(2014-08-02) Welcome to the Hellfire Club, Ms. Bishop
Welcome to the Hellfire Club, Ms. Bishop
Summary: Kate Bishop makes a bid to join the Hellfire Club through the legacy of her father's membership. She has to meet with Emma Frost.
Date: 2014-08-02
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As soon as the young Ms. Bishop arrives at the front doors of the Hellfire Club's New York facility, she is escorted. No one without a membership ever goes anywhere here unescorted, and even legacies are treated respectfully but carefully. It is an exceptionally exclusive private club, after all. Identified, Katherine would be guided past the massive library and up a flight of stairs, along a balcony hallway to a pair of double doors. There, the liveried gentleman who has been escorting Katherine knocks firmly and waits, until the doors open to reveal the vision in white that is the White Queen herself.

"Thank you kindly, Alexander." she offers, with that cooly regal tone, as she eyes the young woman.

"Yes, My Queen." Alexander offers, and then he retreats with a bow, disappearing back the way he and Kate came.

"Ms. Bishop. Please, come in." With that, Emma Frost turns and strolls back into the chambers she has laid claim to here on the second floor, a suite of rooms as regal, posh and spotless as the woman herself. The wood may be the dark of age and gentlemen's clubs, but the decor here is relatively bright, banishing those shadows. The sliding pocket doors at the back of the room are closed, currently, leaving the ladies with a sizable sitting room and library. Emma herself takes a seat on a soft white divan, and gestures Katherine towards an equally resplendent sofa.

"So. Ms. Bishop. I understand that you have inquired as to claiming your rights as a legacy, to secure a membership here at the Club. Is that correct?"

Kate Bishop looks around the Club as she's escorted. The air smells of money. The business is doing well enough as it is, but when Kate's father suggested making connections at the Club, she decided to take him up on the offer of an introduction. The connections made at the Club could go far. At least that's what Derek said, attributing much of his success to that. She's dressed conservatively, a plum colored skirt and blazer with a lavender blouse. Her wire-frame glasses sit tightly on her nose, framing her blue eyes. She holds a clutch-purse in her hand as she makes her way around the grounds. Once she makes her way in and introductions are made, she bows her head slightly and takes the offered seat. "Yes, Ms. Frost. Thank you for seeing me. My father explained some of the benefits of being a member and I became interested." She sits, crossing one leg over the other.

The air within Emma Frost's sanctuary does not smell of money, so much as it does fresh air, with a hint of vanilla and lavender. Not a lot, just enough to make the air even … tastier. An interesting adjective for air, but quite apt. The tall blonde crosses her legs with the kind of sensual elegance that most expect reserved for dancers and high class escorts. "Ah, yes. How is Derek? I have not encountered him at a Club function recently." By which she means the last month or so. Then again, Emma is not so easily or casually encountered. "So. As you know, we do in fact allow for what we call 'legacy' memberships. These do not require nearly the starting capital investment as a new membership. But there is a term limit. A legacy membership, once activated, must become fully vested within five years. You are aware of this stipulation?"

Kate Bishop smiles brightly, trying to put on the charm, She's trying her best to impress the woman, even if she does have some issues with the old ways of thinking. Joining this Club is much like the work done with the agency. Sometimes you can go through unpleasantness in order to find the positives and then use them to your advantage. She nods at the mention of her father. "I think Daddy's working on a new wife. Fear not, though. In about six months, I'm sure they'll be divorced and he'll be back." She nods, listening to the regulations of the membership. "Daddy mentioned that, yes. I've done well with money. I've already bought back my father's original investment in my company."

Emma regards the young brunette carefully. She has detailed files on her financial dealings, of course. But she is more interested in what lies beyond the facts and figures. It is of interest to her, for instance, how the woman really thinks of her father. And just how glad she is to have her father's investment paid off, so that she is one step closer to truly 'free' of Derek. "Well then, you seem well prepared for the rigors of that financial onus. I assume part of your goal in claiming your membership at this juncture is to develop the contacts necessary to expand your business holdings. We of course encourage such things. What more do you know of the Club's operations, Ms. Bishop?" A good question to ask, given the woman's youth. They don't want to admit someone who is unprepared for the culture of the club, after all.

Kate Bishop smiles and shrugs. "To be honest, Daddy didn't really go into the details. He mentioned that the experiences would be formative and eye-opening." She nods. "Though I am supremely interested in making the connections. Not just for business, but social as well. I want the Bishop name to mean more than just Newspapers and money. I want it to become a Force. I want to expand on what my father created. To take his vision to something bigger." She actually believes what she's saying to some small degree. "I own a small detective agency right now, but I have vision for much more. Building development, investing in the people, helping to create jobs." She stops. She realizes that helping people isn't really a driving force in these walls unless it turns a profit.

Interesting indeed. Emma feels enlightened a bit, as she picks up more information from the young Bishop's mind. "Those are certainly worthy goals, and ones best achieved with greater connections. But I hope you understand that the Club is not often a place for campaigning or social justice. At best, it is a place were enlightened self-interest can succeed." The blonde inclines her head just slightly, as if acknowledging her own point … or driving it home.

"The Hellfire Club is a place of wealth and privilege. It is highly exclusive and private, and stands as a place for the entertainments of those who can appreciate such wealth and power. And privacy." Emma offers. She waits, to see what Katherine can make of those statements.

Kate Bishop nods, "I do understand. However, if social justice became profitable, then it becomes everybody's interest." She smiles. "No campaigning, of course. Success, though, but of course. That's why I'm here." As for secrets, she smiles and nods. "I don't understand about entertainment so much." She says honestly. For some odd reason, Queen's version of "I Want It All" plays in her head. "However, I do understand privacy and secrets and their need."

Emma nods. "Well, so long as you can maintain a degree of discretion, I suspect you can do well here." Of course, Emma could be more explicit, and lay it all out for Katherine. But part of the point of all of this is to test the girl - young woman - and that is best done by not warning her ahead of time. They will see how she handles herself, the first time she attends a Club function or event. "So long as your campaigning is to show others the gains available in such social justice, that is acceptable. And could be quite successful." Maybe. It's worth a shot, at least. "Full capitalization is five million dollars. You will have a full five years to meet that figure. Your membership will remain active up until the very last day has passed, with no payment required save for service fees until the end of the term. We are agreed? And please understand: we will not accept a draft on your father's accounts."

Kate Bishop holds her hands up defensively. "Absolutely. I run a detective agency. I'm all about the discretion and privacy." She then nods with a smile. "Absolutely." She repeats herself. "I would not bring anything in to the Club unless there was a way to turn a profit on it. To benefit all." She wavers a bit at the amount, having never really seeing that kind of money. She tries hard not to show it. She swallows and nods. "Not a problem. Five million." At the mention of her father's funds, it is her turn to look incredulous. She raises a brow. "You don't *know* me, Miss Frost." Which, of course, is untrue. "The only thing of my father's that I will use is his name and reputation. I hope, in time, that when you hear the name Bishop, you automatically think of me instead of him."

Emma Frost smiles a cold, wintry smile and nods to Kate. "I hope you will accomplish just that, Ms. Bishop." Emma certainly has. No one thinks of her father anymore, and she certainly doesn't bring him up. Her reputation is hers alone, and she respects the other woman's desire to build a new rep for herself, and willingness to use the old, family rep to get herself there. "Good, then. I will have the papers drawn up and sent out. I look forward to your presence at our next functions." So. This is the partner that Ms. Blevins spoke of. Interesting indeed. Such potential.

Kate Bishop nods and smiles, taking that as dismissal. She stands and bows offering her hand. "I appreciate the opportunity. I promise not to let you down." This was another warning from Derek. Once she became a member, it was not he that she had to impress anymore, but the Club. "I look forward to becoming more acquainted with the Club. I will be here at the first opportunity. I will waste no more of your time." She smiles and bows slightly one more time before exiting.

Emma most certainly doesn't consider any of this to have been a waste of her time. She stands, bowing her head slightly in recognition of the obeissance she is offered. "Have a good day, Ms. Bishop. Alexander will see you out." As she says this, the doors to the room open, and Alexander stands there in his livery, ready to do just that. Interesting, given Emma never picked up a phone or activated an intercom to summon him.

White Queen's Chambers - Hellfire Club - New York
Walls panelled in dark, warm-toned wood, and a floor covered in a wall-to-wall Persian rug give this room a dark, almost masculine feel, oddly enough. Bay windows on one wall overlook the grounds of the Club, and allow natural light to shine into the room most of the day. Paintings hang on the walls, some that appear to be works by known artists.

The room is split into halves; To the right of the door, a huge four-poster bed oufitted entirely in white sits near a very large wardrobe of the same dark wood as the walls. A low dresser at the bedside is home for a lamp, and, more often then not, a half-read book. A free-standing full-length mirror stands near one wall.

Bookshelves line the walls of the other half of the room, filled with modern texts and rare books. An antique desk of carved mahogany sits near to the windows, painfully neat and organized. A large, stuffed white leather chair sits in one corner, a reading lamp behind it.

Despite the graceful surroundings, the room appears a bit sterile - A picture in a glossy magazine.

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* [O] - Balcony - Hellfire Club - New

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