(2014-08-08) Beat Down in the Sewers
Beat Down in the Sewers
Summary: Vance and Stargirl take on Death's Head, with bad results.
Date: 2014-08-08
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NPCs: Death's Head
Scene Runner: Vance
Social/Plot: Plot

[ Sewer System — Gotham ]

The area before you is your average sewer. A river like groove, going north and south with sewage water in it. At either side of the grove are ledges, about 3 foot wide, for easy walking. The only light down here is from the sparce lightbulbs in the celing, or from road side grates. The light is occasionally interrupted throughout from pipes that cross back and forth. There is constantly water dripping and rodents squeeking in the distance, and the constant sound of rushing water. The smell is horrific. The only exits out of here are the ladders that lead up to a manhole cover, the depths of the sewer system itself, or by crawling through one of the small tunnels that connect to unknown regions. It seems like one could easily get lost down here.

In the bowels of Gotham City, deep within the maze that is called the sewer system, Stargirl and Justice seek out leads that may guide them to finding their teammate, Jack Flag.

There is a stench within these catacombs that will stay in one's hair and within the skin for days. Vance is covering his nose and mouth trying to get used to the stench which seems worse in this particular region. He speaks through his hand, "I thought it couldn't get any worse."

At present, they are seeking out an obscure creature from the planet Thi-do-tek(and a few additional syllables that are not pronouncable). This creature is serpentine in nature and prefers the sewers of any city as their home. It consumes waste and produces a more foul stench than what came before.

Courtney is pretty sure Vance…and Jack when he isn't being adultnapped, bring her to these places just to mess with her. Mining planet, prison and now a sewer…at least the last one was on Earth and not some backwater galaxy she has never heard off. And hell if she is walking in the sludge and grime and coats the floor of this stink hole. She has her nose and mouth covered to as she flies slightly behind Vance, playing rear guard. "What ever happened to the theory that you get used to smells?" she doesn't think there is any getting used to this "It can always get worse.

The good thing about TK is that Vance can create a force field and fly just above the sludge line. He presently wears his super-suit of blue and gold (i think). He slows and turns his head to the side as he enters another invisible cloud of stink. "Oh hell." he mutters after gagging, "Seriously?" then comments, "I'll bet our new best friend is nearby."

"That's okay Vance, I have plenty of friends, you can have this one all to yourself." Courtney nearly gags wishing she had powers that could negate the stench that permeates the enclosed air. "Let's just find this thing and get out of here. This is worse than skunk..and I don't think any amount to tomato juice is going to help."

A 7' tall robot steps from around a corner. It holds (or has a blaster for it's right hand) and within its left hand is a 8' long serpentine alien like creature that writhes back and forth trying to escape.

The robot's metallic voice intones, "Looking for this?" and snaps the neck of the serpentine alien. The alien goes limp and is dropped to the floor. The robot laughs and then says, "Dead or alive, you're coming with me!"

Vance says, "Hey!" and then realizes the robot is actually going to be gunning for them. "Stargirl, blast that thing!"

As if it wasn't smelly enough now there is going to be rotting alien snake stench to contend with, but hopefully they won't be down here long enough to really savor it…or the giant robot that killed it will put them out of thier misery. She is already on the blasting thing, the sizzling heat beam firing from the staff, before Vance even finishes her sentance.

The robot laughs as his projected force wall (8x4 barrier a foot or two in front of him) deflects the bolt from the staff. "Foolish superhumans. Do you think I didn't come prepared for anything you could think of to use against me?"

Vance sees the opening of the force wall from the side and sends a wave of stinky sludge toward the robot. It covers the robot in the ick and the robot yells, "NO ONE SOILS DEATH'S HEAD!". The robot then raises his blaster hand and fires at Vance. The blast penetrates Vance's force field and knocks the hero into a far wall with an ooof.

"Well that was a waste of a good shot." Courtney mutters to herself as the beam dings off a forcefield "Well it appears someone just did." she taunts Death's Head, keeping his attention forward while she uses the staff to form a large battering ram behind the robot which she uses to hit the robot low and hard, in hopes to at least knock it off its feet.

The robot seems to weigh a few tons more than the average bear. When she strikes him from behind, there is a resonate reflection of energy back down the path from which it came. As if he reflected the attack with some aura or energy field that is not part of the front force shield.

Death's Head laughs again as the backlash is returned, "That would have worked better on Justice. But it will suffice for you, Stargirl!" He then blasts again, the energy from his hand is different, purple, as it leaps from the weapon and spreads outward toward Stargirl's area in a large energy net.

Vance is dazed, but not confused. He will do what he can to try and grab Stargirl with his TK to see about pulling her out of the line of fire from the energy net.

A couple of weeks hanging out with a couple of space cowboys and now she is on the galaxies most wanted list. Guess that happens when you are part of a daring prison break. Not being in actual physical contact with the energy construct the backlash doesn't affect her, but what will is the energy net, she begins to transfer the energy from the construct into a forcefield but is yoinked out of the way by Vance's TK.

Having been successful with the yank, Vance calls, "Let's keep at him from different angles. There's got to be a way to take him down!" He flies up, recovers his bearings and then starts to try and orbit Death's Head to get a chance for a side attack, but won't be a blast considering the shockwave that happened behind DH when Stargirl attacked him.

Death's Head says, "You're only delaying the inevitable. You will be captured and subsequently turned over to the Consortium. Then I will collect my reward. By the way, you don't think I didn't come prepared?" The sewer tunnels then suddenly are engulfed in a high pitched chirping noise that not only deafens but strikes at the inner ear potentially causing extreme vertigo. The attack is sonic in nature and if one can hear through a force field, they will likely be assaulted by the effects.

"Blah, blah, blah, invetible, blah, blah, blah capture." Stargirl flies around the large robot in an elliptical pattern, she is beginning to the an inkling of an idea. It will take some speed and manuvering on her part "Keep at him Vance." she calls out as she flicks a thick rope of energy from the staff toward a robot leg. She then continues to circle him to bind DH's legs with the energy constructed rope. A few laps in the high pitched noise begins and she claps her hands to her ears, she doesn't have a forcefield that is going to keep out noise.

Vance also clasps at his ears trying to prevent the sound from penetrating him down to his very bones. His force field also does nothing against sound. He starts to list TKly as if he's lost his understanding of what up and down are. His eyes don't help the righting of his flight. He slams into another wall. Death's Head takes the advantage and blasts Vance with his energy weapon. Vance is taken out with the assault. He hits the ground and rolls into the muck of the sewer.

With dizzy spells washing over Courtney she isn't able to hang onto her staff or stay airborne. Or concentrate on rope of energy that she was spinning, so it begins to fade. She falls into the muck and stinky grime with a thud and an oof as the air is knocked from her.

Once again our heroes are captured by the nefarious evildoer who will place them into a holding area and await his bounty. Can our heroes be like the Dynamic Duo or the A-Team and make their escape? Can our heroes turn it around on Death's Head and capture him? Tune in next time, True Believers, when we all find out together.

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