(2014-08-13) Taking a Breather
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Summary: Taking A Breather
Date: 2014-08-13
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Linda walks, hand in hand, with Mary down the street in San Francisco. One of the few places in the country where that can happen and no one really cares. "I needed this." Linda admits. "Things have been way stressful lately. I'm glad to take a break. Thanks for coming out with me, babe." She lifts Mary's hand and kisses the back of it.

Mary Bromfield blushes and nods. "It's.. alright. It's been a while. We've both been so busy, and school starts back up in a couple weeks." She shrugs. "How've you been?" She asks as they walk by a street vendor and a cable car whizzes past them down the hill.

"Tense." Linda admits. "You know why." The missing kids. No one being able to do anything about it yet. "I've looked but haven't seen any sign of them." That bothers her. If she can't find them with her full suite of sensory powers, that means they are very well hidden. "I don't think Ms. Frost has gotten much sleep this summer."

Mary Bromfield shakes her head. "We've doubled up monitor duty. The girl Kara rescued has given us the location, but we still can't run a sensor sweep. They have it shielded somehow. It's making the planning stages difficult." She nods. "We'll get them back. I promise." She swallows lightly. "I'm… surprised she let you leave the mansion by yourself. These people have red sun weapons."

"She can't stop me without literally shutting my brain down." Linda admits. "And I don't think she's willing to do that. And I told her I'd be with a member of the Justice League so…" Linda shrugs her shoulders. "Poor Jada. After being kidnapped once already. This must be a nightmare for her."

Mary Bromfield swallows again and nods. "I know.. but… You're gonna drive yourself crazy if you keep thinking about it." She sighs, nervously. "Did.. you want to get something to eat? There's tons of museums out here?" She tries to think of a distraction besides the most obvious one.

Linda smiles softly. "Hey. Us being here together is enough. If you want to go look at one of the museums, I don't mind, but I'm just glad to take a break from all the crazy with my favorite person in the world."

Mary Bromfield shakes her head. "I'm here for you. I was just looking for something to ease your mind and distract you… Besides taking my top off." She says that a bit too loud as a group of guys walk by. They hear it and cheer loudly for the girl but keep walking, good-naturedly. She blushes, a bit mortified, and giggles.

Linda laughs as well, though she's not blushing. "I love you without your top on. But you know we're about more than just that, right?" She stops and turns so she can face Mary. "Even when we're not together, I think about you. I love you. Because of who you are. Even if that includes that gorgeous body of your's."

Mary Bromfield blushes, thinking about the discussion she had the other day with Kara, and smiles. She takes both of Linda's hands in hers. "I.. love you too, Angel." She nods. "I.. know it's not about the…" The word she still has an issue with saying out loud. "We haven't perfected that yet, and it doesn't matter." She thinks, and decides. "I..spoke with Kara the other day. You know what? She's actually jealous of you." She says this in a way to put things in perspective for Linda.

"Well, she should be. For one thing? I can see my toes." Linda smiles, eyes twinkling. Things are better between her and Kara these days but that doesn't mean she won't make fun of that chest. Its a target the size of… well… you know. Then she begins blushing. "OH my GOD. You did NOT tell my cousin about our sex life."

Mary Bromfield blinks… slowly. "Not that! It's because of US. She can't seem to handle the whole romantic thing." She chokes lightly at the mention of the sex life. "Um.. No.. of course not. Why would I do that?" She says, an obvious lie. She turns and looks. "Oooh! Ice cream!" She runs for the ice cream stand, an all too obvious distraction.

"Oh my GOD." Linda groans, hands gong to cover her face. "WHAT did you tell her!" She runs to catch up and has an advantage here. Mary's got no powers in this form. Linda, on the other hand, can sprint miles in seconds if she has to. She doesn't create a spectacle but she does get in front of Mary, arms crossed.

Mary Bromfield pulls out her phone and brings up the photo of the charred ceiling. She shows it to Linda. "But! It made her feel better. She's having problems with.. that.. too. She came to me because she thought we had it figured out.. Which is ironic because you wanted to speak to her about figuring things out, so.." She shrugs. "We're all good?"

Linda stares at the cellphone. "Mmm." She says, grunting. "I see. Man. That would suck. I remember when I first got the heat vision and, yeah, I charred a few things accidentally but never…" She shrugs. "I dunno. Probably she's too uptight and tense. She's always so damn formal and worried about offending people."

Mary Bromfield shakes her head. "Not offending. Hurting." She corrects. She takes Linda's hand and heads for the ice cream stand. She gets up and orders a cup of cake batter and then lets Linda order hers. "Those char marks are yours.. from my ceiling." She says as she takes a spoonful. "She said that all you have to do is close your eyes and just let me surprise you." She giggles, waiting to see the expression on Linda's face.

"Oh. Right. I… forgot about that." Linda blushes more, realizing she did that. "Umm… to be fair, it was pretty intense. Something about the girl I was with." She reaches out and takes Mary's hand. "I just mean in general, though. She's so… I don't know." She shrugs. "I don't have a solution."

Mary Bromfield nods and finds a seat nearby. "I told her that.. and in a way it made her feel better, knowing that we're in this loving, committed relationship even though we don't have all the answers." She smiles. "She doesn't feel so alone, and possibly it gives her hope." She smiles. "I'm actually glad she came to talk to me. We're kinda close, as friends, but it always seemed awkward when it came to discussing you.. Especially when I'm walking around as you-know-who."

Linda sits down next to Mary, close enough so they're touching hip to hip and shoulder to shoulder. "Oh, honey. I know. I shouldn't be… but… eh. I can't help it. You talking to her about what we do in the bedroom is wiggy." She leans head head back and stares up at the sky. "Hey, look. The space station."

Mary Bromfield laughs and looks up as the Watchtower passes by overhead. She waves. "Heya JARVIS" She giggles, thankfully she doesn't have her earpiece in at the moment. The only two who know of Miss Marvel being Mary is Kara and Jean. She looks to Linda. "I get it.. It's just one "gross-out" level under discussing it with your parents." She smirks. "I think it's why she was hesitant at first."

"Now there's a conversation I want to avoid." Linda mutters. She lifts her head up and smiles at Mary. "See, this is why you are awesome. Smart. Sexy. AND you get me. I don't know what I did to deserve you."

Mary Bromfield laughs. "We're not *that* different, really." She smiles. "Maybe some of that Kryptonian luck merged with you as well. Instead of growing triple-f cups, you got me instead." She smiles, trying to put things in perspective for Linda. "So… Did you find anything while you were in Leesburg? I kept an eye on you as much as possible while I was monitoring.. Just in case you needed help."

"No. Things seem quiet. I haven't seen… him… since the thing in the cave." Linda admits. She slides her hand into Mary's and holds it gently. "Honestly, things have been very quiet. These guys haven't taken a run at me. Maybe they don't want the trouble of someone on my power level. Most of the kids they kidnapped seemed fairly low power. What worries me is, how did they know about them?"

Mary Bromfield nods, listening, and then shrugs as the question is asked. "Who knows? They're the government. Who knows what they have up their sleeve, or even what they've been doing all this time. Fairchild's intel says that they're an off-shoot of the same project that made Captain America. What if they've been doing this since way back then?" She shrugs. "All I know is that we're going to put an end to it."

Linda's eyes narrow and she growls darkly. "The sad thing is, it makes a certain amount of sense. We're weapons. Look at what you or I can do. How long would it take us to level a building? Or precision kill dozens of people? Of course the government would want to get into the meta game"

Mary Bromfield nods and then looks. "Linda… Do you know *why* they're doing this? We don't have exact details, but some of the things that woman's given us is downright scary if it's true." She finishes her ice cream. "It's not JUST to have weaponized metas ready."

"I don't." Linda admits, shaking her head. "I'm not in the Justice League, remember? And I'm not spying as much as I could." With her hearing and vision she's got quite the capabilities. "And no one posts reports on the dorm bulletin board."

Mary Bromfield sighs and nods. "Sorry. I didn't know how much Frost may've told you." She says and then thinks. "There's… an alien invasion on the way. At least, they think there is. That's why they're doing this.. They're using the kids to try and stop the aliens." She plays idly with the plastic spoon, nervously.

"Idiots. There's an entire Justice League for that." Linda mutters. "All they would have had to have done is talk to the team and everything could be handled. Fucking morons." She says darkly. "What do they think a handful of kids are going to accomplish that Wonder Woman, Iron Man and Power Woman couldn't?"

Mary Bromfield raises an eyebrow. "How about a Power Woman who can turn invisible, or shapeshift? They're trying to use genetics to mix and match powers. Also, the League is autonomous. They want soldiers they can control…" She grabs a soda out of a vending machine to wash down the ice cream, grabbing one for Linda as well.

Linda closes her eyes. "Idiots." She lets out a long, deep breath. She manages not to knock over any tourists as she does so. Then she cracks open the soda and takes a long sip. "Well, it'll get taken care of. Kara's repressed and a know-it-all but she's good at her job."

Mary Bromfield smiles and nods. "Yeah… and she's also spending a lot of time with that girl." She smirks. "maybe she won't be so repressed after all." She giggles slightly before sipping. "So.. what else did you want to do today?"

Linda snerks. "Well, who knows. Maybe." She closes her eyes and leans her head against Mary's shoulder. "I want to… I want to go see dolphins with you. I want to go watch dolphins and be girly with you. Can we do that?"

Mary Bromfield laughs. "Certainly. It's much better than watching dolphins and being manly with me." She laughs and slowly gets up, recycling and tossing her refuse away.

"Come on." Linda says as she takes Mary's hand. They'll duck into a convenient alleyway and then Mary will get a ride on the Air Supergirl out to the ocean where the dolphins frolic and play and the worries of the world melt away. For a little while, at least.

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