(2014-08-09) A Mole Extracted
A Mole Extracted
Summary: In an effort to stop the latest kidnappings, Caitlin tries to derail them personally, only to end up being on the outs.
Date: 2014-08-09
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NPCs: Phillip Jones, Project: Rebirth extraction squads
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The sun starts to turn down on a Saturday evening, a splash of orange-crimson emblazons the eastern horizon. Caitlin Fairchild, with hair nearly the same color, is looking at some version of a Starkpadd. She hides in the shadows of the subway platform, working a most dangerous mission. Somehow, the Brass higher up thought it was a good idea to have lab geeks going along with the extraction teams, to ensure the safety of the capture and to make sure that there was no evidence left behind. How was Cait supposed to stop these kidnappings without getting caught? All she could do was hope that she could give the squad bad information.

Phillip Jones makes his way out of the Palace Theater with his date. Little did he know that his newly discovered abilities would make him a target for a corrupt government organization. His steps down the street have been noticed by the extraction squad. Five men armed with tazer rifles and capture nets. They await word from the lab tech as to when to go. The leader chirps into his microphone. "What do you mean we can't go?! We're going, and I'm reporting this to HQ when we get back!" With that, the five men attempt to intercept the young man, who panics, and starts to glow brightly

A piercing scream through the early evening air is all it takes. Half the city away, a blonde head turns, eyeing the sky, as Kryptonian hearing picks up that cry, lost to distance, city topography and the din of city activity to any other ear but her own. In another moment, Metropolis University student and science phenom Karen Starr is gone, and Power Woman streaks across Metropolis, zeroing in on that sound and its last echoes. She spots the glow, the alteration of the light in the area down below as she streaks forward, barely beneath the speed that would shatter windows for blocks around. She takes in the five-man team, their unmarked but military-like gear, their careful function, their inherent team support, their awareness of the glowing target's abilities and the nature of their weapons. She takes in the screaming young woman behind shoved out of the way, and she takes in all of this in the moments it takes for her to close the distance from ten blocks away to coming down into view, barely two floors up, crimson cape billowing in the air.

"Drop the weapons!" Power Woman barks out loud, making sure no one mistakes her presence or her intent. It's the only warning she is offering. She won't let anyone harm innocents under her watch.

Caitlin Fairchild damns as her stall tactics are ignored.She looks for something to help her diffuse the situation before Power Woman arrives. She stops short of pulling a lightpost out from the sidewalk and listen to the chatter over her earpiece. She tries to stick to the shadows, not to be seen by anyone lest her cover be blown completely. She makes her way over, trying to get the screaming woman and the glowing man out of view while the team turns their attention to…..

"Power Woman!" The squad leader shouts. "Shift your attention to her. It would be quite the kudo from upstairs if we nab THAT meta! Forget the kid for now!" The five men aim their rifles at Kara, only this time they switch the settings. Instead of a yellow glow on the muzzles, they turn red.

She did warn them. Power Woman isn't messing around. As soon as she sees the men's weapons change, her instincts kick in. She knows someone out there has developed a red-sun radiation weapon, and she knows what it did to her cousin. She doesn't hesitate. It's not exactly standard operating procedure for her, but she can't afford to wait or try again to talk them down. They decided they want to hunt big game … so the big game is going to need to hunt them. The Kryptonian blonde's eyes glow red as she sweeps down into place, putting herself between the young man, his date and these jackholes. And on the way, blurring along, bursts of heat vision strike out at everyone of those rifles. If they want to fight Kara Zor-L, they'll be doing it without those in working order, thanks. "Run! Both of you!" she orders, ready to take whatever comes her way - even more red sun radiation, if necessary - to protect the innocent civilians.

Caitlin Fairchild damns once again, and pushes the couple in the direction that Power Woman sends them. The squad's weapons are useless, but they had more then weapons training. The five spread out, pulling out knives. She's strong, but there's no way she can take all five on in open combat. They run after her in numerous combinations in an attempt to confuse. Caitlin freezes when she hears more chatter over the earpiece. She looks to the nearby alleys, one to the east and one to the west. This time, she can't help it. No one's getting taken back tonight, not on her watch. This time she yanks the lightpost out from the sidewalk as if it where a rose in a garden. She faces he eastern alley with the post swung around her like a Louisville Slugger.

The civilians are fleeing, and that's all that matters. Power Woman steps in as the squad assembles around her, and … she lets them attack. Knives can't hurt her. Oh, they sting. She's not enjoying this in the slightest. But she lets them attack. Her senses tell her the people she was here to save are getting away, and that is what matters. Then somewhere, metal wrenching. She turns, clocking one of the soldiers, letting him drop as she sweeps the area. Over there. That woman - wow, she's even taller than Kara! - just yanked a light pole out of the ground. That's strong. But she's not helping the goons. She's … ah. More coming, and she's trying to block them off. Weird, given those men hadn't given themselves away except with their booted feet. But Kara is busy. One by one, she firmly but relatively gently subdues and KOs each of the soldiers. When she picks up more coming from the opposite side, she advances towards that alley, eyes glowing as she prepares to take out their weapons. They're not taking those kids. Not today, not in her city. Not under her watch.

Caitlin Fairchild isn't paying attention to what happened to the original squad. She's hoping that Power Woman has them handled, as she's not overly worried about the woman's capabilities. The eastern squad comes running out of the shadows with weapons drawn. They stop short as they see the lab tech holding a lamppost and… Caitlin swings it at the entire squad, knocking them over like dominoes. One swing, two swings, three, and then she tosses the post at them. She needs to ensure that they're knocked out before they can report what she did and how. Once the men are knocked out, Caitlin slowly backs away from the scene, not noticing that she's out in the open.

The western squad takes on the same tactic, though not understanding why they can't reach the eastern squad. They run up with weapons hot, looking to get a shot at the Kryptonian before she can take out the weapons.

The Kryptonian isn't messing around. As the western squad clears the alleyway, she's already there, eyes glowing, and short bursts of red light laze through those rifles in a hurry. She might take a shot, maybe two. But she was ready for the risk. She's not backing down. And they're not getting away. As soon as their weapons are disabled, she takes off into their midst. This time, she's not holding back, just passively waiting. She's trying to get through them and back out to the street as quickly as possible, knocking them out. She'll worry about binding them later. Then she turns, glancing at the woman who has since thrown away her lamp post. And the earpiece she's wearing. "Ma'am. No offense. But I'm going to ask you to stay right where you are. Please, don't make me come after you. Not today."

Caitlin Fairchild blinks as she seems to be addressed, her back to Power Woman. She stops fast and turns. "Me? Ma'am?!?" She scoffs, "I'll let you know I'm in my early twenties and…and.. I just helped SAVE your ass, thankyouverymuch!" She huffs, and holds her hands up, though. meaning no harm. She…was…wearing something that resembled the suits that the men were wearing. The outfit seemingly ripped to shreds with lots of skin showing, remnants cover precariously and strategically well, thanks to the Comics Code Authority. She is subdued, but ready to fight if she has to.

"You helped out, Ma'am, and I appreciate that very much. I'm just asking you not to go anywhere. Please." Power Woman offers. She tries not to let her amusement show; it's funny how many people view her and respond to her as if she is much older. They've never questioned she was an adult, since the day she debuted as Power Woman in this city five years ago, at sixteen. Most figure her for thirty years old, or there about. No one thinks about the fact that she's just twenty years old, twenty-one at most - being born in hyperspace makes exact age difficult - and still in college. Even in civilian garb, she runs into this.

Power Woman summons the cops, and the SCU arrive, including Detective Lieutenant Maggie Sawyer. The men are scooped up, arrested, their gear confiscated. Power Woman gives an initial statement, and asks to be involved in their interrogations later. She does ask to speak with the lovely redhead before she is taken away or processed. Since her own statement and Kara's make it clear she was helping, here, however it was she came to be here, Sawyer agrees, with the proviso that Kara promises make said unnamed redhead available for questioning later.

All of that settled, the men gone, and their targets long-since escaped, Power Woman approaches Caitlin, and unclasps her cape, extending the swath of crimson cloth towards her. "Uhm. Not sure what happened, but maybe you might like to wrap up a bit?" Caitlin isn't flashing her altogether, mind you, but it's a near thing. The sort of near thing that many women would choose to cover up, given the opportunity, now that the adrenaline isn't flowing anymore.

Caitlin Fairchild blinks and looks down.. "Oh!" She says, as she covers herself with the crimson cape.. "I..I'm sorry." She blushes and sighs, shaking her head. "Those men aren't going to prison. Either their transports will be diverted or empty suits will arrive." She looks to Power Woman. "I'm the only intel you have, and you're not going to believe what I have to say." She looks to her phone, saddened. "I failed, Uncle Charles…" She says before swallowing and looking back up. "Is there someplace we can go? This information is highly sensitive.. So much so that I think it goes above whatever level SCU has." The young woman is serious.

Power Woman frowns just slightly as Caitlin informs her the men they just stopped are going to get away. She doesn't want that to happen, and she does route a warning to JARVIS quickly. Unfortunately, it will probably be too late. But she tries to warn the SCU; they are her friends. "Alright. If you want somewhere to talk, we have three options. All of them, however, involve you agreeing to one compromise." The blonde steps up to the taller redhead, and then sweeps her up into her arms. "That is, assuming you can't fly. Now: Do you want the press involved? And do you need to find 'Uncle Charles' before this goes any further sideways than it already has?" Even as she asks, Kara is lifting up into the sky with a crimson-wrapped bundle of curvy redhead to go.

Caitlin Fairchild blushes and gasps at the closeness. "Um.." She starts to say as her glasses fall off of her face as they take to the air. "No press. This is ultra top secret." She swallows. "If word of this gets to the public, the lives of a great many children will be at stake.." She says, trying to convey the seriousness of what's going on. "The missing teens.. The metas? They have them. Have them all. They're experimenting on them…" She shakes her head. "I can't contact him now. If I do, it will lead them right to him." She holds herself to the woman, but tries to remain proper, or as proper as you can be when being held by a statuesque blonde goddess. Kara can feel the depth of muscle and can even take a scan of her physiology with her x-ray vision. She's not Kryptonian, but she's definitely not your typical human.

Kara manages to catch those glasses, not wanting them left behind. Then they are off. "OK. No press." Clearly she's taking this seriously. A lot of whistleblowers would want press. But if this woman doesn't, so be it. "If you need to get word to him, tell me now. I will make that happen. Trust me, and trust my resources. Just tell me what you need, and I'll make it happen. But I'm going to need you to tell me everything you can about what is going on. If lives are on the line, we have a lot of work to do."

Power Woman is keenly aware of the other woman's form, her unexpected body density, her great power and strength. And her undeniable curves. But she makes an issue of none of it. She just takes off with arms full of crimson-wrapped redhead, and flies to a location in an office building near to Metropolis University. And then they step into a work space, and what looks like a large work cabinet opens up. System recognizes Zor-L, Kara. League ID, Zero-three. Activating to Watchtower. With a flare of light … the office building is gone. They stand on a transport pad in the heart of a humungous space station orbiting the Earth. "JARVIS, all sensor sweeps in local space to maximum gain and sensitivity. My guest here is concerned for her safety, and I want to make sure whomever these people are, they don't get to us without warning. We're going to the council chamber."

That said, Kara sets her lovely guest back on her feet. "My name is Kara. What should I call you?" she inquires, ready to take Caitlin's hand and guide her gently towards the repulsor-array-based central lift. Up they'll go within this gleaming edifice comprised of technologies the like of which even Caitlin's black ops compatriots can only barely imagine.

Caitlin Fairchild just blinks, between the zipping around Metropolis, to arriving at the Watchtower, she… "Holy moley." It seems to be about the only thing she can say without swearing. Unfortunately she doesn't have time to be a tourist. She quickly hops of the pad, the cape around her fluttering. She blushes. "I'm afraid that I'm getting it dirty.. and sweaty.." She blushes. "Tell me how you clean it and I'll have it done." She says.. "And I'm Fairchild. Caitlin Fairchild… and I'm on a mission from Charles Xavier." She says, not trying to namedrop, but to explain the seriousness of the situation. "There's an alien invasion on it's way. The government knows this. You know Captain America? They're trying to make more, using metahuman children. They're trying to extract powers and infuse others with them in order to stop this. Charles got me into the program in order to keep an eye and send intel. I was hoping that there'd be a cavalry coming to the rescue, instead I get tossed on my ass."

Power Woman shakes her head. "Don't worry about the cape, Caitlin. I have spares, and can do my own laundry. I promise. You needed something to cover up, and it's doing that job. Nice to meet you, by the way." That said, she leads Caitlin up to the conference room, and points her to a seat. "Alright. I know Professor Xavier. And I can tell you he is currently out of the country. He has been for months, over in Genosha, helping Mister Lensherr and others. Tell me what you know about the invasion, whatever it may be. Timetables. What evidence they have. What threats are expected. The League exists to help face threats like that, and we take it very seriously. Then, let's talk about the kids. Everything you tell us, we will use to find them and save them. You have my word." Hopefully the other woman can believe her, trust in her.

Caitlin Fairchild sighs and takes a seat, trying to keep up with Kara's speed as she talks. At the mention of Xavier, she frowns. "He hasn't been getting my intel, then." She sighs and pinches her nose, shaking her head. "Please… just… one thing at a time." Her head is spinning. She just shakes her head, feeling useless. "Just…" She takes a deep breath. "I don't know anything about the invasion. I'm not privy to that information. I'm just a lab tech. Xavier's, and my, concern is the children. I know where they're being held. I know where the Rebirth base is. I still may have to find my way back there, but at this point I think it's impossible to get back inside without setting off any alarms, real or otherwise." She sits back, feeling defeated. "I was supposed to help the extraction team do a quick, clean grab. I was going to do my best to stop it, but you came to the rescue." And before it's taken as a rebuke, Caitlin smiles slightly. "Which I thank you for.. I'm not sure I could've taken them all myself. I'm probably about as strong as you, but I don't have the.." She uses her fingers to imitate beams coming from her eyes.

Kara frowns, but nods. "OK. So, no intel on the invasion for now." Damnit. That's important stuff! But the Kryptonian isn't going to belabor the point. Caitlin is doing what she can. "If you can't get back in without setting off alarms, then maybe you shouldn't go back. Instead, maybe I should take you to the school. If anyone has been getting your intel, it would be them. Right? Maybe they can help put things together. Then we can try to mount a rescue mission." Yes, Kara is fast, but not /too/ fast. She's just trying to talk through everything and keep Caitlin with her, engaged and ready to help every way she can.

Caitlin Fairchild sighs and shrugs. "I hope someone has. I've been close to getting caught many times in order to get that information out. I just hope it wasn't for nothing." She sighs. "There've been a few casualties already." She nods, and looks. "Can I see..?" She points to the communicator in Kara's ear and pulls out her phone. "All my things are getting incinerated as we speak." She sighs, more disappointed at losing out on the chance to keep an eye on the children more than anything else. Even the thought of shopping doesn't cheer her up at the moment.

Kara looks a mite confused for a second, but she pulls out her earbud and offers it to Caitlin. "I'm afraid it won't work. That one is mine, keyed to my DNA and biorythmns. Put it in, so I can have JARVIS reconfigure it." Once Caitlin has it is, Kara speaks aloud. "JARVIS, this is Kara. Connect to my comlink. Identify new user. Guest, Fairchild, Caitlin. Authorization as Guest, Alpha Echoe Kilo One. Scan and reconfigure my comm unit for her use, please."

JARVIS' soft British voice speaks from the walls. "Of course, Power Woman. Welcome aboard, Caitlin. Please stay still for just a few moments, while my scanners gather data." Some lights sweep over the redhead, once, twice, and then go out. Then Caitlin will hear a beep in her ear. "The communicator has been reconfigured, Ms. Fairchild. How may I be of service?"

Meanwhile, Kara frowns. "Well, if all your things are being incinerated, we'll need to get you some clothes. Do you have an off-site cache? Or should we get the fabricator running?"

Caitlin Fairchild blinks. "I.. know it wouldn't work.. I.." She blushes as all the hussle and bustle of the system comes through. "I.. thank you, JARVIS but I didn't need any help." She takes the comm unit and runs a scan with her smartphone. "I'm not hacking into League frequencies. JARVIS just scrambles them anyways. This…" She taps onto her phone and a chime comes over the earpiece. She hands it back. "It's a direct link. If you want to connect with me, just call. I can do the same to you. It won't link me in with the rest of the system. I'm not looking to compromise anything you all have going." At the mention of clothes.. "I… have some stuff back at the school, if whomever's running it didn't toss them all out." She does have her interest piqued. "Though maybe something to go home in would be cool? If nothing else, but to see it work?"

Caitlin Fairchild adds: "Please… if you do plan anything with the children, let me in? Again, I don't want any insider League knowledge. I just want to keep the kids safe. I can be of help. I was trained by Xavier and you *saw* what I can do." It's as if she's still trying to prove herself. The question is, to whom?

"JARVIS, you have Caitlin's measurements. Could you please bring the fabricator online. She'll need … one costume. Use mine as a baseline, but go green, maybe with some black. No cape. And if you would be so kind, a nice dress. A lady always needs a dress. That in a golden yellow, I think. We'll need footwear as appropriate, use the database. Bring up patterns for Caitlin at her station at the table, please, for her approval." Yes, Kara just ordered the most powerful computer system in the world … to make Caitlin some nice clothes.

"Caitlin, relax. Please? You proved yourself to me already. You helped those kids, even when it risked your entire mission. OK? Now, I just want to help you finish that mission." The Kryptonian blonde smiles warmly. "I'll get you in touch with the school. Then you can talk to them about your intel, and anything else."

Kara seems amused about the communications systems. "Take the earbud. You can call me with it anytime. JARVIS will route other signals around you. It's perfectly safe and secure. And when we're ready to move for the kids, you will know. I promise you that."

Caitlin Fairchild blinks at the.. "I'm sorry. I'm not trying to be a bother. A t-shirt and jeans would've sufficed…" She looks at the options as they pop up on the table. "Oh.. my.." She blushes at the measurements, and the silhouette of them as the outfits are showing. "Those are… wow.." She says, looking back up to Kara. "Thank you. You have no idea how alone I've felt through all of this. I couldn't get any word in, that's why I didn't know about Uncle Char… I mean, Professor Xavier." She nods. "I'll need to speak with whomever's running the school now. At least to get my things, in case they want me out." She.. blushes "Oh.. Thank you. I wasn't trying to steal equipment, I.." She smiles. "You *do* know that I'm going to reverse engineer this, right?" She stops, turning serious. "Thank you.. I'm just overwhelmed right now. Well, because whelmed wouldn't work in this instance."

"You're not a bother, Caitlin. You're a guest." Kara offers, smiling. "And you're not alone anymore. I know that'll be a hard adjustment. But just try to take it to heart when you can. You're not alone anymore."

The blonde smiles and nods to Caitlin. "The Headistress of the school is a Ms. Frost. We've met. She's aware of the League and has close contact with several of us. We can reach her any time you're ready." Kara is pretty sure Headmistress Frost won't be kicking out Caitlin, but she'll leave that to the icy-demeanored blonde to decide on her own. She won't be talking for her, no way, no how.

"As for reverse-eingineering the comm unit, feel free. Ninety-percent of it is Stark tech. The other ten percent is Kryptonian crystal technology for a power cell. Be very careful with that part. If you destabilize it, it will blow up with the force of a small energy grenade." That said, Kara grins. "But I do love a woman who loves her technology. I'd be a fool to tell you to leave it alone. As long as your phone can still reach me, I don't care what you do with the earbud. Fair enough?"

Caitlin Fairchild nods and sighs, trying to calm down. "Thanks, Kara." She says as the clothes arrive on a motorized cart that enters the room. "Well, I should probably speak to her soon, since I don't have a place to crash at. I may also want to stay low. Rebirth is expecting me to be dead or to give them all up. They'll be looking to discredit me, or just to keep me silent." She stands and carefully removes the cape, folding it nicely and placing it on the table. At the mention of the comm unit, she nods. "Krypt… wow…" she says and nods. "I'll make sure not to touch that." At the mention of technology, she beams. "Guilty! Double BS major from Princeton. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. They don't get much geekier than me." She says proudly.

She discards what's left of the uniform, leaving her in a pair of purple and green bikini briefs with a matching bra. The scuffs and scrapes from battle seem superficial. She reaches up and pulls the dress over her head. She looks down and pouts, reaching behind her and undoing the clasp of the bra, removing it. She smiles and settles things in place. "There. How do I look?" She asks.

Kara nods, listening to everything Caitlin has to say. Sure, JARVIS is recording everything for later review, but she's tuned in and really has to admit she likes this woman's spirit. "Well, we'll do what we can to help with both. We don't want them taking you out, or ruining your reputation. You're a good woman who has been doing all she can in a difficult situation. We have a lot of connections. We'll put them to use." She beams even more brightly at Caitlin's avowed geekery. "Well, I certainly love technology. And I appreciate a woman with a bright and inquisitive, capable mind."

When Caitlin stands up and starts stripping, Kara tries really hard to keep from bugging her eyes out or anything. It's not like Caitlin is flashing her, but frankly few are the women in the world with measurements that compare to Kara's own, and she's never had one undress in front of her before. She clears her throat just a little bit and then nods to the redhead. "You look beautiful. The color really suits you. Sorry that the cut doesn't suit the bra. We can have JARVIS fabricate a new one that will work better?"

Caitlin Fairchild nods. "Thank you." She thinks a bit. "I'll make a decision on where I'm going to stay after talking with the Headmistress. I may be putting the school in danger." She sighs, running a hand through her hair. At the mention of technology again, Caitlin smiles. "I love to tinker and tweak. I've been with Rebirth since I got my degrees. I haven't had the chance to put them to use." She smiles and looks to Kara. "You should get one of these too. I mean, you look stunning in that costume, but.." She smiles and shrugs, then blushes. "Well, that bra was more for function and not beauty. I'll be fine. I like to buy my own anyways. I wouldn't want to break poor JARVIS by embarrassing him." She gets the thought to ask Kara about hers but decides that that's a discussion for another time. "I'll be alright for now. As long as it doesn't get cold." She blushes. "I'm going to find some out-of-the-way motel room for tonight. I'll speak with Ms. Frost in the morning." She says as she gathers her things. "Thank you.. For everything… and for not trying to beat me up."

"Shall I put you through to talk to her, then?" Kara inquires, wanting to help. "I can give you the room and your privacy. I just want to help."

The Kryptonian blonde loves the talk of tech; it's not often she meets another woman as avid about technology as she is, so this is a thrill. "I have plenty of outfits up here. Including spare capes. But if I'm going to fly you back down, I should stay in costume. It's wind- and friction-resistant, better for flying. Skirts aren't a great idea in that case. But I do love a pretty dress." Hence why she made sure one was made for Caitlin. She chuckles at the redhead's other comments, and nods. "I have to custom-order mine. I imagine you do, too. Which is why JARVIS is so handy, with his fabricator."

Kara walks over and takes Caitlin's hands in her own. "You are very welcome. I wouldn't try to beat you up unless I had to do that. I'm glad that wasn't necessary. Now. Shall I put through your call to the school?"
Caitlin Fairchild shakes her head and blushes slightly as her hands are taken. "I'll talk to her in the morning. It's too late now. I'll just lay low and show up at the school on my own. If you want, you can give her a head's up so she'll be expecting me." She blinks as Kara answers her unasked question.. "Yes, but.." she blushes. "I'm still a bit embarrassed about it. I've only been this way for a few years… since I manifested." She speaks of her physique. She still holds the hands in hers. "I.. forgot about getting back.." She blushes.. "As interesting as it would be to see, I wouldn't want you to be put in an awkward position." She smiles. "If you could just… let me off somewhere in Westchester? i think there's a small motel out there." She says. "Sorry.. I know you're not a taxi.."

Kara chuckles wryly and smiles, shaking her head. "Caitlin, it's not that late. I know it seems like ages, but we've only been up here an hour or so. It's barely past dark. I'll put through a call for you, and then we can go down to Westchester together, and get you settled in safely. If Headmistress Frost decides it would be unsafe to have you at the school, then I'll take you somewhere safe myself." She did accept responsibility for the other woman, when she took her away from SCU. But that is perhaps not the only reason she is being so dedicated on the issue.

"I remember when mine grew in. It was a big adjustment. Bigger, I'm guessing, when it's sudden and /after/ puberty." Power Woman offers. "For the record, you are a lovely woman, no matter what your sizes. You did an amazing thing, taking on this mission. I am sure that your Uncle Charles is very proud of you. Now, why don't you sit down, and relax. OK? And stop worrying about me."

Caitlin Fairchild sighs and nods, taking the insistence. She squeezes the hands one last time and takes a seat at the table. She's taken on goon squads before, how difficult can some icy school-marm be? She blushes again at the comments about her curves. "th..thank you. I mean… You're awesome. I'm glad things came about this way, even if it wasn't what I was expecting." She blushes and sits, wiping her eyes while she prepares herself to speak with the headmistress.

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