(2014-05-15) In the Library
In the Library
Summary: Everett meets a few of his fellow students, Bobby and Lana.
Date: May 15, 2014
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Location: Xavier's: Library

A figure can be found sitting at one of the tables. A large pile of books are scattered about in a rather haphazard sort of order. Some are open, some are closed, and some are halfway in between, a sheaf of papers marking a place. And so on. A dark-skinned young man sits there, reading. He's taking notes, a slight frown upon his features. Every now and then, he rubs his head, thinking, then returns to what he's reading.

This would be Everett. He's only been at the school a few days.

Another boy bops into the place, well, quietly. He stretches and rubs his stomach as he's just eaten dinner. He's not looking for a book, or even reading a book. He finds a large window to sit in front of, peering out. He holds one hand over the other, making himself a little snowstorm in between them.

This would be Bobby. He's also only been at the school a few days.

While others may be in the library on their own free will, the same cannot be said of the girl being lead in by the elbow by one of the school's teachers, "Yeah, yeah," she says in a belligerent tone "reshelf all the returned books. I'm not a fucking idiot you know." she jerks her arm from the teacher, and this would be Lana, the girl everyone is warned about as soon as they walk through the door.

"Watch your language Ms. Baumgartner." the teacher says as he points to the book return and heads out.

Glancing up as he hears voices, Everett's gaze falls briefly upon Lana, his gaze flickering to the window as he catches sight of Bobby as well. He nods politely to both, gaze lingering on Lana. Not for any sort of uncouth reason, but more because, well, she's dressed rather uniquely He shrugs a shoulder at a personal thought and begins to organize the books on his table. This goes there. This goes there. These books are carefully closed, the page he was on written down on an index card. And so on. Finishing, he stretches, wincing, and slides the papers into his bookbag on top of the laptop one can find within.

One of the books slips over the edge, and he lunges, catching it at the last moment. His cheeks flush a bit, and he sets the book on the table where it belongs.

Bobby Drake hops off the window and makes his way over to Lana. "Heya Boom-Boom.. Met your friend earlier. Tall, blonde, totally shot me out of the water. Ring a bell? She never gave me her name." Of course he whispers and looks about for supervision. "What'd you blow up now?" He asks, meaning her recent punishment duty. At the dropped book, he nods in appreciation to Everett. "Nice job. Should try out for football or something." He turns to Lana. "Do we even have football?"

Having made her way over to the book return container, Lana gives it a kick with her booted foot "I'm sure if she didn't tell you she had a hella good reason." she takes a few books out and drops them nosily onto the nearby desk, "I gave Chavez a bloody nose for trying to shove a kid in a locker." she maybe a lot of things, but bully isn't one of them. "Wow you new people are multiplying like rabbits." she says as Bobby brings the other new guy to her attention "We have a co-ed lacrosse team.

"I don't think I'd do well at football." Everett's baritone voice is quiet enough not to carry too far as he responds to Bobby, his lips quirking into a wry half-smile. He is a quiet sort, not too outgoing, but he's not shy either. He looks curiously at Lana, asking, "Boom-boom?" He sounds vaguely curious. He chuckles at Lana's words, carefully leaning forward in his chair towards the pair, so he can speak to them without drawing too much attention or loudness to himself. "Well, I'm certainly new," he tells Lana. "I'm Everett. I just came here a few days ago. It seems an interesting place." He's friendly, but … a little formal at times. "This Chavez something of a bully?"

Bobby Drake holds his hands up defensively, hoping to not be Lana's next target. "Hey, it's totally cool. We chatted, it's all good." He turns to Everett. "My nickname for her." He stops and quickly adds. "I do it with everyone.. It's nothing special. Her thing's with explosives." He turns back to Lana, leaning up against a table. "Wait.. You rescued some kid… stood up to some jerk, and they *punish* you? What the hell kind of school is this?" He nods to Everett. "Yeah.. The only reason he hasn't tried that with me is because he can't get a hand on me. Literally." He holds out a hand. "Bobby Drake."

"I'm Lana." she removes more of the books "I blow shit up." and she has a bit…okay a lot of a potty mouth. "Well welcome to the dysfunctional family." its said a bit dryly to Evertt "He's something alright. Stands about this tall," she puts her hand under her chin "latino and has a huge attitude problem." hello, kettle meet pot "Oh he got it worse. He has to clean the stables.

"Everett Thomas," said person says to Bobby, shaking the other's hand. His grip is firm enough, but not excessively so. He's not a hand-crusher, in other words. "Cool name. Wait. Explosives?" He looks at Lana a long moment, before shrugging his shoulders. He is content to listen for the moment, fingers tapping idly on the side of the table as he watches the other two. He wrinkles his nose at Bobby's continued words, "I'll keep an eye out," he says with a slight shake of his head. He wrinkles his nose at Lana's words, and states, simply, "Remind me not to piss off the teachers." Stables. Eew. "That's interesting," He observes as Lana clarifies. "Scary, but interesting. Is the family really that dysfunctional? Should I be worried?" It's apparent he's joking. Serious, he might be, but he doesn't have a stick up his ass, per se.

Bobby Drake shrugs. "We're not really dysfunctional, but it's like any school. For some reason people seem to think there's need for a pecking order. Big guys on top, weaker underneath." he shakes Everett's hand. There isn't a lot of strength but his hand is cold to the touch. "Just learn which people to *not* piss off.." He nods his head in Lana's direction. "Find a group to hang with, and you should be good.. Oh.. I've heard warnings about the Headmistress… It's a literal title."

Of course people like Lana are a bit outside the pecking order, she is neither big nor weak, and most have learned to just leave her alone. She doesn't correct about the explosives thing either. If people want to assume that she goes around hurling dynamite at things, all the better, "Most of the students," all 50-something of them. It's a small school still "are okay, but there is always a jerk or two in any group.

"I'm not terribly worried, really. I tend to get along with most folks unless they're real bullies," Everett says with a smile. He glances at Bobby, "Warnings? What sort?" He wonders, his soft baritone voice laden with curiosity. As he speaks, he idly bends down, picking up his bookbag, and slides it over his shoulder, moving towards the pair and leaning against a nearby surface. He nods at Lana, "Makes sense. I'll have to hide behind you." He is joking, yes. He offers a smile towards her, and then Bobby as well. "Want a hand with the books?" He asks Lana curiously.

Bobby Drake shrugs to Everett. "You can't lie to her, stuff like that. She knows everything." He nods to Lana and grabs a stack of books without asking. He walks to the stacks to start reshelving them. He makes his way back to grab another stack. He nods to Everett and smiles.. "So… Did you meet him? The Professor?" He beams a smile.

Lana rolls her eyes at the talk of Ms. Frost. If they don't know about her she certainly isn't going to be the one to say anything. "It's usually the safest place to be." its a matter of fact statement. At the offer of help she begins to look a bit suspicious. In her world help comes with strings, she doesn't like strings "I can manage." and she gets it anyway when Bobby starts reshelving "Fine but don't blame me if you get in trouble for helping when the teacher comes back to check on me." she pulls more books out of the container "When was the last time this was done? 1982?" there must be a lot of books.

A shrug is offered at Lana, "Hey, no big deal. Figured it'd be good to get things done, that's all." As he speaks, he idly begins putting the books away. "Meet him? No, I didn't. Someone saw me do something strange, and one thing led to another." He shrugs his shoulders at Bobby. "My parents were kind of surprised. Anyway, considering how good the school supposedly is, I quickly agreed to go, and my parents didn't mind." More books are shelved, the young man returning to the pile now and then. "Right now I'm just focused on understanding what exactly is going on. All this stuff is new to me."

Bobby Drake looks to Lana and shrugs, grabbing another pile, refraining from sticking his tongue out at her. "Hey.. If I get in trouble for helping a friend, then that's the lamest reason that I'll ever get in trouble for." He goes to shelve more books. He nods to Everett. "Ah, man.. Sorry.. I mean, sorry you didn't meet him. He's just.." He thinks.. "He makes you think that you can do anything." He shrugs. "Anyways, it's good to have you here." He thinks, and returns for another stack. "What's your thing, anyways?"

She isn't sure she would call herself anyone's friend. Sure she is Linda's BFF put that kinda blossomed over the mutual desire to adhere all of Chavez's belongings to the ceiling of his dorm room. Greatest prank of the year so far. "Uhm, sure." she says to Bobby as she drops more books on the desk, "Yeah Xavier is a good guy. Coach is funner though." she must have hit bottom of the return container, she practically has to bend over and stick her head in to get the books from the bottom of it.

"Thing?" It takes Everett a moment to get what Bobby means. Again, he's still used ot this and that's a vague question. "Oh, you mean that. Apparently, I can copy others' abilities in the area around me." He figures it's safe as Bobby was talking about Lana's abilities. He shrugs, "I was down in Meta Town on vacation, it was interesting, then I got this really big headache, and…" He trails off, and shrugs. "They did some basic testing, it only works if someone's metahuman, though." No copying Supergirl or Black Alice, sadly. "Who's Coach?" He wonders.

Bobby Drake gets the whole 'loner' bit. Doesn't care. He does, however, stop long enough to get a look at Lana as she bends over with her head in the bin. When Everett explains his power, it snaps Bobby out of his reverie. "No WAY!" He tries to keep his voice down. "That's awesome! Dude! Dudedudedude…" He holds his hand up and makes a snowball. "Try it!" He smiles. At the Coach question. "I dunno. I haven't met him yet. Some intense trainer, he runs the… Disastrous Rooms, or something like that."

With her head in the bin Lana totally mixed the explanation of what Everett does, but Bobby's excitement at it bring her up, the rest of her books clasped to her chest. With the bin emptied she will take her turn at returning them. She passes between the two boys on her way to the shelves and as she passes she makes an attempt to push Bobby's snowball full hand upwards and into his face, smirking all the while.

"Uh…" Trailing off, Everett says, "It's a little obvious, you know," He observes. He looks around the room, as if to see if anyone's around other than them. Once he finds that they aren't, a multi-colored aura flares into existence around him, shifting and flowing. He lifts a hand, and a snowball appears in his hand. Then the aura snaps off. "I'm still learning." He shrugs his shoulder, "It's kind of odd. When I do that, I just know what to do. It feels very strange." He shakes his head. "But that's that. I can't do anything alone, but…can do that, if someone around me can do something."

Bobby Drake is giddy! "Dude! That's so cool… Like a brother from another M-mmmf@!" He gets snow in his face. Instead of getting mad, he laughs and wipes it off. "That's still cool." He says, and looks at the bin. Ah, empty. cool. "Well, I guess we should head to bed. Lights-out should be soon." He says as he heads to the door. "Take it easy, Memorex." He says to Everett. To Lana. "It was worth it, Boom-Boom. You got a nice bucket."

He can't help but chuckle as Lana smashes Bobby's face with his snowball. "… Memorex?" Shaking his head, Everett sighs, "I suppose it could be worse," He observes. He blinks and looks at his watch, "Oh crap, it /is/ late. I should go myself. I have a few things to do tomorrow morning." With this, he smiles, "See you two later." And he's off.

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