(2014-08-08) Escape from Space
Escape from Space
Summary: Vance and Stargirl escape from Death's Head
Date: 2014-08-08
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NPCs: Death's Head
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Well it didn’t smell like a demon’s cesspit in hell at least, but that didn’t give the two would be space heroes any clue as to where they were as they came to. The last thing they both remembered was being in Gotham’s Sewer looking for information from an alien snake. Unfortunately for them someone beat them to it, the snake was dead and they were captured.

”Hey Cupcake, get up.” Vance said as he pushed himself into a sitting position and took in their new surroundings. A nudge with his foot had his blonde companion rushing to her feet.

”What the hell?” Courtney looked around “Where the hell?” she amended.

The view wasn’t pretty, but nothing is when you are seeing it from inside a cage, especially when that cage was brightly lit with nothing but darkness all around.

Courtney reached out to grab the criss-crossed metal bars that made up their prison, only to cry out in pain as an electric shock went through her.

”Did the little human hurt itself?” a voice asked from somewhere on the other side of the cage. The robot called Death’s Head came into view a moment, the light from the cage reflecting off the robot’s shiny armor “Try not to hurt yourself to much. I get more money if you are in one piece.”

Vance looked at Courtney, the anger and frustration at being captured and caged evident on his face. “You thinking what I’m thinking?”

The girl gave an answering nod “You rip the cage open and we blow him into space.” It wasn’t a question, she knew exactly what he was thinking.

”Exactly.” Vance’s fingers flexed, he didn’t need to touch the cage to be able to rip it open. TK was great like that. His arms slashed outward and the metal bars of the cage burst outward into a gaping hole.

Courtney stepped through the hole, her Star Rod materializing in her hands. Villains never learned that she couldn’t be separated from the thing; which suited her fine. “Hold onto something, it’s about to get all vacuumy in here.” She took a few steps forward, grabbing a support beam, as Vance braced himself against the now electrically dead cage.

A sizzling beam of heat fired from the staff in her hands, melting a large hole in the side of the spaceship.

Death’s Head laughed, “You think that is going….” His laughter stopped dead as Vance slashed his hand out spending a violent TK blast toward the robot, sending him rocketing out into space.

”Hull Breach detected.” A computer voice said “Forcefield activated.”

The rush of air suddenly stopped as the breach sealed and Vance ran into the cockpit of the ship “Time to move.” The ship rocked as Death’s Head fired energy weapons on it.

”Now would be good!” Courtney followed dropping into the co-pilot seat as the ship jumped into hyperspace.

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