(2014-08-06) Better Things Left Unsaid
Better Things Left Unsaid
Summary: Kate decides to let Sally know about the Hellfire Club and instantly regrets it.
Date: (2014-08-06)
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Kate Bishop putters around the apartment, picking up here and there. Remains of dinner have been put in the trash and dishes have been cleaned. The coffee machine has made yet another pot of the life-giving essence and Kate sighs as she drinks from it. The folders from the latest case are on the coffee table. She wears an over-sized t-shirt and a pair of cut-off shorts as the central air keeps everything at a decent temperature.

Sally's still pulling IT tickets at the embassy. No as many, but a few, here and there, so soon enough after that meeting with Emma she had to scoot, and it's on'y now, past dinner time that she's now pushing the door open, smiling, "I'm back, sorry that took so long, but one of the people managed to really bork up their computer." She's changed into a pair of jeans and simple long sleeved v-neck.

Kate Bishop nods as she leans on the counter, drinking from her coffee. Once Sally arrives, she presses a button on the microwave and starts it up. "What do you think?" She asks simply, of the Frost job, of course. She puts the coffee down. "We'll need some way to track the GPS signal, see what kind of building is there.." She shrugs. "We also took a job without discussing money. She can *definitely* afford to pay. It would be good for us." Unfortunately she hasn't been able to get the job and the meeting out of her head.

"We take it. She is asking for our help, and she's concerned about these people, they're connected to the school she's running, so there's that, maybe we should ask for access to the school? We bill her just as we would any other client." she says, as she moves over to press a kiss to the woman's cheek, snuggling in against her from behind, wrapping her arms around Kate's waist.

Kate Bishop nods and leans into the hold, letting the stress lift off of her. "You.. kinda told me how you know her. I didn't get the chance to tell you how I know her." She breaks from the embrace and makes her way to the privacy curtain in the bedroom. It looks as if she's changing. "As I said, I used Daddy's connections to help make connections of my own. Daddy was a member of the Hellfire Club." She says as she grunts a little, attempting to wedge herself into some construct. "Because of Daddy, I'm considered a Legacy. Just like with fraternities and sororities?" She walks out from behind the partition, letting Sally get the view of the outfit that she wears at the Club. "So I'm a member of the Hellfire Club. Emma is…. a high-ranked member as well. She brought me in." She says, standing shyly.

She turns to watch but stay leaning against the counter, and then, seeing the outfit, she frowns, "And….what do you do at this…club?" she asks, taking a slow breath, stay calm.

Kate Bishop blinks, seeing the frown. Not the reaction she was hoping for. "I meet with people… and we discuss things. Only the elite of the world are allowed access to this club. I have to pay them five million dollars at the end of five years." She shrugs. "I'm making contacts and rubbing elbows with the most influential people on the planet." Then realization hits, and she peers. "Wait… What exactly do you *think* I do there?!" She places her hands on her hips.

"Well, you're dressed like you're planning to keep me in for the night, in something I've never seen you in…and yes I know, I /shopped/ for a meeting with Ms. Frost, but that's the level of meeting I didn't have somehting apropriate to wear. Hell, if I saw you in that, I'd want to talk to you and likely might not care what your said…"

Kate Bishop sighs and shakes her head. "This is what women in the club are supposed to wear. We all have something like this." She then folds her arms in front of her chest and looks. "Say it. You're trying not to, but you know you want to. Just say it."

"You're a member, of a club, that you pay money too, that objectifies women by requiring them to look like a sex object." she says, frowning more, "I…that's …" she just shakes her head, "You…don't do anything with anyone there do you? Have you? Since we? " She asks, turning away, "Wait, no, I….I don't want to know, I really don't. I know you haven't. You wouldn't, I didn't need to ask that."

Kate Bishop looks as a tear streaks down her cheek. "Yes, you do want to know, or you wouldn't have asked." She swallows. "Get out." She rushes back behind the curtain to change out of the outfit. "How dare you. What's the next question, How much do I charge?"

There's foot steps, and then the slamming of the front door. Her keys, her phone, all the stuff she would normally have on her, right where she left them on the counter…

Kate Bishop just sits on her bed crying, not noticing the items left on the counter.

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