(2014-08-02) Bent Tables
Bent Tables
Summary: Bent Tables
Date: 2014-08-02
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An evening in Queensland Park, most of the industry is closed, though a few areas for locals and the adventurious tourists abounds. Such as a quaint area of commercial business right along side the fish markets and main fishing docks here. One of the cafe like areas there offers a nice view of most the ships coming in and out of the area as well as some of the larger warehouses of the fish markets - where fish are frozen and shipping national and internationally. For locals, who do not mind the fresh sea scent or the seagulls, this is a great place to catch a breeze, drink some wine, eat some fish and watch the lights go on all over Metropolis, the skyline to the North of Queensland Park.

One such costumer presently is Jack Harrison, wearing simple shirt of red with a white eagle and some blue lettering. He is ordering a fish basket and chips, and going to claim a wire frame table out on the patio/dock area of this little joint to enjoy the food and watch the sea darken and the lights go on, like most everyone else perhaps.

The surveillance assignment is simple. Even more beneficial, it is easily accomplished without anything as tedious as embedded cover assignments, or surreptitious covert installations. Which means that Nanali can simply be a single woman out for the evening, sitting at a table sipping wine. Of course, she doesn't sip much. And what she does doesn't affect her. But that's just part of the cover, while she observes the ships coming in and out, looking for those taking on loads larger, or perhaps heavier, than expected. Those will be the ones tagged and followed to their destinations. She is dressed casually, in dark jeans, a white t-shirt and a dark sleeveless vest with a beaded pattern. She's just another lovely woman of African descent. She offers the eagle-wearing man a nod as he crosses her path, because acknowledging people makes one seem more … human.

If the woman nodding at him were anything but a woman, Jack would be the last to know, that's for certain. Going to his table with a drink of his own, most likely a dark ale, he has the little pager thing in hand for when his order is up. He sort of lifts it with a smile to the woman, and proceeds to take a table nearby becase, well she does look nice and he's sure she's female, and most likely human if he had to guess. Not too much to notice, and he sits idly drinking and not so much distracting. Though after a minute of nothing from him and nothing in the harbor, Jack startles a little, the metal of his chair scrapping at the ground a moment. If anyone looks, he is just blinking and starring at the table oddly, curiously. Then a grin passes his lips and he reaches a hand to the table to stand up, but his hand goes out of control. He's strong but controlled, when he grabs it and the table rips at his grip, that is out of control. Not to say it gathers much attention accept those near maybe, but he chuckles a little at this.

Then the smile goes away, the chuckle abates and he is there blinking at what his hand just did, as if dumbfounded. He proceeds to delicately try to fold the wire bits and pieces of the table back into shape, forget he just ripped it.

While Jack is sitting quietly, the young woman doesn't really seem to take any further interest in him, leaving him to enjoy his wine and eventually his dinner without interruption, just as she seems to be doing herself. However, as soon as he reacts oddly, she turns her gaze and watches intently. She sees what he just did to that table, when many others cannot. And that makes her curious. His face is not in her internal databases. But perhaps it should be? She offers, softly spoken, "Everything alright? Did you find a wasp on this summer night?" Her voice is warm, rich and crystal clear. And has a very present African accent, though it isn't hard to understand her. She speaks English very well.

His eyebrows scrunch curiously and he looks up at the voice, a chuckle, nervous maybe. "Uh, I guess," returns Jack, still trying to put the table back into shape. Like most metal, when it has one kink or imperfection, it just doesn't go back without proper tools. His fingers are not proper tools. "Must of been a wasp, and table was …" Already like this, imperfect, something that would account for it suddenly being out of shape. He doesn't know what she saw, he doesn't know what he saw for that matter. "I've never done this before," lost control. Sheepish grin from the man.

"Well, I have heard that the onset of such things can be sudden and sporadic. You are unhurt, I hope?" Nanali offers, as she gets up from her seat, walking over towards Jack's table with that same open yet curious gaze.

Looking down at the table to try and fix it more, he pauses then glances back up. Jack tries to smooth the portion like one would a wrinkle on a shirt, with the flat of his palm. "Its - not the onset of such things. Its like, was taking a sip of beer one moment, then the next my hand is olding up some prongs from the table top." He hopes that explain it, he doesn't want to say directly he thinks he blacked out or something, cause someone might suggest a shrink.

"That would imply the sudden onset of metahuman-level ability." Nanali comments, softly. She doesn't want to alarm anyone. But she is curious. She doesn't know Jack has a problem with psychologists - how could she? "What startled you into sudden movement?"

Glad she's sitting with him, he looks around a moment, then offers over. "The strong thing, that happend years ago. Some venom serum test formula, I turned out this way. I've been a mutate for a few years," to help her understand a little of his situation. Then Jack considers her question, "I don't know, did I startle, I don't remember moving?"

"You seemed to startle, hopping back, making the chair grate and pulling up your hand, with a bit of the table attached. But I observed nothing that would engender that reaction." Nice word choice there, Lady Thesaurus. Nanali considers Jack carefully. "Have you encountered any signs that your senses were enhanced as well in some way?"

The table is as good as its gonna get, Jack descides to occupy his hand with his drink. As for words, he doesn't notice so much, Vance is always trying to use impressive NASA words, so Jack sort of relies on context clues half the time. "No, just the strength, able to withstand more hits, running faster, healing faster, that sort of stuff, but not like, hearing people a mile away or seeing the future or something." He looks down a second, then back up, "Ya, I don't remember doing any of that, startling, hopping, pulling the table up. It was like I had a flash of this icey planet, weird moons and stuff, you know, not Earth. Then I'm holding the table."

The African woman listens, nodding. She doesn't judge. She doesn't interrupt, that's for sure. "So, you had a flash, a vision. That's what startled you. That, and you may have been half-falling because you'd lost focus on the here and now." she observes, calmly. She's taking to this very easily, considering. Far more easily than most civilians would, or so it seems.

Looking around a moment, he ponders that then smiles. "Ah yeah, I get it," says Jack, "Like a cover, the vision startled me, sure." Its a good way to avoid a shrink if it comes down to it, but she's so open, he feels more truth should be told. "But, more like, I was sitting with the ale, in my mind I saw that … vision … and when I came here, the table was in my hand. Like I wasn't here for that little span of time."

That's something of what she said, but Nanali doesn't make a point of that. "Right. So, any idea what would case you to have some sort of vision of a frozen planet with multiple moons? Are you an astronomer, perhaps?" Hey, it's not an unworthy question! "Are there any other reasons you can think of?"

Pondering that, he shakes his head. Jack taps his glass for a moment though, "Well, okay, this might sound weird." Forget he just admitted he has powers, and she saw a slight hint of them. "I've been in space a lot, sort of like adventures I guess. But that place, I've never been to that planet. I have no idea why I'd see that at all."

"Well then. Maybe you should make note of it. Then if you see it again, you'll know it's important, since it reached out to say hello long before." Nanali offers, as if it is the most natural thing int eh world to speak of visions and the future.

Queensland, Pelham and Old City — Metropolis
Pelham is one of the older and more established neighborhoods in the region. Here one will find row houses on hilly streets that are seperated by small lots. This area has not been effected by the upgrade that New Troy received by Brainiac. The area is also dotted by shopping and strip centers but is mostly residental.

Old City is just that, the older areas of greater Metropolis. In Old City many of the industrial zones are found, lots of manufacturing and even refining.

Queensland Park is primarily a residential and industrial district. Located to the south of Metropolis across the river, a number of areas of Queensland have been quite developed and much of the area is older than the original settlements of Metropolis. Thus, the area, formerly called Queenslanding, has the second largest population of Metropolis' five boroughs.

At this location on Queensland, the primary buildings which are found are commercial. This is due to the tourist traffic generated by the ferry between Metropolis and Hellgate, as well as the Midtown South Bridge. Fish markets are one business in plentiful supply, as those Metropolites with fishing boats usually have them docked here, rather than near the industrial docks of Metropolis. Residences can be found here as well, populated by the middle class.

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