(2014-08-13) Mended Fences
Mended Fences
Summary: Kate and Sally make up
Date: 2014-08-13
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It's late at night and Kate's in the office. She's cleaning, mostly her desk. She sniffles as she packs things into a box and making sure that the desk is empty. She's wearing a tanktop and jeans, her jacket hanging up on the coatrack.

"You're not leaving, and I am not leaving." Sally says in the door way, stepping into the back office, "This is just as much your's, as it is mine." she says. The blonde narrowing her eyes, "So just put the box down. Noone wants you to leaves…"

Kate Bishop swallows and takes a seat on the desk and points to the box, which is on the desk. Her face is pale and splotchy with redness from crying. "I don't want to leave either." She says, her voice scratchy. "I just can't work with this… judging me all the time." She sighs and sips from an ever-present cup of coffee. "I just don't know what else I can tell you to make you understand."

Sally takes a slow breath, "Tell me why it's worth it?" she says, her own voice cracking, "I…you know where I came from, and I just, I could't leavem I just couldn't, until something happened, and I just, to me, nothing makes willingly going into a bad situation." She steps slowly towards Kate, "Why is it worth it? What good is it?"

Kate Bishop brings a leg up, placing a foot on the desk and leans onto her knee so she can look at Sally. "There are a lot of influential people at the club. This is a chance for me to network.. branch out.This is an opportunity to grow the Agency and to get our names out. These are people who can pay us to do our work, giving us more room to do the charity work that we want to do." She thinks. "I can't "campaign" there. I'm not going to change people's minds. However I can use their money and influence to possibly help change the world." She swallows and thinks. "Does *that* make sense?" She asks, hoping that it sinks home.

Sally's silent for a long moment, and then closes more distance, "Lead with that, please…" she whispers grabbing for Kate, reaching to try and pull her into a tight, posessive hug, "I can't like you going there, having to dress like that. I can though, if you'll have me, be there to comfort you after you leave there."

Kate Bishop puts her legs down and hops off the desk. She hugs Sally tight and nods. "Fine.. But you need to start trusting me more. And when we fight, you have to stop acting like the world is falling apart." She just holds the girl in her arms tightly.

She goes a little slack after a moment, "I don't want to fight, never…" she whispers. Sniffling. Not realizing her forcefield has turned on, and covers Kate and herself.

Kate Bishop sighs and nods. "We will… It's inevitable. We're both very strong people. But all good relationships have fights. " She backs up and looks at the girl. "It means we both care. Ok?" She hugs her again. "WHat do you say about going home, huh? I'll come back in the morning and clean up… We can tell MJ that Mom & Dad made up…"

"We could stay here, and be found in the morning…." she whispers, more playful than anything else and still holding Kate tightly, not really wanting to let her go.

Kate Bishop shakes her head. "The couch is barely comfortable for one, nevermind two." She lets go of Sally and grabs her jacket. She starts to turn off the lights. "You just want her to find us naked together hoping she'll join in." She jokes.

"Would that be so bad?" she asks, her forcefield faded as Kate pulls back, and she moves to follow after her. Hugging her from beind, "This is mine though. All of it." she whispers, squeezing her a little.

Kate Bishop stops and turns as she opens the door to leave. She holds up an index finger. "Yes.. I'm yours. You need to stop jumping to conclusions about me sleeping around though. I shouldn't have brought MJ up… That's my fault and you followed suit, but that's starting to be a sensitive subject to me. No more of that tonight." She says as she takes the key out, preparing to lock up.

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