(2014-08-10) Fences Still Not Mended
Fences Still Not Mended
Summary: After searching all weekend for Sally after their fight, Kate finds her Sunday morning in Central Park. The two still can't see eye-to-eye.
Date: 2014-08-10
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It's a pleasant Sunday morning, and instead of enjoying it, Kate's worried herself all weekend looking frantically for Sally. She's connected to Mary Jane through the phones, and she's supposed to get word if the redheaded girl friday received word at the office. Katie can't just sit in the office idly, so she's hit the streets. She decides to take a walk through the park, where the pair had first met. She looks at the ground, looking for any sign of Sally or her forcefield.

There's a few possibles, after all it is central park and blondes are not something that 's hard to come by. She though, seems to have taken residence up on the back of a bench along one of the many jogging paths. Her hair, those pretty blonde locks are a little matted and much shorter, like a haphazrd spikey cut, as if she just went after her hair with a pair of scissor, some dirt on her cheeks , the hoodie, a faded slightly tattered affair, left zipped up and the sleeves down to her wrists, baggy faded jeans, and a pair of black old looking sneakers. There's a glass bottle in a brown paper bag held in her right hand, and she's just staring, looking at one of the trees right across from her, though it's as if she's not really paying attention.

Kate Bishop has her hands in her pockets, looking around as she passes by the the bench and turns as she.. "Sal?" She shakes her head and walks over. "Sally, what the hell are you doing?" She wants to run and hugs her, but she just stands there.

There's a pause, a long pause as she sits there, her head shifts, looking to the other woman, and she just looks at her a long, silent look before she drops her eyes to the ground, "You told me to get out, I could have gone to the embassy, but I didn't want too…" she says softly. A quiet distant tone from her.

Kate Bishop blinks slowly. "Wait… You call me in slut in so many words and I'm not supposed to get upset?" She shakes her head. "Whatever. It's stupid. Just come home?" She sees the bottle. "What the hell are you drinking?"

She frowns, "No, you can get upset, but you could listen to what I was saying. You're a memeber of a club, that forces women to dress in something that's is solely to be looked at as something for sex, and I just….I don't understand why you'd willingly let yourself be objectified like that." she says, a little more 'here' and coherent than she was a moment before, eyes alittle brighter as she looks at Kate, sitting up a little more, and then takes a pull from the bottle, "Whiskey." she says a little gravely after the swig.

Kate Bishop waves it off. "That's not the part that pissed me off. I don't have to explain myself to you. I do what I can to keep myself and the business going. If you can't deal with that, then.. well… you can move back in to the Embassy." Her eyes water. "And just let me set the record straight… I don't care *what* I wear, don't you ever suggest that I've been sleeping around. I've been 100 percent faithful." She takes the bottle and tosses it in the trash. "And pull yourself together. We have a case to work on."

"I'll come tomorrow then, to get my stuff. I'm ready and willing to go tell you anything you'd want to ask, or even know, no matter how painful or embarassing or humuliating it might be,but I just, you're letting yourself be seen as as sex object, and paying for the provledge for it. That's my problem, my issue, and yes I was wrong to say what I did, and how I said it too, I'm sorry for that Katherine, I did you wrong, and I know that, and it hurts that I made you feel that way, but you're so much more, so much better than to do something like that, you have so much to offer than to be seen as someone's wank material, or someone's hopeful pick up for the night. You are so much better than that, and if you can't see that, can't see what i'm up in arms about and why I just…why are we together then? You're the first person who made me feel loved in a long time, and I just, if you can't see in you what I see in you, and why this upsets me so much, I just, what are we doing? The cases be damned, it's you, /YOU/, I really care about." And she starts off voice full of conviction, of passion, and tears stream down her cheeks, and by the end she's whispering, shaking a little.

Kate Bishop sighs. "I thought you'd see the outfit and get excited, just not like this." She says. "I can't begin to explain how important this is. There's more to it than just dressing like this. Perhaps Emma can explain it to you better than I can right now."he reaches over and takes the young woman's hand. "Just come home. Please? We can talk about this later. You've had me worried all weekend."

She pulls her hand back, her forcefield going up, englufing not just her, but the bench too, "No." she says, "I'm not going anywhere, and I'm not going to your place until you make me understand, make me ok with you willingly going off to a place that you pay for, that makes ytou be objectified by those around you." she says firmly frowning, "That's my problem, not that it's a club, a place I don't get to go to, to share with you, but that you're objectified as a part of your membership." she says, "Please, just tell me how that's fine, how it's ok?" she says, "Cause I ….I can't see it. I've been trying to think about how it's ok, and I just can't see it."

Kate Bishop shakes her head. "Fine then. I don't need to plead my case to you." She turns and starts walking the other way. "Be at the office tomorrow. We need to start checking out those GPS coordinates."

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