(2014-08-05) A Chat In The Library
A Chat In The Library
Summary: Kate comes across Dinah in the Hellfire Library. A nice discussion ensues.
Date: 2014-08-05
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Dinah Lance

Proof that good things -do- come in small packages, this stunning blonde would have to walk on tip-toes to reach five and a half feet tall. Having the fine bone structure of a classic beauty and the lustrously smooth skin of a model, she is guaranteed to turn heads and break hearts wherever she goes. Large, expressive blue eyes peer from behind a black, double-diamond mask. Her red lips are full, often drawn back to flash an electric smile. A long tumble of yellow locks frames her face, spilling halfway down her back. Beneath the free-flowing hair, golden hoop earrings dangle and a black leather choker circles her throat.

The lingerie is black, of course. A pushup bra to lift her full breasts with translucent cups and lace that artfully covers the pink. Soft shoulders and sinewy arms are left exposed, but for the thin straps. The matching panties are a targa cut, riding high over the flare of her hips and baring most of her firm ass. The fishnet stockings are clipped at mid-thigh to garters draped from a lacy garter belt that's snug around her narrow waist. Just for sass. Well-heeled black pumps add several inches to her height and put plenty of attitude into her strut, secured with straps that cross and pass behind the ankles. Elbow-length satin gloves complete the outfit, knuckles and palms discretely padded.

Kate Bishop

A striking young woman with long, flowing black hair and bright blue eyes. A sharp nose leads to full lips, which are nearly always in a form of a smile. Her skin is pale, but her complexion is flawless. She's a good height, at about 5'9" and she has an athletic build to her. A lean frame, with defined muscles and proportioned curves.

Her thin frame is pushed into an hourglass form by the purple corset that she wears. The corset snaps along the front, with a cascade of black lace covering the single piece. The bust is covered, but it accentuates and pushes up the pale flesh, placing it on display. She wears a matching choker on her delicate neck. Under the corset, a flash of skin is revealed before the purple lacy thong appears, barely covering her more womanly curves while revealing the firmness of her rear, yet another display. Dark purple stockings run up the thigh, held only by lacy graters, the same color as the outfit. Purple heels complete the ensemble, making her backside even that much more prominent.

It's late afternoon, and Dinah Lance finds herself in the Hellfire Club Library. There's a meeting later tonight, and as the Black Queen's Rook she has an obligation to attend. Seeing as her Queen is currently unavailable, the blonde seeks to do a bit of research while she's here. Dinah knows that the Club's library is second to none in some subjects, so it's a book on the occult that she browses now. Wearing the required lingerie 'uniform' of the Club, she shivers a little as a breeze wanders through the large room. She's perched on the edge of a table with her torso half-turned so she can read, mindful of the perils of a scantily-clad rear sticking to leather seats.

Kate Bishop makes her way into the Club with an overcoat own, despite the fact that it's in the middle of summer. Her face is beat red, but it's not from the heat. She tries to walk past reception, but a guard clears his throat and points to the coat check area. Kate nods, mortified a bit, another curse on her father escapes under her breath. She hangs up the coat and makes her way to the library as quickly as possible, looking for refuge. "Oh.. Pardon me." She says, when she sees the blonde woman in much the same predicament as she. "Looks like this is the gathering place for the nearly nude women. I must've followed the right signs." She says, still blushing.

Dinah Lance laughs softly, nodding as she looks up. Brows raise behind the mask, blue eyes wandering along the new girl's attire. And likely along her figure as well. "Not to worry, honey, you'll get used to it soon enough." Raising a hand, she makes a circular motion with her finger as she tilts her head. "Give us a turn, now. Let's see the whole package."

Kate Bishop blushes and nods. She's not used to following orders but, being the newest of the members, she more than likely has to follow a pecking order, at least. She nods softly and turns. "Did.. I do something wrong? I don't want to mess up on my first day here." She asks while she spins around slowly.

Dinah Lance is caught checking out the new girl's backside as Kate completes her turn, and then she rises from her perch on the table. Yeah, there's the telltale sound of bare flesh peeling away from wood as she finds her own feet. Stepping closer, she offers a gloved hand. "Nothing wrong at. I'm Dinah. Just be careful about sitting on the leather furniture for too long."

Kate Bishop smiles and blushes more, shaking the offered hand. "I'm Katie… I mean, Katherine." She says, trying to sound more important. "A pleasure to meet you." She smiles and takes a cursory look at the blond. "I.. can see how that may be some form of torture, yes." She smiles. "Is it alright if I ask what brings you here? I don't mean to be nosy. We're supposed to be discrete, so, if I'm overstepping, just… tell me." She tries to smile. She has difficulty trying to fit in with such grown up people and still be sociable.

Dinah Lance's grip is firm, and Kate would feel that the opera-gloves are discretely weighted. For fighting. "I'm the Black Queen's Rook, actually." she replies, with a broad grin. "And there's nothing wrong with asking questions around here. Just don't push it if someone refuses to give you a direct answer. So before you ask, I protect the Queen and her interests. Which is a pretty broad statement, I know."

Kate Bishop nods slowly. "Oh! Like.. a bodyguard." She nods. "My company does that, so I have a general idea." She nods, looking around. "I met with Ms. Frost, the White Queen. Who's the Black Queen?" She asks, ready for rejection in case it came to that. "I'm still learning my way around here as to who's what and what the positions are. As far as I know I'm an Initiate in the Outer Circle… which translates to lowest person on the totem pole." She says, then clears her throat, trying to remain serious.

Dinah Lance smiles, however, nodding with familiarity at the mention of Ms. Frost. "Ms. Zatara is the Black Queen, but you may know her by her stage name. Zatanna. And yeah, I'm her bodyguard." All five-foot three, buck-thirty of her. Scary. "Welcome to the Club, then, Katie. We're all pretty informal around here when the high-ups aren't around."

Kate Bishop nods and smiles, breathing easier, almost forgetting about the outfit that she's in. "Oh wow, that's awesome. Lots of important people here. That's why Daddy pushed me to join." She shudders.. "I hope it wasn't to see me in this outfit.." She tries to hold in a heave. "Sorry." She smiles. "I can't wait to meet everyone. I just hope I can make a decent impression."

Dinah Lance laughs at that, waiting a moment before releasing the handshake. "I hope so, too." she replies with a grin. "So. Family connections, hmm? Old money or something? Forgive me if I'm prying, of course. And you work the outfit pretty nicely."

Kate Bishop blushes and releases the hand gently. "Well, you already have a position. You've obviously impressed *somebody*. I can certainly understand how." She stops and clears her throat. "I mean, you look more than capable of handling yourself." She smiles. "Also… that outfit… wow.. Giselle's got nothing on you." She says in way of complimentary appreciation. "Oh, yeah. I'm a Legacy. My father's Derek Bishop. Bishop Publishing? He owns nearly every newspaper on the Seaboard that isn't the Bugle or the Planet." She says. "I'm not like him, but I can definitely use the contacts with the company that I run."

Dinah Lance grins more broadly, soaking up the compliments like they're her due. "Thanks very much, Kate. I like to think it's just because Zee likes my baby-blues." And she bats her lashes for emphasis, mask or no. "But it's probably got more to do with the fact that I like to hit people." Nodding as the rich-father connection is confirmed, Dinah has definitely heard of him. "So who's Giselle, then?"

Kate Bishop smiles. "Some Brazilian model.. walks around in her underwear." She smiles. "Yes. I haven't been asked to be anything, yet. I'm just here to soak up the atmosphere and to learn everything that I possibly can about everything.." She smiles and looks around. "Which is fitting as we're in the Library."

Dinah Lance's eyes brighten and she chuckles. "Well that doesn't narrow things down by much." the blonde replies. Looking around the library, then, she nods. "The Hellfire Club has one of the most extensive collections on certain subjects, I'm told. Especially when it comes to the Occult." Turning, she shimmies back over to the table where she left the large, leather-bound book. "Fascinating stuff, even if I can't understand half of it."

Kate Bishop tilts her head, looking. "I don't know much about the occult. What are you looking into, exactly? Perhaps I can help?" She shrugs, at least offering. If turned down, it's quite alright. "I've seen lots of odd things in my time." All 18+ years of it…

Dinah Lance shrugs at the question, perching her scantily-clad rear on the table again to peer down at the book. "Just been browsing, really." And there in a two-page spread is a picture of Satan. No, not the biblical version, but Daimon Hellstorm's father. "You familiar with this guy?"

Kate Bishop raises a brow at the picture while also being jealous of the table. "Um.. not necessarily. Why? Should I be?" She shrugs and takes a good look. "He does look a slight bit like the Christian version of the devil, yes?"

Dinah Lance considers, then uncrosses her legs and gestures to the table on the other side of the book. "Go right ahead." she offers with a grin. "And you may meet his son, actually. Daimon Hellstrom is a full member here, and if you believe the rumors he's not entirely human."

Kate Bishop blushes and smiles slightly. "Oh.." She waves off the offer, "Thank you, but no.." She looks around. "Did it get warmer in here?" She asks before returning her attention to the book. "Interesting." She says as she looks, reading what text might be there. "I deal with all sorts of beings in my profession. Half-demons are no bother." She smiles.

Dinah Lance definitely catches the blush, and when Kate's look returns the blonde is checking her out rather openly. "I think that's why they keep the air a bit on the chilly side, personally." she replies. Peeling her rump off of the table, she takes one of Kate's hands and nods towards some furniture. "You wanna come and sit with me, Kate? I'll tell you what I know about Daimon." Leading the way, Dinah heads for an over-stuffed leather recliner.

Kate Bishop blinks. "Oh.." She says in surprise and swallows nervously, thinking of Sally. "Sure…" She says, not wishing to pass up the opportunity to learn more about one of the Inner Circle. She follows the woman, still trying to keep her girlfriend in mind.

Dinah Lance settles into the chair. It's a wide, big thing but the blonde takes up a good bit of the center. Stretching her long, fishnet-clad legs out, she looks up at Kate with a half-smile. "Just relax, Kate. I promise I won't bite." she offers.

Kate Bishop blushes and nods and does her best to be discrete and take a seat next to the blonde. "So.. what do I need to know about him?" She shrugs. "He's the.. Black King, right? Like Zatanna's the Black Queen?"

Dinah Lance scoots over enough for Kate to slide in beside her, bare hip against bare hip. "Right. He's the Black King. And he definitely doesn't -look- human. Pretty sure there's a basis for whatever supernatural rumors are running around about him, too." She considers for a moment, biting her lower lip and blushing. "But I -will- say that he's… human enough."

Kate Bishop blushes at the contact but tries not to make anything out of it. She listens to the woman and… just gapes.. "Oh my.. You.. and he?" She blinks. "Oh! I'm sorry. No judging. I mean, it's your world, right? I just.." She swallows nervously, eyes slightly watering. "It's not… expected… is it? I mean.. do I…?" She shrugs, nervous.

Dinah Lance half-turns to prop her head up on an elbow, facing Kate. Touching a button on the recliner, the footrest raises electrically to ease the pair back. She grins crookedly, cheeks flushed as she nods in agreement. "Well it's not actually like I planned it. I wouldn't say it's expected, but it wasn't exactly unwelcome either." Wink. "There's a dungeon downstairs. Pretty well-equipped. I stumbled across him down there while I was exploring. We talked. He's very charming, by the way."

Kate Bishop blushes and nods.. "I.." She stops and looks a bit nervous at the reclining. "Oh…" She smiles. "I.. well… I have a girlfriend. We're pretty exclusive." She says, trying not to sound judgmental again. "I understand, and it's all good.. I mean, I can certainly see why he'd be interested." She bites her lower lip and blushes again. "I just.. want to be faithful. I hope that's not discouraged here." She says simply.

Dinah Lance doesn't seem nervous about it at all, and she nods as things become more casual. "Well if you've got a girlfriend and you're exclusive, then you can relax with me. I don't poach on relationships, Kate. But I'll say she's a very lucky girl." She pauses for a moment, then continues. "And I'm pretty sure that if I would've said something to Daimon, things would've gone a different direction entirely. Truth is, it was really nice."

Kate Bishop sighs and nods. "Listen.. I'm sorry if I come of as pretentious. I.." She shrugs. "I was expecting this place to be some super big deal where you're asked to do things that you normally wouldn't. I mean, you know how secret societies are portrayed in movies? Eyes Wide Shut and all that stuff?" She sighs. "I'll stop trying to think that everyone has an ulterior motive. Maybe if I do that I'll be able to have some fun here." She nods and blushes once more at the compliment. "Thank you. She is. And you're pretty awesome yourself."

Dinah Lance smiles a little at that, watching Kate's expression. "Eyes Wide Shut? Seriously? No, the Hellfire Club isn't like that. At least not any of the parties *I've* been to. We're about power and influence and money, mostly. I protect the first two, you represent the third. Make no mistake that this is a very political place, though. Keep your eyes and ears open, your mouth closed and smiling. And by all means, keep wearing outfits like that one." she gives the string of Kate's thong a playful snap against her hip. "You'll do just fine."

Kate Bishop gasps and chuckles with a nod. "Exactly. I'm here to learn and expand. Eventually I want to outshine my father, as far as influence goes." She nods. "But that's a secret between us." Not really, since she'd told Emma the same thing. She stands up from the chair gingerly. "Thanks, Dinah. It was a pleasure meeting you. Hopefully I'll see you around later tonight?" She waves. "I should.. use the facilities or something."

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