(2014-08-06) Birds Reunite
Birds Reunite
Summary: Shayera takes up Dinah's offer and visits her at the florist shop.
Date: 2014-08-06
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The one time that it's NOT evening in Gotham. Shayera is so NOT used to be out, in the open, in daytime. She flies from Metropolis to Gotham just fine, and finds the florist shop that Dinah had mentioned. Unfortunately the entrance is on ground level. The sight of the winged woman by other walkers-by causes a bit of friction as some kneel to the ground believing in the end of the world, as if Shayera were some sort of angel. Hawkgirl just shakes her head and tries to compact her wings to herself as much as possible before stepping into the door.

It's pretty quiet in Sherwood Florist today and the bell jingles merrily when the door is opened. Dinah is looking over one of the displays, back to the door, and she calls out automatically at the sound without looking up. "Be with you in just a sec, please. Feel free to take a look around."

Hawkgirl walks in gingerly, looking at the displays and cases, making sure not to knock anything over. Lots of glass and crystal line the aisles along with perishable flowers that can be crushed. She even holds her breath in an attempt to make her thinner as she makes her way to the counter. "Perhaps Earth food has made my hips a tad wider." She grumbles quietly.

Dinah recognizes the voice and she turns, laughing softly at the sight. "Well hello there, stranger, and welcome." she calls. "Nothing wrong with your hips, either, but I hadn't thought about all the breakables." And those wings. "My apartment isn't much bigger, but we can step out onto the roof if you wanna."

Hawkgirl shrugs. "I don't mean to put you out. I just don't want to break anything." She smiles, getting to see Dinah behind the mask… and the fishnets."It's nice to see Gotham in the daylight. I tend not to go out much when others can see me." She glances out the window at the people still peering in. "Humans seem to have an affinity for winged creatures and some sort of apocalypse."

Dinah is wearing snug-fitting jeans and a tank top, but the boots under the jeans are the same. "Yeah, people in Gotham are easily spooked that way." she replies. "Angel rumors, and all that. Although I never though of an angel as being a redhead." She saunters past, flipping the 'Closed' sign on the door before heading towards the back. "Stairs are this way. C'mon up." The blonde leads the way, her gaze lingering on those wings as well as the woman bearing them.

Hawkgirl ducks into the stairway and makes her way up. "Angels? Do these creatures have a specified hair color?" She doesn't quite understand the reference as she makes her way to the roof. Once up there, she stretches, both her body and her wings, before bringing the wings back in towards her back. "Thank you. That feels much better."

Dinah chuckles softly, making her way through a small apartment and out the window to the roof. "Depends on which book you like, I suppose. But most are blonde." She watches the wing-flexing and stretching with open curiosity. "Most people believe angels to be divine beings, so they're not often seen very much. And your wings are really beautiful, if you don't mind my saying so."

Hawkgirl blushes. "Thank you. Perhaps they're thought so because they're exotic. Where I come from.." She frowns slightly. "We're slaves, so the wings are a mark of our servitude. We don't think of them as majestically as you would." She says. "You're also quite the specimen of human female as well." She blinks, shaking her head. "Forgive me. My English still lands on the side of clinical at most times."

The blonde shakes her head slowly, stepping a few paces closer. "Not to worry, Shayera. I don't mind being called 'quite the specimen'. Although I would add you're pretty hot, yourself." She pauses, then adds. "It sort of means the same thing. So what brings a winged beauty all the way from Than-whatsit to Earth?"

Hawkgirl finds a seat and looks down. "Thanagar no longer exists." She says, answering her question and diverting from the comment about her looks. "We were invaded by a mobile planet named Mongo and it's Emperor, Ming. He enslaved my people and extracted our resources to the point that the planet collapsed. He does this regularly." She looks up. "Basically, Earth is next on his agenda. He sent me here to scout out the planet."

Dinah's humor slips away quickly, lips pursing at the description of Ming. And his agenda. She's leaning casually against the fire escape, arms folded over her chest. But she gradually stiffens, muscles tensing as her gaze narrows. "You're here as a scout? So why bother to beat up the bad guys if Ming is coming?"

Hawkgirl looks up, knowing this would come. "I'm feeding him false information. I don't WANT what happened to my people to happen here. I've already discussed this with authorities who assure me that they have defenses in place." She shrugs, taking a look at the woman, feeling for her body language. "I'm here to make a difference, in all aspects."

Dinah nods slowly, exhaling as she relaxes. "I believe you, Shayera." she replies, perhaps a bit too easily. "And I can assure you that IF he decides to come here, you'll find me on the front line of those who will fight him." The blonde smiles, then. "And thanks for being straight with me. That's WHY I believe you."

Hawkgirl nods and swallows nervously. "When i came of age I had a choice. I was to be taken to a brothel for training, or I was to join the military." She leaves the decision up for her to imagine. "I just happened to be good, so I was placed in intelligence." She nods. "I will also be on the front line with you." She says with a slight smile.

Pushing off of the railing with a shrug, Dinah paces slowly towards the winged girl and gives her a nod of understanding. The smile is returned. "Then welcome to the fight. Sister." she offers. Extending her hands, palms up, she adds. "This is an offer for a hug, by the way."

Hawkgirl blushes and stands, walking over. "Um.. Alright.." She walks over to the blonde and mimics her actions. "I've not made non-violent contact with a human. This is.. awkward unfortunately, but I appreciate the sentiment all the same."

Dinah watches Shayera approach, and when the winged girl pauses and blushes the blonde's expression softens. "It's easy. Here, let me show you." she offers. Eyes meet and she steps up close, chest brushing chest as she reaches for the redhead's hands. Easing them around her waist, Dinah slowly wraps her arms around the other girl's neck and slowly pulls her close. Cheek pressing cheek, she whispers. "See? Now how's this feel?"

Hawkgirl blushes. "Good.. Awkward, but good." She smiles and breaks off and what appears appropriate. "Thank you, Dinah." She says. "I was.. warned by the agency that I spoke to, to not spread word so much of the invasion. They fear a panic may spread across the populace. After seeing the citizens today, I understand what they meant."

Dinah waits for Shayera to break off the hug first, then rocks back a step to open the distance a little more. "Yeah, people in large groups are panicky, dumb creatures. You can trust me, and you can also trust Huntress." There's a bit of a pause, and then she adds. "You may see her over here, sometimes. She and I are… close. And she sometimes crashes here."

Hawkgirl nods, not totally understanding the idea of closeness that Dinah alludes to. "Crash? I did not know that she had the ability of flight." She says, matter-of-factly. "I'm glad that the two of you know each other. It makes working in Gotham easier."

The blonde grins at the unfamiliarity, shaking her head a bit. "Shayera, you've got a lot to learn about slang." she offers. "When I say 'crash', I mean she sleeps here sometimes. We work together in costume, so sometimes it's easier that way." Dinah pauses for a moment, considering. "We'd welcome your help, as well. When you're in Gotham."

Hawkgirl puts the combination together and.. "Oh! I see. That does make more sense, as long as your identities remain secret." She nods and looks over. "I'd be honored to help out in any way you wish. Metropolis, Gotham, It's all Earth and I'm here to protect it." She smiles. She reaches into her top and deftly pulls out something while trying to still look classy. She hands a business card over. "I was told that these might come in handy some day." She means the cards. "These are ways to communicate with me when you need to, or if you just feel like it."

Dinah's gaze is definitely distracted when Hawkgirl reaches into her top, and she's only partially discrete about hiding it. Accepting the card, she looks at the number and she nods. "I'll put you in my phone, then." Meaning she'll ask Helena to do it. Left to her own devices, Dinah would still be using a rotary phone. "And Gotham isn't that far from Metropolis, if you need anything. I'll give you my number when we get back downstairs."

Hawkgirl nods and smiles, readjusting her top. "Thank you." She nods, looking around. "So.. a floral shop? I guess there's need of one in such an urban landscape. It's.. interesting." She thinks. "Huntress mentioned secret identities.. There's really no identity that I can use, as my attributes give me away." Not unlike Power Woman, actually.

Dinah nods to that, shrugging with a grin. "I sort of inherited the floral shop from my mom, actually. Same as the Black Canary name. Huntress knows both, same as I know *her* secret identity. Most of us have one, so the police don't just stop by for a …chat." Yeah, getting back to those subtle differences again.

Hawkgirl nods. "I could wear a mask all I want, the wings give me away. It's why I operate at night, mostly. Shadows help. Only a few know my apartment." She says. "And those are the people that I pay rent to." She smiles, leaning against the rail again. "It's nice to have a partner in this business, where there's so much secrecy."

Dinah smiles back, nodding to the other girl. "Well if you ever need a place to duck into when you're in the neighborhood, feel free to borrow the roof. And the fire escape. I keep my apartment window unlocked." And God help anyone who decides it's an easy break-in! She looks the girl's wings over more closely for a moment. "Have you tried hiding the wings under a coat or anything?"

Hawkgirl blinks and nods. "Thank you. That's generous. I promise that I won't crash into your apartment." She nods and then thinks about the coat as she looks back at the wings. "It would be an awfully large coat. I'm not that big of a woman." She blushes.

Tilting her head, Dinah takes the opportunity to examine the girl's figure. Rather obviously. She smiles after a moment and offers. "No. But you would've made a fine courtesan, I think. Sorry, that was in bad taste. Just wanted to say you've got nothing to hide under a coat."

Hawkgirl angers at first, but then runs the statement through her head again. "I understand what you mean, but…. there are no courtesans on Mongo. When you're sent to the brothel, you are a slave. No skills are taught. You are an object to be used, and mostly by the sadistic soldiers under Ming's employ." She nods. "I.. thank you for the compliment, though. Hiding would not help me, hence why I cannot have a secret identity." Which also isolates the woman from everyone else.

Dinah wrinkles her nose at that, nodding in understanding. "Then again, I apologize for the mis-statement. And I really do understand your predicament about the secret identity." She smiles a little, then. "Which is why you've always got a home in Gotham, whenever you need it."

Hawkgirl smiles awkwardly and nods. "Thank you. It is… appreciated. Also, thank you for not hitting on me. It's refreshing to find humans who do not have copulation on their minds, first and foremost." She flutters her wings and hovers, but holds her arms out for another hug.

Dinah does accept the hug, chuckling softly and taking advantage of the closeness to conceal the rising color to her cheeks. "Well for better or for worse, we humans to think about copulation quite a lot." Releasing, she steps back to watch the winged girl fly off.

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