing missions alongside heroes such as yourselves. A fine way to start my newfound career. I'm sorry for my inadvertant hostilities against you and your companion as well as the potential risking of civilians. I trust no one was seriously harmed?"

"Other than the perpetrators, no. But we have some property damage to rectify. The bots will get most of it, but we should make sure structural integrity hasn't been compromised." Power Woman answers for Captain Atom. So, the Air Force is sending someone to help them? That will be … interesting, especially after the recent mission. "I'll be there to help in just one minute." she explains to Atom, before she floats down the alley and stops to just give Caitlin a hug. "Sorry about your top. But I thought you'd want to know /before/ more people showed up."

Caitlin Fairchild smiles and hugs Kara. "Should I bow out then? I'll find something along the way while you handle this? Thanks for coming by.. I was pretty sure I couldn't handle someone his calibre by myself." She winks. "Plus you just wanted to see me in this position again." She says before letting go and running off.

Seeing to the structural damage, Capt. Atom begins his investigation in hopes of the bots showing up sooner than later since he's no structural engineer and honestly has no idea what he's looking for when it comes to potential building issues. It also gives PW and Fairchild time to have their exchange down the alleyway where he cannot intrude or spy.

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